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239491239491B000DZH19UAADFQ4H2N73JCarol B. Cole "actor and book-lover"1151209168000Scrumptious, organic and gluten free!I adore dark chocolate and found these cookies to be ultra-satisfying. Their flavor was superb, as was the texture -- crisp without being hard, and the yummy chocolate chunks...of course, it was nice to at least pretend to be virtuous by purchasing and consuming them ("I'm supporting organic foods!")! Let's face it, some cookies (and other foods) that purport to be healthier for you than others taste like cardboard. These aren't like that. In fact, my only complaint is that it's hard to stop eating them once I've opened a box! But then, we all know that dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants, so...
239492239492B000DZH19UA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser1151187740800Mmmmm like hot cocoa powder on a spoon (Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies)This review is for the Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies. These are delicously messy! At the first bite they reminded me of something.... what was it? I figured it out, dry hot cocoa powder! Except with gooey chocolate chips! I absolutley love these crumbly messy cookies! They are little cookies & have 180 calories per 2 if I remember correctly. Amazon has such a great price on these vs. the store. I plan on purchasing them again & again!
239493239493B000DZH19UAUIZ6SJPQUSHTanonymous1141172275200TastyThese are quite good tasting! Even though you have to buy several boxes rather than just one at a time, the individual boxes are manageable enough for use over a period of time. It would be nice, as with most things, if they were a bit less expensive and also didn't have to be bought 'in bulk,' but overall they're very good especially compared to some other 'organic' offerings.
239494239494B000DZH19UA1EPQTRXXY1QZBJ. Coyne "bellecoyne"1141167782400Good tasting productWhen these cookies are fresh and not overbaked, they are delicious. They melt in your mouth, and the chocolate and chocolate chips are very chocolatey. Recently, a shipment that we ordered was apparently not manufactured correctly. The cookies were too hard and dry and the amount of chips seemed to be less than normal. I'm hoping this was just a bad batch. I hope Pamela's doesn't ruin a great product by inconsistent preparation processes.
239495239495B000DZH19UA1FS3GMCEMFB2QSara3441231372800Tasty cookies, but I wish there was moreThese wheat-free, egg-free treats are tasty. I have bought the espresso ones, but I have to say these are better. It has a lot of chocolate chips its soo yummy, but it isnt sickeningly sweet. Its good to have with a nice cup of coffee.

The only thing is I would suggest is they should give 2 cookies instead of 3 by making the cookies a tiny bit thinner. Somehow 2 was a little unsatisfying, and the cookies were like too thick for my taste.
239496239496B000DZH19UA3B3IFJG6L478OE. Nelson3451153785600These are SOOO goodI am not normally a dark chocolate lover, but these cookies are awesome. The best gluten free cookie I have tasted, and as a sweets lover I have tried quite a few. They do melt a bit, but letting the box sit in the fridge a bit should take care of that.
239497239497B000DZH19UA2E27PODYFZBGCDonna2351164931200Chocolate heavenChocolate heaven for even the most ardent chocolate lover. Sweetly decadent with a richness and flavor that does not compare to any other cookie, wheat-free, or not. I used to be a O*** cookie lover until I discovered the white sugar, regular salt, wheat and hydrogenated oil was "doing" me in. These cookies made by Pamela top the O*** cookie by miles.I have tried a few others also but always come back for more dark chocolate. Thanks for a new chocolate enjoyment.


PS if chocolate is not your "thing" the ginger cookies are excellent too, with bits of real ginger in each cookie.

