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240139240139B001VJ0B0IAH1KJ45IQTM4TBenjamin0051341187200My dog's favoriteI tried a few other dog food brands along with this one. I would give my dog this food, other brand the next day -cheaper or more expensive- and my dog consistently always liked this one better. He is a small breed dog, two years old, and we now only buy PURINA. By the way, I have to add that I always had a great amount of respect for PURINA, and it has never let me down. These guys consistently have been working to provide the highest products for pets for the right amount of money. You do not need to buy super fancy ridiculous food for your pet. This has all your dog needs at the right price. I am a loyal customer, and my dog is well fed, happy, and most important, healthy! Strongly recommended.
240140240140B001VJ0B0IA3SLC8F6VIWXIRJohn T. Horner "jthorner"0041340841600How do you really judge the quality of dog food?The dog seems to love this stuff, but the dog is not exactly a picky eater. The product pours more cleanly than do many dog foods and doesn't have any objectionable odors. I'm skeptical when people say they can see big differences in a dog's mood, coat or other indicators of health based on what food they have been eating lately.

Maybe I just don't know any picky dogs :).
240141240141B001VJ0B0IAJ48OJORP4NE4Writer Mom0051340841600Healthy dogsMy dogs have been eating this food exclusively since they were puppies. They always get good vet checkups and they have already passed the average life expectancy for their breed. They have healthy skin and teeth and are mature dogs with puppy personalities.

I feel like Beneful is a premium brand without the high price of some of the brands you can only buy from the vet or the pet store. I like that if I run short I can find Beneful almost everywhere.
240142240142B001VJ0B0IA26U7D0N4PCTNTShane Tiernan0031340841600All the pretty colorsSo I'm not sure exactly how you write a review on dog food unless of course you're a dog in which case you probably don't know English and would have a very hard time typing. So I will provide you instead with some facts about our (me and my dogs) experience with Beneful.

The food is very colorful. I'm not sure why, because aren't dogs colorblind? I'm assuming it's so human pet owners will think it tastes better because it looks so over-saturated. I didn't taste the food. I'm really hoping that didn't violate my contract with the Amazon Vine program.

We have 3 dogs of various sizes. They all ate it. They didn't die or get sick. They didn't refuse to eat it. The smallest dog did have a little bit of trouble with the size of the nuggets.

After asking them what they thought about the food a couple times and getting no discernible response I thought it was only fair to give the food 3 stars.
240143240143B001VJ0B0IA1PPS91NLI7KEHsuzatm0041340841600Lured them away from cat foodThe pups always seemed to prefer eating the cat food over any of the dog foods I have tried. Until I put down the Beneful. They really seemed to enjoy this very much. I think it will take longer to see how it helps their coat, etc., but after seeing their enthusiasm and enjoyment I will continue to feed them this product.
240144240144B001VJ0B0IA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName0031340841600Not something i'd use againThis Beneful is a rather confusing or misleading product. The company wants you to think this food is healthy for your pet. The reality is though that it is nothing other than a bag of grain and fillers. Sure, many dogs may like it and eat it, but it is not exactly nutritious for them.

My dog didn't seem to mind it too much. He didn't seem overly excited by it, but he did eat it. He poked around at it a bit though beforehand.

He did have much softer, lighter colored stools too, and went to the bathroom more often. The stools did not look like "healthy" stools. It was more like a step or two away from diarhea. I hate to sound gross here, but it is important to mention.

The bag does clearly depict corn and veggies right on the picture on the front, so I guess it should be no real surprise, but it just seems like Purina was almost trying to pull as fast one on the consumer - make the food sound/look healthy and beneficial even though it is no better than the cheapest generic bag you could possibly find. Also, notice how the picture of the ear of corn is so prominent in comparison to the other items - it is because this dog food is mainly corn, as is with most all cheap/generic brands.

For some, this may be suitable, but it is not something that I want my dog to eat regularly. I mean, if I was really super tight on cash, and my dog was out of food and Beneful was dirt cheap, clearanced, on sale etc - sure I might grab it to use for a day or two until I could buy him a bag of real food... but as for buying it regularly for daily consumption, it would never happen. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either unless your vet specifically tells you that your dog needs a corn and grain filled diet because of some serious health issue or something. I've never heard of that happening, but I guess anything is possible.

