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239731239731B000DZH19KA2SUIYOS7LX9PEKen Scharfenorth "Celiac man"0051244592000Pamela's products are the bestPamela's Chocolate Cake Mix is far and away the best gluten free cake mix I've found. This cake is moist and delicious, easily as good as any non-gluten free mix out there and better tasting than some. I've also used Pamela's Gluten Free Bread Mix and Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix. They produce the best gluten free bread and pancakes we've found. They are far superior in texture, flavor and moistness to any other gluten free mixes we've tried. And we've tried many others both packaged-complete and custom mixed flour blends. I cannot recomend them strongly enough for those that need a gluten free diet.
239732239732B000DZH19KADSNYG4TR45VJP.A.D. "P.A.D."0051233878400Yummy Chocolate cakeThis is a delicious GF mix. The kids and all the adults I have made this for,have loved it!
239733239733B000DZH19KASP67S2EZORNIBernice W. Maxwell "nicemax"0051233878400DeliciousThis chocolate cake mix is delicious and easy. I loved it.
However, my order qualified for free shipping and I was charged for the shipping by Amazon. I was not pleased about paying for free shipping.
239734239734B000DZH19KA3T4KSOOS8FIU3J. Lee "bookmom"0051229904000A wonderful gluten-free chocolate cakeI bought a case of this chocolate, guten-free cake mix. It is delicious. My daughter, who has celiac, loves chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Now I can easily make it when she comes to visit. All the family likes it, too. It is pricey, but the convenience is worth the money to me. I send the packages of cake mix that I don't use home with her. One suggestion is to bake it in two round cake pans. It turns out better.
239735239735B000DZH19KA2JEZ7KSCUE7TKSuzanne Smith0051229212800Yummy Gluten Free Chocolate CakemixDo you love chocolate cake that is moist and rich? This is a wonderful product that results in a delicious cake that anyone would enjoy, even if not needing to eat Gluten Free.
239736239736B000DZH19KA2I2XDO626BXFNgemmy0051226966400best cupcakes ever!This mix makes the best cupcakes you'll ever eat!!! You would never know they were gluten free!
239737239737B000DZH19KA3RALBSOA901AZA. Grassia0051225238400AMAZING!!This is the best Gluten Free Product I have ever tasted! The Chocolate Cake Mix is so good! My whole family didn't even know they were eating gluten free... I Recommend it to anyone that eats gluten free!!
239738239738B000DZH19KA2NTCXUIG69V4SPeggy "Gluten Free Mom"0051221004800Excellent Cake MixThis is an excellent gluten-free cake mix. My entire family loves it, even those that don't require a gluten-free diet.
239739239739B000DZH19KA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"0051202515200simply the best chocolate cake mix!!the best chocolate cake ever!!!very moist.i followed a suggestion on the bag of mix,i added chocolate chips.this mix is far better than any i have ever tryed!!
239740239740B000DZH19KA1EB0P87A48B3RValerie S. Crider "Glutenfree4me"0051201219200Delicious!It is absolutly delicious, just too expensive to use very often. I simply cannot afford to buy it.
239741239741B000DZH19KAIM20H9LKOHMPL. Nordine0051199923200Best cake mix everPamela's Products Luscious Chocolate Cake Mix, 21-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)
This is the best cake mix ever! I use the recipe with the sour cream in it & it is delicious!!!
239742239742B000DZH19KAF4RMNZ0OLHG1Gluten-Free Dad "TXDAD"0051196208000One of the Best Gluten-Free CakesThis is one of the best gluten-free cake mixes out there. My son is gluten-free and he loves it. I like it as well as a wheat-based cake.
239743239743B000DZH19KA38XT6YHQF9HP6Holly "Bells"0051194998400Yummylicious!This is the word my Celiac 3 year old son used when eating his birthday cake. This cake is spongy, moist and very much like any regular shelf cake mix. It is so much better than other GF cakes as they are usually dense and crumbly. Pamela's has yet to disappoint us!
239744239744B000DZH19KA34S4LS6R50VTAK. lavergne0051190937600great productthis cake is delicious, i used it to make my daughter's birthday cake and everyone wanted seconds, they liked it better than the regular, glutenous cake.
239745239745B000DZH19KACBWHBWRJBETQEmily61511175126400Far from luscious...I have eaten other Pamela products and have been really impressed with the quality. I was really disappointed with the luscious chocolate cake mix. It was decent at best when fresh and a few hours later when the cake had cooled down the texture changed and it became really dense and chewy, very unpalatable. I spit out the bite I had taken and threw the rest of the cake away.
239746239746B000EF3E4UA2BXKI15LU0OBTS. I. Rubin8841264809600Clam CritiqueThe product, ordered easily though Amazon, arrived promptly and on opening a can, found that the clams were minced, not chopped, very handy for use in different dishes. The clams had a clean, fresh white appearance and tasty. When my supply is exhausted, I intend to reorder.
