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240082240082B001VJ0B0IA3DH53FPYSP9EMedia Man2321339459200Dog enjoyed it, but poor grade food overallMy dog is a 62lb English Bulldog/German Shepherd mix that repeatedly suffers from allergies, especially food allergies. He can also be a bit of a picky eater when it comes to his food so finding the right mix can often be difficult. While he loves just about any treat, I always have reservations about trying new food. Unfortunately, a large majority of popular dog foods today are filled with terrible ingredients not to mention carrying a high price tag. I'm always willing to try a new food so here are my thoughts on PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food;


+ Dog liked it and gobbled it up.

+ Resealable Ziploc style bag.


- Filled with tons of poor ingredients for your dog such as Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat, soy flour, sugar, propylene glycol, meat and bone meal, animal digest, added color (Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 2), garlic oil, menadione sodium bisulfite complex. Artificial colors? Seriously? Do you really think the dog cares what color the food is when they eat it? Who are we trying to appeal to here, the dog or the person?

- $22 is a bit expensive for a 15.5lb bag. This food is often much cheaper at big box retailers and grocery stores.

- Bag is plastic and currently not recyclable.

My dog really enjoyed PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food. However don't we all enjoy food that's bad for us? Unfortunately, that's exactly what this dog food is, bad for your dog. Someone said in a previous review if my dog was reviewing this food it would get 5 stars and my dog would agree with that. Lucky for him I know what's good for his health and PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food isn't it. With so many questionable and downright poor ingredients it's hard to really recommend this food for your dog. I definitely wouldn't purchase it again. Our current food is Nature's Domain Turkey Meal and Sweet Potato which is sold at Cost Co. It contains no potentially harmful ingredients, settles very well with my dog and is only $30 for a 25lb bag. If you're looking for a good healthy food, I recommend Nature's Domain brand or if you want to better educate yourself on what's actually in your current dog food I suggest visiting It's a great site that lists nearly all dog foods, breaks every ingredient and its properties down and gives a final overall rating on the food's quality.
240083240083B001VJ0B0IA2IFGGXG3YV3Y6Scott Anderson "Sharpsburg"2311338681600Poor qualityI was sadly disappointed with the quality of this dog food. The first several ingredients were either corn, corn filler or byproducts. With a name like Beneful and the pictures representing healthy ingredients the consumer is too believe that the ingredients are top notch, the best there is for your dog.

That's far from the truth, and with the lackluster appetite my dog had for the food I gave away the bag to local animal shelter and they didn't even want it and in turn gave it away to some other agency. What else can be said when a local animal shelter doesn't even want a bag of Beneful.

The proof is in the bag. Filler ingredients, that are neither fit for beast or beast, let alone to be purchased from man. Do your dog a favor and buy something else.
240084240084B001VJ0B0IA1JISH2AQDW1YWQueenKatieMae2311338681600More expensive than in the stores, not enough nutrition for dogs.The first four ingredients in this dog food are corn meal, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal and whole wheat flour. There is also sugar, soy and food coloring. Dogs don't care what it looks like, so the coloring is completely unnecessary. The other ingredients are not supposed to be part of a canine diet. Despite the fact my dog likes this food, it is not healthy for her and I could get the same product in the stores for $5 less than here on-line if I wanted. But, I will not be purchasing this dog food again.
240085240085B001VJ0B0IAYGEP8I4BQ3CKchoiceweb0pen02331337644800My Dog Likes It, Though Perhaps He Shouldn't.Living on a budget as a graduate student, I considered Purina to be a kind of luxury for my dog, though any serious research on dog food, especially natural and organic, would prove otherwise. My dog, a Terrier/ Husky mix is not a picky eater and so is loves just about any kind of dog food scooped into his bowl. The packaging as other reviewers have noted does suggest wholesome ingredients that are quite absent from the actual ingredients listed on the back. After he finishes this bag, I might consider investing in slightly more expensive brands as other reviewers have noted.
240086240086B001VJ0B0IA1WXFL6IXQKAM5Barb Caffrey "writer-for-hire"0051351123200Excellent dog foodPurina's Beneful Original Dog Food in the 15.5 pound bag is an excellent dog food indeed. This dog food was greatly appreciated by the three dogs in my life; they loved it, and would stand around the dog food bowl when it was empty, hoping that it would be filled forthwith. (That is, when one of the dogs wasn't doing her "paw trick.")

