Amazon Fine Food Reviews

240179240179B001VJ0B0IA3FWGSJ3T3N5QWL. Jones0031340064000My dog loved it, I was disappointed in ingredients."Purina Beneful", doesn't that sounds healthy? I felt optimistic. Unfortunately, when it arrived and I looked at the ingredients, I was disappointed to see the first three were ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. Not what I want to be feeding my dog. I expected better from Purina.
240180240180B001VJ0B0IAXR3CV6A4FMBGMcBean "BJMcBean"0051339977600Well, I Guess it Tastes GoodMy dogs love this stuff. It seems to have a good mix of flavors and they're both happy and thriving. I switched to a different brand about a year ago, and within a couple of weeks, my white dog had staining around her muzzle and eyes from the dyes in the food. That is not a problem with Beneful. They love Beneful treats, too. The price is reasonable and the food is available in a variety of online and neighborhood stores.
240151240151B001VJ0B0IA2OT7AEHVZ0AZ0Jaime Vendera "Producer of Kindle books for 7...0051340755200My dogs LOVE BenefulMy main concern when I requested this product was thinking it would be more suitable for bigger dogs. Considering I have small dogs, including Chihuahuas and Dachshunds, I was unsure they'd like or eat it. However, Beneful consisted of small, bite size chunks that were chewy. My dogs love this dog food so much, we've already went through the large bag and have had to buy another. In other words, my dogs have requested I switch their food. We're a Beneful family now. If you're curious if your dog will like this product, they do make smaller bags. However, we're sticking with the large bag because they chow it down. It's good because my Chihuahuas were a bit on the thin side, and though we moderate their food intake, they have gained slightly in weight, filling them out to a ore healthy weight as suggested by our Veterinarian.
240152240152B001VJ0B0IA3T8WOFS5RD2IRJohn D. Hillmer0031340668800An OK product, dogs liked it, resealable bagOur dog gave Beneful a try. The label says whole wheat grains, real beef, accented with vitamin rich veggies, with moist chewy chunks. I liked the quick zip for freshness zip lock top. That was a nice feature for such a big bag that took some time to get through. I also liked the photo of the food on the front to give me an idea of what to expect inside. The moist chewy chunks look a bit like play-dough but our dog didn't seem to mind. There were plenty of dry chunks, which I prefer to feed our dogs so they have something to work on keeping their teeth clean.

When I fed it to our basset hound, she lost weight and her coat got kind of dull. I mixed it in with her current food for the transition, but when I noticed her weight loss, ended up feeding her an extra cup more each day to compensate. Her coat got better eventually and overall looks pretty good now. She seemed to enjoy the food and had no trouble finishing her meals. There were no intestinal issues during the transition which has troubled her during other food samplings. Overall, with the increased amount of food given, we thought it was an ok product.
240153240153B001VJ0B0IA1B6O7SAIYG2N0Jacx "J.C."0031340668800Ok dog food but mostly corn mealAlthough my dog will eat this, I doubt I would buy it again, I try to avoid cornmeal as much as possible and that is the first ingredient.
240154240154B001VJ0B0IA2M6B16568F7KHReneeSuz0041340582400how to judge a dog food?I have to admit it's hard to review a product I don't personally use but I can say that our dog seems to like Beneful. She eats her serving all at once. The food itself looks pretty in the bowl with multiple colors (two shades of brown, red and green) in different shapes.
240155240155B001VJ0B0IA3PIW7ZF4C5ZJLRhiana Jones0041340496000Dogs Love BenefulI have three little dogs, two of them that are a bit picky. They've always liked Beneful and I'm happy with feeding it to them. We have moved to making almost all of their food for better health and we use Beneful as a filler and supplement to it.
240156240156B001VJ0B0IA30LAVLDNH4JR0Mrs. Krinklebine "piddly"0051340496000My dog LOVES this food !!I was feeding my dog VERY expensive dog food and my dog loves this food SO much more !!! Finishes her food all the time. I used to see her eating her dry food every few days but with this one she finishes her bowl EVERYDAY !!
240157240157B001VJ0B0IA2CVP31XTYSZFECelia Hayes "Sgt. Mom"0031340409600The Dogs Really, Really Like ItHaving two resident dogs of wildly different sizes and needs, they are united on liking Beneful - which is a good thing, from our vantage of having to purchase mid-priced dog chow now and again. The chicken bits, scraps and by-products obviously afford enough flavor to satisfy a large Boxer-mix and a small Malti-poo, and they get sufficient other chewy treats and bones to keep their teeth in good working order. The high corn content, though - is a worrisome thing. Generally, we prefer to mix the Beneful with a bag of higher-protein food, when we can afford it.
On the unreservedly approving side, the bag containing the food is a very satisfactory bit of packaging, with the zip-lock arrangement. I wish that more pet-food providers did this.
240158240158B001VJ0B0IAOYUWL023B8TZDonna "a very truthful reviewer"0051340323200My dog likes itMy dog is a very picky eater. She refuses to eat certain dry foods, but she really likes Purina Beneful. I have given her Pedigree for years and she will eat it sometimes, but she doesn't seem to enjoy it. I was actually shocked by the way she went at Beneful the first time I gave it to her. The bag is more than halfway gone and she still seems to really enjoy it. I guess she has chosen to switch to Purina Beneful.
240159240159B001VJ0B0IA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0031340323200Hey Mikey, he likes it! (Sorta)First off, I just have to say that this was a large bag of dog food, so if you've got a smaller dog or a canine friend with a smaller appetite, this bag will go a long way. Also, be careful when carrying this, as the top of this is resealable (yay!) with a ziplock top and this could scratch your neck if you're not a little wary. (Just saying this because I ended up with a long scratch down my neck from carrying this on my shoulder and wanted others to avoid the same fate.)

