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239791239791B000KEPBCSA2790JWCVCICOReat love and play3351288310400My go to pre mixed flour...I used this flour regularly these days.. When my son was diagnosed with Celiac and myself with lifelong Gluten Intolerance I learned to mix flours pretty quickly. But mixing flours and keeping them fresh is a difficult task with a 5 1/2 year child under the autism umbrella. Initially, the bean flavor of the flour was not my favorite.. But, I have learned to use it under so many applications it is hardly noticeable... I have written down some of my recipes using Bob's All Purpose Gluten Free Flour mix here.. [...] I use Bob's for my Pumpkin and Morning Muffins as well as Vegan Bread..
My son and I are Gluten/Wheat, Dairy, Casein, Soy, Corn and Egg free at this point. So, It is very nice to have a mix that is nutritious and readily available with all the from scratch cooking I have to do..
239792239792B000KEPBCSAHNY1GI3RH5DJWomanista3351208908800Try's not half bad!With so many friends either allergic to or giving up wheat, I had a hard time finding all purpose wheat-free flour that tasted like flour (or simply not 'wrong'). On a whim I bought Bob's Red Mill and was really pleasantly surprised. It's good in muffin recipes and for breading, but I haven't baked anything sweet, like cake, with it yet.

You need to be prepared for the volume, though - 4 bags! Makes great surprise gifts to your stay-away-from-wheat friends.
239793239793B000KEPBCSA1SCQYLCP16AK3Original Larkin2251324857600Works well, good valueI always like to have a bunch of this stuff on hand as it is a good substitute for regular flour in most recipes. I've used this flour for oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, as well as pies and many other dishes where you don't even notice the flavor at all. Where is isn't so great is for cookies such as shortbread where the flavor of the cookies rely heavily on the flavor of the flour. This product in general seems to get a lot of complaints but if you are unable to eat gluten this product is a fantastic option for a gluten free all purpose flour. I have tried making many of my own flour mixes (I have a pantry shelf dedicated to different gluten free flours) and haven't found one that works as consistently as this one as a flour substitute. This product is packaged very well (it comes in a Bob's Red Mill box inside of an Amazon box) and arrived quickly. With subscribe and save it is a great value as compared to buying it in most stores!
239794239794B000KEPBCSA3DJXT67UMKVSIErin2251323216000The best!I use this for nearly all of my cooking and baking. It works so well! I usually just substitute this for regular flour in most recipes and it has worked so far. I've made gluten free pumpkin pie, gluten free pizza, and gluten free bread. I also use it in stew and chili to thicken it a bit. It has become my stand-by!
239795239795B000KEPBCSA4KIK79KNZCE0abbsquake2251313020800Great All-Purpose Gluten Free FlourThis is our go-to all purpose gluten free flour. I find I can often substitute it in recipes that call for several different gf flours (using the same total quantity of the other flours combined) with good results. The price per oz. is also very good in comparison to other gluten free flours at the 44-oz. size, esp. w/ Subscribe and Save!
239796239796B000KEPBCSAEMOXMKF0KNX0fishdish1052251307491200Great Quality, Reasonable Price, Prompt ShippingI have a regular standing order with Amazon so I get free shipping for this flour. I use it for the bread machine, pancakes, batter dip recipes, gravies, and as a thickener for soup recipes. It's a blend of flours resulting in a nice consistency, while not comprising nutrition or fiber content. I trust the safety of Bob's Red Mill Products and it's a pleasure doing business with Amazon, shipping and handling is prompt.