At any rate, the dogs really enjoyed this food. And as it is a large bag full of food, if you have three dogs or so, it'll last you at least three weeks if used as directed. So it's a good value and your dogs will really enjoy it (that is, if they're anything like the three I deal with every day) -- so what's not to like about that?

Five stars, highly recommended.

Barb Caffrey
240087240087B001VJ0B0IA265IEMG2K5R4WOliver Demille "Family, Freedom, Prosperity"0031351123200Appetizing, but richMy older dog was happy to go right to this bowl of food, but it upset his stomach. The cats like it, though, so it's not a bust. Must be yummy...
240088240088B001VJ0B0IA37NODCIL8PP75Jeannette Belliveau "Author, Writer, Editor, ...0021350518400I think of this as "Bene-Awful"... or "BeneEmpty." Corn is leading ingredient. Grains should not even be in the top six ingredients in dog food, let alone the top ingredient. The lovely image of an ear of corn on the side of the package should give us all a clue. Dogs and cats are frantic for grains, sure, and love to scarf them down, but this is not a good sign. I have a rescue sheltie that was a junk-food junkie (not just grains, but candy in fact fed to him by his original owner) before I got him and needs to stay on healthy food for the sake of his weight and teeth.

I wish I'd looked at the ingredient label before ordering this on Vine, this is not suitable for my dog, or anyone's in my opinion.

Benefil does have beautiful packaging and an excellent top closure. But I don't want to pick up up the giant "fluffy floaters" produced by a corn-heavy dog diet, nor do I want my dog to suffer digestive system pressure while processing this food. I gave my dog 1/2 cup of Benefil and then threw in the towel given the immediate fluffy-floaters produced.

Purina should go back to the drawing board on this one.
240064240064B001VJ0B0IA2FRKEXDXDN1KIDennis A. Amith (kndy)2331345075200It may not be the healthiest but for those on a budget, the Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food will provide the vitamins your dog needsYou're probably reading the reviews on Amazon about the "Purina Beneful Original Dog Food" and wondering, should I or shouldn't I buy this product.

And you will have passionate dog owners who will go as far as too cook their dogs meals to spending much more for their dog in order to keep them healthy. And then you also have dog owners, who can't cook their dogs meals, who can't spend a lot on dog food but just want their dog to be fed but also receiving the vitamins and nutrients that are available.

I'm not an animal nutritionist but I liken it to my friends. I have friends who will go to Whole Foods and spend heavily on healthy products, while I have friends who will go the 99 cent store to purchase their spinach or salad or the Grocery Outlet because they are on an extreme budget.

The fact is that in this economy, not everyone can spend that much and so, a lot of people look for what is best within their budget. And the fact is that Purina Beneful products are cheap dollars cheaper than other brands. It's affordable and when you scan through the ingredients, most will primarily look for the vitamins and just making sure their dog receives the nutrients that they need.

I have fed my dogs Beneful before and they love it. But I know at the same time that dog lovers are adamant to not feed foods with high fat and carbohydrates to your dog. I use the human comparison that you have friends who can shop at Whole Foods and spend more, while you have the family on the budget purchasing .99 cent pizzas, TV dinners, bacon, rice and spaghetti noodles that are cheaper but yet are not exactly the healthiest.

And I have friends who debate on this topic of food they feed themselves and food that they feed their dogs but what it all comes down to is what one is willing to spend or can spend for dog food.

There are already a plethora of reviews for those who will tell you this Beneful product is not healthy for your dogs and then you will read those who are on a budget that will tell you that their dogs love it.

