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240110240110B001VJ0B0IA1PW5SQLR0Z6IHNatalie S "ns65"0051342137600Worth the moneyWhat can I say about Purina Beneful Original Dog Food? This product came in a 15.5 lb bag which lasted my dogs roughly 9 days. I am one of "those" owners that allows their dogs to have food in their bowls at all times so if the nine days seems short, that is why. My dogs are huge; a husky and a chow/shepherd mix and they are outside dogs so having plenty of water and food at all times is what they are used to. Both dogs seemed to enjoy eating the product and I tried to watch for any ill effects (stomach wise, etc) and saw nothing out of the ordinary. When the dogs ate, they ate for about ten minutes and seemed to be full for a long time. The dog food has nice ingredients and while corn is still a big by product of the food, my dogs seemed to find it tasty and they ate this dog food better than the dog food I have been feeding them for years. LOL

I would buy it again; the price is a bit higher than some and less expensive than Iams. Between the two, I would buy Beneful every time.

Natalie S. for Amazon Vine
240111240111B001VJ0B0IA3PXFUL4WX8850Rebecca J. Vincent0051342051200More like a treatI have 4 dogs & all of them LOVEEEEE this food. I actually use it as a "bonus" & sneak it under IAMS dog food - they think its a treat at the bottom of the bowl. It doesnt seem to bother their system & none of them have any reactions to it - & my dogs are SENSITIVE too.
The bag is big enough too where using it as an "add on" to the food, for 4 dogs, it actually lasts awhile. Good quantity.
240112240112B001VJ0B0IA3O60C5513YYD6H. J. Spivack0041341964800Review: Purina Beneful Dog FoodI have both a dog and a cat. Defying all expectations, its the dog that's finicky about his food (the cat will attempt to eat anything including the hand petting him). My dog loves to chew on stuff (furniture, sticks, grass) but when it comes to dog food, he is really picky. I've been using the Beneful brand of Purina Dog Food with him for at least a year and he loves it.

I'd done some research into dog foods when we first moved to that brand. What attracted us was that there was plenty of protein in the mix (along with egg) and that it was vitamin rich. Its like the add...I like it because its good for him. He likes it simply because he likes it. It should be noted that there is a fair amount of corn and corn-product in the mix. That's usually a sign of cheap filler...but the protein mix still seems ok.

I was concerned about ordering dog food through the mail. I've seen these bags sometimes rip when being handled but Amazon simply boxed and sent it. It arrived in perfect condition, wrapped in paper.

All in all, I think the product is solid. My dog likes to eat it and it appears reasonably health for him. Further, if you are considering ordering online, I believe you will be satisfied with the process. I was and I'm going to order online from now on!
240113240113B001VJ0B0IA20F84KUBWM88BVicky "sports girl"0051341878400Great productWe have 2 dogs, a Weim & an English Pointer they both love this food!! I love the zip lock top so no spills!
240114240114B001VJ0B0IAJXZUXN05JWXVJacque Cartwright "butterfly"0041341878400MIckey likes it okI have a toy party poodle, he usually eats Beneful Healthy Weight, but I've noticed he really eats the soft pieces and leaves the hard ones, I guess for when he is starving. He is 8yrs old and when I got him he was 4 and overweight, the previous owners fed him Kibbles & Bits. Anywhoo. I'm not a really good pet parent, I don't read lables etc and I don't know what it's made from. he doesn't have nay health problems that we are aware of so I guess it's pretty good for a dog food. (I have seen and smelled worse)

He eats this just like he does the healthy weight, no big difference. I think he will eat just about anything, but if you check my reviews you will see what he really goes crazy over..and for the sake of him not bouncing off the walls all day and getting into trouble..I only give that sparingly.
240115240115B001VJ0B0IA1GARI2JT6EAWADWD "DWD's Reviews"0051341705600My dog loves itThis is what I can tell you - my dog loves almost all of the food she eats, sneaks or straight out steals (she is a rescue dog with food issues). I cannot honestly tell you anything about this food (not having tried it myself) except that my dog loves it and snarfs it down.
240116240116B001VJ0B0IAYNTULRNAIPNYrealnaynay "realnaynay"0031341705600Good Dog Food, but too priceyThis has been the only version of Beneful that my dog will eat, the other ones she would only eat if she was near starving, more than 12 hours since her last meal, and even then she would pick at it. I really don't consider my dog a picky eater usually : )

Based on the price on Amazon, I have seen this size of Beneful dog food at $5 or more less than the Amazon price.
I would recommend the dog food, just not buying it on here, since it is often on special at local stores.
240117240117B001VJ0B0IAQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"273531339804800Some Good, Some BadLast year we got our first family dog- a rescue JRT-mix. My family had so much fun with Charlie-Amanda that we soon adopted another pooch, Pippin. If you're wondering why I'm telling you all this, it's so that you have the background on where I'm coming from with respects to this review. Essentially we love our pups and I spent a lot of time last year reading up on dog foods.

