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239412239412B000165LO8A4WWWCT5HU8ULT. J. Cox6651255046400Hard to find, but deliciousAs a 'Brit abroad' I have been receiving shipments of stem ginger via visiting friends from the UK but now I see it's here on Amazon! Stem ginger is distinctly different from crystallized ginger or any other types of chopped ginger that I've found here. When I described it to a co-worker she had no concept of what I was talking about.
In England we use stem ginger for a variety of purposes - making ginger cake with 'bits' in, in savoury cooking e.g. with chicken and with melon balls as an appetizer. I even used to have stem ginger sandwiches as a child! Stem ginger also pairs well with rhubarb if you're making a pie or crumble. BTW if you are going to try the melon idea make sure you chop the globes of ginger really small - it's strong stuff! Even the syrup is nice poured over icecream.
239413239413B000165LO8AAGW7HGZ5RMFAJohn Buono "Uber Geek"3351232323200Makes a huge differencei have been putting off ordering the stem ginger, since i have only one recipe that calls for it, and tried just putting fresh ginger in sugar syrup. But this year i decided to try it. WOW what a difference. It is so good we use it in all kinds of dishes, and is great chopped up on vanilla ice cream.
239414239414B000165LO8ATCQ7K7L27MJ5Catherine2251290211200Elegant and unique food itemI truly love the Stem Ginger in Syrup most particularly, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. For those of you that like to provide a dish that is different from standard fare this is the foodstuff to use. My main reason for purchasing the Stem Ginger in Syrup is for a sweet potato recipe. I shall put my recipe below.

Take one to two pieces of the stemmed ginger and "mince" into many tiny pieces. Be patient and do this. In a frying pan, put a quarter pound or one stick of butter. Sautee this mixture until good and hot and let the flavor infuse the butter. One family size can of sweet potatos, yams, however they are called. You can find them at holiday time already spiced most specially with cinnamon etc. Take your casserole and place well drained sweet potatos and mash them with a fork lightly. Pour your mixture of stem ginger/butter over the potatos and add about a cup of brown sugar. Stir to mix well, but do not do it so heavily that you no longer have chunks of the sweet potato. Pop into the oven at about 325 degrees and let bake until the dish is very hot. You might even see a little bubbling around the pan. A marvelous side to any holiday meal. This is intensley sweet, almost like a desert. It is clearly high in sugar and butter, but once or twice a year will do little harm. Enjoy!
239415239415B000165LO8A1ETD6EOGG908Kactbunny1151280361600tasty additionminced stem ginger in syrup is a delicious addition to my marinade for grilled ginger beef with Thai basil - wish our grocery stores would stock it
239416239416B000165LO8A3QXJHFC6F0QL7eagle2510051338681600GreatBought this stem ginger for my mother to use in baking. She has had trouble buying it locally. They came quickly and in great shape even though they are glass. Opened one up and the ginger almost took the roof off of my mouth. Great product at a reasonable price. Would buy again and recommend to others who love great ginger.
239417239417B000165LO8AH49EK9KWY26DSandy Hines0051334966400sweet goodness!This stem ginger is sweet with a kick! great for munching and as a digestive aid. Wonderful for cooking and as an interesting topping for ice cream. Get some'll be very glad you did!
239418239418B0000CDBPLA32D81ZZANVVIMpdiddles3351215648000Great seasoning packageThese spice mixes are GREAT. They last a long time and definitely provide some nice flavor to the dish of your choice. Tried the multipack to see what some of the other spice mixes were like and wasn't disappointed.
239419239419B0000CDBPLA23VN2JUFXKITGKent L. Phillips "KLP"0051342742400The bestWe have used Paul's seasonings for many years. Have also tried dozens of others. These are the best of the lot.
239420239420B006K29ZZ8A33UJ4R80KFUJYDwight Everett0011344902400Very disappointed!Very bitter...I had high hopes for this product as my husband loves peanutbuter but it's very bitter and I had to throw it out.
239421239421B006K29ZZ8ARNUDJT57RNFHTaG0031337299200Where is the crunch?My first bite was very disappointing. I was expecting a crunch. The texture is almost like an oatmeal cookie with way too much oatmeal. That being said, the flavor is wonderful. I taste the honey first, then the almonds, and finally the peanut butter. The peanut butter flavor is somewhat mild. I would order this granola again, now that I know what to expect.
239422239422B000MQLIQCA175N19FS2B4JLisa M. Mims5551189814400This cured my corgi's arthritis and helped his allergies.I have an eight year old corgi who is my security system and my baby. He has had allergies all of his life, but recently they had gotten worse, with him having open sores on his underbelly, and bloodshot eyes, despite bi-weekly baths and benadryl. In an attempt to help his allergies I put him on these treats and the corresponding kibble. Six weeks later, his eyes are clear, he has stopped scratching, and his skin is much less red.