For my experience alone, I know my dogs love Beneful. But I don't purchase Beneful all the time. We have purchased this product in the past to try out but also purchased for what was within our monetary budget at the time.

Do I recommend it? I recommend it based on price for those who are strictly on a budget, not based on ingredients.

Purina advertises it as 100% complete and balanced nutrition with wholesome grains and real beef, accented with vitamin-rich vegetables. For some that may be all that want to know about this product...low price and that their dogs will get a balanced nutrition. And if that's the case, then go for it! Otherwise, if you are a person who is hesitant because you want the best food for your dog, then already, you know the answer. This one is not for you.
240061240061B001VJ0B0IA2FQHAYSPJO1WPSue-Ann "Always Seeking"4611338508800Not "Natural"I was extremely disappointed with this product and here's why:
A dog's natural diet is meat and greens, and maybe a tiny
amount of fruit. The main ingredient in this dog food is
corn meal. (There are also wheat and rice flour in this
product.) It also contains sugar (!) and 4 different
artificial colors (!!!!). Who is the color for? Do dogs
care about color? No! Shame on you, Purina - this is not a
"natural food" for a dog.
240089240089B001VJ0B0IA3SMD3T0QTN109Dustin0041350518400A good normal dog foodFor the money, this is an OK dog food in many respects.

First, the package is smart. I love a resealable bag. I tend to use a large storage bin: Iris MP-12-NAVY Airtight Pet Food Container, Navy Blue, 69 Quarts but in this case, I just used the bag.

Second, for taste, most dogs love it. I have three, and they all enjoy this much more than they do the normal dog food that I provide them. I think this is because this dog food is a bit like the food we eat... it's corn based and carby (it also has animal based protein and a balance of other things). I think it's like a dinner at Chili's. I enjoy food like that, but that doesn't mean it's the healthiest.

Third, health: a lot of dog food reviews online are extreme. These are dogs. They evolved eating what man would leave them. They do not necessarily need the extremely expensive dog foods I find at boutiques. A dog food based on corn can be part of a nutritious diet. This dog food does seem to have a more nutritious content than competitors at its price point. However, it also has no chance of competing with dog foods that cost five times as much. There is an obvious solution to this: when you eat your dinner, if you have some left over, particularly veggies and good proteins, put that on the kibble instead of throwing it out. I've done this for years and my dogs are quite healthy. Feeding three dogs a normal but relatively healthy dog food like this, and also supplementing that with fresh food, is an effective and affordable solution.

Fourth, value: For what it is, I think this is priced competitively. If you're looking for something completely different and wouldn't consider a mass produced corn based dog food, then of course this isn't for you, and that's fine.
240065240065B001VJ0B0IA22VNXHU6IZ5MTJason P. Pumphrey "the movie & music man"2341344988800The doggies seem to dig it!I gotta review this product because my pooches can't write reviews (if they could I'd be a rich man, haha!)
Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels seem to like this Beneful Dog Food well enough, not as much as Pedegree, but they do eat it.
240062240062B001VJ0B0IA2Z2FATA8JNL54Steven James2351347840000Lily's New FavoriteI have the most finicky, persnickity shih-tzu in the world. I have spent, literally, hundreds of dollars on organic, grain-free, all-natural, blah, blah, blah dry dog food for her and I have ended up giving it to my co-workers (for their dogs, although the thought has crossed my mind. Think THE HELP.) For a while she was all gung ho on Chef Michael's dog food but she stopped eating it after a few weeks. Then came Beneful.

From the minute she tried it she has been happy as a little clam. Other reviewers have claimed that this brand of dog food is full of fillers and bad things but at this point I don't really give a hoot. If my almost 13-year-old litle princess will eat it willingly and enthusiastically then it could be supplemented with spider eggs and I wouldn't care. I am so sick and tired of trying to hand feed her, piece by piece, that if she is willing to eat Beneful without my cajoling then we have a winner.

