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239971239971B000UXA0FMA1NIDAY9153LZJDale Hodell1131235433600Don't look in the canThe mushrooms are fine, they tasted like any other canned mushrooms,but the inside of the cans were kind of funky, I'm still alive to write about them!!!
239973239973B002UQFODAA3EATUZD2CA3RGDavid M. Wheeler "Mr. & Mrs. Super Dave"111133142400040 pouches ? = $28Is this for real? 40 pouches for $28? The are $2.00 for a box of 10 and any local grocery store all the time.
239974239974B002UQFODAA1X3T9VBU5GQX4Michael McLeod0041316217600its capri sun :)We all know what this product is. tasty sugar water :)

My kids love it and I am fine with them having one a day.
239975239975B000JWM7E6A3FU9DEQK8GFJMK. Ramage444741267660800Whoa...I am too tired to do a video review. Maybe, I will do one later. This oil is a must have for ladies with natural hair. I am AAF with 3c/4b hair that has been thinning since the birth of my child. I have been natural for 4 years and mostly keep my hair in cornrows because of this dry, hot weather. I do "baby" my hair. Weekly conditioning, bi-weekly deep condition, satin scarves etc etc. I used this oil for my weekly conditioning. I put this on my dry hair, let it sit for a few hours (after dinner). I washed it out with apple cider vinegar and applied some shea butter and went to bed. When I wokeup I had a new head of curls!! Perfect little corkscrew curls and they were so moist. I have also been using it on my ends when I were my ponytails (between braiding). I have only been using this oil about two weeks but it really has made a difference in my curl definition and the moisture content of my hair. I highly recommend this proudcts to my natural girls!! It does have a smell to it but it disappears throughout the day. Be sure to rinse it out well.
239976239976B000JWM7E6A1JF5F9402BKBVNeema Kharva313311291248000Cheap ingredients in an expensive bottleThis oil was something else a decade or so ago. It was also pricier. When I recently bought it at a local Indian grocer, I was surprised the price had dropped significantly. Hair oils in India are traditionally coconut oil mixed with other essential herbs, extracts etc - which is what I assumed Dabur's would be too. What a disappointment to find this only but an unhelpful formula of 1. Canola oil 2. Paraffinum Liquidum (a fancy name for Mineral oil) 3. Palm Glycerides (Solids as byproducts from hydrogenating Palm oil) the internet for contra-indications for these and it should steer you far away...Goes to show, bigger brands are not necessarily better (DABUR is huge in India)Unfortunately my purchase was not from Amazon and I ended up tossing it - so no refund.

I would highly recommend pure coconut oil: you can use essential oils to add to its perfume, but sometimes I even use Azulene oil on my scalp. Works like a charm for oily, greasy scalp days...
239977239977B000JWM7E6A233UR4B7OT4RRROFLChopper121251275523200This is a great productAs an African-American woman who has suffered from breakage and damaged hair, I have to give this props. I've only been using the product for about two week now and I'm seeing big difference in my hair. I use it as a part of deep conditioning regimen and let me say when I complete the overall process of conditioning, shampooing, and combing or brushing through my hair I have very little breakage. If I don't use it as a part of my DC regimen than, I'll use some to a cheap conditioner as a prepoo to soften my hair for about 35 mins. True the smell isn't the best but for the work it has done on my hair it gets my respect. I will warn you the first ingredient used in this oil is mineral oil, so for my natural ladies who are scared of that, you may want to try the powder form.
239978239978B000JWM7E6A290Y667S8DSO2G. Walkes "short stack"121351233014400pretty goodI ordered this product after reading reviews from several hair boards. I use it as a treatment along with other oils before I wash my hair. I read reviews where people said that they could not handle the smell. It's not that bad. It reminds me of hair grease if that makes sense. I've been using it consistently on each hair wash day and my hair is softer and a little more manageable.
239979239979B000JWM7E6A3I8LB4AKP3E26Chetan Desai8811316822400It is not Organic Hair oil ! It is mineral oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) !!!I was using Dabur Amla Hair oil for many years and realized that it is mineral oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) and it is petroleum product and NOT a organic oil. It has Zero percent
(0 %) hair penetration. I have started using and trying different oils including coconut oil, and Til (Sesame) oil. I loved both - Coconut and Til oil from different company including any local Ayurvedic company in/from India which has herbs into it.