239498239498B000DZH19UA23MIXO8V3FLESSuebelle0051346716800Gluten/Dairy free joy from AmazonI'm addicted to these cookies--the chocolate chunks are melt-in-your mouth delicious. The cookies were even recommended as a good gluten free snack by Natural Health magazine. My husband loves 'em as well, and he can eat gluten.
239499239499B000DZH19UA11OCV5SVJMSI1Paulette Meadows0041346112000Pamela"s Dark Chocolate Chunk CookiesThese cookies are fantastic! They are very rich and tasty. Each cookie contains rather large chocolate chunks. As Tony the Tiger would say, "GREAT"!!!
239500239500B000DZH19UA1IO222T3Q0NRXjamwriter730051337990400Ridiculous CookiesThese cookies are ridiculous. I don't know what kind of chocolate is in these chunks, but it's got to be the richest, most decadent dark chocolate I've ever tasted. I thought it was just me, so I asked my sister if she'd like a cookie. She said, "Wow! These are SO good!" I didn't realize that they were gluten free until I read the label. I've never had a gluten free anything before. Maybe it's the organic chocolate. These are crispy little cookies that are so delicious that I think I may have addicted not only myself, but my sister too. Like other people with reviews here, I ordered them to round out an order to qualify for free shipping. This is a "re-order" item now for sure.
239501239501B000DZH19UA3KJ9TZ2HLL7SASusan G. Mcbride "Ida Knows"0051329696000YUM!These are the best chocolate cookies, bar none! Even though they're Gluten-Free, they are SO tasty! VERY chocolate-y. A little crumbly, so you have to catch the crumbs, but SO well worth it. And nice to know "Gluten-Free" doesn't have to mean "taste-free."
239502239502B000DZH19UA2H82LLK9PHRVPRichard A. Ferdman "richard"0051324166400tasty, lusciousGreat tasting product - gluten free and all. I have bought this before and will buy again. all pamela's products are great
239503239503B000DZH19UAUYJS81ETV922Shelley0051323216000DeliciousThese cookies are good, but are very crumblely. Even though I like the taste, I will not buy again because they crumble way too much and make a big mess every time you take a bite.
239504239504B000DZH19UA2QTGT93JRJBL0mae544 "maeschmidt"0021321228800tasty crumbsI bought these cookies as a dairy free treat. The flavor is good, but almost every cookie is in pieces with some reduced to crumbs. They came in a sturdy box, but they were destroyed somewhere in the process. I'm still eating them, I'm not crazy, they taste great, but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

I found Divvie's cookies at a local store. They were super-good and not crushed. They are dairy, egg and nut free. I would probably try ordering from Divvie's to see how their cookies hold up during shipping.
239505239505B000DZH19UA1S4WPFJ65FRU8jen0021318291200would not buy againCrumbly texture and they taste like they've been sweetened with stevia or some other artificial sweetener. I would definitely not buy these again.
239506239506B000DZH19UA27NDBITEFTGROkc0051312416000Love these cookies!Pamela's makes the best cookies for Gluten Free folks! The texture is perfect, crumbly but not pasty or sandy. The taste is also great! I have my favorite flavors, but in general, you cannot go wrong with this brand of Gluten Free cookie.

Pamela's Gluten Free cookies forever!
239507239507B000DZH19UA24X8P2TG2AR02Cody0021306800000Dry, Hard, BadVery disappointed in these cookies - I was hoping for a something great and ended up with extremely dry cookies, some were already broke on arrival and others broke by just opening the individual bags. The cookies are small - the image here makes them look a decent/normal size but they really are a bit smaller. Case they are shipped in is great for storage, in fact that was probably the best thing about the purchase. Look elsewhere for Dark Chocolate chunk cookies though...unless you like dark, crumby hard ones.
239508239508B000DZH19UA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051305936000Delicious high-sugar cookiePamela's dark chocolate chocolate chunk cookies are delicious thick crisp cookies that will give you a sugar high. They are very sweet. If you are wanting a chocolate cookie that is as sweet as candy, look no further! This one tastes great! Amazon has them at a great price to sell too as my local Jimbo's sells them for $3.85 for the 5.29 oz box. They keep fresh a long time. I have ordered them several times from Amazon and it has been hit-or-miss for fresh unbroken cookies or something suitably to make a pie crust or so stale they are garbage, but Amazon stands behind the order and either replaces or refunds! Way to go, Amazon! Thank you!
239509239509B000DZH19UA30IUYECBIYGCTCharles P. Voith0051303689600Pamela Dark Chocolate cookiesMy fiance was already hooked on Pamela's dark chocolate it helps to buy them by the six pack on Amazon to save $1 per box (including shipping costs) versus Kroger's. She's addicted.
239510239510B000DZH19UAETQA1RY6798Confused Truffle0051302566400THESE COOKIES.Wow, chocolatey and rich are the two words that best desrcibe these cookies!!
When they are soft, they are moist and the chocolate chunks are super creamy and deliciously smooth. I love how strong the chocolate is. They are the best gluten free chocolate cookies I've ever had!
The only downside is if you're not looking for a rich cookie, try the lemon or chocolate chip varieties of this brand. They are both as wonderful!
239511239511B000DZH19UA22COLML3FG0F5Amber Child "eclectic inclinations"0051298073600Yummy!These are great to have a round for those chocolate cravings. The individual packaging keeps me from eating more than 1 serving. Very tasty.
239512239512B000DZH19UA2ICD64WO3GYMOGarden Rose0051294099200rich flavored chocolate cookiesThese cookies are rich and creamy with a wholesome taste. They don't have a bitter taste like most dark chocolate does, so if you're looking for a traditional bitter taste this is not it. They aren't as soft as bakery cookies, but not crisp as crackers either-they are a medium softness.There are 9 cookies about 1 3/4" in diameter.