However, this dog food did something else, something that is amazing. Corgis are very prone to arthritis and hip problems. My corgi had also developed what looked like fairly advanced arthritis in all four legs, with a limp that seemed to move from hip to hip, depending on the weather. Aside from an occasional limp on one paw damaged by rolling his entire body weight over one shoulder from three feet in the air in a bad frisbee catch, his gait is entirely normal. I never thought I would see him move like this again. Amazing stuff.
239423239423B004ZRGTO0A103OW9PCYAXXHTena0211317168000Over PricedThese are MUCH cheaper at walmart... 2.50 a canister. You are basically paying double. You would think it woudl be cheaper on amazon then at walmart. WAY over priced!
239424239424B005AO14OWA1AFL3RAGW9OGPLaura0141346371200Nice jelly mints - but a little too sweetI thought I remember having these mints years ago and thought they were great. They are fresh and have a nice jelly flavored center. It's been about 10 years since i last ate one of these mints and now find them too sweet for my taste. Excellent product but I wouldn't purchase again.
239425239425B0044BQX2UA1M9E9CUJYHU5DJenny M.5551316822400Baby approves and I think it tastes delicious!I feed my baby organic baby food from several different brands. I must say that Sprout tastes the most like real table food. If you look at the ingredients, you can tell that a lot of thought is put into making these taste like real food. Plus, they are extremely filling and nutritious. I have tasted this one, and if salt were added (of course I wouldn't want that in my baby's food), it would taste like a very delicious canned soup.

If these are available locally, I would suggest buying one pouch of several different varieties before investing in 12 pouches of a flavor that your baby may or may not like. My local grocery store carries them as well as Walmart.

ETA: I just noticed that amazon doesn't list the ingredients. The ingredients for this flavor as well as all of the others can be found on the Sprout website. I will copy them here.

