Amazon Fine Food Reviews

239473239473B000DZH19UA2E1EIJRB24HM5Anna2251163635200for the discriminating palateI just received these today along with some convenient organic thai noodles because I find it is a better deal on amazon. Plus, they are nothing like what I could get locally. They seem to be for the discriminating palate as they are dark chocolate. To me they seem to have a sophistication other cookies do not. I find them more convenient and delicious than others. Especially since I rarely bake. I hope amazon keeps these cookies on forever. Yes, it is true they are crumbly but it is easy enough to clean the mess. 170 calories per 2 cookies which is good if you're on a diet. Organic is a plus in my book. I'm using these to keep calories in me cause I ain't on no diet and need to gain weight due to health issues that have caused a major downfall. So, yes please, keep the cookies coming. - Smiles -
239474239474B000DZH19UA329ECACQQQ9YEABBA1111347926400Great for pie crust - already in crumbs!From a Gluten-Free subscriber. Oh dear. I ordered this from Amazon because it is a dollar less per box than in the Martin's store in their gluten-free aisle, and these are the best chocolate GF cookies we have ever eaten. BUT! The cookies arrived totally broken into very small pieces and loads of crumbs. Guess they would be great for a pie crust, tho. What a dissapointment. They are somewhat tender to begin with, and I don't know how Amazon can package them in a special way to prevent such destruction. We all know how packages are treated by the carriers who deliver them....not delicately, that's for sure. So, will never order these by mail again and must pay the exorbitent price the go for at Martin's. Pooh!
239475239475B000DZH19UA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell1131284681600FairThese cookies would be better if the base dough recipe was the same as the Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies with the addition of dark chocolate chunks. As they are, they are more sweet than chocolate, and shouldn't in any way be considered a "dark" chocolate. They aren't bad, they just aren't what is expected by the product description. They also arrived more crumbled than intact, a problem classic in gluten-free baked goods that can be easily corrected by tweaking the recipe. This is not one of this line's best offerings.
239476239476B000DZH19UA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife1131277856000Tiny, sugary, overpriced but taste good....Ultra tiny to be paying about $1 for a pack of 2. Really not worth the price. Sugary, somewhat crispy and very chocolaty but I was hoping for more melty chocolate pieces...disappointed in finding one or two per cookie. Every cookie had part melted onto the wrapper or had one broken. It was fun trying but way overpriced. I won't repurchase.
239477239477B000DZH19UA14BOIPD4CCUOFF. Russell1151266105600Pam's Choc. Chunk Cookies SCRUMPTIOUS!Although I can't make myself eat Pam's chocolate chip cookies (tasteless), these dark chocolate, chocolate chunk cookies are so delicious that I prefer them to other ready-made cookies on the market. And I'm no longer on a gluten-free diet, but still buy them whenever I can and gifted these to my sister and niece who were wowed by them, big time. If you're a chocolate lover at all, these cookies are super chocolatey and satisfying to that great craving. And they're healthy - a big plus for me. And the price at Amazon is terrific. Enjoy!
239478239478B000DZH19UA137CU956U8KWFJ1151255564800Amazing Cookies!!Wow! I thought when I went gluten-free, I wouldn't be able to find any good chocolate cookies, but boy, was I wrong!
These cookies have the richest chocolate flavor I've ever tasted in my life. They fix my chocolate cravings within one bite, and one cookie is enough for me at a time because they are so rich and yummy! I would highly recommend these cookies to anyone, gluten-free or not!

Btw, I bought these at Wal-Mart for 3.30/box.
239479239479B000DZH19UA3IJ6VFKP6C0EZJ. E. Ostrander "sandhiller"1141252540800Good taste if you like crumbs!I love dark chocolate so that was one reason I chose these. These cookies had a good taste as others had testified to, but all 6 boxes came as crumbs. They were a little dry. Probably would taste fantastic fresh. My kids ate them anyway and I used one box as crumbs for a dessert. Not what I was expecting as these were my pick to buy from a birthday gift certificate.
239480239480B000DZH19UA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"1151252281600I Like 'EmPaula's cookies are my first experience with gluten-free products - and it was a great one. I think these are delicious, filling, and satisfy even the strongest chocolate craving or sweet tooth. When they arrive in crumbs it kinda stinks but I just eat the crumbs with a spoon or dump them in a baggie and use to sprinkle over my tofutti or fruit. I must admit the shortbread cookies are my fav but these are great when I need chocolate.
239481239481B000DZH19UA15VUVTUJR3JLKBook Lover1151247356800Decadent!You won't mind being gluten-free once you taste these cookies. They are so rich & decadent & definitely satisfy a chocolate craving.

