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239536239536B000DZH19UA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0041153094400Yummy but lots of sugar and too crumblyIf you like sweet and like chocolate, then you should like the taste of these. The main ingredient is sugar, so these are very sweet. They are also very crumbly, and only 9 cookies in each box, so they are expensive (and a box is only 5.29 oz). But because they are so tasty and 89% organic I'm giving them an overall 4 star rating.
239537239537B000DZH19UAYHHNMEJ271NLj.m.3551152144000Delicious!!If you haven't tried these, do so. They're excellent cookies, I find it difficult to NOT finish a box in one sitting.
239538239538B000DZH19UA2O9OL88R7JPXUOrganic mommy1221287532800How can dark chocolate disappoint?I was really disappointed with these cookies. I love anything dark chocolate, and the fact that they're organic was a big plus when I was contemplating the purchase. However, some of the previous reviewers were right - they are over the top sweet (and I've never felt this way about any other cookies, especially dark chocolate ones). I've never tried gluten free cookies before, so maybe that's why they don't taste as good as I expected. Usually chocolate cookies go very fast at our house, but I still have most of the box sitting around.
239539239539B000DZH19UA24EWGJB1DYZT6joe depal1411278633600Not That GoodNot very good at any price. You can find better cookies baked by your local grocery store in their clear plastic container.
239540239540B000DZH19UA10KHDE74WAT9DNancy Funk2611285372800Melted chips!Cookies arrived with all the chips melted out of the cookies. The only way we could eat them was to crush them into crumbs and sprinkle on ice cream or pudding and even then they were very hard and not tasty.
239541239541B000DZH19UA3H4YG0661S9LSJ. Peconcillo0411299628800HORRIBLE!!! - Like Sawdust with chocolate flavorThese are some of the worst tasting cookies I've ever had. I'm amazed people can give this anything above one star, let alone 5 STARS?!?!
It makes me think they've never had a real cookie before, ever. These tasted like chocolate flavored sawdust. The texture and taste was truly disgusting.
I actually didn't want to swallow the bite I took, it was that bad. The rest of the cookie and the box, went right in the trash.
Are you high raters delusional or have you never actually tasted a real cookie before?
239542239542B001IVOBDCA3J8218G6FQXU9David Allen "@DWAinFL"1121293667200Not the best Ginger Beer - but works in mixed drinksI've had much better. More like a soda fizz and you do not get a head when you pour it. I prefer the more 'beer' style ginger beer. Has a bite, but not too harsh.
239543239543B004VEWUFOA2LEXSF03D3QT7R. Chuhran2251327276800What a difference!Bought this salt after an article on NPR raved about how much better Sel Gris makes food taste. I was really skeptical at first, but with just one taste I was won over. Yes, it's more expensive then the stuff in the round cardboard, but how much salt do you really use? We have replaced our old salt for this for all cooking purposes that call for fine salt. Really, it's that good!!!
239521239521B000DZH19UA16H3JNMR9EWLAGaius Julius Ceasar0051282694400ExcellentThese are excellent. They have slightly bitter flavor, as does all good chocolate. All natural and flavorful. Can't ask for more!
239522239522B000DZH19UA3I0Q676ZSCX13Polly A. Meridith "Polly A Meridith"0021282176000dark choc.-choc. chip cookiesliked the individual wrapping...the taste too much preservative or chemical taste. will not repurchase. you will have to try for yourself to see if you don't mind the extra taste.
239523239523B000DZH19UAYIQERGTDFPTGVeblenesque0051278806400The best cookie for dark chocolate loversThese are simply the best dark chocolate cookies I've ever tasted. This is one product where the hype equals the reality. Extremely intense dark chocolate flavor with high quality dark chocolate chunks. Every month I buy Ghirardelli double chocolate cocoa and these cookies to satisfy my chocolate craving and both are so much better than the waxy, overly sweet, bland chocolate you find at a grocery store. I discovered these when buying Christmas gifts for my mom who switched to gluten free, and I've been hooked ever since. If you love intense dark chocolate, these are your cookies. Keep them in the fridge in the summer since they are so packed with chocolate that they'll melt otherwise.
239524239524B000DZH19UA2E8C93K64SAP1T. O. Kiszka "Vampire Fan"0051272240000Delicious and Gluten-FreeThese cookies are delicious and gluten-free. I bought them as a gift for my daughter who has Celiac disease. But I eat them, too, just because of the taste and texture! The sale price was great, and they are wrapped individually for convenience. Great for packing lunches or just a snack on the go!
239525239525B000DZH19UA2N43FJUU3ULXPKatie Finger0051269129600The greatest cookies.These are the best gluten and dairy free cookies out there. They are better then many cookies with gluten and dairy. I highly recommend them. My whole family loves them! They are very sweet and chocolaty.
239526239526B000DZH19UA29FPASUM0D8B4Marsha L. Daniels "cable & cookie lover"0051265328000Deeeeelicios Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The chocolate chocolate chunk by Pamela's cookies are very delicious, there should be a few more in the box though!!!!!!!!
239527239527B000DZH19UA1B8JRTYABTQASC. Mancini "Christmas Carol"0051264550400A 2-inch circle of chocolate perfectionI recently discovered I am gluten and dairy intolerant. Even before that, though, we were already buying these cookies at our local health food store. I have never been a cookie fan (yeah, crazy, right?) but these are perfect - there's no other way to put it. They are amazing either by themselves or dipped in coffee or dark red wine. The only difficulty is trying not to eat a whole box in a sitting, especially when my chocaholic husband is at home. We try to stick to the portion size listed in the box (2 cookies, 170 calories) just right enough to take care of the occasional sweet tooth.