I did give Beneful 3 stars simply because my dog did eat it, so it must not have tasted too terribly bad.
240145240145B001VJ0B0IAPDPA11IZPYLNSheila Chilcote-Collins "Sheila Renee Chilcot...0041340841600PURINA Brand Beneful - Decent Product & Our Dog LOVES IT!We have a 7 lb. chiweenie that eats anything. When I first received the bag I mixed it in with some of the regular brand I buy (Pedigree or Purina Dog Chow). He ate all the "NEW" food and left the old. The food is a bit moist, which I think my dog likes over the other two foods mentioned above. It also "SMELLS" better than the other two foods. However, the top ingredients are corn based and by-products, but you get what you pay for. I disagree that the packaging is somehow "misleading". Read the ingredients on ANYTHING you are interested in BEFORE buying. I LOVED the heavy duty plastic zip top bag that the food comes in also! VERY HANDY, especially for storage.

All in all, I will more than likely buy Beneful again for our pup!
240146240146B001VJ0B0IA1BA72K4VK1UN1Patrick W. Crabtree "The Old Grottomaster"0051340841600Top-of-the-line dog foodThis is the dogfood for picky K-9s.

I had been feeding my two dogs food which we acquire from the Veterinary clinic (expensive!) and we use Beneful about twice a week to occassionally supplement their diet with something that they love. My brother feeds his dog this product full-time as well and he clearly loves it.

As far as being good for the dogs, Beneful includes all the nutritional supplements that the average dog needs and I've never encountered a dog that wouldn't eat it. I babysit my daughter's cocker spaniels sometimes, (they are very picky about food), and they readily and eagerly eat Beneful, no problem.

The zip-lock top on the bag is very handy and keeps the food quite fresh.

Highly recommended.
240147240147B001VJ0B0IA2KPGA0HFSSF8WBeverly L. Archer0051340841600My dogs love it!I have two miniature schnauzers. The youngest one will eat anything that doesn't eat her first. The oldest one is more picky. Both of them love this dog food. In fact they both sniff each other's bowls to see if by any chance there are any leftovers. In addition to my dogs just loving it, I like how it is packaged. The zip lock closure cuts down on spills and keeps the dogs from getting in an snacking between meals.
240148240148B001VJ0B0IA185QFJRTB5W93Tropicalwolf "Freelance Writer"0041340841600No Problems Here!Boy, am I so tired of reading reviews bemoaning the ingredients in dog food these days. All the whiners claim that such-and-such is too corm or soy heavy, or that it is not gluten free or some other such crap. Guess what...It's DOG FOOD! For the love of all that is holy would you tools quit your whine-fest and go away! For the record, this product did exactly what it was supposed to do. Do you know what that is? It fed my dogs. Furthermore, they all seemed to enjoy it and have not shown any ill effects or digestive ailments (Not a single degree higher on the dog-fart scale, so I am happy). Sure our dogs are our babies, but the same people who cry about dog food ingredients are the same ones who took the score out of childrens' sports and think everyone is a winner. Total and complete imbeciles. Beneful Dog Food by Purina will always be welcome in my home. It hits a proper price point that others seem unable to reach. Our pets are only given a short time with us on this planet, so why not let them enjoy their little lives to the fullest. Give them what they want. If this dog food makes them wag their happy little tails, then have at it. I found this to be a great product and I hope you do to. The naysayers need to get a grip on reality or just raise children instead. They don't deserve dogs! Recommended!
240149240149B001VJ0B0IA2I5QH4F5FDKK5*rose*0051340755200Our doggy likes it!Yes! Score! Our very picky dog likes this food!

I thought all dogs just ate anything in front of them. Nope, not our dog. She's soooooo picky. I've tried dog food after dog food and most of it has gone to my friends as our dog was just not interested. Or, if she liked it at first bite, she soon turned away from it within a matter of days. I've tried everything from the very expensive 'natural' dog food to food from the vet, to chewy and soft food, to little tiny food (she's a small dog) to canned dog food. She's just picky, picky, picky.

I think she likes Beneful because it has some crunchy bits and some soft and chewy bits. Plus, it must taste good or she wouldn't eat it.

