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239906239906B001VIWHNSA297J5TS8SSE9Mandy0051329696000Great food bad smell!Ok so I have 2 cats. One is older and the other is about half his age. We have had problems with the younger one scratching until he has bald patches and bloody scabs. Since eating this food he has almost stopped with the scratching and the wounds he has inflicted are starting to heal. Thank god! Pretty sure it was a gluten intolerance that was causing the problem. Having said that. They have only been eating this food for about a week or so. They seem to love the taste they don't throw it up nearly as much as the last food we gave them and that food was even more expensive. We give them the wilderness duck flavor. I don't really have any complaints but one. It does cause them to have far more bowel movements than before and I attribute that to the high protein content in the food and it being new and their little bellies having to get used to it. My complaint is Omg when they go the smell is AWFUL!! I'm just wondering from any of the other people who have tried this food for their pets if maybe some of the other flavors are not quite as bad when it comes to this department. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!!
239907239907B001VIWHNSA1F3NZQDH9JKCZLia0051305936000Great ProductWonderful cat food. Very nutritious (from what I can see from my cat's behavior, not me personally sampling) and I appreciate the fact that it's organic. I would def recommend this product and buy more for my little man in the future.
239908239908B001VIWHNSA2NKCH9IKYW77JDonna W.0151304553600CAT LIKES ITA friend, who has 4 cats got me started on this, I have one and she likes this flavor best, altho I give her some salmon flavor as a's so handy to order on Amazon, I can't get to the store and lots of times they are out of this. I just about order everything on Amazon...the prices are about the same and it's delivered to the door, especially good if it a heavy item like litterSwheat Scoop Multi Cat Litter, 40 Lbs this litter got here the next day, Amazon has a big dist center in Phx, still that's FAST!
239909239909B0036IBTTEA11LSFB4HHH45IHenry Querales0141271894400Delicious and crunchyAll products of this brand are good and fresh. I live in Venezuela. I buy on Amazon for me to send them.
239910239910B000HY8SC6AZ34QX42SC18JSacMike0051186185600Delicious!These are wonderful, nutty little biscuits-great on their own or equally tasty with a bit of your favourite jam.A lovely wee treat.
239881239881B000M9O5UUA2XGSPVI7OE00Wazzelda1111296000000too saltywell it's true about the pictures on MTR's boxes looking better than what's really inside. This particular kind I thought was unpleasantly salty, and I usually salt my food. I only had one box and I will never buy it again. However, I buy MTR Palak Paneer all the time, love it, and highly recommend it.
239882239882B000M9O5UUA2IWN3EK0NISVBMichael Ching "MrBillow"1151253145600Yummy PaneerI ran into these on the east coast and loved them. They are made in India and have more heat than other versions, but that is good. They are also very reasonably priced. The bags are very convenient.
239883239883B000M9O5UUA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig2311202515200False advertising at its bestTake a look at the picture on the box and what do you see? Big chunks of paneer and some liquid. Well that's not what's in the box. There are a few pieces of paneer and about 90% liquid with fat pooling on the surface. This was a completed disappointment and I have 9 boxes to go. Tasty Bite entrees are much better. I don't care if this is the #1 brand in India - it's near the bottom of my list.
239884239884B000M9O5UUA11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0051333324800Great for fast, instant foodIt's pretty good for paneer that's in an air-tight long-lasting package. This would be great for camping, a quick dinner, and doesn't even need to be cooked if the power is out some night.

But this deserves to be pointed out. This stuff has 60% rda for calcium. As a vegetarian, this is really great. So I ordered more and subscribed for regular deliveries.
239885239885B000M9O5UUA3RVDTC5497PF6feidusa0021333238400Not a fanThe paneer in all the MTR products I purchased was awful. Rubbery and tasteless. I would not buy this brand again.
239886239886B0025UCGLOA3MZAYK2D4CZKBpicky "picky"2251261699200Armour Treet Wins the Taste-TestMy husband and I love Armour Treet. Unfortunately, it is no longer sold in our local grocery stores, so I ordered a case from Although we usually buy the regular, not the lite, we enjoyed the Lite Treet tremendously! It tasted much better than I expected, and it tasted much better than other brands, like Spam or store brands of luncheon loaf. I was very happy to have bought it.
239887239887B0025UCGLOAVVA9NNM881LMChris Larken1151343865600HEY "Patricia "A Reader" Please read!!!!!Never open any can of this type with a can opener! The reason for this and why it is stated on the can is very IMPORTANT! You can get metal slivers onto and into the meat if you use a can opener to open the can. NEVER use a can opener!!!!

You may have ingested or inhaled a sliver when you had that choking / breathing problem. A sliver of metal could have gotten into your esophagus or larynx causing the problem. I highly doubt it was the meat.

If the pull tab breaks? Just heat the can in some hot water, then take a curved knife and break the seal, then pry and roll the lid back. If you can't pull the tab yourself? Get someone else to do it for you! NEVER USE A CAN OPENER ON THIS TYPE OF CAN! This is why it is stated on the can...