The 15.5 pound bag of Beneful dog food comes nicely packaged. It was delivered in a box that was appropriately sized. The Beneful bag itself is super sturdy, plasticized, and has what looks to be a sturdy 'ziplock' opener at the top. This is just the sort of thing you need with a large amount of kibble to keep it fresh and appealing to dogs. So bonus points here (although the superior option would be biodegradable).

The kibble is attractive and smells okay. There are different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.

As I mentioned, I've got two pups. One's a year old JRT-mix and the other's a 8 month-old Moyen-sized poodle. They both thought that the food smelled interesting, but they didn't chow it down. They would eat quite a bit if I hand fed them the kibble, but they'd only eat out of the bowl if they were very hungry. In fairness I should note that they are the pickiest eaters in the universe, and sometimes they'll even turn their noses up at human chicken and hot dogs. I expect most dogs would eat this food. Certainly our neighbor's dog, who is always breaking into the house to scour it clean, gulped down every little tidbit.

--Much research has led me to understand that it can be difficult to calculate the actual price of a dog food. "Cheap" dog foods, for example, may not be as cheap as they seem because dogs need to eat more of lower quality food than higher quality. If you look at this example you'll see what I mean. The Beneful package suggests that a dog of 15 pounds should eat around 1.25-to-1.7 cups of food per day. A similarly sized dog need only eat 1 cup of Eukanuba small breed kibble. Now Eukanuba appears to be more expensive per bag, but is it?

My point is that those of us who are frugal need to crunch the numbers before they purchase.

--Beneful is a low quality food source for dogs. Dogs are omnivores but they really need protein and the first ingredients for Beneful are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour. Compare their 25% protein product with what I'm currently feeding my dogs which has 32% protein, and whose ingredients are Chicken, Chicken By-products and Corn meal. And there are other products out there with even higher protein levels.

--Keep in mind that some dogs are allergic to corn and food dyes. If your pup is one of these, skip Beneful.

--There's a number of controversies surround Beneful and it's manufacturer, Nestlé Purina. The parent company, Nestlé, has been involved in a number of recalls for both human and pet foods. They use ingredients from China for the dog food, and there are many complaints against them in 2012 for dog treats.

--The Dog Food Advisor website gives Beneful 1-Star for high fat and carbohydrate levels.

Beneful is an okay product. It's the type of dog food that my grandmother would have purchased in bulk to feed the strays she was always taking in. It is VERY convenient to have it delivered, and the packaging is excellent, and for some people who have a difficult time getting out of the house, this is going to be a great option.

Currently Beneful appears to be safe to use. Nestlé's reputation is not sterling however and dog owners should keep an eye to the news for recalls and reports of poisons since Purina uses foodstuffs from China.

Pam T~
mom and fur-mom
240118240118B001VJ0B0IAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige324311330214400False Advertising, Terrible Dog Food!!I bought this dog food because the bag showed pictured of veggies and chunks of meat, and with a name like "Beneful" I thought I was purchasing a nutritious brand of dog food. My dogs did eat this food at first, and slowly began to not like it. After reading the ingredients I completely regret purchasing it and feel just awful for feeding it to my dogs. The first three ingredients are Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. How disgusting is that?! The main ingredient is a corn filler. One thing my vet told me a while back that I never forgot: "When you eat corn, what comes out of the other end? The same thing happens with dogs." Basically, dogs cannot fully digest corn as they are carnivores. Corn it is just a cheap filler that can cause dogs to actually eat more to feel full, poop out more, and retain less nutrients. Most inexpensive low-quality pet foods have lots of these fillers and cheap ingredients with little to no nutritional value.The only meat in Beneful at all is a by-product, its not even a real meat! By-products are the stuff leftover once all the actual meat is harvested. We're talking beaks, chicken feet, eyeballs, even chicken poop! I would not recommend this product to anyone, for any reason, ever. It is an absolutely awful dog food. I can't believe the pictures of veggies and full chunks of meat on the bag can be allowed to be on the packaging if the product does not contain the pictured items; it is very misleading and should be considered false advertising.