My friend's canine is a little picky about what he eats, with dry dog food being his "last resort". I figured that if I could get this dog to eat and even remotely enjoy this food, then it would be a pretty good recommendation. Now while he didn't take to the Beneful like a fish to water or a cat to milk, he did eat it, which says quite a bit considering how he can be about food.

I don't think that Beneful will become a regular addition to the dog's diet but that he eats this means that my friend will have another brand of dogfood that he can guarantee that his dog will nom on. This dog food is a little on the expensive side in the stores in my area and while I can't guarantee what the prices will be in your neck of the woods (Amazon price not withstanding since that can change rapidly sometimes), you might want to do a little pricechecking on various different dogfoods. Beneful is definitely healthier than store brand dog food, but if you're going to spend the money then there's some better stuff out there that's a little more organic and natural. Castor & Pollux has a slightly higher protein value, for example.
240160240160B001VJ0B0IAF74UAKV3Q3W0Kathy Parsons0031340323200Good as a treat.My 13-year-old Aussie mix has gotten to be a rather finicky eater. She is still very active and runs the beach most days, but finding non-human foods she really likes has become a problem. We resorted to bribing her with dog cookies/biscuits as appetizers, but discovered that she'll eat this Beneful Dry Dog Food even before her treats and canned food. I love that she is enthusiastically eating it, but am disturbed that the ingredients are less than wonderful. I have to admit that I assumed the meats and veggies shown on the bag were the actual ingredients - and there are dried peas and carrots listed - but reading the list of ingredients on the bag is a bit disheartening. I doubt that I'll buy it again.
240161240161B001VJ0B0IA3S6QCZ62DCRZCJoe0051340323200My dogs love this stuffMy dogs absolutely love this food. My one dog is older (13 years) and she is a bit fussy and even she loves this food. I absolutely recommend it to anyone.
240162240162B001VJ0B0IA1LXESUUNI846BJ. W.0051340236800Nice variety - dog likes itFood comes in different colored pellets, which makes it more interesting? At least our dog likes it. We put this in the same bowl with 'natural balance' and our dog chooses to finish the Purina Beneful first before eating the other brand. It may be that she got tired of eating the other brand, which we were feeding her before getting the Purina, or maybe she just likes Purina better!