Side Note: I haven't tasted a Pamel's Product I didn't like!
239482239482B000DZH19UA36P6J4YSY6771Pachamama1151246492800THE BEST COOKIES IN THE WORLD!!!!!You do not have to be "Gluten Free" to enjoy these RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS cookies! They are Rich, Decadent and Divine. Even my wheat-eating boyfriend can't get enough of them. They are dangerous. A chocolate lover's dream. Just be warned: they're addictive and won't last very long in the cupboard unless you hide them from yourself! Not only the best GF cookies I've ever had, but the best cookies--period.
239483239483B000DZH19UA3A9HOLV0UJAHABroccoli1151244937600The BEST!My bar-none, hands-down, favorite-of-all-time, gluten-free cookie!

Extremely satisfying, and super chocolaty, they are my
can't keep the husband and the kids out of them,
hide it in the back of the cabinet,
eat them in secret,
what weight watchers weigh in tomorrow?
239484239484B000DZH19UAROZR86IK0KO2Soe Mi Kyeong1151239408000Excellent cookie: )This is SO GOOD! I can't believe it's Wheat-Free and Gluten-Free.
Even my friends loved them!they eat gluten,wheat and non organic products.
And they said it's the best cookie they've ever had!
It is really chocolaty, really rich and dark chocolate!
Two cookies are individually wrapped and i usually share them with my friends. It doesn't really contain many calories compare to other cookies!
I will definitely order this again, soon!
239485239485B000DZH19UA3N15S3VBZ441BC. Fordyce1151235260800Delicious, Delectable and Dangerous!I had to put these cookies high above the stove, in the top cupboard so I could forget about them; out of sight, out of mind. They are really, really good. I eat a gluten-free diet and Pamela's is always there for me!
239486239486B000DZH19UAYIXVM91XXMGTLisa Gengler1151235260800AWESOME!!Pamela's Products Organic Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

I recently found out I have many food allergies and was looking for something sweet and chocolatey that I could eat.These cookies are awesome!! I would eat them even if I didn't have allergies. The are moist and chewy and chocolatey.
239487239487B000DZH19UAA7S590A4K4Z2Miriam R. Babcock "Miriam DuBois Babcock"1151234224000Dark Chocolate Chunk CookiesThese chocolate cookies are the most delicious I have ever eaten! And I've been around for 85 years, a lot of cookies under my belt, but NEVER anything as richly satisfying as Pamela's Delights!
239488239488B000DZH19UA1KHGTWQRTYP17K. Peters1151231804800Thank You!This is the best "chocolate chocolate" cookie for GF people! Hard and strong enough to dunk in my lactose free milk! And So Chocolate-y! My Favorite of all of Pamela's cookies.
239489239489B000DZH19UA1TTNHJYZHS7FMary "fdrupmj"1151225756800Great Taste!Dark Chocolate cookies taste great! I have just tried the peanut butter and those are good too.
239490239490B000DZH19UA3VFLOI4QE2WRZA. Auvray1141217116800Pamela's Organic Dark Chocolate Chunk CookiesGood flavor and a good texture. Definately a splurge kind of thing because they are expensive for what you get. If you can only eat one or two and make them last than they might be worth it.
239461239461B000DZH19UA3TSIOLMFAQRZNtoadhall171851159660800bought these cookies to qualify for fee shipping!!I just bought these cookies so I'd get free shipping on a couple of other items I wanted. WHAT A FIND. They are fantastic. I didn't realize I was getting a box of six boxes of TOP QUALITY, DELICIOUS cookies. We polished them all off in short order with lots of company at the cottage this summer. My husband was thrilled that they were organic, my brother and his wife found them a chocolate lovers delight, the grandkids gobbled them up, and I was astounded that they were gluten free and wheat free so I could enjoy them as well. We will all be ordering lots more.
239462239462B000DZH19UA1MQGR72OMQLGYAnna Banana121231250121600A Dentist's DreamI have a sweet tooth or two and love chocolate....but despite that I found these cookies to be over-the-top sweet. (Sugar is the first ingredient on the package.) I will stick to a chocolate bar to satisfy my gluten-free chocolate cravings after these are gone.
If you plan to buy these, you may want to know that there are 9 cookies in each box. All of mine arrived broken and crumbled (not sure why since no previous problems with having food shipped to me by Amazon) but still taste good.
239463239463B000DZH19UA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne7751228089600can't get enough!my family loves these, they don't last very long in our house. I send these to school so that when a mom brings in cupcakes, or cookies or something with gluten that my daughter cannot have, she has a nice treat that is really good, so she does not have to feel left out.
239464239464B000DZH19UA4EDMXXI1RK2VSam5541225670400Delicious but smallThese taste so chocolatey and are delicious but they are a lot smaller than they seem when you see them online.
239465239465B000DZH19UA33YCUFVPEZ6QVBenB5551223683200YUM!I've been eating cookies for over 60 years (among other things) and these are the best I've ever tasted!