At night when she sleeps with me I have noticed that she has a bit more gas now and that gas is stinkier than it has been in the past, but I guess turnabout is fair play. Overall, I couldn't be happier with Beneful, and as long as Lily will eat it then I will continue to buy it.
240066240066B001VJ0B0IA1H1BPKUMGVIA8P. Bergbauer "Reading Raven"2341344643200BenefulPURINA Beneful Original Dog Food, 15.5-Pound
This dog food is what I normally feed my dogs and they do like it.
I prefer the larger chunks of kibble that this brand provides.
I also like to feed the pieces as snacks.
All I can say is that they are happy and running around and overall they
seem very healthy.
Their coats are soft, shiny and manageable.
This size comes with a zippered top which is convenient
for preserving the food for a later time.
I, however, prefer to have it in smaller containers for easier
handling and distribution to my dogs.
240067240067B001VJ0B0IA3JPFWKS83R49VBryan Carey "Bryan Carey"2331344470400Beneful Dog Food Has its Share of the Good, and the BadBeneful is an inexpensive dog food from Purina, one of the original and best- known names in pet food. This particular Purina product is a little different from most in that it contains different colors and shapes of kibbles along with vegetables for a supposedly better- balanced diet.

Beneful is an easy to find dog food sold in most stores, including both pet foods and grocery stores/supermarkets. Its widely available status and low price make it an easily recognizable and popular product and its re-sealable bag is very convenient. It keeps the food inside and undesirable things out, so that the dog food remains fresh and edible for a long time.

Name recognition, popularity, low price, nice packaging- these are all good extras, but what about the dog food itself? Well, it seems to be hit and miss with this product. The level of protein isn't too bad and the level of fat is kept under control, but the ingredient list is cause for concern. The first four ingredients are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and whole wheat flour. These are not the ingredients you want to see at the top of a list for your dog's primary source of nutrition. Dogs need meat- not meat by products but real, quality meat- and the best quality dog foods have meat listed first.

Some of the other ingredients are equally questionable. The dried peas and carrots are fine, but look at all of those artificial colors. Yes, it does make the food look pretty when poured into a bowl, but this is more for human appeal- a dog really doesn't care about seeing varied hues in its food. A dog just wants something that tastes good while you, the owner, want something with quality and good nutrition.

Speaking of the taste, Beneful does score points in this area and that might be a good part of the reason why so many dog owners buy this for their canine friends. Dogs really love this food, and my dog is no exception. He will finish off a large bowl without even pausing and he seems anxious for more.

So, how do I rate Beneful dog food overall? Well, I find it has both good points and bad points. It worst quality is the ingredients, but then again, when I look at the ingredients of other dog foods in the same price range, what I see on the Beneful label isn't all that bad. Dogs love the taste, and the nutritional aspects are okay. Thus, when all factors are considered, Beneful rates average overall. It can't compare to the high- quality dog food brands sold in many pet stores, but it has enough good points to recommend it-- barely.
240068240068B001VJ0B0IACR4HKUT808U1Ursula K. Raphael "AstraDaemon of The Zombiep...2341343865600My Dogs Like This Too MuchFirst of all, this is not strictly dry dog food...there are chewy pieces, which turned my dogs into ravenous maniacs.

I have two small dogs that weigh 10 lbs and 13 lbs; we keep a full dog feeder in the kitchen, so they can eat as much as they want, whenever they want. They are light eaters; they are in excellent physical condition, and we only feed them dry dog food (no soft food at all) and the occasional dog biscuit. We never had a problem with this arrangement in the fourteen years that we've had our dogs.

I made the mistake of pouring some of this dog food into the feeder before it was completely empty. The dogs systematically tossed the old dog food pieces out of the feeder dish onto my floor. Then they started plucking out the chewy pieces, although they do seem to enjoy all the morsels...they just want to eat their favorite pieces first.

As a result of their enthusiasm for the Purina Beneful, I swear they have pooped more in the past week than they have in the past year. Luckily, they did not develop diarhea (sp?) from the diet change.