239797239797B000KEPBCSA8FYP62N41J1Slkwilkins2241295136000pleasantly surprisedI used this flour to make the banana bread recipe that is on the back of the package. After reading some of the reviews, I was quite worried about how it would taste. I was able to serve the banana bread to some friends that were visiting and we all enjoyed it. I have not used the flour for anything else, however, I did not notice the bean flavor that has been mentioned in other reviews.
239798239798B000KEPBCSA385RI8GVWHZYGTrish of ME2251284854400To Be Fair..!Okay, clearly some people are sensitive to the bean taste, but not everyone is. This flour is well worth a try! After trying rice flour mixes, cornstarch and potato starch mixes - please! - I didn't happen to like the slimy texture of those. Bob's Red Mill AP GF Flour is all I use, and I'm completely happy with the results. All my bread is from Bob's sandwich bread recipe, I am addicted to Bob's chocolate chip cookies, and my "normal" husband and I have crumpets made with the AP GF flour every afternoon. I wouldn't live gluten-free without it.
239799239799B000KEPBCSA3AKMRITZKFCO0C. Marentette2241233273600Pretty decent wheat flour alternative!I've tried a few other wheat flour replacements but this one is the best so far. It's a little on the crumbly side for buscuits but when mixed half and half with quinoa flour it has better texture. Still somewhat crumbly though. Don't forget to add Xanthum Gum to this flour, I've tried the mixes that have XG in it but found them too salty tasting. I'm still experimenting to make them hold together better, there are so many other wheat flour alternatives out there to try...
239800239800B000KEPBCSA34E61B4Z52UERE. Lockett2251178496000Great buyThe price on this is half the supermarket price. I keep the bags stacked up in the freezer so they stay fresh. A wonderful, silky flour, good for all uses.
239801239801B000KEPBCSA2GMPXMB4KNUULAnn Parris "Health Conscious"4551184716800A must haveI have a sensitivity to wheat products and this is a life saver for me, allowing me to eat sweets and breads I wouldn't otherwise eat.
239802239802B000KEPBCSA1S2RBHTU0J6X0Book Junkie1111343952000Disgusting!I used this to make cornbread today, and it was so gross I tossed the whole thing out. The kitchen and the cornbread smelled like garbanzos, and the batter did not cook all the way through. Do not use this stuff!
239803239803B000KEPBCSARE35E85TVREALynne1111339718400Awful!While I will agree that it's pretty handy to be able to sub this cup for cup, the taste is so awful and the texture so gummy that it outweighs the convenience BY FAR! Made banana muffins (with a recipe from the company) and the aftertaste is so bad I can't stomach them, even with lots of banana and sugars. Truly disgusting. If the taste were good I could overlook the gumminess bit add them together and it's beyond unpleasant. Yuck. So glad I only bought a small pack to try first!
239804239804B000KEPBCSA2HN943685953UZoya Raysberg1151327795200Made tasty banana bread even hubby liked!I used this for the first time, the other day, to make banana bread. I had a favorite recipe and just substituted this Bob's GF flour. The recipe called for 2 cups of flour, so I used 1 3/4 cups of this product and 1/4 cup of Hazelnut flour(ground hazelnut). As I was mixing it, I did notice it smelled a little odd--a smell I didn't care for. From reading some other reviews, I'm guessing it's the bean flour. But I stuck to the recipe, adding sour cream, cinnamon, natural vanilla extract, etc. Baked it. When it was cool, I was a little nervous, but when I tasted it, I thought it tasted great. My mom thought it was delicious and wanted to take some home, even my fast-food loving husband said it was really good and "doesn't taste gluten free." Not that he's really had any gluten free baked goods.

