Amazon Fine Food Reviews

239851239851B000EF3E4AA20KOYXN2J8AJABilly Golightly2251313539200DeliciousThese are great. Consistent flavor, very mild. High quality. I've got these on autoship and I eat 2-3 cans a week. Great fast snack or if your traveling and want to avoid highway foods. I eat these on a Paleo diet and they've been a nice addition to it.
239852239852B000EF3E4AA2J1IBN6NMXGFRD. E. Scholberg "admirer of Amazon"2251276128000Great Crown Prince Skinless and boneless sardinesI have finally found a top notch product in this category.
Sardines are the right size,tender, very neatly packaged.
The price is fair when one considers the high quality.
239853239853B000EF3E4AA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"2251273536000excellent sardinesCrown Prince, Natural Sea and one other brand which seems to be no longer available are far and above the best skinless/boneless sardines available at a reasonable price. I have not tried any of the brands that are horrendously expensive.

These sardines in olive oil are delicious eaten right out of the can with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt. They also make a fantastic pate when mashed (oil and all) - and combined with goat cheese (or cow cream cheese), lemon juice, a few drops of liquid smoke, some finely chopped sweet onion and finely chopped roasted red peppers.

Try them. I think you'll agree that they are excellent.
239854239854B000EF3E4AA39YQ71WCGKJ9UMoacir Luz1151333065600So GoodThese sardines make eating sardines enjoyable as well getting all the omega-3s you could ever need or want and it is noticebly different than the cheaper brands that have less appealing consistency and taste a lot more 'fishy' - a part of this is because the skinless and boneless product is much easier to eat if you don't love over fishy smells and tastes.
239855239855B000EF3E4AA2A1XYGRH67YMVP. Victor1151316304000Skinless & Boneless SardinesThe Crown Prince Skinless & Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil are especially tasty and a gourmet treat. Priced very fairly for the fine product.
239856239856B000EF3E4AA340UTBGHV3ZZNSharon L. "Sharon L."1151314576000Wonderful productIt has been a while since I have eaten any sardines but I decided to try these based on a comment from a previous reviewer. Well, these are fantastic!!! Delicious, no fishy smell or taste. Very moist, no bones or skin. I am go glad I got these on a permanent shipping schedule. Please try them, you will not be disappointed.
239857239857B000EF3E4AAJ8QUEVLQRDXLM. G. Friedlander1151253318400Skinless and boneless sardinesI purchase this product at Amazon because the local stores do not carry it. It is our favorite.
239858239858B000EF3E4AA38GFGDUXBPFLXDonald Doon1151233014400Review order crown prince sardinesProduct is excellent and price is right. Delivery of order slightly slower than normal however might be because of Christmas. Otherwise very satisfied with purchasing this product and will continue to do so.
239859239859B000EF3E4AAMQS22UB5JM4NNoirist1151221436800Best Sardines EverThese sardines are absolutely delicious, and being skinless and boneless makes them convenient. No skin to remove and no need to remove the bones or put up with that disconcerting crunch of sardine bones.

Another nice aspect of these sardines is that they are moist. You would think that all sardines packed in olive oil would be moist, but not so. Some have a dry texture, but not these. They are just fabulous.
239860239860B000EF3E4AA3R6PI47EF3F83Richard Cumming "RC"91341168560000try, try, again....I ordered a case of sardines through Amazon Grocery last month and they didn't travel well, the box arrived soaked in oil. 4 cans had popped open and seeped fishy oil all over the rest of my order. Upon inspection I could see that the design of the seals on the cans and the way that they were packed in their box made it a simple matter to pop the seals, and any bump in transit could do it. Sardines are not returnable items. Imagine the mess of shipping them back? Amazon handled my complaint in excellent fashion regardless.

So, I thought that I had better try it again. I ordered a totally different kind-same brand. These sardines are not quite as tasty as the others but they are quite acceptable. My cats like them and most essential: they arrived in perfect condition.

That being said, if you don't have Amazon Prime shipping you might consider getting it. It pays for itself quite quickly and it is SO darned convenient. I live in the country and I work at home. It's a pain to go to town to shop for groceries, books, music, whatever. Amazon provides so many products I need. Amazon Prime gets them to me quickly and usually, painlessly (those leaky sardines were my only problem among dozens of shipments).

