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239846239846B000EF3E4AAJCT7OFZ4ZLZ9KLEV6751201737600Favorite comfort foodIn a city like San Francisco, you'd think these would be easy to obtain. I used to buy these at Trader Joe's but they've stopped selling them. After going through a panicky search through all the stores I normally frequent, I was glad to find it on Amazon. I prefer Crown Prince skinless boneless sardines in olive oil to the Reese brand because the Reese sardines are drier, although Reese's are prettier in the can with 6 small sardines packed as if they were swimming in a school. The Crown Prince sardines are larger (3 to a can). For me, sardines are a comfort food -- my favorite way to eat them is after removing the lid and pouring off some of the olive oil, filling the void with soy sauce and heating (can and all) on the stove. Because sardines are not large predator fish, they are not known to contain harmful levels of mercury.
239847239847B000EF3E4AA2JKFWLMJY8Z7TA. Tran "happiness makes up in height, for wh...3341331942400Not fish smelly, not gross!I tried Crown Prince Brisling Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) but it was fishy smelling. I thought I could handle the smell and the look (skin still on...head still on) but I couldn't. I'm a pretty tolerable person (I can eat chicken feet and balut) but opening my salad to a fishy smell and not wanting to take the time to marinate it in vinegar like Alton Brown made me continue searching.

Behold, skinless boneless, no strong fishy smell, no face, 3 pieces of sardine (good size). Just what I can handle.
239848239848B000EF3E4AAZ8E20LM68O10Squiddly Diddly3351331078400Impressed and surprised, herring sized, not sardinesI've had a fair amount of sardines from around the world and knowing these were not petite two layer Bristling, I was cautious but at the bargain price of about $1.78 a can at Walmart I had to give these a try. Crown Prince is a reasonably good processor and have been happy with their small Bristling tins packed with about 20 delectable fishies with tails, skin, soft bones and all. Those are true sardines from Scandinavian waters. Problem is they are spendy as heck and RICH RICH in flavor. I can eat about 5 of them at a sitting as they are so rich, some may call this fishy flavor/smell...

These Morocco caught fish are much larger and filleted with no skin/scale or tail. Approximately 3 large fillets per tin in a light olive oil. To call them sardines is really a stretch as these are simply small herring. To be called sardines they need to be small enough to be PACKED IN tight like sardines (at least 10 fish per can) 3 pilchard herring fillets does not make a tin of sardines. Regardless of the naming error these are FANTASTIC herring!

Wonderful taste, mild, perfectly cooked and firm texture. Not smoked like many sardines. As some have mentioned these are dryer in tongue feel than other brands, very similar to tuna. I can easily eat a whole can in one sitting and while packed in oil they seem much lighter to the palette than typical bone in small sardines. Remember Walmart has these for less than $2 a tin and well worth it.
239849239849B000EF3E4AA1LQ01XCMF2ZD0P. Foster3351322092800Good sardinesThese are the same sardines as the ones named "Natural" I emailed Crown Prince asking what the difference was and they said only difference is labeling. The Natural are labeled as such to be sold at natural health food stores.

Anyway, I've tried both and there really is no difference. The sardines are very delicate and delicious, no fishy smell at all. The amount of oil is just right because you can always pour it over salad and use that way.
239850239850B000EF3E4AA1EPPR34371JAKSteven Gregory2241323302400KosherThis Kosher version (blue box) is great but the non-Kosher version in the white box are even better---the non-Kosher version is more moist while the Kosher version is slightly dry. The Kosher version is also much more expensive than the non-Kosher.
239821239821B000KEPBCSA2GQJKWAMTMDWCEric D. Smith0041339804800Cheaper at Costco...$5.99 for one, $23.95 for 4 in this size. If you like this flour, it can be found for less elsewhere.
239822239822B000KEPBCSA13R3Y8YOSTD1SEliz0051331769600Wonderful flour!I've tried other gluten-free flour for baking and Bob's Red Mill is by far the best. Couldn't be happier.
239823239823B000KEPBCSAW3N5QZ8UL5JAEmily0021331424000How to improve upon the flavour:(BRM = Bob's Red Mill)

The noxious chemical aftertaste of this flour is due to the inclusion of BRM tapioca flour. I'm not sure why BRM tapioca has that difficult-to-accept flavour, but I cannot bring myself to consume it.