As mentioned, we do like the different colored pellets for different food elements, which makes it more exciting. Definitely recommend this dog food.
240163240163B001VJ0B0IA2VYA302TO2K1CLAS0051340236800Dog loves itMy dog just loves this food. When he sees me pick up the package, he starts wagging his tail like mad and hopping around. He gobbles it in about a nanosecond. I like the reasonable price compared to pricier dog foods.
240164240164B001VJ0B0IA29CK3R8EIDEJGJJ Stark0051340236800If my Dog Could Talk . . .. . . I'd have her write the review! But since she can't speak, I can only speculate on the quality of this dog food. Considering how quickly she empties her dish (compared to other brands), I'd say BENEFUL is her favorite type of dog food. I find our dog happy and satisfied after feedings. No obvious problems or disruptions of her digestive track, as all "movements" appear normal and regular. Overall, she's a very happy and healthy dog. I've purchased other brands that, when I feed her, sit in her dish for hours (sometimes even all day), but not BENEFUL. She empties her dish rather quickly, and even sometimes begs for more!
240165240165B001VJ0B0IA38MQHVEICK46PPatti Chadwick "The Reading Room"0051340236800It Gets 4 Barks!I have an older dog (who is a bit on the chubby side) and I decided I needed to start her on a more healthful food. She took to this food well and just loves it. And I already noticed that she's lost a bit of weight and her coat seems a more shiny. I was very pleased with this item and I think it sells on Amazon for a great price.
240166240166B001VJ0B0IA3RG8DYG8AJ6Z9A. Pinaud0051340236800My dogs love this foodI have 3 dogs, all eat and love Beneful. They end up happy and are healthy...

I am so happy with this food... (and the dogs too)
240167240167B001VJ0B0IA2F09EWKV3MTO2StillWaters0041340236800Dog food I would buy againMy dogs like this dog food and it is reasonably priced. It is not "gourmet" or grain free or anything special like that, if that's what you're looking for you'd have to look at the more premium brands. For a basic dog food though it is good, we also use Purina's regular dog chow.
240168240168B001VJ0B0IAVZ1SYMD26S4RPeggy Jentoft0041340236800The dogs loved itWe have one 125 pound 1 year old German Shepherd and one 75 pound 17 year old Shepherd/Chow mix both really liked this dog food The Younger dog just loved it and gulped it down quickly the older dog ate it all, but not quite as eagerly as the younger dog. Neither dog had any problems with it and both do tend to sensitive stomachs so that is a real plus. The packaging was very good easy open and easy to carry. Price seems a bit high for our budget but we will probably buy it from time to time as a treat and for a change.
240169240169B001VJ0B0IA3COBFLNYK52TEJ. O.0041340236800A Trusted BrandI have two collies. Both have been enjoying Purina's Beneful for a few weeks now. It seems to agree with their sensitive digestive systems. They recommend it!
240170240170B001VJ0B0IAJXDBMJBVUGSRS. H. Wells0051340236800Love the Extra-strong ZipperPurina has always been the brand of choice for my dogs. They use good ingredients. Beneful is no different: it is made from quality ingredients and is high in protien which is good for dogs. The adult formula also has added nutrients to help keep your furry friend healthy.

My dog, a rather picky Bassett Hound, always enjoys his Purina dog food. Jeff (the Bassett) has never had any digestive issues from this food. So as a dog owner, I am happy with a food that Jeff likes and is good for him.

The Beneful I received from Amazon had added bonus that I REALLY loved: a heavy duty ziplock zipper on the top of the bag. Even with only a few cups taken out of the bag, it was sealed tight. Super convenient.

Purina is a 5-star dog food for my dog. I would add a 6th star for the super-useful sliding zipper if I could. I am very happy to recommend this food to other dog owners.
240171240171B001VJ0B0IAVEMPV8P82JYOKassa0021340236800Dog wouldn't eat itMy 65 pound lab mix is not a picky eater. In fact she eats just about anything we give her. I was skeptical of this because Beneful is not known for quality dog food but figured the dog probably wouldn't care and she may even like it. Unfortunately not the case. My dog routinely leaves her bowl full and won't touch the food until she gets desperate towards the end of the night. We feed her twice a day but with this food, she will barely eat a bowl a day. She just doesn't like it.

While the packaging is very nice with a sturdy plastic, re-zipable bag, the contents are underwhelming. The dog food is shaped in nice big chunks but the ingredients (as other reviewers have noted) are chicken by-product and corn filler. I prefer to give my dog a protein and she responds well to higher quality lamb mixes.