Obviously, my dogs love it, but I will not be leaving it in the feeder...we will have to switch to measured meals at specific times.

On a side note: the resealable bag is not spillproof. I knocked the bag on its side, and it popped open, spilling the contents everywhere.
240069240069B001VJ0B0IA3HUC8541SJ6UTB. Junkin-Mills "brookemom"2331343433600I like the bag, dogs like the taste, nobody likes the "nutrition"The best thing about this dog food is the bag's 'ziploc' style top, keeping dog food (& dog food odor) inside the bag instead of spilling out into my cupboard, and keeping any insects or cupboard-opening dogs out. I love it. Why doesn't every dog food bag have this?

I also have to say that both of my dogs (greyhound and mix) love the food and gobble it up with relish. But, you know, my teenagers would gobble up chips and candy and soda with relish if I let them. It's junk food. It may taste good, but it's empty calories. Fine for sometimes (I mixed it in with their regular food), but not good as the only source of nutrition.

And nutrition (or lack thereof) is the reason I wouldn't buy this food. Just check the first 7 ingredients: Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols (source of vitamin E), rice flour, beef [and then more fillers and chemicals]. Note that beef is actually the seventh ingredient, and that corn, meal, flour, and tallow (fat)are the main ingredients. Gross.

BOTTOM LINE: Tasty and well-packaged junk food, but junk nonetheless.
240070240070B001VJ0B0IAJLW1DZSHOVGWElaine Campbell "Desert Dweller"2341343260800Some good healthy ingredientsI give this pet food A plus for palatability as my five dogs all seem to love the flavor of it. And that's important. I've recently invested in expensive, organic premium pet food for both dogs and cats and have been very disappointed because my pets simply would eat very little of it because it wasn't tasty. How to explain that it's good for them?

The pluses of this food: Definitely the vegetable ingredients. I think that dogs need vegetables, not just meat. They include corn (not the most nutritious of vegetables but both animals and birds love it), peas (always highly nutritious) and carrots. The flour ingredients are whole wheat and soy flour, both healthful. The beef is real beef.

How much of all of these ingredients? We don't know.

Vitamin supplements include Vitamins E, A, B12, D3 and menadane sodium bisulfite, said to be a source of Vitamin K activity. I do know what that means. Hopefully, it is beneficial. Minerals, such as zinc sulfate and manganese, are included as well.

The food pieces are not too big and not too small so that one can be comfortable offering them to any size of dog, which I did ranging from a chihuahua to a shepherd-chow mix. It was quite suitable for both, and the in-between size ranges.

Minuses: I would prefer the chicken by-product meal be eliminated. It can come from pretty messy stuff and one wonders if it is a filling, for flavor enhancement, or some other unnecessary purpose. It just has a negative ring to it. The other ingredient I'm not completely comfortable with is the food dye, although I did some research on the web and it is not considered to be harmful if not used in big quantities.

Yes, this is pretty dog food, pleasing to the human eye. And it comes in six different shapes. I find it fascinating that the package claims the benefit of the shapes is that it makes them seem like real pieces of meat to dogs, suggesting that a single uniform shape would not. I don't know if research has been done on canine recognition of shapes, but that does make some sense in their ancestral memory.

All in all, I feel comfortable feeding this original Beneful to my dogs and do enjoy their enjoyment of it and pleasure in it. There is better food, but it is more costly and I don't believe it can be obtained at mainline supermarkets, which means trips to two different stores to shop for groceries. In its price range and thinking of its competition (Iams is the only other grocery store-bought dog food I would consider), I think it is a good offering albeit with the above "minuses" to take into consideration.