BRM tapioca is terrible. I have found very good tapioca flour imported from Asian countries, usually packaged in white/green paper packets and available in the import sections of most large stores such as Overwaitea and Superstore. The cost is also less than 25% of that of BRM tapioca.

However, BRM potato starch is excellent, and indispensable in gluten-free baking.Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4)

As an alternative to this flour mix, I make the following excellent gluten/corn-free baking flour mix. I make a big jar and use it for nearly everything I bake. We are also egg, bean and soy-free, and this mix works well with the foods we bake:

1/2 brown or white rice flour
1/4 Asian tapioca starch/flour
1/4 Bob's Red Mill potato starch

*As a kindness to BRM, I should point out that they also produce a delicious "sweet white sorghum flour" with a great recipe for scones on the back. This is absolutely worth purchasing, just for the excellent scones. Bob's Red Mill Gf Sweet White Sorghum Flour, 22-Ounce (Pack of 4)
239824239824B000KEPBCSABHQUZVCHJIIGJennifer Sherwood "Gueney"0051329696000Excellent All-purpose flour!I love this mix and I've created many of my own flour mixes. Except for some instances where a different flour mix would be more suitable (gluten free recipes involving flour can be very particular for what works and what doesn't), I have found this to out perform any other mix. I use it mostly for my pancakes (which are excellent and I feed them to gluten eaters and they have no idea), ordinary baking, cookies (chocolate chip and other sturdy cookies...lighter and finer tasting cookies would likely require a starchier mix and I would recommend reading Living Without magazine for flour mix ideas), sauces like stroganoff, and soups. I am also dairy and meat free so I am an old hand at substitutions and replacements.
239825239825B000KEPBCSA3D20LGNTTKSMMJulie G1211302825600Better off making your own mixI used this mix a few times to make a cake and muffins. It is super gross! Ruined the flavor of both. You're better off making your own blend of sorghum flour, tapioca flour and potato or corn starch. Stick with Bob's Red Mill GF bread mixes, but skip this one.
239826239826B000KEPBCSA359R76F956V07JBean1231288656000Still SearchingI am new to gluten-free and tried this mix out of convenience. I've only made biscuits with it and I wasn't that impressed. I had been using another one of Bob's gluten-free biscuit mixes and after a few months became disenchanted with the taste (and after-taste). I was hoping this baking mix would taste different, but it was the same. Still, a hot biscuit out of the oven with enough butter and honey to cover the garbanzo bean taste was sure nice after being off all gluten products! It's worth a try as everyone's pallet is different, but this mix definitely has a distinct flavor. I'm still searching for a good mix or might attempt to come up with my own. It's definitely a process.