239528239528B000DZH19UA1KJPQ89VPAQPBPatricia A. Ortega "Rocky"0051262995200great gluten free cookiesPamela's Products Organic Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies were given as a Christmas present to a friend.
She and I both thought they tasted great. No sweet cardboard. It was nice to find a really good gluten free product. More will be ordered!
239544239544B004VEWUFOA3A05FQYUOAM0Bmompeaches2251325894400French gray sea saltThis is a great price for French salt. It has a pure taste and is of good quality for the Sel Gris. I enjoy cooking with this and will use it again.
239545239545B004VEWUFOAEETP59DAR8HWIris Plastic Exercise/Containment Pet Pen0051349827200French Salt - Light GreyThe French Grey Celtic Salt is the best I have tried in flavor. Also I have been reading about how good it is for your health. After buying many others, like Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt and some others, I do recomend this one as the best.
239546239546B001E6K6B2A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet121341299110400Not as healthy as plain raisin bran, but sure tastes good!A quick glance at the nutrition panel will show that this has less fiber but more sugar than regular raisin bran. But, the taste makes it worth it - very crunchy, plump raisins, a real treat! My only criticism is that it is a bit too sweet. To balance the sweetness, I mix it with regular raisin bran (or other bran-heavy cereals). Makes for that comfortable middle ground.

Great price when it goes on sale on Amazon. The regular price is far more than what you'd pay in a grocery store. I keep it in my cart and purchase only when the price dips way down.
239547239547B001E6K6B2A2GDNHU256K8SOR. Fitch4451304208000My Favorite Cereal!This is my favorite cereal. It's healthier than sugar cereals. It is a great source of fiber. The raisins are a lot better than those in regular Raisin Bran. The clusters are sweet and delicious. Even my toddler (who is a picky eater) likes this. At's subscribe & save price - it's an amazing value.
239548239548B001E6K6B2A35S5LICLKHYQSPeter Braithwaite2251303603200Cereal killerThe cereal was promptly shipped well packed and priced right. It is fair to say it is as good as any raisin bran I have had in recent times. The subscription pricing plus a discount made it very competitive against Supermarket "sale" offers and also against Price clubs in my area. YMMV.
239549239549B001E6K6B2ANCOMAI0I7LVGAndrew Ellington1151342051200Sometimes, simple is best...Raisin Bran is one of those cereals that, as a child, you are weary of. You see your parents and your grandparents downing it because, well, they need to `fiber' and you think "that stuff tastes like cardboard" and so when they pour you a bowl you cringe a little. In my adulthood I've become very fond of cereal and so I often peruse the cereal aisle at Walmart for different kinds to indulge in. The other day, on a whim, I grabbed some Raisin Bran Crunch because I felt the urge to try it after all those years of fearing it so much. This stuff is amazing. It is a sweetened version of the original Raisin Bran, with plumper raisins and that crunch which gives the cereal texture that it needed (the soggy flakes that defined the original cereal are replaced by a firmer base). Yes, Raisin Bran Crunch is a great part of my morning breakfast!
239550239550B001E6K6B2A1OIOGPMSRDJ6FDavid Jones1151336435200A Review of Delicious CerealI don't know that I've ever written a review of cereal before! But, I have got to say, Raisin Bran Crunch is a very tasty blend that I never get tired of. If you like Raisin Bran, you should try the Crunch version. Chances are you'll really like it!
239529239529B000DZH19UA2DVH6CLNVNUKCDon N. Mueller0031243555200Cookies are just okI was a little disappointed with this product. I am a big Pamela's Products fan, but these were just ok.
239530239530B000DZH19UA2W7HXA72WYIF6Teresa0041240617600Great tasteThese cookies are really good, you wouldn't even know they are gluten free if you didn't read the package. My only complaint is the size is a little small for the money althogh the individual packages are really nice to help with portion control.
239531239531B000DZH19UA976NLS9Q0ZLDStacato0051235433600So unbelievably deliciousThese cookies are a chocolate lover's dream. They do not taste like packaged cookies at all- and I can't even tell they are gluten free. I will warn that you will think of these cookies all the time once you try them, so be careful when buying them in large quantities. I have to hide these from my hubby and dole them out one package at a time every few days/day or so. The two cookies per package makes these the perfect serving size to share, or not...
239532239532B000DZH19UA26LO3KVCC5ZGQAngela Katsavavakis0051195344000DelisciousI am trying to follow an organic and gluten free diet. I also like to buy from reputable companies. So it is hard to come across products that meet my criteria. But these cookies do it. They also taste deliscious. It is hard to believe that they are not made from wheat. They also taste very fresh.
239533239533B000DZH19UAZIXDTZ54SL7YIrving Washington0051192838400only packaged GF cookies I likeI usually don't eat many deserts or try to find gluten-free foods that replicate gluten-full foods, but these cookies are actually delicious. I eat them as a nice supplement to breakfast.
239534239534B000DZH19UA2A8E70X0VXJT0Kelly Howard0051192665600wayyyy too good for my waistline!These babies are MUCH too good for my own good. The chocolate chunks are large & made of very good chocolate, and the texture is chewy & firm. To me, they actually taste just like a really good brownie mix-- as if somebody took unbaked brownie mix & turned it into a cookie. I told myself I was going to try just one for dessert, & ended up eating the whole frigging box, only very reluctantly giving one to my friend.
239535239535B000DZH19UA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne0051190937600great cookiesthese cookies are delicious, you really can't go wrong with any of the pamela's products, we have not found any that we did not like

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