Um, our cats like to nibble at this, too. I guess they like the different textures and taste, too. I thought CATS were supposed to be picky? :)
240150240150B001VJ0B0IAPXQHFTTYERDEStacey M Smith0051340755200YumI have tried numerous dog food brands as my dogs often get (what I assume is ) bored with their food. This one seemed like a hit. They've eaten it consistently and lick their bowls clean - a rarity for my picky eaters.
240121240121B001VJ0B0IA3I2WE58OUUEXGfigaro "jacoba"2241343260800Healthy Dog FoodOur dog is not as excited about this food as he is others, however, he eats it fine, and seems to have a bit healthier digestion than with some of the other dog foods. I will probably try it again.
240122240122B001VJ0B0IA2ZKQC0XCIIAEMKTM mom "Live fast"2251343260800The dog loves itI usually feed my dog kibbles and bits but I decided to give Purina a try and it went over very well with my dog. Normally she will only eat a little and then come back and do that on and off till the bowl is gone, with this dog food she stayed there and ate until the whole bowl was gone. It is an obvious favorite for her and we will be changing what food we purchase for her from here on out!
240123240123B001VJ0B0IAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"2241343260800Our dogs love it!Our dogs love Beneful -- we get it for them regularly. we like to mix in a little fresh meat or leftovers, but that's not really necessary. This bag has a zip-lock to so that can help to keep it fresher and tastier, no doubt.

I think that this brand is a good value and is widely available.
240124240124B001VJ0B0IA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning2241343174400Fred Votes Yes!Selecting a pet food is a complicated process. It's no longer a case of `will my dog eat this?' Nor even, `is it a well-balanced diet?' Instead, for many of us, it has become a case of worrying about the safety of the food we offer our pets.

Purina Beneful Original Dog Food does offer a balanced diet that fulfills the nutritional requirements of a healthy dog. Below the are oft-cited ingredients in Beneful and those in Hill's Science Diet, my dog's usual nosh.

Beneful: Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols (source of vitamin E), rice flour, beef, soy flour, sugar, sorbitol, tricalcium phosphate, water, animal digest, salt, phosphoric acid, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, sorbic acid (a preservative), l-lysine monohydrochloride, dried peas, dried carrots, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate (s preservative), choline chloride, vitamin supplements (E, A, B12, D3),

Hills: Chicken, Whole Grain Corn, Whole Grain Sorghum, Whole Grain Wheat, Chicken By-Product Meal, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), Brewers Rice, Chicken Liver Flavor, Lactic Acid, Soybean Oil, Flaxseed, Iodized Salt, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Lysine, vitamins (L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), Calcium Carbonate, minerals (Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite), Taurine, preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Beta-Carotene, Rosemary Extract.

Do all these ingredients in either brand come from the United States? Not so far as I can tell. I can't find information anywhere on the package that says where the ingredients are from. Does this make me uncomfortable? Yes, it does. But there are few affordable dog foods that give this information.

My dog likes the taste of Beneful better than the Hill's (I`m not sure that tells us anything; he thinks old shoes taste great). And I know that he's getting a balanced diet when he eats any Purina food, whether or not meat is the first listed ingredient, and whether or not it contains corn (which he digests quite well).

But I'm far more interested in learning the country of origin of the ingredients than in seeing the list.

I'm giving Beneful four stars because it does what it claims - it gives my dog a balanced diet. But I'm deducting one star because I want more information than I'm getting.
240125240125B001VJ0B0IA34C98SJU4M7DDPhAzEr DaZeR2241343174400Chihuahua EnjoysMy Chihuahua is not a picky eater and will for the most part each just about anything she is given.
When I poured this food into her dish she immediately took out the "veggie" pieces and ate those 1st, she played with them as if they were treats.
With some dog foods I have to be careful because of the size of the food because she is a small dog.
The pieces were all good sizes and she was able to eat easily.
Like I said she did eat the "veggie" pieces 1st, but she did end up eating the other pieces.
She does like it.
She did however enjoy the Chef Michael's Grilled Sirloin Dry Dog Food 4.5 Pound Bag more.
I have purchased the Purina Beneful in the past and will do so again in the future!
240126240126B001VJ0B0IA1URXSRV6WDHVYMarty Gillis2251343088000The ONLY dog food our dog will eat!Our dog Molly is a VERY picky eater. And folks, the absolute truth is she will ONLY eat this particular brand and flavor of dog food. Now, whether or not that means it is good stuff is a highly subjective thing. Since the humans here at home don't consume it, we can only go by Molly's ( a small cocker) enthusiasm for it and the fact she will refuse to eat ANY other type of food, both canned or dry. (she does, however, love Beggin' Strips)

Now I have seen and read many reviews that proclaim this dog food as one of the very worst you can buy and for numerous reasons. The bottom line for me is our dog Molly has reached 14 years of age and is in reasonably good health, other than some arthritis, a bit of incontinence and being deaf. Whether that is because of this food or IN SPITE OF IT is beyond my knowledge.