I don't think we'll even finish this bag and instead go back to Trader Joe's lamb meal.
240172240172B001VJ0B0IA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0031340236800My dog was not a fan.My dog is spoiled. She was a rescue, but I think she forgets this. When I buy her food with crunchy dog food and soft pieces mixed up, she typically only eats the the soft pieces. And when there are both red and yellow soft dog pieces, she picks out the yellow pieces first. So, due to my dog's finicky eating habits, I did not have much hope that this dog food would impress here. Still, I try to expose her to different crunchy dog foods in hopes she will like one. True to prediction, my dog was not interested in this particular dog food. My dog is about 15 lbs and the food, if she likes it, would a type that she could easily consumed as the pieces are not overly large. When I provided her with a bowl of the food, she licked it and picked out a couple of pieces, rolled over the pieces, and then proceeded to look at me like I was a bad owner. While this food was not a hit with my dog, I'm sure it would work for a less spoiled dog.
240173240173B001VJ0B0IA30VOG29YPU59VLoribee0021340236800I Couldn't Get My Dogs To Like This Food, and They're Usually Not Picky.For some reason my dogs just didn't like this food. I began by mixing it with their regular food (similar ingredients but much cheaper), and they actually picked the pieces of it out. I have a Golden Retriever, A Golden Retriever/Lab mix, and a Chihuahua/Whippet puppy. The only one that actually liked the food was the puppy, but she still eats puppy chow, so I didn't give her a lot.

The only way I could get my dogs to eat this food was to add something to it, like a little bit of canned food, which they don't normally get. I found it unusual because they usually aren't picky eaters, but they just didn't like this food. Since I had a large bag, I had to add something to it every night in order to get through the bag. They would still leave some food in their bowls, which the chihuahua would eat.

I see by the other reviews that most of the dogs loved the food, but for some reason mine were the exception.
240174240174B001VJ0B0IANOBZWKE25SBYTracy Vest0041340236800Even my little yorkie loves it!I tend to buy kibble and dog food in the smaller bit format, as I have an elderly dog, one with few teeth, and a small Yorkie. When I opened the package of Beneful, I thought "uh oh, these are big bites," but soon discovered that all three dogs love this food, and unlike some of the cheaper kibble on the market with lots of by-products, this doesn't contribute to giving my dogs bad gas. Even my ten pound Yorkie devours this up!
240175240175B001VJ0B0IAY46DEOJJYFTWKerry O. Burns0051340150400trusted brand...We trust Beneful and these days with so many scary stories about dogs getting sick from treats or dog food that is made in China, it is very important to trust. My dog always has an appetite for Beneful. She's been eating it for years and still devours it. I love this 15.5 lb. bag. We just keep it in the garage and scoop it out when it's din-din time. An airtight seal keeps it fresh.
240176240176B001VJ0B0IAQZ4PHIEEV5N5Penny Pinching Polly "Check out my website fo...0041340064000Dogs Love It!We've always been a Purina family. My parents' bichon frise grew up on Purina Dog Chow and was switched to Beneful when it came out. She lived to be 14. My dog absolutely loves Purina Beneful, and is a happy, healthy, ambitious dog! I did ask our Vet what her opinion of Beneful was, and she had only positive things to say.

I absolutely love the resealable, tyvek type bag!
240177240177B001VJ0B0IA37S3ACL57LN62Samantha Glasser "Maliejandra"0021340064000This Food Made My Dog StinkyI have been feeding my dog Purina food since I got her, so when this item came available on Amazon Vine, I grabbed it up, knowing that Shelby liked the food and might like this variety.

The re-sealable bag is nice because it keeps the food fresh, but my dog got really gassy from eating this food. The name "Beneful" makes you think that it is healthy for your dog, but it really is made up of all the same filler that other inexpensive pet foods are.

I'm going to stick with the Purina Healthy Morsels that we were buying before. It is cheaper and it doesn't make my dog stink.
240178240178B001VJ0B0IA12O5SEIF162P8William A. Nolan "freeholder"0051340064000Dogs loved itIt seems, according to the labels, that most dog foods have pretty good nutrition. We tend to buy based on price as a result. However, our dogs can certainly taste a difference, and they really liked this one, so it now has a recommendation from four dogs ranging from 6 to 100 pounds.

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