One more word: I love the packaging. No more ripping off the top and searching for some clamp to reseal the package with. The entire top of the package has this slide zipper just as on Ziploc bags. Opens easily and fully. Neat!
240071240071B001VJ0B0IA3EJ8XHVDC0CWHmrsmel2010 "mrsmel2010"2331343260800I want to like it...Beneful does a lot of things well in terms of dog food. The food is colorful and much more appetizing than many other foods on the market that are simply one color of brown. Humans like variety in food so your dog should too, right? The bag design is the best I've seen on the market. It has a zip close at the top to keep food fresh. I've bought more expensive foods that don't include that...genius. I was all for the product...until I read the ingredients. This food is not nutritionly sound. Wanna guess the first three ingredients...ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten. These are not things you would want to feed your family, so why would you feed it to your dog? My dog liked the taate, but in the future if I'm gonna spend this on food, I will buy a more quality product. It is equal to just about every other store brand dog food on the market. Good try Purina...I wanted to like Beneful.
240072240072B001VJ0B0IA5KMMY627T3WKate Stokes2351343260800Great taste lost weight.
240073240073B001VJ0B0IAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W23413431744004-paws from my dog!!The dog food arrived and I brought the Amazon box into the house. My dog immediately began sniffing around the box and stalked it until I opened it. Then she followed the bag around until it was time to eat. Overall, she loved it. Although she is not a picky eater, she was extra enthusiastic about this particular dog formula.

A bonus is that this is readily available on grocery store shelves in case a reorder was not done in enough time. Excellent product. Pooch tested, mother approved.

4- paws from the pooch. 4-stars from me.
240074240074B001VJ0B0IA1MKPMJPD22YYS. Cline "Retired Fed"2351343174400LOL!!!!!!!!! My CATS are fighting over this one - they believe it's their food!Poor Doggie, all he can do is sit there, watch, and whimper the moment I opened this bag; immediately my 2 Cats came running over. I am babysitting a Dog while the neighbor is in the Nursing Home in Therapy. It was totally unreal! The cats were literally fighting over it, while I have a 20 year old and a 6 year old which left me scratching my head. They never had any interest in dog food before, but my heart was going out as my neighbor will be transferred to a different facility for more therapy before he returns back home and his wife isn't able to handle him (their dog) as they are elderly. I knew their dog was overweight and been working on putting him back in shape. I had to feed him somewhere else but it didn't take long for the younger cat to find where the food was until having to put the dog, food, and water in the bathroom. Under observation, he just literally snarfed it up in a glup and tried to rip the bag open for more! He loved it; I gave him 4 cups already, so provided him only one half cup (*POOF - GONE*), already smacking, licking, and arfing with begging for more. Had to put the bag in the back room. Right now, he's been sitting in the back room as he knows where his food is along with his food bowl as if somehow the food is going to "magically" fill his food bowl up. I cannot express how fast he downed that food; in comparison to his regular Vet recommended "Top of the Line" Brand name food which he often doesn't finish. 10 paws up for this one! WOOF! I wished I could put a video of this but by reason this is not my dog but my neighbor's, I already asked his wife if I may run a video of this and her response was "NO!". But I can tell you that their dog is 14 years old!
240075240075B001VJ0B0IA19XMHRB3G4DIRjavajunki "javajunki"2341343174400Dogs Loved This Food! People Like the Convenience but still concerned over qualityWe have two rescue dogs both of which had major medical issues when we adopted them. In order to reduce the medical problems, we always try to use the same food as they had been fed in the past so over the years, Pedigree seemed to be the food of choice. We mix/match the flavors but generally stick to dry mixed with canned Pedigree brand.

This arrived via home delivery in a box along with two other deliveries (spouses new shoes). While we were busy taking a look a the new shoes, our two dogs immediately started sniffing the box with the bag of food inside. In fact, our little "bagle" (beagle/basset mix) decided to stand guard and adopt it as her very own. We went ahead, opened the bag and both noses were immediately sniffing all over the bag. Now, it should be said, our dogs are an itsy bitsy bit spoiled and routinely get their own treats or deliveries so they knew this was for them.

We offered a handful and each gulped it down happily. Put a few in a kong toy and they thought it was a great treat. Dinner time and they consumed it in record time. Plain and simple...this is a HUGE hit!