239827239827B000KEPBCSAIDT99OP1GJVXJ. P. Nimmo1221274054400Things look awesome, but the taste.....I was given about 5 bags of this flour (I have celiac disease) by a loved one. I've tried making everything from cookies to waffles to bread and cakes. Everything looks amazing, but has a strange, sweet, extremely unpleasant aftertaste. I'm going to throw out the rest of it.
239828239828B000KEPBCSA1YYMLANPN0684Murray T. Callaway "happytobeemployed"2411297900800nasty aftertaste don't buy it
239829239829B000KEPBCSA399IQME38M2Z9Belle0111321401600Terrible garbanzo bean aftertaste!!!!This mix tastes terrible. It was a waste of money. So sad because it's so hard to get good gluten-free bread and costs so much more than average bread. I was so disappointed.
239830239830B000KEPBCSA3EMR3MD6322OTNicole0121317427200Would rather use beans than this flour.This flour has a terrible taste. I'd rather puree beans and use them. It would taste better. I prefer honeyville's almond flour over this anyday.
239831239831B000KEPBCSA2G2VQORAN74ZXTina L. McDonald0121313971200Very strong off tasteRecently started a gluten free diet. Have to say, I was hoping for a lot more from something that claimed "all-purpose" . First use was in pancakes. Now, I like garbanzo beans, but the garbanzo/fava bean flour in here was overpowering in it's taste. Sorghum or rice flour w white/bean flour is much closer to what I'd consider as "all-purpose" to get a good protein content.
239832239832B000KEPBCSA2TLL3Z8HWQA70Roslyn0131288569600Gluten Free Flour from Bob's Red MillAs other reviewers have said, this works well for certain things, but not everything. I think in quickbreads and some cookies, it's fine, but if there aren't a lot of other flavors going on in whatever you are baking, you are going to taste the bean flour. I guess you have to work at it quite a bit. The banana bread recipe on the back of the bag is very good, though I used spectrum shortening instead of oil (I recommend that). As long as you aren't expecting this to just "replace" flour in your favorite recipes, you're fine. One disappointment ; no xanthan gum added, so you always have to keep that in mind and add to each recipe you make.
239833239833B000KEPBCSAZA8S0IQOHHUXL. Simpson "The Helpful Housewife"3611275350400Terrible flavor!!!I used this product, and my family hated it! we have found that Oat flour is the best solution, the flavor of this product was so overpowering that you could not taste the other ingrediants, flour is suppose to be used as a base, to take on the flavors of the other ingrediants in the recipe, this product has a opposite effect , it has a horrid aftertaste. In todays economy we cant afford to throw away food because a product has a poor flavor. Dont waste your money on this!
239834239834B000KEPBCSA3JQJFC0HOZ0RYC. M. Laufer0221293494400Tastes too "Beany"I am fairly new to gluten-free baking. Since mixing a good gluten-free flour mix is still hit and miss for me, I decided to give this all-purpose mix a try. Even though it bakes quite well, the taste is way too strong, and nothing that I associate with cookie or cake taste. It leaves a bitter, "beany" aftertaste that neither me nor my son could get over. We used the flour to make christmas cookies, and unfortunately, the whole batch ended up in the trash because nobody liked them.