Amazon does a tremendous job! I'm one happy customer.
239861239861B000EF3E4AA26E2V7YIFF4TXmikescooling "book-worm"0051350345600I like then a lot, no bonesI like it that these are bone less. They come in olive oil and that is good too. I was hunting with friends and we had crackers and these; I smashed them into the oil and made a past to serve on the crackers, uummm it was so good...
239862239862B000EF3E4AA1ZKH0D77X13YNMr. Robert J. Rineer "Bob R"0051337558400Wife's FavoriteThis product has been a favorite of the wife for years. We recently moved to Portland and were unable to locate in any store. While the wife had tried all of the options pre-Portland and in Portland, this continued to be her favorite. While it takes a while to consume 12 cans, it is better than doing without.
239863239863B000EF3E4AA1HKGNU4IMTLFDgonzo0051313020800Great sardinesThese sardines are very tender and have a great flavor. It`s a really good price and is a lot cheaper than buying it in the store. I like getting them automatically at a set interval.
239864239864B000EF3E4AASKPB3F939HJ5Carol0051300147200Crown Prince Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil.I have eaten these sardines for years. Recently when I was out I tried the the ones from Cosco and Trader Joe. Security is a stash of sardines on hand. After trying one can the others were returned to their respective stores. The taste of Crown Prince is absolutely the best as is the consistency
239865239865B000EF3E4AA38EAUIBFE9K8IEric Mathews0051297296000SardinesThese are my favorite sardines because I dont have to be swallowing the tiny bones of other sardines. They taste good too!
239866239866B000EF3E4AA18DKG3YO6UF3VJ B B0051289606400Healthy and TastyThese sardines taste better than ones packed in water. There is excess olive oil which I pour out prior to consuming. Walmart sells a product that appears to be the same product and for less, however, I tried the ones at Walmart and they seem somewhat drier and did not taste as good. Not sure if that was just me, but I am back to this product sold by Amazon.
239867239867B000EF3E4AARHPT30NMZ3SII Can See Clearly Now "BookReader"2411321315200Not Worth ItMost expensive olive oil in the world. Three lousy sardines floating in a ocean of oil. The Season brand is a much better deal.
239868239868B000LKUAEKA3O74E7NFN87XBFrench girl1151308441600My dear Darjeeling tea! The finest!I love the mild taste of this excellent organic Darjeeling tea. You can really taste the quality. It is never bitter. I drink it for breakfast ans after lunch, with soya milk and sometimes organic honey. I always buy it from Amazon as we live in a very small town where it is difficult to find gourmet groceries.
239869239869B000LKUAEKAVX4WIV5O4F93Rajiv3431198281600Not the best... but OKI like stronger taste and this is not my cup of tea. However, it still has decent taste for the price! I liked the Tazo Organic Darjeeling best so far among the tea-bag variety.
239870239870B000LKUAEKA1N713L8PVIQ9BJDngles1251299801600Subtle but delicious muscatel flavorIf you like darjeeling spring flush black tea, then you will probably enjoy this one very much. One of the few teas that I enjoy even when I'm sick in bed. I think that the other reviewers are lipton drinkers who tried this out. If you know anything about Darjeeling tea than you already know Spring flush is subtle with a grape like (muscatel) flavor to it. This tea actually embodies Darjeeling flavor quite well for the price!
239871239871B000LKUAEKA3DZ483A0ZY867S. Mckeever0151341273600Love this teaIt's funny, even though I am also someone who likes strongly flavored black tea (my favorite ever was a very aggressively flavored tea that had just been harvested from Munnar), I love this St. Dalfour Darjeeling.

It's pretty much my go-to daily black tea. The flavor and fragrance are mild and almost sweet. I find them heavenly. It certainly does not taste like water; perhaps the reviewer who said that is a coffee drinker (I am not).

I tend to try out a lot of Darjeelings, I would say this one is fairly similar to a Twinings, but slightly milder and sweeter. In any case, if you're someone who enjoys trying out different teas, it's worth a go.
239872239872B000LKUAEKA2AEJ0R5YJQH3ZMusic lover2711288137600Don't be fooled by the packaging this tea is utter crap
239873239873B0046VNQD2AZM9UCEGNL88Bhealingthroughfoods1251288569600Nutritious and Delicious!this southwest instant veggie burger mix is a 10! 100% nutritious and delicious! Just add water for the savory flavors of the southwest. Easy and versatile one bag makes several patties or tacos. Congrats! a quick easy answer to healthy eating!
239874239874B0046VNQD2A1GD4ULBARSNUHKathleen Keck0151300665600Outstanding veggie burger!My wife and I have had the veggie burger at All Great Things Cafe in Depoe bay several times. All's we can say is Yummmm! They are very tasty and are way better than the store bought kinds. Their soups are great too.
239875239875B0046VNQD2A1QETY63PTRWT8Blue0151300579200Fajita Burgers!We took this and put fajita veggies on top. Peppers, onions seared in a hot pan, then we topped the burger and melted cheese on top of that. Super yummy. We also have made tacos with it or made burgers on a bun with Avacado on top. We like this mix because it doesn't have that weird texture that the others do and they aren't stingy with the spices either. Great smokey flavor.
239876239876B001IZ81WUAQXJM6TILVEDYSRRT2251284076800Worth the slight trial to gobble these down... )
239877239877B001E0VECSA28RBKX3UL8S79Nancy Sue Anson0051325635200It worksThis is the only spot remover that really works. I've tried all the products that you can get at a grocery store or hardware store. Someone told me about Good Buddy, and said Sprouts carried it. I got it when our Lab was a puppy, and we had white carpets. It got quite a work out.

I've used it on any stains that we've had for years, recently on coffee that i spilled on the carpet. When i went to Sprouts to get another bottle, i was told they don't carry it any more. Thank goodness i found it here.
239878239878B001E0VECSA3EFVYLHVZ9CHQGeri Riggs "sissy"0051317945600Not what I expected but works greatI was surprised that I got a whole case by accident but I have been using the product and plan to share some of the bottles with family members. I have been really happy with the results.
239879239879B001E0VECSA2WZXTZGCLWZUWKC030051295913600Great stain remover!We've used this for years. We have a big black lab that used to throw up quite a bit due to stress (resolved now) and this always took any stains out. Additionally, it works great on other stains on clothing, etc.
239880239880B000M9O5UUAHQNDJ5S5DNVKNick834451194480000I love this stuffI love Shai Paneer. I got into Indian food this last year, and fell in love with it, and my favorite recipe is Shai paneer. So, when I moved to this new area, and had no Indian restaurants around, I got desperate and started looking online for something. I found these prepackaged Indian meals, and took a chance on them.

They are awesome! The Shai paneer is restaurant quality. Seriously. I eat it on it's own sometimes, but my favorite is to buy nann bread from the store, and dip it into it. It is also great over rice.

But, if you like Indian food, or like shai paneer, buy this and you won't be disappointed. also, they are very cheap compared to the real thing!!

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