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239551239551B001E6K6B2AY5SPTPJP9ZPGRichard K. Stevens1151333670400Crunch....!!!!Well, what can I say. The cereal was fresh and tasted like it was purchased that day from a nearby supermarket. I have the ship n save feature which lowers my price and my belly is full. Not a bad deal at all..!!
239552239552B001E6K6B2A2R67MVV6PQ67KC. Tiu "City Gold Hunter"1151302652800Best little Secret from AmazonYou can not find a better bargin than Amazon on this cereal deal. I search all over and tried all types of cereals, this is my favorite. The price that I'm paying is cheaper than Costco, BJ or Sam's Club. What's better than having it ship directly to your home or office and don't have to wait for any sales or waiting on long lines? Best deal in terms of price. This Raisin Bran with crunch is the best in taste and one of the most healthily breakfast out there. I loved the original Raisin Bran and then this mix with the Crunch real gives it a kick. Just loved this cereal.
239553239553B001E6K6B2A1YLOZQKBX3J1SR. Lee Dailey "Lee_Dailey"0011338681600good ceral at a _very_ high non-amazon-prime total costhowdy y'all,

i like this cereal. it is not _wonderful_ but it is tasty and nicely crunchy - if you don't let it sit for long. [*grin*]

i have been buying this 4-pack for some time now and will NOT be buying any more. why? the 4-pack is no longer available thru amazon prime. that puts a 40% shipping charge on it ... a far higher premium than i will pay for convenience.

amazon now sells this in a 3-pack that _is_ available via prime. that is what i will be buying henceforth.
Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal, 18.2 -Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)

rated a ONE cuz the new total price is totally off the wall.