I'm probably going to try to use the rest of the flour in a savory pastry in the hope that the bean flavor will not be so distracting and actually blend in. Otherwise, I will continue my own mixes, and will continue to look for a good-tasting pre-blend.
239835239835B000KEPBCSA2F5G8SNR95WBLLorie0311312934400YUCK!We have yet to find (trust me tried ALOT of them) a mix that Bob Red Mill's sells that taste good. It's down right awful and gritty. If you think this is good your surely missing out on alot of other great products. It seems some new age products coming out are alot better tasting and the consistancy is much better. Search around try Jules but this stuff is gross and regreted buying a case of it.
239836239836B0055IGLS2A1MGGTGO35SQ1GA. Customer "Lesson Learned"0051325894400Best food for my PapillonThis is a grain-free product with excellent protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources and probiotics. We tried a number of very expensive dry kibble brands before we were able to find wonderful dry dog food for our Papillon. He has great energy, no sneezing, no itching, great poo, excellent weight management, and HE LOVES IT. He is 5 lbs and he gets 1/4 cup twice a day for feeding and about 1/8 cup during the day for behavior treats.

I really can't say enough good things about this food. gives it a 5 rating as well.
239837239837B00016267IA3PAZPID4P1N7SDwight Morris1151183680000Best BBQ Sauce I've ever tastedDuring a business trip to Tennessee I purchased a bottle of this BBQ sauce as a gift for my daughter who is an avid chef. After tasing it, I bought 4 more bottles online. Excellent sauce.
239838239838B000EF3E4AA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett181851167782400These Sardines are delicious!I have been buying this brand of boneless and skinless sardines for years and still love to just open a can and eat them for a snack. I know that being boneless and skinless lowers the calcium level but I've never liked the crunch or taste of eating a whole sardine right from the sea. And they are packed in olive oil which is loaded with Omega 3's too so it's as good for you as are the sardines. However, I am not so sure about their actual mercury levels. Buying them from Amazon with their $10. off sale on $49. purchases is a great price. I've even found that many of the local grocery stores as well as Costco and BJ's NO longer carry this product. Or their price has skyrocketed. It's great to be able to stock pile them from Amazon. If you like sardines, you'll love these! And they are just so nutritious for us all.
239839239839B000EF3E4AA3N4VN8GHF6JA5Benjamin E. Sauter101051194566400Delicious!Some sardines are hard to eat...not these! I bought them so I could get a larger amount of omega-3 fatty acids. I eat them because I find them to be so tasty.
239841239841B000EF3E4AA7EJERNB7IK3ZCQ DX6651269302400Delectable! Best canned sardines, ever!Crown Prince skinless & boneless sardines are truly a healthy treat. I love seafood to begin with, and with all the scare about PCB's, mercury, and other chemicals in our fish lately, I have been researching healthier alternatives. I love the fact that these sardines are large and meaty, with just the right texture. They have been thoroughly cleaned as well, and I don't have to worry about eating bones, skin, or inner organ remnants (EWW!). I always make sure I am well stocked, and try to have at least 5 to 10 cans within reach.
239842239842B000EF3E4AA1GBQTNXG4QANIEmElle "M"5551283558400Same as TJsMy husband eats these sardines, usually a can a day. He had wanted better Omega 3s to help his blood pressure, but had generally found sardines to be "fishy". He wanted something he could tolerate eating regularly and did a lot of research online. He found that Trader Joe's Moroccon sardines got rave reviews. So we started to buy out our local TJs of their stock every couple of weeks. He commented once that he thinks his mind is clearer these days. Don't know if it's helping with his blood pressure though. I did taste them, and the taste reminds me of tuna. My 2 year old daughter loves helping her daddy eat these. I looked here on Amazon and found this listing, and read the reviews. They were similar to the reviews for TJs. I ordered a box, because we seem to run out of TJs before we can get more. Hubby tried them and says there seems to be no difference in taste. These are slightly more expensive than TJs if you just order just one box, but the price is better than TJs if you do the subscription.

Update 9/29/10: My husband just went in for his bloodwork, and everything looks good - triglycerides, cholesterol, etc. He's even no longer pre-diabetic. Not sure how much of this is from eating a can of these a day, but I'm sure it's helping. He even says his mind works better since he started eating these.
239843239843B000EF3E4AA38IDNUR9LB2LBThomas M. Humphrey5551216598400YummyYummy plus nutritious. A real treat. Lots of Omega 3 fatty acids quickly delivered in the form of delectable little fish. Be sure to eat the olive oil in which they are packed.
239844239844B000EF3E4AAN39RICG703VRFitch BOI "Abercrombie"4451284595200Best sardines I've ever tasted, really great fishies!I was never into Sardines but lately I've been trying to eat healthier food options and get tired of eating Tuna in a can. I thought I'd try Sardines. Well I tried the cheaper ones first unknowingly. The brand was Beach Cliff. They were not very good, small sardines with skin and other parts and tasted like salty, stinky, fishy - fish. LOL. I did research and found out about Crown Prince. I saw that Wal-Mart had them from the reviews cheaper--so I went to Wally World and got some. Yes. They are cheaper. I paid $1.73 a can. At any rate. The flavor is great. They are big meaty sardines that are in a great flavored olive oil. The sardines had a great fish taste similar to canned tuna but gives you a nice change. Goes great with crackers, bread or even just by themselves. I highly recommend them to anyone. Even if you don't like Sardines you will LOVE these!
239845239845B000EF3E4AA2ZZ1U97T02N1NC. Campbell6751207526400PLEASE KEEP THESE IN STOCK!!I love these Sardines and they are very hard to find. Please Amazon, never stop carrying this product.I am so pleased to know you have them. I am not a fish either as a rule, but I've found these to be very tasty and healthy! I'll be ordering these for a long time.

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