Now, from the people perspective, the bag is very sturdy and has a zip lock resealable closure which is super nice and convenient. It doesn't require having to empty into a separate storage container which is especially nice for those that have mutiple dog households and hate having to lug/tug big bags home only to be forced to empty into yet another secure storage area.

There seem to be additional vitamins, minerals etc which appears competitive with Pedigree. On the other hand, (knock on wood) Pedigree was one of the very few companies not involved in recent recalls over the past few years which means a lot. I'm not yet sure if we will make a full switch but we will be at least partially adding this to the menu since our dogs absolutely love it however, we absolutel love our dogs and have not fed any Purina brand foods until now. I'd really like to know where the ingredients are coming from (China, USA?) and still feel hesitant to return to a company that caused so much pain and suffering in the past.
240076240076B001VJ0B0IA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn2341343174400Picky Shih-Tzu eats it mixed with canned food....I was surprised when my picky shih-tzu, who won't eat dog food snacks, ate Beneful Original Dog Food. Granted he only eats a few pieces when I put it on top of his canned food serving, but he does eat it. (He will only it eat if I mix it with his canned food). It didn't upset his digestive system or cause any poo problems.

Our mutt loves Beneful Original Dog Food, but then she eats anything.

It's packaged in a sturdy plastic bag that closes with a zipper.

The kibble includes mixed sizes of crunchy pieces and semi-moist pieces.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price will be refunded. Follow the guidelines printed on the package.
240077240077B001VJ0B0IAFHYEO3Y1IIDDmaximum verbosity2351343174400Two Paws UpMy dogs are non-verbal, at least, not in a language I understand. So they didn't have a lot to say about Beneful. But, I take it as a "two paws up" when the bowl is empty soon after I fill it. We have a pomeranian and a bichon and neither have ever had issues with weight. But our bichon does tend to get rashes if she eats foods that don't agree with her. We've generally just bought store brand dog food and that's been fine, but they poop a lot because of the fillers. I noticed with Beneful, they still poop every day, but not as much and they seem much more energetic. So, we've decided to stick with Beneful because the price isn't bad and it works for our pups!
240078240078B001VJ0B0IA32XGYDA14KT13Sharon S. Walker "BookLoverAzleTexas"2351343174400This was a big hit!I have three dogs that gave me feedback on this product. A golden retriever, 12 years old, a pug that is 7 yrs old and a papillion that is 2 yrs old. I placed the Beneful out on their feed dish this morning after removing the "other product" that they usually get in the morning. The usual response is one of boredom. "We'll get to it when we get around to it." This morning there was a rush to the bowl to get their equal share of this new dog food.
The appearance of the product is good and one I felt good about giving to me dogs. Vibrant, healthy looking colors made me feel like they were getting some healthy vegetables in the mix too.
This definitely warrants a suggestion from me to consider buying this product for your dogs. In addition the name Purina makes me feel like I am giving my loved pets something that will be good for them.
240079240079B001VJ0B0IA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...2341343174400Dogs love it, picture on bag is very misleading.I have a huge dog and a wee beagle. I won't lie, they would eat anything and have tried. (Well, they won't eat cucumber peelings if they drop on the floor. Weird.) I served them Beneful and they woofed it down, no problem. :) I do believe that the bag picture and name are misleading, as well as the ad campaign for this dog food. It's not very beneficial for your dog and the top ingredients are total junk and filler. I prefer Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Dry Dog Food for Senior Dog, Chicken Flavor, 35 Pound Bag but it's way, way more expensive. With Beneful, you are going to see a LOT of waste, so to speak, when your dog `goes for a walk'. There is a belief that if you feed your dog good, quality food, there is less waste because there is so much nutrition being gleaned from the food. I'd say this is true, but not so much less waste that you can..oh...get another dog, or take smaller poo-bags on your walks. (hahaha) This food is more like, homemade play dough. If you took homemade play dough, which is mostly salt, and shaped it into the form of a carrot and a chunk of steak, then ate it, you would still be eating salt, not meat or veggies. Beneful looks like food, but it's mostly junk. Why the four stars? Because I've been feeding my dogs cheap food all their lives, and fed the same kind of food to my passed-on dogs and they all did fine. They all lived to their life's expectancy and beyond. No health issues, ever (except for a dog-ate-a-corncob-incident, which if you think about it, I would not have had with just kibble!) and they had/have energy, healthy teeth, coats that shine etc. Overall, if you can afford better food, I say go for it.
240063240063B001VJ0B0IA16ALXKQ02SKYGI. Tysoe "Inna Tysoe"2331345248000Good Treat AlternativeThe bottom line is that this is probably one of the healthier types of what we call "fast dog food" out there--and as far as dogs are concerned it smells great. When it was being delivered to our house, our neighbor's (extremely well-behaved) little dog tore across the street to try to get the food from the post-man. (The poor man is terrified of dogs.) Our own dogs tried chewing through the box it came in and then, when the box was opened and the bag removed (and placed safely atop the fridge) decided to take up residence in the box.

