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239962239962B000LQOIJCA3MEJY30308BYQMattersburger0051333756800mm mmm good! Just like home!mm mmm good! Just like home. These are in fact the real deal. Hard to find off season (often winter only, even in Europe, as they do not survive hot weather (they dry out)). These were shipped very well packed to guard against shock and temperature. Parthenon knows their stuff.
239963239963B000LQOIJCA20WAT5U5OL10JArt0051330300800FoodWe have been looking for these ever since we left Germany and could never find them. Now we have life is simply delicious!
239964239964B000LQOIJCA3CWQU4QYEZQF4Maria Stevens0051323734400Wonderful!"These are the wonderful Liquor and cherry filled dark chocolate candies that are so hard to find in the US. They are fresh and delicious! "
239965239965B000LQOIJCA3058T7PTJ0HEEcody mikel buckholz0051323129600PerfectI first experianced Mon Cheri when I was headed back to Afghanistan from R&R. We stopped in Germany to refuel, and take a walk around. When I walked into the gift shop looking to satisfy my sweet tooth I saw a roll of Mon Cheri. It was the most amazing thing I have ever had I just had to share with my buddies (and got sad when they was all gone). I couldn't find them anywhere so I googled them and everyone was saying that they wasn't the same and not as good. Then I found these when i got them I was very satisfied because they where just like the ones I purchased in Germany.
239966239966B000LQOIJCA748TWG258U7VRose0051322438400Wonderful Mon CheriI discovered Mon Cheri with cherries and Kirsch in Germany some years ago. These are not easy to come by as they are strictly seasonal (when the cherries are ripe). There is exactly the right amount of dark chocolate, kirsch, and cherry to make a wonderful candy taste. Enjoy !!
239967239967B0051D84JUAVZF4LV5V673TForexTech0031350950400It is dryThe word "sauce" probably makes you think about something somewhat watery, soupy. I thought it would have some little oil but it have none at all. It just a dry mixture of leaves and pepper. Its hot but not chilli stinging.
239968239968B0051D84JUA3UC0VGKVXFZZCDi0051349395200recommendation from China!I'm an international student from China studying in New York right now. Well more precisely I'm from Sichuan, where people are known for liking eating spicy food. There's a popular saying among Chinese students studying abroad that "Lao Gan Ma (Old Auntie or something similar) is the goddess of Chinese students overseas ~". Funny but true!!! When we are not used to other non-Chinese food yet, we totally miss the taste! With this chili sauce, it's like being at home again. But the price of this on amazon is incredibly expensive, back in China, it costs less than ONE US DOLLAR! Oh... I miss China and Chinese food!!!
239969239969B0051D84JUASQJPCQRQJ5NAhot sauce addict0051342742400Best sauce out thereI have at least 20 different hot sauces, this is by far the best one. It's been described as sophisticated- I'd agree. There chili oil, bean and chili flakes (doesn't taste like there's any beans in it at all though), and peanuts, which work together perfectly. The spice level is also great- not the lasting habanero style burn, but more of a warm smooth heat, comparable to milder Siracha.
239970239970B0049J0PX0A39RDUJ1QFWZSHTroy L Tyson1211317168000The Sparkle was goneOf the 12 bottles of Sparkling water I ordered, 10 of them had lose caps which caused them to go "Flat". The caps either got loose in shipment or weren't sealed properly during manufacturing. The product is too heavy to justify paying for return shipment. I found this water during a recent visit out west. I love it. Amazon usually is a great place to buy stuff, but I guess this type of product doesn't lend itself to being boxed and shipped. Guess I need to find a local retailer who carries it..
239941239941B001EO5NN0A6GBF08M0TXCUJoanne M. Nichols0051325376000Joanne NicholsHow can you rate this a 2? It`s better than Paul Newmans and the decaf. process is done right. You can`t get a better deal when you subscribe....really now you must have been drinking!!!!!
239942239942B001EO5NN0A2VI2MT75F797FKathy0121205193600Would not buy againThe image associated with this review is not accurate (it was the breakfast blend that I bought).

Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Co, Ground Coffee, Breakfast Blend, 10 Ounce Bag (Pack of 3)

The first bag I tried my husband said tasted like dirt - he hated it. I thought it was just so-so. Since I had 3 bags, I continued to use it (after switching) to other brands for a while and when I opened the 2nd bag my husband said it was much better (the third bag was fine too). Maybe the first bag we opened was no good? I don't know, but I won't be buying it again.
239943239943B002716D60A3Q3F5SO69W3S5N. Galland "Cajunate"1151323820800Better than I expected!One weekend I bought 15 - 20 lbs of shrimp and while peeling them I thought "there's GOT to be a better way!". Having seen this item recently I decided to take a chance and order one even though I was skeptical about it and to see if it would in fact expedite the peeling and deveining process. I recieved it two days after placing the order but, it was about two or three weeks later before I got to use it. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised after the first dozen or so shrimp. If you peel a lot of shrimp this gadget might be something you should consider having. It's something I definitely recommend.
239944239944B002716D60A37DYRIGZKL3Q6Narendra0111339632000Very BAD Experience* The handle of this unit is very fragile
* After 2nd use , the handle got broken.
* Major design defect.
* I would not recommend to use this product
239945239945B008J00NTGA1QKZAJ4D1ETELM. E. Jones0051351036800ONLY wet food my 15 yr old cat will consistently eatMy old cat is inconsistent about recognizing her need to eat and drink, and the vet says she may have onset of feline dementia. Like 90+ yr old people, sweet old girl sometimes just 'forgets' to nourish/hydrate herself. I concentrate on giving her high quality-no grain or other filler--wet food. While she thrived on premium dry cat foods when younger, I've fed her almost exclusively wet food the past 3 yrs. After much experimentation, the one she will eat more than 3 days in a row is the Elegent Medleys shredded fare. She prefers shredded to the pate texture, and since she does seem to prefer it, I think Elegant Medleys is the particular brand we must stick to.

After an incident earlier this year when she became so dehydrated she required a day at the vet's for sub-q fluids, I am now rigorously monitoring her fluid intake. Every morning I note the amount I replenish in her water fountain to make sure she's taking in adequate fluids. On a really good day, she will drink around 12-14 oz water + eat two cans of Elegent Medleys shredded fare. With that intake, she's in tip top shape, relatively speaking :-). Under 8oz H2O and down to 1 can of food/day, she's on the road to dehydration. BOTTOM LINE? Old cats need wet food because (due to decreased appetite & cognitive function) they tend to not drink enough water. My experience is that around 10 yrs of age, and certainly by 12, we need to supplement dry food with wet, and by old-old age, they likely need an all-wet canned food diet of the highest quality affordable. Read those labels! (and I think a clean, well-maintained fountain is just about mandatory for all our sweet kitties--just sayin'.)
239946239946B005HF3WTEAX6TVBD41CE4Unhappy2211341360000Broken candyI tried to cancel shortly after ordering this product to find that it had already shipped. After receiving it the packaging was simply a plain manilla envelope and a box, no lining, no bubble packing. One pop was completely broken off of the stick, there are several others with chips and chunks broken off floating around loosely in the individual package. If I use them they will have to be opened and removed from the individual package. I am not happy with any aspect of this order. I won't be ordering again. I paid for 12 expecting to use 12, unfortunately that won't be the case.
239947239947B005HF3WTEATAGGWE8OHDJSBookMom0051334707200Absolutely PerfectMy daughters eyes lit up as soon as she saw these. I can't wait to set them out for her tea party, they are sooo perfect!
239948239948B002T5TMNUA3TEGGC413K0JKDC Woman1141299715200Great can of crabmeat!Love this crabmeat. I use it to make seafood salad and the store I once purchased it from stop selling it. Found it on Amazon, now I'm very happy.
239949239949B002T5TMNUA25QLYUK4X83FQpickyone1151287964800Great canned crabmeatIn first place is fresh Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab, but this canned crabmeat is definitely in a not too distant second place. Great for crab cakes, salads, dips, and casseroles.
239950239950B002T5TMNUA2NP2TS8N2KODUGeorge A. "George"0031349827200Buyer bewareIt's okay tasting crab meat, but understand that it's not a 13 oz can of meat. It's an 8 oz can of meat with 5 oz of water in it to make your 13 oz. Do a zoom and look at the label. Big difference. That works out to 38.5% water you're buying. Most of the other brands are 6 oz cans with 4.25 oz meat and 1.75 oz water making those 29% water, making the Crown Prince can roughly 1/3 more water than most other brands. It's not misstated, so no reduction in stars for dishonesty or anything. I just think that any product that is comprised of nearly 40% water and advertised as 13 oz is not as good a deal as they are attempting to portray.

I didn't look at the zoom pic dry weight before buying. I've bought it here locally by the dry pound and water weight is extra. So I was thinking I could fudge a bit on my recipe that calls for one pound of meat (yeah, I know it's cheating), throw in a slight extra bit of filler, and save a few bucks. Unfortunately for me, it goes the other way because I have to use two cans to get that pound. Live and learn.