Organic Ground Chicken, Filtered Water, Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes, Organic Corn, Organic Peas, Organic Cream (organic cream, carrageenan), Organic Carrots, Organic Onions, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Garlic, Organic Vegetable Base (organic carrots, organic onions, organic celery, organic canola oil, organic carrot powder, organic potato flour, organic onion powder), Organic Sage.
239426239426B0044BQX2UAJ1X01E6FHOFXllaand120051329782400Baby asks fore more!This is the only meal my baby never refuses to eat. He often gets upset when it's all gone from his plate and asks for more. I agree with the reviewer who says that with some salt added it would make a tasty dish for adults. It is another great recipe from Sprout.
239427239427B0044BQX2UA23VNI5AIYLBR9Orchid0021319673600Not the best in flavorMy son who eats everything, actually refused to eat this baby food. I got it as a 'spare' for when we're travelling. Unfortunately it smells a bit like dog food and there isn't any thing worth saying about it. Even I wouldn't eat it and I am a firm believer that if I can't eat it, neither should he. Texture wise it is good as stage-3 food.
239428239428B0044BQX2UA1S6HK2R1KUC5Edata17010041318291200To chunky for my triplets.My triplets did not like the texture of this food. They liked the taste after I put it into the blender and smoothed it out for them
239429239429B0044BQX2UA3M6SZX3ZWNUSJBen0011316736000Smells DISGUSTING and my son hates itI bought a pack of 12 each of the Sprout Roasted Turkey meal, the Sprout Creamy Chicken meal, and the Sprout Minestrone. He likes the minestrone but the other two are a completely different story. First, they smell absolutely disgusting. It's like herbaceous cat food. Worse than cat food... I feed my cats canned food every day and it does not make me want to vomit like this stuff does. But I thought I'd let my son give it a try... He hates it. He spits it out and then he tries to scrape off all the ground meat that sticks to his tongue, poor thing. In contrast, he has loved all of the Happy Baby meals I've given him, as well as my homemade meals. He is by no means a picky eater.
239430239430B004RGN2YEAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0031330128000good, but not greatWhen I first started to buy VitaGravy, my dogs loved it. After a few weeks, they don't seem to care too much for it anymore. They still get it in their kibble every day, and will eventually eat it when they are hungry, but they don't consider it to be a treat anymore. I still buy it because of its beneficial nutritional value and decent price compared to a pill vitamin supplement. One big negative I have noticed about it is that their face is getting dirty from it. They are white dogs and this product tends to cause increased tear and around-the-mouth stains. I used to buy all different flavors of VitaGravy, buy my groomer told me the chicken flavor is best as the beef and pork based flavors can cause an even worse increase in face staining.
239401239401B001CM8RZUA3AV2CUDN293FPR. Rogers "scary lass"3351323388800Just what I needed.I like to use sea salt but couldn't find any that could accommodate my grinder. This item did the trick.
239402239402B001CM8RZUA32RBPR18NJUOER. Robinson3351318982400Good Salt!I was at a health and wellness conference-- of all places-- when I was introduced to this salt by the manufacturer at the exhibitor's hall. However, I had to agree with him that salt has taken a bit of a bad rap lately. It isn't that salt is bad, it is the tons of salt dumped into most prepared foods that is bad! Anyway, I was a bit skeptical at first about a better salt. Isn't all salt the same? The exhibitor gave me a bag to try when I got home. Now it is all we use! Maybe I am fooling myself, but this salt just seems to have so much more flavor! And unlike bleached out white rice or white bread or washed out white salt, this naturally pink-colored salt has all the minerals nature originally put into it!
239403239403B001CM8RZUA10ZRQBC3I9857Motorhome Mama3351317340800The Best Salt EVER!We first found this salt on a trip to Utah in the 90's and brought some back home. Used it, loved it, and at that time, was able to find an obscure online store that sold it so we bought some more but ran out long ago. Fast forward 7 years. We are SO happy to find this on Amazon. This is the best salt...all of the trace minerals make it taste fabulous, we are actually using the salt more and really enjoying it but there are no side effects like puffiness or swelling hands. I buy the large crystals so I can use it in my salt grinder. It is really pretty and pink!
239404239404B001CM8RZUA36URYK8WX6OJQAndrew L. Rowe1151328140800Water solubleReal Salt Sea Salt Coarse - Grinder, 16-Ounce
It's less of a mess if you spill it. It's easy to pour into a water bottle.
239405239405B001CM8RZUA1FU8VIG4Z93YLSuzie B. "flight risk"0011349740800TOO MUCH GRIT FROM SAND, BLACK PARTICLESI purchased this product from Follow Your Heart natural food store in So. Cal. I noticed big chunks of black particles in it. I then went online to Amazon and found some people complaining about maybe chipping a tooth from hard substances. Pre-preemptively, I pulverized this product in my mortar and pestle. Have you ever been at the beach and you get sand in your food, and it is grinding in your teeth? This has been my experience with this product, and I am returning it today and will never purchase any salt from this manufacturer. Going back to Himalayan salt, and might try Celtic Salt for the first time, but not just now, I need a rest.
239406239406B001CM8RZUAFVH2OLW69Y5BJ. L. Vaughan "MensaGirl"0051343606400DELICIOUS & healthyFound this salt in a Utah cafe on a road trip in 2003-ish. At that time I could only get replacements from the company on line, but I'd bother ordering a bunch it every couple of years because I can tell my body really responds well to this salt. The taste is delicious, and I don't bloat or feel puffy from it. I have since tasted many other sea salts since they are now so trendy... This is still my favorite! Now they sell it in nearby grocery stores, but not the course grind that I love in the salt grinder. So I'm on line to buy again! Introduced it to a lot of friends over the years....
239407239407B000E1FXNOA36SE2CQ6KATKEJackie0141240012800You will love the taste!Very tasty! You can make a pie with this and freeze and then throw some whipped cream on top when ready to serve. Your family will forever love you!
239408239408B0001H22S0A2APEABWOQR4FKStephie3351217808000Positively scrumptious!These wafers are wonderfully light and taste just like Nutella. They're the perfect size for snacking, and incredibly addictive. :)
239409239409B0001H22S0AUF6C3UMM335Ysmartypants "pantsonfire"1151227830400Excellent! Fresh and so soooo tasty!These dainty cookies crunch out mountains of chocolatey hazelnut flavor. Each one is a new discovery of deliciousness. The hazelnut is very prominent, not covered up by the chocolate at all. Oh they're so good. You will love them!
239410239410B000165LO8A18U5B746MGJC2R. Resnik101051168473600yummy!It's very difficult to find real stem ginger, which is a necessary ingredient in some classic chutney and gingerbread recipes. This is the real thing!
239411239411B000165LO8A30XCF9RMNWLWFJoan Van Rinsvelt8851222560000Stem Ginger in SyrupAs it is very difficult to find Ginger in Syrup in stores I decided to go on Amazon. The product is excellent. The ginger comes in nice regular pieces,it is pungent and the syrup is fragrant. I am be able to use it baking, cooking and salads. I kept some pieces whole as a garnish with a curry and, after one guest tasted it, the others wanted more of it. A good thing that I bought 4 jars!! Try it with sweet potatoes!!

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