I recommend to stay far away from Beneful, and most Purina products. When purchasing a dog (or cat) food, the most important thing to consider is the first 3 ingredients; just make sure those first three are decent ingredients that you would eat yourself- provided that you eat a typical (non vegetarian or other restricted) diet. Now that I know what to look for, I usually buy my pets all natural foods such as Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Halo, or Wellness. High-quality foods tend to be more nutritionally dense, meaning you will be feeding a much smaller amount for the same number of calories. If you do the math to figure out the cost for the number of calories you need to feed your pet, many premium foods are CHEAPER than the awful crap you're buying at the grocery store.
240119240119B001VJ0B0IA20H1M28WLI9J2Brian M. Edwards5641343260800Good Quality Dog Food, Excellent Resealble Package!Kudos to Purina for coming up with a superb quality bag for their Original Dog food.The zip-close on the bag is immensely useful for keeping the food fresh and moist. We have three dogs, they are all quite finicky eaters (i.e. spoilt!) and are known to turn their nose up at some quality brands, they did not exactly rush to this, but they did eat it all which is a big plus, because dog food is just not cheap anymore.
One of our dogs tends to shed a lot of hair with some of the cheaper brands, she did not do this with this product.

A small tip, I saved the bag and re-used it for another Purina and non-Purina product and it saved both from drying up and becoming stale!
In my opinion it is a well balanced dog-food that the dogs will readily eat.
240120240120B001VJ0B0IA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino2241343260800My friend's 2 dogs and 5 shelter dogs ate this dog food eagerlySince my friend is into rescue work, I figured this dog food would be great to test on her two dogs and the five shelter dogs she is working with. All the dogs ate this food eagerly and they were not starving dogs. I also decided to do a taste test with two dog foods; this food and the Chef Michael's Grilled Sirloin Dry Dog Food 4.5 Pound Bag I was reviewing. The one dog I tested it on sniffed both dog foods but chose to eat the Chef Michael's Grilled Sirloin Dry Dog Food first. However, he then finished off this food as well after devouring the other. So in the taste department I thinks it's pretty comparable.

According to the packaging, PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food is 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition with protein (beef), omega fatty acids and grains. However, since I know dogs are carnivores I expected meat to be in at least one of the first four ingredients and they were not. The first four ingredients in order are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour. Beef happens to be seventh in the ingredients list.

Each serving contains:
Crude Protein 25%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fiber 4%
Moisture 14 %
Linoleic Acid 1.5%
Calcium 1.1 %
Iron 175 mg/kg
Selenium 0.2 mg/kg
Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E 100 IU/kg

Overall, the dogs enjoyed this food. However, even though the package states it meets 100% of their nutritional needs, based on the first four ingredients and the misleading protein (beef) statement on the packaging I was left wondering "Where's the Beef?" For this reason I give the product four stars as I do not think this is a nutritional powerhouse.
240091240091B001VJ0B0IASJLXOX1VD4DFmahlers2nd "The Only Way Out Is Through"0021348185600Are all the pretty colors really necessary? Or Healthy?This is dog food and therefore, I did not consume it myself -- however, based on the colors and shapes of the kibbles, I think Beneful assumes that I will.

My dogs ate the food just fine -- no digestive issues and no real complaints... but they are dogs... they would eat out of my cat's litter box if I let them.

What struck me as a human is how colorful the kibbles are -- lots of reds and greens. Really? I'm guessing that isn't natural food color there but added to make the food look more appetizing to humans. I'm not a natural health food nut by any stretch of the imagination but even the skeptic in me thinks that at a minimum, they are spending a lot of money on the appearance of the food where I would rather know that that money was going towards nutrition.

Finally, I can't be sure but I do believe my dogs are actually "passing a lot more gas" since they have been eating this food. If that is true, that is yet another reason not to use this food in the long run... my house is stinky enough as it is without the contributions of my dogs.

240092240092B001VJ0B0IA3D1TZH619NKHNIn the AmaZone...0021345680000PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food, 15.5-Pound -Discount dog foodMy dog likes this -probably more than his regular food. However, this is not the best choice for a healthy diet for him, in my opinion. I was actually surprised at the ingredients. You have to go down the ingredients list to item number seven to hit beef, which is the first real meat on the list, and five of the first eight are grains/fillers. The peas and carrots they show on the bag fall in well behind sugar, sorbitol, salt and potassium chloride, but at least ahead of the four artificial colors added. Sorbitol is both a sweetener and a laxative and not something I'd have my dog on for any length of time.