Factor that in when you are comparing prices.
239951239951B002T5TMNUA28FG53AH3K4UNBrett0051342742400Crab. The greatest little appetizer ingredient out there.If you like to whip up appetizers that the whole gang will agree on, then use crab. Crown Prince makes it easy (not cheap) to do with these cans of rich, lump crab meat for you. Keep some on hand and a few fave recipes and you will almost always have good stuff to throw together and enjoy with crackers on any occasion. Be mindful of course, that a number of folks are allergic to shellfish so always ask ahead of time.
239952239952B002T5TMNUA3UXQ56WMU13R5Lisa0051334620800Crown Prince Crab MeatThis is the third order of Crown Prince Crab Meat that we have ordered from Amazon. It's high quality crab meat that I use in a verity of recipes.
239953239953B0053YL98KA2TJGBVFP0CBDRCraig McMenusi "CM"1151311552000Great water! ripoff price from sellerI was in a gas station a couple miles from my house and saw this water in the cooler case. I thought I should try it as I heard about alkaline water being good for me. The gas station price was 2 (33.8 oz bottles) for $3.00. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I normally hate drinking water. Tap water tastes wrong to me and bottled water always tastes soapy or plastic to me. This REAL alkaline water tasted like NOTHING! It was the first time I experienced real tasteless refreshment. Within an hour I had drank an entire bottle. I typically sip water but I practically guzzled this REAL water. If you are like me and have a hard time drinking water, PLEASE try this brand. It's just too easy to drink a liter. I'm certain that this is what water is supposed to taste like. GREAT PRODUCT!
239954239954B0002Q1XWGA2YY7GB6MO30GEpogonia7751133222400Fine product, outstanding serviceI ordered 2 four-oz tubs of the julienne tomatoes and two bags of porcini "kibbles". The tomatoes are really fresh - bright ripe tomato red, flexible (neither hard nor soggy), aromatic, tangy and delicious. (I'll review the porcini later) The customer service was outstanding - speedy shipping, gracious communications, and excellent packaging, with each item wrapped carefully in tissue paper inside the shipping box. Impressed? You bet. I'll be ordering again.
239955239955B0002Q1XWGA34BLBEMV9T58OJames Cleveland "Gail"0051264550400Yum Yum YumExcellent quality, no added fat, beautifully prepared. Add a rich tomato flavor to my pizza toppings, pasta sauces, salad, etc.
239956239956B0002Q1XWGA7S0MJSYBGNSXWhite Shadow0051243987200Sun Dried TomatoesThe tomatoes had lots of flavor and were still moist so they were easy to cook with. Thanks great product.
239957239957B004L6ORCGA3QX6VY7INBX8TBrad Bratcher2211342137600You can buy these for 50 cents in any gas station or grocery storeYou can buy these for 50 cents in any gas station or grocery store.
Seriously, how is this a better value? I am directly asking the vendor here.
239958239958B000LQOIJCA1CDULLN9PNH5PC. Hamburger4451180224000European Mon Cheri chocolates in the USAMy niece and her husband learned to love European Mon Cheri chocolates on trips to Europe and were distressed the American version contains nuts rather than kirsch and cherries; Parthenon delivers the European version, in good condition, in the US
239959239959B000LQOIJCAIBUZ2SCAUUJ7elusivek "elusivekerridwen"0011350864000Inedible old candyThe candy I received was dried out with all sides sunk in with no liqueur at all despite that the chocolate was not melted. There was no expiration anywhere on the package to gauge how old the candy was.
239960239960B000LQOIJCAUMVYJXBJ1O46Emanuela Paparatti0051337472000the most delicious chocolatesThese Mon Cheri chocolates are the most delicious chocolates i have ever tried. They are worth every dime!! ABSOLUTELY YUMMY YOU MUST TRY THEM
239961239961B000LQOIJCA1E0L5SY948J2UCharles Ciccone "charles"0051336521600Wonderful Seller!I have bought allot of Mon Cherie from this seller and have been very pleased with the shipping and packaging. However you may want to inqire about the expiration dates on these since that is important when buying these ,since the flavor is better in the freshest ones. However they are still good up to the expiration date. Stock up since these are seasonal and when they run out you will miss your chance to get the freshest ones and they can melt out their liquer in the summer months.The sellers are very nice and will tell you the dates. Very happy with all my recent purchases with them.

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