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240210240210B001VJ0B0IA2Y3WWPUKIJ59IVeil_Lord0041339200000Dogs Love The TasteI have three little dogs. We generally handle feeding them by leaving out some dry food for them all day and then giving them a small meal of meat and rice in the evening. Sometimes they're fairly picky about the dog food that they get and refused to eat certain brands. My general position was that we leave it out until they get hungry enough to eat it, but my wife usually override that and just tossed it. Then we started getting the Beneful a few years ago and we haven't had that issue since.

They definitely enjoy the meaty chunks (or whatever the chunks are) very much. As some other reviewer mentioned, the dog will go for that first. Mine will often dump the food out onto the floor and then find the chunks they want and eat those. I could see this being a problem if they only ate the chunks, because that wouldn't be good for their dental health; they're far too soft brush their teeth. Since we don't usually put very much out of the time, the dogs are forced to eat the crunchier bits as well to be full. They nearly always clean up the mess they made by late afternoon.

Our dogs have been eating this stuff for years and have been very healthy. Other than routine shots, only one of them has had to go to the vet for anything else. When they have been in the office, the vet has said that they appeared healthy. I'm not sure how much of that is the food and how much of that is just luck or genetics, but either way this brand seems to work well for us. I'm not sure if we'll start getting this delivered routinely by Amazon or not, but well likely stick to this brand until they get tired of it.
240181240181B001VJ0B0IA23WE2XLY1MROAHouston0041339977600Good dog food, but a bit priceyBeneful is a well made, healthy food, that meets all of an adult dog's nutritional needs. (Look for the AAFCO statement on any bag of dog food.) My dog loves the taste, although to be fair she's not a particularly picky eater.

Unfortunately it is a bit higher in calories than my normal dog food (Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites Original Beef Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound). For dogs that have trouble keeping weight on, Beneful Original is a great food. However, my dog has a tendency to gain weight, and she is much more satisfied with a lower calorie food of which she can have a slightly larger amount. I have considered trying PURINA Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food, 15.5-Pound, and may try it if I can find it on sale, but with a happy and healthy dog on Pedigree, for a much lower price, I'm unlikely to switch any time soon.
240182240182B001VJ0B0IA39LRLKACX89IPCourtland J. Carpenter0021339977600The name and the picture paint a different scene.Dogs will eat most anything reasonably edible, the ingredients in this dog food mimic the typical grocery store fare for dogs. A lot of grit and not much substance. Still my dog likes the taste as long as he doesn't have something to compare it to he'll eat it. Before this I get him EVO a healthy blend of ingredients very short on the fillers and artificial colors. Unfortunately for Beneful, I think it's marketed to owners by looks on the bag and as long as the dog lives and doesn't get appreciably sick people think it's OK. If you read the ingredients and thought would I eat that, the answer would be a resounding no. I was hoping this would be as good and wholesome as the last dog food I got on the vine, but no such luck, but the dog likes it, so go figure, I still wouldn't buy more.
240183240183B001VJ0B0IA688RIZ2POWSQL. Jenkins "Many hobbies in Texas"0051339977600How do I????Wow, my dog Ben loves this food. Mommy, where did you get this he asked? Can you get me more? He actually didn't say that but if he could talk he would have. He loves this food and when its gone we're going back to his cheaper brand. This is quite a bit more expensive than the Old Roy stuff he gets now.

Right on the front it says with wholesome grains and real beef...accented with vitamin rich vegetables. The first 10 things on the ingredients on the package are this: ground yellow corn, chicken by product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with a form of vitamin e, rice, flour, beef, soy flour, and sugar. Sounds wonderful, right?

I guess they need all of that to hold the some soft chewy and mostly hard pieces together. He does love the food but the dog eats cat poo as dessert, how picky can he be?

Would I get it again? No, a little too expensive for my 100 pound dog. He gets the cheaper stuff that makes gravy when water is added.
240184240184B001VJ0B0IAWE13F1HOCZNTK.Waggner0031339977600Too Bad...Too bad PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food didn't measure up. On the one hand, my dog loves it. He gobbles it up. He has been picky with dog food in the past so it was a relief to find something he would love eat. However, he gorged until the bowl was empty, he became overweight and her dental health suffered. We had to switch to a different brand to keep her healthy.