I think if your dog is a really picky eater, but likes this food due to its flavor and different shapes, then it would be ok and better than not eating enough. However, this is a pretty low quality food compared to what else is on the market. Grains and animal by-product should not be the first four ingredients in your dog's diet, unless it is the only food your dog will eat day after day. I will be switching my dog back to Authority Lamb and Rice and leave him on it until he tires of it or they change the recipe. It is only slightly more expensive than this food, but he needs less of it (less filler) on a daily basis, so it probably works out close to the same cost. It also isn't the best food on the market, but it is much better than this one with more meat and less fillers and additives, and it agrees with him.
240093240093B001VJ0B0IA33Y8C4818EJL0Live, Laugh, Love...0031345507200Adult Dog doesn't like thisWhen this first arrived, our dog was intrigued by the smells coming from the giant Amazon box. Unfortunately he was much less impressed when we opened this and poured a bowl for him. He ate a little and then turned back to his normal favorite Kibbles n' bits. Not a winner in our home, I donated the rest of the bag to a local shelter.
240094240094B001VJ0B0IA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman0031344470400Update: dog likes it and it agrees with her sensitive stomachUPDATE: My dog has a "nervous tummy" and you never know what will upset her. Blue Buffalo (a very good quality food) absolutely did not agree with her. I also tried Beaver Dam. I tried various foods, made my own blend, and of all the foods, this one agrees well with her system. Yes, it's not the top meat ingredients (by-product meal and corn, both considered poor quality.) But she's thriving and growing on this food. Go figure. I like the resealable bag. Remember to seal it however. The cat crawled inside the bag once, and I found him, how many minutes (hours?) completely inside, munching in a coma of bliss. No harm done, either (not recommended however for cats. Mine is a stray and a glutton of astonishing capacity.)

This is a nice soft kibble dog food that has an aroma of fresh vegetables when you open the bag. So it really does have a variety of ingredients to nourish the dog.

However, the first three ingredients are of concern: corn, chicken by product meal and corn gluten meal. Some dogs are sensitive to corn and chicken by-product meal is ground up chicken carcases and offal (innards and bones with any attached meat) and is less digestible than chicken meat. For example, I feed my dog a mix of offal (gizzards, livers and hearts) ground up or mixed with chicken thigh.

Corn is a debatable ingredient. It is cheap. (So is chicken by-product meal.) It is possible allergenic and certainly less digestible than rice. If your dog can digest it, it may be ok (though there is some feeling corn is involved in various dog diseases like diabetes and obesity. The corn helps the kibbling process (it's starchy.)

Bottom line: top three ingredients are cheap ingredients and your dog may not benefit. Some dogs get allergies and skin irritations from corn. My dog enjoys this and when I'm not making dog mash (with brown rice, turkey thigh and green beans and supplements) this is what she eats. She loves it. For grocery store dog food, it isn't bad.

Ingredients: Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols (source of vitamin E), rice flour, beef, soy flour, sugar, sorbitol, tricalcium phosphate, water, animal digest, salt, phosphoric acid, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, sorbic acid (a preservative), l-lysine monohydrochloride, dried peas, dried carrots, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate (s preservative), choline chloride, vitamin supplements (E, A, B12, D3),
240095240095B001VJ0B0IA1TR1R2QKWRSRAD. Chou0031344384000Corn based dog food is not a good idea.My aunt has twelve dogs at her huge hilltop property. Over the years, I've grown to love the dogs like my own. This new PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food, 15.5-Pound was worth sampling.

>Our dogs are not picky eaters; six are adopted/strays so they're more than happy just to have food. We fed this product to the eight adult (over 12 months old) dogs and they didn't hesitate to gobble it down.

>This sample bag is much appreciated but the price is slightly higher @$1.14/lb. than the Triumph Natural Lamb Meal And Rice Formula Dry Dog Food 40-lb bag @$0.97/lb. that we normally purchase.
>Top on the ingredients list is ground yellow corn! Dogs are carnivores NOT omnivores! We shouldn't be feeding dogs food based on corn, chicken by-products, animal digest (!), dried peas, dried carrots, etc.; foods that our vet don't recommend.

Nicely concocted food that our dogs like to eat but filled with questionable ingredients that may not be beneficial for our dogs in the long term.
240096240096B001VJ0B0IA2BLFCOPSMBOZ9David Edmiston "Dave"0021343520000Not as nutritious as the package impliesThe product name and package look so wonderful, so beneficial for your dog.

The ingredients aren't so wonderful though.