Edit: I have bought these several times since and have found they aren't always the best I've ever tasted. Maybe the first time was a particularly fresh batch. But even the worst of them were still near the top of my list right up there with the New York Times version of the Toll House chocolate chip recipe.
239466239466B000DZH19UANX42D33MNOVPA. treat "dog fan"4451231718400deliciousI really enjoy Pamela's products. This one is good because I can just pull out a package and have 2 cookies and leave the rest....I have no willpower over the regular bag once it is opened.
239467239467B000DZH19UA2GJ13F7WIYX2EGluten-Free Foodie2231284681600Good choco flavor otherwise lacking
239468239468B000DZH19UAM1BTEOMR6969TheFridgeNinja2251284249600Great Gluten-free cookies!I used to have an allergy to wheat products. I still try to eat a relatively gluten-free diet. Therefore, I have been looking for a good cookie alternative. These cookies are delicious. They are slightly buttery-flavored and do not taste too grainy. While they are slightly crumbly, they are better than any gluten-free cookie that I have come across. Definitely a recommend buy for any gluten-intolerant person. They have a great aftertaste too.

One complaint: They are VERY addictive. :D
239469239469B000DZH19UA2ZIFZJ6NDMPHKHealthy Mary2221263945600Taste Great, Sugar Content TOO HIGH, First ingredientSugar is the FIRST ingredient on the package (Organic Natural Evaporated Cane Sugar), however, when Amazon lists the ingredients they do not list them in the order on the package. Shame on Amazon. I love Amazon and order from them frequently every month and love their service. But regarding this issue I think THEY ARE WRONG not to voluntarily do the same thing. The government requires manufacturers to list ingredients in the order of largest content first. I had ordered this as part of Amazon's Subscribe and Save program because it sounded like a great product after reading the ingredient list on the site. Wrong. I had to relunctantly cancel it.
They taste great. No wonder with sugar as the largest ingredient.
239470239470B000DZH19UA3NA7EJE0F8RPJDebra F. Garvey2251252713600Awesome!Super chocolaty cookies with a great texture. I save them for "emergencies" and special occasions. My only complaint is that they often come broken into pieces. They are so good I even eat the crumbs with a spoon.
239471239471B000DZH19UA1X0RLJE60LPHWT. Taylor2231244246400They melt in the heat!I really like these cookies. They are a chocoholic's dream. Just be aware if you order them when it's hot, get the fastest shipping you can or they melt inside their packages and make a tasty mess.
239472239472B000DZH19UA24ZIG0N0Q3L3BK. Duguay2251182816000the best cookiesThese are awesome!!! My son and I are on a gluten free diet and haven't had much luck finding good tasting snacks. These are the best.

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