And the sturdiness of the bag and its "ziplock type" top probably pretty much guarantee that the food will stay smelling great. Unfortunately, the ingredients do not live up to the smells.

The food does have 25% protein but that's not really enough for former wolves. Especially ones who, like ours, are getting on in years and hence, have a harder time absorbing the protein they do get. In addition, relatively little of that protein is from chicken or other type of meats. A lot of it comes from corn and gluten. That's not necessarily a good thing. And there is a lot of food coloring and preservatives thrown into the mix to boot. And I doubt that the meat which this food does have is "human grade" like the meat in Canidae that we normally feed our dogs.

Having said all that, this food is better than a lot of the dog foods you will find on the shelves. It doesn't have saw dust for starters. And, as a snack or treat it's probably the healthier alternative to the snacks you see on the shelves.

And, since it smells great and is likely to for some time, that's probably a good use for it.
240090240090B001VJ0B0IAA460WUKL3BC6C. Angel "americanpride"0041350345600Dogs loved it and so did the antsI have two Westies (14 & 15 years old) and they both loved the food right away. There is no zip-lock type seal so we ended up having a line of ants coming from outside of our garage. We normally buy another Purina brand dog food and it does seal and we have never had an issue with ants before.

The package was not resealable otherwise I would have rated this 5 stars
240080240080B001VJ0B0IA8KM4YOB8FGGHJodi "languagejunkie"2351343088000*pant, pant* Yeah, we love it. *pant, pant*Sweettart: Hi, my name is Sweettart, and this is Junior.

Junior: Hi.

Sweettart: We're Jodi's dogs. If you want to picture us in your minds, do you remember that big dog who kept trying to attack Sylvester and that little dog would follow him around and look up to him? Well, we model after them.

We have always loved Purina. Our mommy gives us Little Bites all the time. I'm a bit more finicky than Junior is, though, because I tend to scoop the food out with my nose. But, hey, it's there, so I'll go ahead and eat it.

Junior: I do love how Mommy looks out for us, though, so I was thrilled when she ordered some new food through some kind of thing called the Vine Program. It does look very nutritious, and I am happy whenever I see the food.

Sweettart: I am too!

Junior: No you're not. You scoop it out with your nose too.

Sweettart: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Junior: I've known you for seven years and you're just plain WEIRD.

Sweettart: Gee, thanks. You do realize that when it thunders, there's nothing to be afraid of, right?

Junior: Oh, bite me.

Sweettart: Hey! Don't think I won't! You're smaller than me, remember!

Junior: Oh, yeah.

Sweettart: Anyway, with this product, believe what the commercials say, and get it for your dog. Believe me, they'll appreciate it... Junior, where did you go?... Oh, gotta run! We gotta attack the cat!

Junior: *pant, pant* Bye!
240081240081B001VJ0B0IA8SPPHKETDZ41barbre2331342828800Dog ate it right upOur Bichon ate this food with no problem. You will have to judge for yourself if the nutritional side is worth the cost vs. other dog food.

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