The top ingredients are:

* Ground yellow corn
* Chicken by-product meal (What does that mean, chicken eyelids and nail clippings?)
* Corn gluten meal
* Whole wheat flour

I've had more than one vet advise us to stay away from dogfoods where the top ingredients are corn, gluten, and animal by-products. The rationale is that the corn and gluten can lead to behavior problems with the dogs, and that the animal by-products aren't the real meat that you want to feed your dog.

I gave some to my dog to see how she liked it. I didn't want to upset her stomach, so I mixed it 50/50 with her regular IAMS kibble. I figured she would do like my kids do, gravitate towards the junk food, but she actually avoided the Beneful. She ate her IAMS first and then ate some (but not all) of the Beneful.
240097240097B001VJ0B0IA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0021343347200Rancidity nearly knocked me off my feet and activated gag reflexI know, I know, I should be grateful for anything I receive through Vine because I got it for FREE! I guess I do feel grateful to find out what doesn't work for me and my dog. My smiling UPS man delivered this PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food, 15.5-Pound right to my front door,gave my dog a scratch behind the ears, and set it right inside the door for me. The box was slightly squished but still taped shut. I cut the box open being careful not to cut the Beneful bag only to find that Amazon had packed it very nicely with lots of brown packing paper so my Amazon packaging and delivery experience was pretty excellent but that doesn't go in a product review so I will get back to the review! Upon opening the cardboard box flap, a waft of rancid oil smell hit me right in the nose and knocked me backwards so much it nearly knocked me over. I knew I had to deal with it quick before the rancid odor spread throughout our clean fresh smelling home! Is the smell coming from the box (sniff=no odor), the packing paper (sniff=slight odor=woozy), or the Beneful bag? (sniff=gag gag gag). OMG If it is not fit for a human to smell, it is not fit for a dog to eat! This dogfood is called Beneful with lots of healthy foods pictured next to a dog making you think this dog food is full of benefits for your beloved furry friend. However, what it should have is a dog rolled over on his side, sick, with a clothespin on his nose! I did not feel grateful for feeling nauseated and woozy, but hey, you know what? After writing my review, I do feel grateful! Go figure.

I don't think Beneful is full of benefits for us but maybe to Monsanto because the ingredients are probably all GMO.

Thank you Vine!
240098240098B001VJ0B0IA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041343174400Puppy Likes ItThis PURINA Beneful Organic Dog Food is well liked by the retriever puppy we tested it on, but I do have concerns with the nutritional content. I was fairly sure taste was not going to be an issue since this puppy will eat just about anything put in front of her, intended or not.

This is packaged in a very easy to open and resealable bag, which is a nice since this a lot of food that will last us awhile. The actual kibble is a mixture of shapes and consistencies, and I already noted that Sissy seems to very much enjoy it.

The biggest issue is that has a lot of corn and wheat products, and has chicken by-product meal second in the ingredient list. While I'm not sure this isn't "good enough", there is much better available.

This will not be our dog food of choice, but it will do if we catch it on sale.

240099240099B001VJ0B0IA1EVV74UQYVKRYK. Groh0021343174400My Dog Loves it but it's Not Great NutritionMy dog went nuts when the box arrived with the Beneful inside. She sniffed, chewed, and scratched. She loved eating it too and wolfed it down in moments. I think she really liked the moist chunks and seemed to fish them out before eating the rest.

So our dog gives it 5 stars but I'm not sure her vet or her health would give it that. The first ingredient in this dog food is corn, not great nutritional content. According to DogFoodAdvisor dot com the next ingredient is "chicken by-product meal, a dry rendered product of slaughterhouse waste. In a nutshell, chicken by-products are those unsavory leftovers usually considered 'unfit for human consumption'". And then it goes to corn gluten meal. Dog Food Advisor gives it 1 out of 5 stars.