take care,
239554239554B001E6K6B2A30OFW96VX5YHVD. Mark Waldoch "Mark the Guitar Teacher"0051336867200Better Shipping BoxBeen getting these for over a year now. Shipping packaging has improved, so the cereal boxes look like they do at the grocery store - not crunched. Good fresh product inside.
239555239555B001E6K6B2AKR0K30XU71NDClint0021333324800Too much sugarWe found this on through a deal site I use for its rss feeds, anyway the cereal arrived very quickly and in good shape.
Too bad the taste was not good, I usually like sweet cereals but the flakes are frosted and that combined with the raisins was too much.
I was hoping for something similar to Wheaties w/ raisins.. Suffice it to say these will go uneaten for a long time until we throw them out.
239556239556B001E6K6B2AOPE3ZMEKF9Y2anonymous0041332633600Sweet and healthyI like the small granola pieces and raisins as it makes the bran easier to eat.
My local grocery store sells it for about the same price and it is nice to have it shipped right to my door.
239557239557B001E6K6B2A1W9UG7WASEGKQJohn Christensen0051331424000Another Winner!Raisin Bran Crunch is a great cereal to fuel yourself up on and satisfy that morning hunger craving. RBC is tons better than its' predecessor, and the flakes don't get as soggy or mushy! It has that wonderful raisin sweetness taste, combined w/ that great crunch, that disguises the blah, bland taste of regular soggy bran flakes have. And it's good for you! Never get tired of it! The kids love it too!
239558239558B001E6K6B2A3IW32CDRQLXQKPN0011325548800DisappointedExtremely disappointed. I trusted the brand and got a 4-pack. But this product is just too sweet. And there are barely any raisins in them. I would rather go for any in-house brand (like Ralphs) and get a better cereal than this. This cereal is very unhealthy.
239559239559B001E6K6B2AYSH9XRC1JZB4subsailor0051319846400great tasting cerealNever had before, tried for kicks. Was pleasantly suprised. Will buy again. Recommend to anyone who like s amorining cereal with a little different kick.
239560239560B001E6K6B2A311MK5DY9IFTLAgarwaen0031317686400meh, like regular betterI bought the crunch version because it was on sale. Now I have a bunch of raisin bran that I don;t really like. Other reviews point out that there is more sugar in this than regular raisin bran and that you get tired of it quick. I agree with these assessments. I quickly grew tired of how sweet the cereal is, guess i was just expecting crunchier version of the regular stuff.
239561239561B001E6K6B2A2SK6OW2PUFINHP. Shah0051317600000The best cereal ever!I love this cereal, it taste's great but it still has a high sugar content. In addition, Kellogg's doesn't lie about the "crunch," every spoonful your going to hear a crunch.
239562239562B001E6K6B2A23V36BZCDPWLTJames W. Pinkey0051317168000Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal is a Great Tasting Breakfast CerealI decided to try Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal and found one of my favorite breakfast cold cereals. Buying the 4-pack of the 18.2 ounce cereal at these prices is an easy way to shop without the hassle of running down to the local grocery store.
239563239563B001E6K6B2A259QDGY6WFXZTA. Zabih0051316995200Best Cereal EverI love this stuff and Amazon had the best prices. And with a Subscription I get my fix every few months!
239564239564B001E6K6B2A1MMFSW19AM019B. Wueste0051316649600Tastier than regular old Raisin BranYeah yeah I know it's high in sugar compared to all of those healthy cardboard tasting cereals, but it is so sweet and delicious AND filled with fiber. I was a fan of plain old raisin bran, but I find that those crunch little clusters really add another element. I've also tried the Raisin Bran Extra in the yellow box with the cranberries and other jazz and that was just a little too much excitement in the morning for me. You really can't go wrong with the price on Amazon and you'll have enough fiber to give you plenty of time to catch up on your reading in the bathroom during your morning break at work!
239565239565B001E6K6B2A82YJCGZ65YKBhaha0051314316800Great cereal!I ate this brand of cereal all the time, I like the flavor so much that I will recommend to others too
239566239566B001E6K6B2AGEXC9QFQVNHFMilo0031314230400it's raisin bran...You probably already know whether or not you like this cereal. If you've really never had Raisin Bran Crunch then: (a) it is bran flakes + raisins + little honey oat granola clusters, (b) it is less sweet than many mainstream cereals, but still far too sweet IMO, (c) it is reasonably healthy, but you could do a lot better.
239567239567B001E6K6B2A3B2KXJZ31ARJQWill Chung0051313366400Fresh!I like the fact that I can subscribe to my favorite brand of cereal and it comes in on a regular schedule. Plus, I can order early or delay my subscription depending on my eating habits and still get the subscriber price.
239568239568B001E6K6B2AIGK9BZ6F8ZTBChad0051310428800Best cereal in the world, but price keeps going upThis video is delicious. Period. It is not as unhealthy as many popular cereals and by using subscribe and save you can really get a deal. Sadly the subscribe and save price keeps going up though so check out Walmart first and compare the price.
239569239569B001E6K6B2ALN6YLE5J3MWLTudor0051309996800Much better than regular Raisin Bran, but a bit too sweet.Last time I had this cereal was a decade ago. Liked it back then and like it now. In my opinion the regular Raisin Bran is a bit boring. This however, is not. It has plenty of taste. My only problem is that it's a bit sweet, as I believe some other review mentioned.
239570239570B001E6K6B2A261M92PGUTO1Kc rusti0041308009600Our favorite cerealWhen Costco stopped carrying our favorite, we had to find another source that was reasonably priced. This product fit the bill.
239571239571B001E6K6B2A3I7MGNL6CJXYYArlene0051307836800Kelloggs Raisin Bran CrunchThe cereal is better tasting than the regular Raisin Bran. I can have 1 cup of this cereal for breakfast and it satisfies me for a good 4 to 5 hours. The cereal is so good, I have eaten it for lunch and dinner also.
239572239572B001E6K6B2A3BLRUC4B294LTPat Concept0051307318400Freaking AwesomeIve bought 2 sets of these and have them on auto delivery. Tastes great, and very fresh. Both sets have come with over a year left on the expiration.
239573239573B001E6K6B2A2CQ9P3VFJFQP4kathryn0051307232000SO GOOD, GREAT DEAL!this was such a great deal when I purchased it from amazon. I typically buy the generic raisin bran cereal on wholesale and don't purchase the actual brand but the deal was cheaper so I picked this one. Man, it is yummy! It's much better quality and it's just delicious. LOVED THIS!. very yummy.
239574239574B001E6K6B2A1BLGWYMQZ3IBDBrenda W.0051307059200Great cereal at a great price!I love the little extra crunch you get with Kelloggs Raisin Bran Crunch cereal! Its stays crunchy even in milk til the end! I love this cereal and Amazon has it at a very good price!
239575239575B001E6K6B2AUCDDVXWALDOBTom0041306972800Sugary, but great for the price.Satisfyingly crunchy cereal. Bit too sweet (and that is apart from the raisins, leaves the milk sweet as well). Great deal for what I paid.
239576239576B001E6K6B2AQGWDGZTTU5J1kevwddd0031306972800Too sweetI feel this is too sweet for me. If it can be lighter taste, I think it will be perfect.
239577239577B001E6K6B2AW4B6RE89Q6XDRolf Werner0051306195200Raisin Bran CrunchAfter tasting this cereal I was hooked. It has become my daily breafast. Even better is slicing a banana, strawberry and adding blueberries on top. Delicious. When shipped directly to my door, I feel I am getting them as fresh as can be.
239578239578B001E6K6B2A3JIG3XYUNFDXNThomas Nelson0051306195200Possibly the best cereal everI was never been a fan of Raisen Bran, and really had no intention of trying the Crunch version. I was at a friends house, and that was all he had avialable, so I decided to give it a try. Wow. Keeps a crunch, nicely sweetened, and the raisens are a great counterpoint to the flakes.

That was about a year ago. Now RBC is my main breakfast cereal, with very little straying. I turned my Dad onto it, and he is the same way. We use the Amazon Subscribe and Save as it makes it about $2.50 a box vs. the $4.00 a box it is in the local grocery. I have 4 boxes comes in about every 2 months, and have no issues going through it.
239579239579B001E6K6B2A3S2QQ2MDT6V96Eric M. Wilson0051305676800Great value.For those that like the taste of raisin bran but want a little extra something. The extra crunchiness is very appetizing. Cereal was fresh when delivered!
239580239580B001E6K6B2A2TFUW9C4EHMVWSean0051304985600Great TasteThese are great tasting. It's like a mix of raisin bran and honey bunches of oats. I did the subscribe and save and it really does save you money.

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