The texture was good. It didn't rise as much as regular flour, so no spilling in the oven. Baking time took longer than my original recipe. Small muffins took about 30 minutes and the glass loaf pan took over an hour. But on both the texture was good, moist(though a bit more crumbly) and no odd taste or smell in the finished product(despite the smell noticed when I was mixing the batter). I think I prefer the muffins because they were done sooner and, thus, less brown on top. Then I just pop them into the toaster oven the next day and they're like fresh baked.

I really liked the result for sweets with this product!
239805239805B000KEPBCSAIPBPQC3ALHTPE. Stinnett1151304812800Makes gluten free baking easierThe bottom shelf of my refrigerator is full of different flours. Sometimes when I think about baking something, I don't because it is a hassle to pull out so many different flours. Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour makes it easier because it is pre-mixed. I have used it in my regular pancake recipe--just added a little xanthan gum. I have been satisfied with it in other recipes I have tried. However, because it has bean flour, I would avoid eating the raw dough.
239806239806B000KEPBCSA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie1151300924800I'm SoldI had a sudden urge for mom's crepes, since I can't have gluten I thought I would just do it, I got the flour out and whipped up a batch the way mom made it. I think my mother would be proud, I made a very nice crepe her way with no recipe, I can't believe I remembered it.

The first bite took me back to my childhood and I knew this is the flour for me, I did not taste any after taste and crepes are light a delicate and you are basically eating the flour just mixed with eggs and milk. I am looking forward to making breads and pizza, following all of you good folks' warnings about the sauce.
239807239807B000KEPBCSA1XKATM988R5PRCarole Renau "Joyce Demchak"1151284681600The BestA great product!! This combination of flour works the best for me. As I am allergic to yeast and do not need to add yeast to make my bread rise. I make my gluten free breads by hand and not by a bread machine.
239808239808B000KEPBCSA2J8AZR5NV3A94char "char"1141274313600great productI am new to cooking without wheat. This flour makes it alot easier. I live 50-100 miles from good shopping so thie is a good way to get what I need
239809239809B000KEPBCSA3GP0Z66BP4ZJYE. H. Walker1151272585600Best gluten-free flour I've foundI use this for all my gluten-free baking from waffles to muffins to pie crusts. It is easy to use as a one-to-one substitute for wheat flour. It offers good results and great flavor.
239810239810B000KEPBCSA7KLCXQY2BFP9Caroline Clearwater "book maven"1151258329600Love it!Can be used in anything- cake, bread, pancakes... makes gf food taste satisfying! Great price, too!
239811239811B000KEPBCSA2PIH1T5NW71AICarrie A. Hodges "my5walnuts"1151252195200YummyThis All-purpose flour wooks great as an exchange for regular flour. Tastes great and is not gritty.
239812239812B000KEPBCSAW9FB9A2U2CB5Jackie L. Bachmann1141241827200gluten free flourIt is a good deal since it is much cheaper than buying at a retail store. I was glad to receive this product.
239813239813B000KEPBCSA2DFV36E8YE066Terri A. Cloutier "Mom of two"1151238716800Great flour substitute!My son has several food allergies including wheat, corn and rice. This is a perfect blend of flours that I can truly use as an "all purpose" flour. From baking, to breading this has been a tremendous time saver in the kitchen.
239814239814B000KEPBCSAK0BYOQTRHY1Ybbb "bbb"1151229040000greatGreat product. I have used it as a substitute for all-purpose wheat flour in several recipes with great results.
239815239815B000KEPBCSA3NEVVNYRQMWUZM. S. Cooper1141210809600Gluten Free ItemThis flour is a decent alternative for any gluten free general flour mix and I don't have to create it myself. Find it easy to store the extras in the freezer.
239816239816B000KEPBCSAL4PJLKMJSXYFJ. Holcomb "Tarainmo"1151199923200The best thing in the world for my son!My son is allergic to wheat, corn, oats and rice. It is soooo hard to find anything that is Gluten Free and does not contain rice. So I was ecstatic to find this and immediately went home and made peanut butter cookies. They turned out great. I admit they have a bit of an aftertaste but it did not deter me from eating four cookies. My son loved them, and he is very picky. Even my daughter loved them and she can have regular grains. The recipes on the [...] website were very helpful too.
239817239817B000KEPBCSAC16C7NX58OQZfoot attack5711209168000barf... very nasty "bean-y" aftertaste!!!!This is very gross tasting! I made cookies with this as the only substitute in my normal recipe (trying to make them more healthy), and they looked perfect, and the texture wasn't too bad (a little crumbly, maybe I should have added an extra egg or added a little more xantham gum), BUT the aftertaste made them just about inedible to me. My boyfriend thought they were ok (not great, but ok), but I think he was just being nice. I baked a small test batch and threw the rest of the dough out, they were that nasty.

Some people seem to love it, based on these reviews here. I'm trying to go all gluten-free for health reasons, but I'll keep searching for a good all-purpose flour mix that's gluten-free and doesn't taste like beans for when we want the occasional baked treat. I think Pamela's is made without the beans. This particular mix is not a winner in my opinion.
239818239818B000KEPBCSA8O7W6MQNOZH3Susan2331298764800It's all about the beans...I used it in my 'regular recipes and it has the best texture in the finished product by far. Neither did we find the flavor to be obnoxious as some people have written about. However, I have discovered an allergy to the garbanzo bean flour which is the first ingredient listed. If you have a soy allergy you may want to consider this when you try since soy beans are related to garbanzo beans. I have abdominal issues, head aches and joint pain and swelling when I use this product.
239819239819B000KEPBCSA2H3Z22DSMO2NWFilmmaking Mom2321259971200Do you like Beans?Bob's flour is one of the first mixed GF flours that I tried. The only problem is that everything I put it into, ended up tasting like beans or lentils. I tried to thicken soups, tasted like beans...tried to make cake, tasted like beans. I seriously thought I had some sort of taste bud problem. I always cut the bag open and poured it into a container, so I couldn't check the ingredient label. In desperation, I went to the supermarket and looked at the bag. Sure enough, Bob mixes "GARBANZO BEAN FLOUR" into this mix. So caution, if you like bean-tasting food, then this is the best flour for you!! Instead, I'd highly recommend Gluten-Free Pantry's Beth's Flour mix. It's amazing in both texture and taste, and works as a substitute for any recipe that calls for flour.
239820239820B000KEPBCSA36X7PC8QDB7PVLinda Wittkamp "aamazonshopper"0051347062400Bob's Red Mill Gluten free all purpose flourExcellant shipper, product arrived very quick. Had a small problem with original order do to package handling and shipper immediately tood care of it. I will definately purchase again.

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