After reading the bag label, it says the first two ingredients are ground cornmeal and chicken by-product. Yuck! That really grossed me out. I don't want my dogs eating this anymore and switched them to a more wholesome brand.
240185240185B001VJ0B0IA2IMGHMF0LO151DACHokie0051339977600Most Importantly, the Dogs Love It ...I have two healthy male yellow labs ... and they will eat anything (and I do mean ANYTHING). So, the issue of dog food is a little less, for lack of a better word, "serious" to me. While I have generally steered away from low-cost brands of dog food for my two furry disposal systems based on the uninformed belief that cheap=bad; I am not convinced these pricey, ridiculously named superfood brands are anything more than a gimmick. So, I have traditionally chosen the tried-and-true brand of Purina and although PurinaONE is the staple for our dogs, BENEFUL proved to be a nice change of pace for them. Another plus is the "zip-loc" type bag the food comes in.

The biggest issue that some may have with BENEFUL is that its main protein source is "chicken by-product" (#2 on the ingredient list) while the more substantial protein source of beef is #7 on the ingredient list. Animal by-products used in animal feed open the possibility of dead or diseased animals being incorporated into the mix, as well as animal parts not fit for human consumption. The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) is the monitoring entity for such issues and while they have green-lighted BENEFUL, there is no sure-fire way to determine what comprises chicken by-product in each and every bag of food ... this may be a deal-breaker to some. On the other hand, most dog owners have probably seen worse things being digested by their beloved pets on a fairly regular basis.

Another point that might be a problem for some is the use of grain fillers as the primary ingredients (#1, 3 and 4 on the ingredients list) in BENEFUL ... a likely sticking point for those who prefer "natural" or "organic" diets for their dogs. Again, this is a personal preference issue for the pet owner.

Both my dogs love BENEFUL, which is important to me. For 40 years, Purina products have been a main source of food for my pets. I have never encountered any issues with their products and believe the rational point-of-view is that pet food standards have only improved over the years. I am also a little skeptical of the detrimental claims that generally guide people to purchase more expensive products that emphasize buzzwords like "natural" and "organic" ... as the terms can be very loosely defined and too new to earn government interference regarding their veracity. There have been too many instances where false or unfounded claims have scared people away from a myriad of consumer products ... so I tend to take grain and by-product issues less seriously. Obviously, dog food choice is a personal issue between owner and pet and I have no problem incorporating BENEFUL as a change of pace from the PurinaONE on occasion.
240186240186B001VJ0B0IA2JCJJNY43QQIVKaty Lake0031339891200This is why I don't buy dogfood at the supermarket.My dog has been on a healthy dogfood regimen since I got her as a rescue several years ago. I do give her table scraps in moderation, so it's not like she's being tortured by healthy kibble.

I figured to mix in the Beneful with her regular food. Not a good idea. She loves it (but then she'll pretty much scarf down anything that doesn't outrun her.) She's been having gas problems ever since I started mixing the foods together.

She also seems uncomfortable, like she's got a tummy ache. Corn is the biggest ingredient, so maybe that's the problem; her kibble has meat as the first.

I packed up the Beneful (comes in a great resealable bag, which I wish the healthy kibble company would emulate) and sent it off to the dog shelter. I hope some of the pups there can appreciate it more than my dog.
240187240187B001VJ0B0IA21SESEJ8E52B7T. Dunlap "tweezle"0021339891200Our Dog Can't Eat ItWe have fed our dog Purina Dog Chow and many of the Purina dog treats for years and have come to trust the Purina label. When we decided to try feeding Beneful to our dog, we started gradually, adding a little bit to his regular feeding and then increasing it gradually. We only increased to 1/4 of our dog's regular feeding when he started having problems with upset stomach and eating grass all the time and seemed to lose his appetite. We stopped feeding the Beneful and within a couple of days he was back to his old self. We decided to try again, and had the same results. I don't have a clue what makes this food intolerable to our pet, but I am truly surprised that a Purina product is causing this problem.