The cookies are placed in a plastic container wrapped in a plastic bag within a heavy paper box. I opened a few boxes and looked in the window of the other boxes and none were cracked. I had bought them as Christmas gifts mostly because the current picture shows a red and green box, but I was disappointed that the box was actually orange and pale green. Nevertheless, one of my relatives liked them a lot and so did I.
239513239513B000DZH19UA2QFJ8Y812ZLTUA Vogi0051293580800Yum!I was a bit nervous about investing in 6 boxes of a dairy-free chocolate cookie without a taste test, but my lactose intolerant husband is a chocoholic and I so took the plunge. Very glad I did, these cookies are tasty! Both he and I agree, this is a wonderful cookie as graded on a dairy-free scale and a tasty cookie even on a normal scale.
239514239514B000DZH19UAFCMOT1WC71SGMatia0041285804800I like them, my 11-year old loves them and my husband dislikes themWhen I got home from work, my cookies were waiting for me at the front door; baking in the sun on a 113°F day, probably for 2 or 3 hours. Inside each pack, the two cookies melded together and would not separate. They are about 2 inches in diameter and break/crumble easily. They can actually be quite messy to eat, so beware giving them to a child or while wearing white. ;) They are not soft, moist or chewy at all, but not brittle either. The center of the cookie has a small pool of dark chocolate that kind of oozes out when you partially bit into it. The expiration date on the cookie wrappers were about 2 weeks from the date of arrival, so I store them in the freezer to keep longer.

My 11-year old son, my husband and I tried them while they were still hot. My husband (a junk-food-junkie) only ate half a cookie and threw away the rest. He prefers soft cookies, so these were just too hard and bland to him. He'd give these 2 stars. My son, on the other hand, loves them and would give them 5 stars! In fact, he chooses these over fudge popsicles and other favored deserts, which kind of surprises me. He prefers the typical American child's diet, like pizza and hamburgers, so I was expecting him to throw his away too.

I think the cookies have a rich DARK-chocolate taste (fringing on being too rich) and almost tastes like there is a hint of alcohol in them (like rum or something like that). I don't know why I taste that, but I do every time. I'm not a milk drinker; however, I usually need to drink it with these cookies. It's easy only eating 1 package because they are too rich to want more. I think these are good cookies, not great, and would personally give them 4 stars.

I suspect that the unusual circumstances of waiting in 113°F weather tampered with the cookies texture and perhaps taste too. I have never tried this brand of cookies before, so keep in mind I don't have any reference to compare these to.
239515239515B000DZH19UA1H2TKTMCHYLRCgluten free family "3rdteacher"0051285459200perfect for schoolWhen we open a box of cookies you feel you have to eat the box soon or it will go stale. By buying these in 2 packs we can keep them longer in our pantry. They're perfect for the on the go actvities. They taste like brownies to us. My 12 year old daughter with celiac loves to take one to a friends house so she always has a snack if she needs one. Her friends like the taste too.
239516239516B000DZH19UA1SUC50YNG730HRed in Ridgecrest0041284336000Insanely Good !Like others have said - these are really decadent and GOOD. They are very small and most of mine were crumbled up in the package - but if you can overlook that part you won't believe what a decadent delicious chocolate morsel these are! I don't know how they do it but these are actually better than any chocolate cookie I've ever had and you would NEVER know these are gluten and everything else free!
239517239517B000DZH19UA1ZSIPHXFRD0K9Darran White "Old Ty Murr"0041284163200Verrry ChocolatetyThese dark chocolate chunk chocolate cookies will really satisfy that chocolate craving! Can't beat the chocolate taste! however they are too crumbly and gritty. Wish they were soft like Pamela's peanut butter cookies.
239518239518B000DZH19UA11K5DBAJ3FYHGJody0051284076800Gourmet Delight!I decided to try these cookies because of a warehouse special and the excellent review. A TRULY DECADENT DELIGHT! Besides being organic and gluten free, these cookies are some of the best I have eaten and I plan on buying some for the Holidays! If I ordered them all the time, I would just eat them all up and then----well, you see the problem, I think!
239519239519B000DZH19UA17ZVKROPMIYX7Bertie0031284076800Shipping and packaging problemThe cookies came crumbled into many pieces in 3 of the boxes I opened. Also the chocolate chips had melted onto the cellophane.
239520239520B000DZH19UA3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry0041283904000For the chocolate lover...sized wellThese are good tasting cookies if you enjoy chocolate. Have a nice gooey chocolate center. They also have nice texture. I ususally enjoy best chewie chocolate chip type cookies, these are harder but not too hard.

But that also does lead to their one drawback, they do tend to crumble and with the chocolate in the middle that can get a bit messy. One last positive point though. At least for the 2-count pack of 50, 2 is a great snack size. Enough to feel full but not too much. Recommended.

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