239747239747B000EF3E4UAV2UQKLI45XBRJohn D. Farr "Johnbbq"2251301356800Best clamsWe enjoy clam chowder. These clams are the best we have ever tasted for making fine clam chowder.
239748239748B000EF3E4UA4HA8UD15OEXLHeather Amazon4551166227200Great clams!I highly recommend these clams. We buy these all the time.

There the best clams you can buy. Buy these clams, you won't be sorry you did.
239749239749B000EF3E4UA3S3VSXEFXBMRCN. Chernyavskaya0021349654400Not impressedI didn't really like the taste of the clams, and the consistency. I wish I could have tasted it with just one jar before I ordered a pack, I kinda read the reviews and thought I would like it, but I didn't. And now I am stuck with 10 cans ( I managed to eat 2 with pasta, where its taste is barely noticeable). I guess, I will just add it to salads and pasta as a source of protein, but make sure i can't taste it. Not liked. :(
239750239750B0002AQ2VOA2RDLSG5LGD12EJean2251332460800Not made in China!Great product- read that if you put a treat in water and it gets soft overnight than it is a safe treat. This one passes the test. Good treat for the price.
239751239751B0002AQ2VOA2HH23N4V7JC8ILona Bruno1141328054400Dental StixMy Border Collie really enjoys the stix. My concern is that there is no labeling that tells me exactly what the produce is made of nor is there a nutritional breakdown.
239752239752B0002AQ2VOAXRBBDJ9CMNMEOlga Zolochevska "Olga"1141306108800Good but very smallThe product has a very bad description, so I though I need to write some details. It does not specify the size, but great that they say it's 100% natural.
So, it smells bad and looks very small, but my dog loves it! Maybe it's just small for my 100 lbs Cane Corso... On the back of the pack it says to give 2-3 stix a day for dogs that size. Each stick is about 5 in long and 1/2 in diameter. They are very hard, but my dog does not have any problems chewing it. It goes away in about 1 min. When he fells that he is going to get it, he starts "dancing".
I cannot say anything about its function, my dog only got stix few times. But he likes them even though they have a terrible smell. I would buy again.
239753239753B0002AQ2VOA1C5Q9AVZ8XAFQbellablue1131302566400Like any other treats.This did not calm or "anti-stress" my dogs, but they really liked eating them. It was like giving them any other treat. One word of warning, these stink really bad (I mean really, really bad)!
239754239754B0002AQ2VOA2YSR6NWYE3F0M. Pullin "Pushin' On"1141273017600Helped me get her weight downThese chew sticks keep my dog's teeth pretty clean between cleanings. That's what they're supposed to do. But when my dog developed a weight problem, and the vet vetoed "doggie treats", these little goodies kept ME out of the dog house. When the treats stopped coming, my dog whined and put on a show of such pitiable neediness, that I had to do something to quiet her down. I remembered that the ingredients in her Dental Stix were healthful and not likely to hurt her weight loss program a bit. I went back to using these as directed, and my dog kept on losing weight, reached her goal, and has stayed there. And we did it without her feeling deprived. Not bad at all!
239755239755B0002AQ2VOAXAV7I5V33EKEvicki0041330128000Joint TreatI'm still surprised that my dogs liked this treat. They are used to beefy treats - BUT THEY LOVE this for a treat and it has some joint benifits. WOW would recommend this to all dog owners.
239757239757B0002AQ2VOA1XEHQJ0UHJ18EBismarck0051321488000Tasty Treat for DogsThese treats are loved by my two small dogs.They clean there teeth very well and are economical due too the fact there are fifty to a bag!!!
239758239758B0002AQ2VOA2NZI5ZJY3ZNQOCarol A. Seaver0051282435200Beefeaters Anti Stress Stix!I have a Great Dane that is terified of storms. I ordered these hoping that they would help her during this stressful time. I could not beleive it! I gave her one during a storm and she calm down enough for her to take a nap. She really liked the taste and they are good for her since they contain antioxidants. The bag comes with 50 stixes which will last me a little while. I will order more from Amazon again when I do run out. They are a very good value. Thank you!
239759239759B0002AQ2VOA17W36X7XYEG0NBookworm "Pandora"0051192579200Calm my dog please!If you have a difficult dog like me, then this is the item for you! My dog hates people besides us and goes mad over delivery men, strangers, anyone else who has the nerve to interrupt her nap! I've been using this for years and this really calms my doggie. Give her one and soon she's out for a couple of hours. I don't know if it's the calming effect or the fact that she loves to sleep, but I really don't know what I'd do without it. She loves the taste and is much happier and tranquil after she's had a few. Highly recommended.
239760239760B0002AQ2VOAU84D74DAMHHUJj0151303603200Dg chewsOur dog loves these sorry do t know how they taste but she likes them. Have more just hope it also helps her teeth.

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