Coconut and Til oil has more than 90% hair penetration after overnight use and I am telling this after I searched and reviewed some studies done on hair products, especially, oil. Dabur do have other hair oils product (e.g. Vatika) which has coconut oil and so if you pleased then can use that. But local Ayurvedic are far better than big brand for hair oil.

Hope that help you a bit. Thanks.
239980239980B000JWM7E6A3JEXPI6QBT9MJ. Rochelle101131220572800Good Stuff!!!I don't care for the smell, but it works wonders to guard against breakage. You notice a difference almost right away.
239981239981B000JWM7E6AO7HEFJ45Q9BLKarima S.B6641294617600So Far its WorkingI only used the product Amla Oil twice at the hair salon. My hair stylist assistant washes my hair regularly and adds a cap full of the oil along with conditioner and massages it in for a few minutes and leaves it in for 10 minutes. After she does a light shampoo to remove the oil which is very oily. YOU MUST DO A SHAMPOO OR MAYBE TWO AFTER USE. The assistant only does one shampoo for me. After she blows my hair out dry, my stylist styles my hair however I want and he does not put a heat protector. My hair is left healthy, strong, and shiny (I have thick medium length hair, permed but not damaged. My hair is pretty healthy already). The oil does not weigh my hair down, eventhough the smell is strong it is not bad. The first use the smell lingered in my hair for two weeks and the second time of use the scent lasted 4 days. I will continue to use this product. I use KeraCare humidity block sheenAvlon KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block 11 oz (312 g)regurlarly(BEST), and mizanni H2O intense night creamMIZANI H2O INTENSE NIGHT-TIME TREATMENT 5 OZ
239982239982B000JWM7E6AKCM9SS1RUGTIWaiting4Zion6651288656000Fantastic Oil...Great for Natural HairI absolutely love this oil. I applied it directly to my scalp/roots, then massaged my scalp and put a bonnet over my hair and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and washed my hair (with a homemade shampoo using castile soap) and conditioned and my hair was so incredibly soft.

A lot of women I've heard have complained of the smell. It smells similar to the Blue Magic hair grease to me...the blue bergamont hair dressing that people use. It has a natural, almost earthy smell to it, and the smell does tend to linger. It took a day for me to stop smelling it in my hair.