Any can with a pull top like the soups has the potential to cause metal slivers in the food when using a can opener. They should revert back to the NON-Pull top cans to avoid this problem. What happens is that the can opener cuts a slightly different path from the original scored seam, hence the slivers shear off and fall all over getting into the contents.
239888239888B0025UCGLOA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"0731300752000E A T......W I T H......C A U T I O NYes, ARMOUUR TREET LITE LUNCHEON LOAF, 12-OUNCE CANS, (PACK OF 12), is quite tasty. Yes, it is easy prepare, (just open and enjoy...if you're lazy like me...or put into receipes.)

It is supposed to be easy to open -- but somehow, I don't have the energy to pull back the strip, as is recommended. And it actually says on the can, DO NOT OPEN WITH CAN OPENER -- but it does not say why. There is no handy 800 number to ask customer questions, either -- only an address is listed. In the meantime, I HAVE to use a can-opener, as I can't open the can any other way. It's easy to do if you open it with a can-opener from the TOP of the can, but just about impossible trying to use a can-opener at the bottom of the can. MAYBE that's what "do not openwith a can opener" meant....

Yes, this stuff tastes good. But, after eating just one can, I found it a bit difficult to breathe! It wasn't too bad -- and within ten minutes or so of deep-breathing excercise, I was OK. (As recommended by DR. KEN DYCHTWALD: 1) Breathe in normally 2) Hold breath a few seconds 3 ) Let out breath slowly.... 4) REPEAT. This is a good excercise to do anyway -- because if done for a half-hour or more, it totally relaxes, and makes one feel good. It also can be a life-saver for people with asthma and other ailments that make breathing difficult -- because most of these ailments give the sufferer difficultyin breathing OUT, not in breathing in. By HOLDING one's breath a few seconds, one makes the body WANT to breathe out....and so oen does!)

But any food that makes a person short of breath when eating it, however slightly, should be eaten VERY slowly, and TOTALLY WITH CAUTION. In addition, luncheon meats, such as salami, bologna -- and Armour Treet -- are on the "bad food list" of the book 'BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION", by Patrick Quillan. A food to be eaten with caution by everyone. But a nice occasional "treet", I guess.


P.S.: Buy this food first in the supermarket. On Amazon, it is NOT returnable, even in an unopened package!
239889239889B006CGS0LCA1DXT3L69VH2TAKimberlyNY0051339027200Must TryThis Sauvignon Blanc is absolutely in my top five favorite white wines. It's Clean and crisp tasting. Perfect for summer days and nights!
239890239890B00522PX1MA3OK4XZW8WE96XDeanne0041349913600was confused opening the packagemy husband ordered this thinking it was the big cans so i told him i went back over the order and it said the oz, but it could be somewhat false advertisement showing a picture of the big can instead of the actual small bag product... and its way too overpriced. i just ordered 3 of the big cans for $48 total ($16 a can) from another seller on amazon. but i cannot complain about the actual coffee - tim horton's is our favorite coffee and the taste was just as good as we're used to. (main thing was that we were confused opening the package thinking we paid good price for 3 big cans and opened to 3 small bags; thats all)
239891239891B00522PX1MA2RWJ3QJRXGD96Matachen "Space Tragic"0051313020800Great Coffee -- Great EverythingIf you ever visit Canada you cannot miss the Ubiquitous Tim Horton's franchises, it seems as if they are on every corner (and small wonder: everything they sell is excellent, reasonably priced, and served with typical Canadian efficiency and politeness.) The quality of Tim Horton's coffee is pretty remarkable -- it is very, very good -- and the price is not outrageous (I picked up a 39 ounce can in a Canadian Walmart for about $16.50 in American dollars toward the end of november, 2010, which was about the same price they were selling for in the Tim Horton's stores.) Note: Their decaf is every bit as good, but I haven't been able to find it in cans larger than 13 ounces.
239892239892B001EPPDTSA2TGSN0B9WC691M. Nohrenberg2251256688000500 mile ChaiThis is the best Chai tea for the long run. Some Chai's are to spicy with little of the tea flavor. Others are to bland with no spice. This one falls in the middle and is my favorite for those reasons. Have used this tea for years. Have bought direct from Tao of Tea but Amazon had a great 3 can purchase price. This was reviewed years ago when Chai tea was coming into its own and was a listed favorite at the time and is why I purchased it the first time. Have tried a lot of the others but always come back to this special blend for the cold fall/winter mornings. By the way I don't drink coffee so my tastes may be a little different than a coffee drinker who would try this. This is a great product.
239893239893B001EPPDTSA3484T8D06MWT6Autumn1151317859200garam chaiI have not found a pre-made chai tea that brings me back to my time in India, but this comes closest... maybe it's the difference in the milk as well. It takes a lot to make a chai from scratch, especially if all you want is one cup. This tea makes it easy and tastes great. It has a long shelf life too, I don't know if it is recommended but I have had mine for over a year and it still tastes great.
239894239894B001EPPDTSA17NH4BTJN4NKOC. Wordlaw "cw"0051328400000Good stuff, great priceMy wife and I drink a lot of tea. We usually get our black teas from upton, as they usually have an edge on quality in the area of black teas. I like this chai every bit as much as theirs (good balance, without an disproportionate amount of cinnamon (lots of chai tea makers lean much too heavily on the cinnamon)), and the price of this chai is much more affordable. Looking forward to getting the bag version which is an even better deal. Also, the tins are great!
239895239895B001EPPDTSA2OHPOJSBKX095jdell0051303862400Try this tea!This is my favorite chai tea ever! I am new to making loose leaf teas, but it is pretty simple. I've never seen any directions on the tin, so this is what I do:

Boil 1 1/4 cups water then add 2 tsp. of tea and simmer for 5 minutes. Then I turn off the heat and add 2tsp. of sugar (heaping) and 3/4 cup warmed milk. This makes enough for one tall mug. You'll of course need a strainer as you pour the goodness into your cup.

This product came in a timely manner, and I'm really glad I bought the 3 pack :)
239896239896B001EPPDTSA25EDZ8NHIJKPJRasa Vitalia "Dance Artist"0051288396800The best Chai that you can make at home!This is the best chai you can make at home when away from India.
~Rasa Vitalia
239897239897B001EPPDTSA1FNFY1HRT25362bengals0051282608000Best hangover tea ever.This tea is the best wake up and hang over tea ever created. It was not intended as a hang over remedy but one cup of this and even the worst headache is taken care of for hours. I like it on REALLY cold mornings to wake up and get warm. Follow the directions for the Chaiwallah on the side and you will love it too.
239898239898B001EPPDTSA30YI6DATYYVVXmartha perez0311307750400Gross!!!Totally disgusting, nothing like CHAI tea, its taste is more like cheap old black tea. Don't waste your money on ordering this tea. Just feel totally duped, can't return it!
239899239899B001VIWHNSA1PTTGZEZ4DCC6Anne2251296172800Great!My cat loves it, and it's one of the healthiest foods out there so it's a win-win for us! :)
239900239900B001VIWHNSA1HQV09XG1Z0YWJoy2talk2U1151325376000Excellent productWe have 5 totally indoor cats. We had been told by their vet to buy the expensive dry food which he happened to carry. The cats were not handling it very well, and the expense got to be too much. After reading the ingredients list here at, we decided to try it.
The cats had had some problems with throwing up their dry food. Since we have changed to the Blue Buffalo, we have seen a marked decrease in these incidents.
The other plus is that the Blue Buffalo is delivered right to our door!!! No more lugging that heavy bag of dry food from the vet into the car and then into the house.
We have tried both the Chicken and Brown Rice, and the Salmon and Rice, and have found that our cats tolerate the Chicken better.
239901239901B001VIWHNSA1UYMXFON06KQ6Christie1151300924800A great option for cats with urinary tract issuesWe recently went from a single cat household, to a multi-cat one. In my quest for a cat food all three could eat I discovered Blue Buffalo. Our oldest kitty has suffered from Urinary Tract Disease for years, so it was important that the food be friendly to his sensitive needs. He has spent most of his life eating Purina One, but after getting a nibble of our new kitty's food, he wouldn't touch it. So the research began, and I found Blue Buffalo contains cranberries that help with acidity in the urine. I rushed out and bought a bag. Guess what! All three of my cats love it! We're are on our 4th bag and haven't had a single UTD flare up. Their coats are gorgeous too! This food is great!
239902239902B001VIWHNSA21C09WOM8ZRQ5Lady Kohaku "Enviousness"3451295913600Because I love my catsI wanted to switch them to a healthy food and after doing research on the internet I decided on this food. Both my cats LOVE it, and I love that they're not eating meow mix anymore. =]
239903239903B001VIWHNSA21912ESG27IBAT. Steichen3451285027200The cats love itThere isn't a moments hesitation when I put this food down. The love to eat it and it's good for them. It lasts awhile too.
239904239904B001VIWHNSASCSHRBJ9Z04XR. Colley "~~RC~~"0051330387200Wonderfully Healthy Food for CatsI switched my cat to this food a couple of months ago and am very happy that I did. The transition to the new food was easy. My cat took to it right away. I've noticed his poop doesn't smell as bad as it did while on the cheaper brands of cat food and am thrilled to know that he is eating healthier. Very happy with this product and purchase.
239905239905B001VIWHNSA3LOSA50OXTL64Meagan L. Porter "Mporter"0051329696000My cats won't eat anything elseI have always gone to Petsmart to get this but, they were out and my cats won't get anything else. This was great! I loved not having to go out and get it, it came straight to my door :)

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