Basically, our dog loves this stuff, turns her nose up at ANYTHING else (except Beggin' Strips) and has reached the ripe old age of 14 and still chases me all over the house. While I am sure you could find many people on both sides of the "This stuff is great" / "This stuff is garbage" issue, I can only tell you what we have experienced and how much our dog loves Purina Beneful.
240127240127B001VJ0B0IA2OZ6PW2W5FQTPKathy0051341619200Good dog foodI honestly am not one who gives our dogs only gourmet/health food products and have always purchased grocery store brands. We feed our dogs several different kinds of food and treats (including some human food) and they've always been very healthy. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I can't make any claims as far as how healthy this food is for your dogs, but I know our dogs are in great shape. We've used several Beneful products and our pets have always liked them. I've always found them to be very fresh and looking exactly like what is on the packaging.

The Original Beneful looks exactly like it does on the outside of the bag. The size of the pieces vary from approx. 1/2" to 3/4" and are in different shapes and colors. The smell when you open the bag is a very strong dog food smell, so I would imagine it's very flavorful. The zip top is very convenient to have on a bag this size. You just press on the bag to get the air out and zip it shut.

This bag is very large, so if you aren't sure if your dogs will like it you might want to try a smaller size at the grocery store first, but if you know your dogs like this, I don't think you can go wrong with it.
240128240128B001VJ0B0IA4QC76NMWE5OCMichael Taylor "Michael Taylor"0031341619200Purina BenefulWe have a 4-year old Jack Russell mix who has tried Purina Beneful. When feeding him the food, he seems to like it okay and does not appear to reject it. The food doesn't appear to be as smelly as some other foods are. Since we have never purchased the product, I am not sure as to how competitively priced Beneful may be compared to other products.

So far, Beneful seems to be okay. I am not an expert on dog food, but some reviewers have expressed reservations about some of the supposedly less healthy ingredients. Based on that and if the price appears to be higher than similar products, we may not regularly purchase the product.
240129240129B001VJ0B0IA2HOLM5I1ARX9JCarol C. "ccjello"0041341619200our little shih tzu liked it just fineWhat a treat to find a big bag of dog food waiting on the front porch, rather than having to schlep to the pet store and haul home! Other than commenting on the convenience of home deliver, it's difficult to know what to say about a dog food --as I'm not going to taste it, and even if I did, I'm not sure that would provide any useful information.

-The bits of kibble are colorful and attractive -- again, don't know if the dog cares about this one way or another -- but it looked appealing to me.

-Some of the pieces seem to be a little soft & chewy, to provide variety and texture. And the dog seems to like it.

-I liked the packaging -- the bag has an easy-to-use zip top and easily sits upright. It is sturdy and plasticized.

-It was nice to have the large bag delivered to the door, rather than having to schlep it home from the pet store -- but I expect that convenience comes at a price!

-Not sure this is the most nutritious food on the market, but I suspect it's perfectly serviceable.

Overall, the dog seems to like it just fine, it is convenient to use, and I would likely try it again.
240130240130B001VJ0B0IA1OPZ3BUTEL47RJust My Op0041341532800The Dog Likes It But Ingredients Aren't the Best3.5 out of 5 stars.
I offered my dog equal amounts of her normal dry kibble, a popular mainstream brand, and Beneful. She sniffed them both, then headed for the Beneful. I tried to head her off by offering her the old food again, but she nosed that bowl away and tried to get to the Beneful. She ate it quickly and with great enthusiasm. Since then, she has happily eaten it even without added water or canned food (breakfast) that she usually gets.

I have talked to a veterinarian who said that Beneful is a perfectly acceptable food for dogs. Given that, I still am not impressed that the first ingredient is ground yellow corn and the second is chicken by-product meal. For dog foods that don't have meat as a primary ingredient, I would rather see a higher protein vegetable source. It also has something called "animal digest." How appetizing does that sound? I do like that it contains dried peas and dried carrots but those ingredients are pretty far down on the list.