Overall, I recommend. I am African-American, and I have natural, 3b/3c hair. I felt as if the oil has accentuated my curl pattern (not defined it anymore than usual). I have noticed that my hair is shedding a lot less, and the softness is to die for. Two thumbs up, definitely.
239983239983B000JWM7E6A17AEXOQZMH0SUTiffany7851224460800Stops SheddingThis product works great to stop shedding. I noticed a difference immediately. I put a little peppermint oil in mine, because the smell isn't that great.
239984239984B000JWM7E6AVSI1N6ER0ZCBkatie2221298419200didn't work for meI have a lot of fine, wavy, dark hair, and this product didn't seem to do much for me. I was hoping this product would subtly darken my hair and also nourish it and make it softer. This product did seem to remove some of the red undertones in my hair, but didn't make it thicker or softer. This product is mainly mineral oil with dye and a bit of amla mixed in. For my hair, I prefer natural coconut oil or olive oil, so now if I wish to darken my hair I mix pure amla with either of those oils and get great results.
239985239985B000JWM7E6A33E0AY30T8N6VZaphanaphanea2241264809600It's purposeI can say that this oil is everything other reviews has stated. This oil has a very strong scent, but since I love herbal smells, I like it. It does not bother me.
This oil works great as a pre-poo for natural 4a type afrotextured hair.
The only negative is the mineral oil. Mineral oil coats the hair shaft and prevents moisture from getting in or out.
239986239986B000JWM7E6A15NDLK13ZM1N8Mistry s.1131329177600Just a helpful reviewI just wanted to let everyone know about hair oil products Bc I use them at times.. While this product does smell, it should not be worn outside, it should only be used as a leave in treatment and as such, should be used at night and shampood out in the morning. Never leave it in all day. I have not used this particular product but "amla" is a kind of a gooseberry and that's the primary ingredient in this (this oil is an ayurvedic product). Amla is very beneficial for dandruff and dry scalp so this will help with that. But a great hair oil I use to get my hair to be healthy and grow faster is called "Vatika" and its from the same company(its on amazon). This oil does not smell bc its a coconut oil and it also has a nice fragrance added to it, so its great. I massage it in hair at night and shampoo it out in the morning. I sometimes do it twice or three times a week. I'm not a regular User. But it really helps w hair growth and also makes it stronger. I hope this helps. Sorry about the long message though.
239987239987B000JWM7E6A2MCS0CRHFXQYWAlexandra Andreeva "sunnysashka"3451236384000Shedding after pregnancyIn a couple of weeks after I had a baby my hair started shedding horribly! This oil helped right away!
239988239988B000JWM7E6A10B8NT3N3F86VKristine Iglesias3411297728000Better off using Olive OilDabur Amla Hair Oil 300ml
I do NOT recommend this product at all. It smells AWFUL and I didn't notice any difference in the feeling or behavior of my hair after leaving it on overnight and then conditioning the next day. I'm not even sure that it's all that authentic because the ingredients on the bottle don't list any that are compelling.
Since trying this item, I have switched to Extra Virgin Olive Oil from my kitchen cabinet, used the same protocol for treating my hair and have noticed a softer quality in my hair as a result.
Don't waste the time or money ordering this product. Go to an Indian market and choose from more authentic products.
239989239989B000JWM7E6ATXDILKE3REV5C. LEWI "Scruffy & Lucy's Mom"3441294444800Worked GREAT - White Woman w/ Blonde HairI just got the product yesterday. I used it last night. I have fine blonde hair with damage from regular abuse. It is also thinning a little, due to the abuse. I put it on starting at roots, massaged into scalp and then ran it through the ends. It stunk. It was not the worst smelling product, but it was not nice. I left it on all night. The smell did not keep me awake. In the morning I washed it twice with a Nexus shampoo and ran a daily conditioner through my hair really quickly. It worked GREAT! My hair feels healthier. My ends show a little less damage, but really the only cure for split ends is a trim. It also looks really shiny. I plan on using this for about an 30 minutes to an hour 3 times a week for about a month then backing off to twice a week - I really don't want my hair to darken, so I might drop down to once a week, depending on how my hair reacts. I will use this product again and would advise anyone that is dealing with brittle, damaged, fine hair to use it as well.
239990239990B000JWM7E6A1D9OQQ3MBAUKJLinda Sterling "phillyslim98"3451281830400Works for meI tried this product while deployed to Iraq. Being an African-American woman, our hair needs oil. This product conditioned my hair and I immediately noticed less or no breakage. My hair is in the best condition that it has been in years. I use it nightly and leave it in since my hair is very porous. It absorbs completely. This product was also excellent as a braid spray. I put it into a spray bottle and sprayed it on my scalp between the braids. No build up. I purchased many bottles prior to me redeploying back to the US. I highly recommend this product.