So, although it must taste great, it is not nutritionally great for your best furry friend (or hairless in the case of Chinese Crested!).
240100240100B001VJ0B0IA19D3N662QS9WDSara M. Miller "Book Mom"0041342656000The main BENEfit may be how much my dog enjoys this dog foodFirst off, the ingredients are questionable (more filler than anything else). This may be enough to reconsider this purchase off the bat. However, I have a large breed dog and we go through a lot of food, so the fact that Purina Beneful is very easy to find and affordable is key. And although my dog is not picky, he ate this up. He's all tail wags while eating. I definitely would purchase again especially in a pinch.
240101240101B001VJ0B0IA1OWRLSD7LTSQ9Creative License "Creative"0051342656000PURINA Beneful Original Dog FoodMy dog has been eating Blue Buffalo for a couple of its not had
any recalls on it...but it IS expensive. I decided to get this and try her on
it, as its not had any recalls either...and she LIKED it! She has a bit of a
weight problem, so I was also happy to see that this was a bit less in calories
than what shes been eating. She eats it right up, I add nothing but a bit of
water and let it sit for a couple of minutes, she still gets that 'crunch' but
also it helps bring out some of the flavors. I WILL be purchasing this again,
they also offer other flavors and an adult version with lower calories.
240102240102B001VJ0B0IAV1F8VNJPLPTLS. Smerud0031342656000Mixed bag, but dog prefers itBeneful has both soft (not moist, just soft) chunks and hard chunks, so you'd need to look elsewhere if your dog couldn't eat hard dog food. Though beef is prominently mentioned on the package, mention is harder to find and is further down on the ingredients list. However, it is preferred by my dog. Though it shouldn't matter for a human, it's also more appetizing to look at.
240103240103B001VJ0B0IA3GPW9NANH6WF2Melanie0051342656000My Dogs and I are HappyThe size of the bits are definitely for larger dogs and my two bulldogs gobbled as much as I gave them up immediately.

As for myself, I was impressed with the packaging. Why don't all dog food bags come with a zippable top? It makes storage so much easier, as well as keeps the smell of the food contained. The food has a strong odor, compared with other brands I've used, so it needs it!
240104240104B001VJ0B0IA2W2E6BPPYZO0TYA book lover0041342569600Well, one thing I know - my dog liked itIt's hard to judge the quality of dog food, because I can't vouch for its taste. But my dog liked it, less than he likes Kibble though. However, if you keep in mind what kind of fillers they put in Kibble, really, what does taste have to do with nutrition?

In terms of human-related qualities of this product - the packaging is pretty much the best I've seen on any dog food.
240105240105B001VJ0B0IA3C40PJ9YXREQ5PJ Coldren0041342483200The dogs like this a lot.We normally feed both our dogs another product. When we started giving them this, they scarfed it. We had to mix it about 50/50 with their normal food so they didn't just keep emptying the bowl. Still, they manage to pick this out first and save the rest for later. Hasn't changed their pooping habits, which is wonderful. Energy levels have stayed about the same, and no difference in coat. I'd by happy to buy this for the beasties.
240106240106B001VJ0B0IA2SPV96SGOEO2Samuel Dylan Hrncir0041342396800The dog seems to like itI don't know how much of a review I can write on dog food. The dog seems to like it okay, but she doesn't seem to like it as much as her normal food. I've read the other reviews that it has lots of fillers, but isn't that true of most dry dog foods?
240107240107B001VJ0B0IA2HTPS0JV3Q8ZDMichael D. Briggs "Dark_Psion"0051342310400She likes it, Button likes it!Wow! I was surprised how much she liked it. Button has always been a picky eater when it comes to dry dog food. More often or not, she would stick her nose up and go eat the cat's food. But she really likes this Beneful Dog Food. It has all the vitamins and nutrition that a dog needs.

I also love the bag, it has a zip lock seal on top! Why don't other product do this? It is great at keeping the food fresh and this is especially important when you buy a big bag. It still feels and smells fresh at the bottom of the bag as it did when I first opened it. I'll take Button's word that it still tastes fresh ;)
240108240108B001VJ0B0IA2V0H5HIN4OWKNThe book lady0041342137600It does the trickI have tried a lot of different foods with my dog, but this is the one we both like the best. She is quite picky when it comes to the more expensive brands like science diet, iams, blue buffalo etc and won't eat them. I guess she is a low class girl at heart because she will only eat the grocery store brands with out a hunger strike. But she really like beneful. It makes her coat shiny and she enjoys eating it. The whole bag is a resealable container so you don't have to worry about transferring it, or having it get stale or rancid. The only real negative I can say about this product is it sure doesn't smell very good. Maybe that's one of the things she likes about it, but I don't appreciate the very strong dog food smell.

4 stars.
240109240109B001VJ0B0IA54REBNBBP8C0Judson I. Miers "jmiers"0041342137600Purina is always the leaderI will have to admit that I don't take a lot of heed to the food I give to my dogs. Typically, they simply aren't show, work or hunting dogs, so I'm not typically concerned about it. I will have to say that since introducing my pet to Beneful, she's actually eating less and has more energy. Overall a good product for my "pot licker." ;)

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