So, thumbs up for the apparent taste and appeal to my dog. But a thumbs down for ingredients, although the list is better than some foods. (That same vet told me that feeding a dog a specific brand of the popular economy foods would be no better than feeding her the bag it came in.)

Overall, this isn't the worst food in the world but could be better.
240131240131B001VJ0B0IAVXGN90BU95P8D. Buxman "A Seeker of Truth"0041341532800The Dog Likes it When Human Food isn't AvailableI'm not a dog nutritionist. My dogs have always eaten whatever my kids have dropped on the floor and they have always had long, healthy lives. My dog won't pick Beneful over human food, but seems to like it enough to eat it regularly. The kibble size is small enough for a small dog to handle (our dog is about 10 pounds). If I have a bigger dog, I will usually buy something crunchier and larger than this, but I'm not sure that makes a difference. If you don't want to spend a hundred bucks a month to feed a small dog, Beneful is a pretty good choice.
240132240132B001VJ0B0IA7WH560VVUXB2Kevin M. Derby0021341532800Mixed Thoughts on Dog Food, Awful DeliveryLet me just say for the record that there are worse products on the market for dogs than Purine Benful. While there is a lot of filler in Beneful--it may tell you something that the main ingredients are cornmeal and a chicken by product--it does provide dogs protein. The dog in my life did seem to like it but there are healthier products on the market.

While the bag is sturdy and resealable, I did not have a pleasant experience with Amazon's delivery which lowers my score. Amazon sent the dog food via UPS ground and the box was literally in pieces. It was disappointing to say the least.
240133240133B001VJ0B0IA3EPJSPH03AS29pebblepuppy0051341446400Beneful wins the doggy smell/taste testWe had some fun with this one. My husband decided to do a test with our elderly beagle. She LOVES Chef Michaels so much we give it to her as aa treat, BUT when put side by side with Beneful she went for the Beneful every time. He did it about 6 times, each time changing position of the Beneful. As I said, she is elderly and eating is one of her last joys in life, so I guess we'll be switching to Beneful now. Gotta keep the little girl happy. Thanks Purina for making a food we can feel good about feeding her and that she loves.
240134240134B001VJ0B0IA3Y0IB3VYLD6ASoaping Diva0051341446400Good stuffI have two house dogs, an 8 year old Zuchon and a 3 year old Bloodhound. Both are very picky eaters (the zuchon prefers vegatables to meat). It has not been easy finding a food both will eat. They both love Beneful. Since we started the on this, they are not begging for people food quite as often. My biggest concern with it has been, the cats love it too so now the challenge is getting the cats to eat cat food.
240135240135B001VJ0B0IA7OCP4P0S4YO8M. C. Carter "cartertoggle"0041341446400We have a winner!Both our picky eater and our 'will eat anything that doesn't move' eater, it's a challenge to find a dogfood both will eat. This seems to be the one. We don't have to tempt them by mixing in wetfood or any other kind of additives to get picky eater to empty his bowl. It's great.
240136240136B001VJ0B0IA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0051341360000No more finnicky eaters here!Haven't tasted this one personally, but I admire the zeal with which my dog plows through this one!

The family dog finishes this dogfood in the bowl in no time flat.

Visual inspection of this dry dog food tells me it looks appetizing and I am sure it must smell good to our little doggie! God job Purina!
240137240137B001VJ0B0IA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"0051341360000Woof! It's gone! MJ our big White English Bulldog loves Beneful Dog food. She likes it more than her favorite Kibbles & Bits.She can gobble it down in a couple of minutes, she likes it so much. She loves this dog food because it has real beef, and veggies that are good for dogs, and it tastes really good. She gets so excited about eating this, she will knock you over when you bring it, if you are not careful.

Beneful Original Dog Food is MJ approved.
240138240138B001VJ0B0IA2VUNCELWAV29XBook Dork0041341273600Pet FavoriteWhile this may not be the healthiest dog food on the market, it is definitely affordable and my dogs really love it. My seven-year-old Golden Retriever is quite picky and she really likes it- I think the fact that some of the chunks are softer makes it easier for her to eat. My Lab is also a fan, but that doesn't really mean much since he think leaves and rocks are fine dining. I also really appreciate the easy-close top, which prevents it from drying out, spilling, or from being snacked on between meals.

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