239991239991B000JWM7E6A2D2UYUQ6ODSX2Jacks Evil Wife "remote controller"3451247270400Stinky, but gives me "fall"I precondition with Alma oil under a shower cap for an hour once a month. It's really stinky, but well worth it. It seems to give my hair fall and darkened it slightly. This product will always be a staple in my hair care arsenal.
239992239992B000JWM7E6A1RJHX15TFV9PKPHB "PHB"5721297814400What is in this?I used this once. It works. My hair is stronger, slightly darker and softer. My concern is what is in this product? What types of chemicals or pesticides were sprayed on the herbs? How pure is the oil? The product does not have an herbal scent but rather a chemical smell. What is in this? I worry because the scalp absorbs products readily and these things end up in your bloodstream....that includes any hair dye and shampoos you use. The ingredients are especially important here because we are supposed to leave this on overnight thus giving the scalp a lot of exposure to some unknown ingredients. Keep in mind that the chemicals and pesticides that were banned in the US years ago are shipped to third world nations and frequently re-imported into this country via these types of products. I don't know what is in this and it may be great but I am concerned about the is not a natural scent.
239993239993B000JWM7E6A2IHKLGEDHKQU6Sameh sh0051349222400Good onegood product and I think I will buy another one. its a prefect hair oil for me and my family
239994239994B000JWM7E6A2FQEQEFG9E4EAtwin #10051346457600awesome,After losing 30% of my hair due to thyroid and alopecia, I decided to purchase this after seeing it on Dr. Oz.. My hair is very dry and brittle due to my condition and the Amla Hair Oil works wonderful. I use it twice a week and leave it on for one hour.. Leaves my hair nice and soft..I would buy this product again....
239995239995B000JWM7E6A3FOSL0LT38ZI4HeatherRae0051335657600Nice hair oilGood alternative to coconut oil when oiling your hair. I usually use coconut oil but will occasionally use this oil for my very long hair. It moisturizes well and washes out easily.
239996239996B000JWM7E6A3IABAGYE57EJKMiriel0041324771200Cheap and effectiveHad problems with hair. Now it seems that this oil is working. Just do not forget to use it periodically.
239997239997B000JWM7E6A9RGKLMCZFXFUS2k0011316390400This stuff stinksThis stuff really stinks. Made me sick for days after using it once. End up throwing the rest away. Do not waste your money on this
239998239998B000JWM7E6A2BG0V49HN0KAKR. Agramonte "LadyVelvet13"0031299456000it arrived on time and in good conditionIt gives it good shine but i do not recommend it for daily use....the smell is too strong ...i do like the fact that you only need a tiny drop. i use it for my ends or as a hair treatment before shampooing.
239999239999B000JWM7E6A1AFNWVRENTRIKkim w0051299456000Great for hair breakage,softens perfectlyI followed the instuctions and the product was great it worked very well for me. I made my hair feel very soft. The smell is alittle strong but after I rinsed an conditioned the smell went away. Great product since using it I have had less breakage. I would buy it again.
240000240000B000JWM7E6A3GPL5JEP3G1VSIncessant Cleaner0041298592000Use before showering on dry/frizzy hairI have been using this product for about 3 years now. I have thick, wavy black hair (which has been dyed brown in the past), and I thought this was an okay product to use. Even though it's not perfect, I would say my hair is better when I use this product than when I don't use this product.If your hair is naturally oily and rarely gets dry, you're fortunate enough not to need oils like these. But if your hair gets dry and perhaps frizzy once you're out of the shower, you should try this hair oil.

I use this product 2 or 3 times a week. I massage it into my hair at least half an hour before I take a shower. It smells a little, and it's really up to you whether you find it a good or bad smell, but I personally don't like it. When I'm in the shower, I use small amounts of shampoo and conditioner (which is what you're supposed to do anyway) and wash out my hair with cold water. Then I let my hair air-dry or towel-dry and apply a leave-in conditioner of a different brand. And my hair feels good afterward! It's not dry nor oily, it doesn't look frizzy, and people have told me my hair is looking healthier over time.

I basically don't like the smell of this product. And I'm sure there are much better, albeit more expensive, hair oil brands out there. But if you need to cure your hair of dryness, you should make your shower routine more like mine.

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