Unfortunately, with these results, I cannot recommend Beneful as the healthy and nutritious food that is portrayed on the packaging.
240188240188B001VJ0B0IA3TX46J8SBZPG3brazos49 "brazos49"0051339891200My pup likes itIt's kind of hard for a person to review dog food, especially if you have a dog who likes almost any kind of food. Given that constraint, my dog really likes this dog food. Also, it's a trusted brand and the ingredients seem well chosen. Not sure how much more I can do to evaluate this product. If your dog is a picky eater, you may get a different experience, but, my dog would like seconds.
240189240189B001VJ0B0IA361U4SXK7FCQEJoseph P. Jenkins "joe"0051339891200Murphy loves it!!First and foremost, Amazon shipped fast, arrived undamaged, great job amazon. So I have been feeding my dog Costco brand dog food, which Murphy (my english Black lag) woofs down in seconds. I decided to treat him to some Purina and mix it in with his costco brand food, and he really woofed it down. I could tell he was happy. Yes, Its dog food, and my dog would probably eat cabbage if I threw it in the bowl, so their is no telling the quality or taste of this Purina Beneful food. If Murphy is happy, then all is good. Lets just hope he doesn't get doggie gas after a few servings. Overall, I recommend this product.
240190240190B001VJ0B0IA2CT2SA6KFE8GCStanley Runk "Runkdapunk"0051339891200Yum!Didn't like the taste of it much myself, but the same can't be said for my dog. He must really like it considering he usually takes his sweet time getting to his dog dish. He seems a bit more anxious to get to this, so it must be good.
240191240191B001VJ0B0IA3V55DVYU80LDSV. Canfield0031339804800Dogs Liked it, but First Ingredient is CornThe dogs were all over this bag and considering my two dogs weigh over 100 lbs each, that's a lot of dog. Opening the bag was easy with a quick snip of the scissors and closing the bag was especially nice as it had a zip lock zipper type closing. The kind with a little plastic tab that lets you slide it close. Nice. The bag was plastic, so the dog food stayed nice and fresh for my pooches while in the bag. Another nice point.

I poured out a cup for each of them, both dogs gobbled it down and looked at me for more. Hmm. With their usual dog food they give me a pained look and shuffle over to the bowl with a "I suppose" attitude. So, I checked the bag and no wonder they were all gung-ho. The main ingredient was corn. Thrown in there was a bunch of other stuff that basically made it doggy junk food. I mean, they can live off the stuff, but it's not going to keep them as healthy as something with say MEAT as the first ingredient.

I usually feed them the Costco brand of dog food, which by the way is highly rated among those into rating dog food. Don't laugh, they're out there. So, to keep the family canines from giving me the hairy eyeball, I mixed the Beneful in with their usual kibble. They of course picked out the Beneful bits, leaving the rest behind. But you know fur kids. They never know what's good for them. Heck, they'd eat the cat poop out of the litter box if I'd let them. I think we'll be sticking to the usual healthy, yet not as tasty, Costco dog food. But I might throw in some
Beneful as a little treat, like on movie night or something.
240192240192B001VJ0B0IA1UX6GTMKEH98JAnne "Eclectic Bookworm"0031339718400NOT THE BEST DOG FOOD, BUT NOT THE WORST.If you are looking for something that does not have any corm or corn by products this is not what you want. While this is not one of the best brands of food out for our canine family, it is far from the worse. If you were to compare it to our food, it is fast food for dogs, tasty but not nutritious. I mix it with the food that she should eat all the time, but will in the bowl until she is starving if I don't mix something that is "tastier" to her.
240193240193B001VJ0B0IA208U42GARHSORStephanie "edenza"0041339718400Great food, convenient to get from AmazonOur dogs have only ever eaten Beneful and they love it. What I wanted to mention in this review is the idea of ordering a large bag of dog food from Amazon. There was no extraneous packaging, just the box for the food, which was sized correctly. Having recently had shoulder surgery, I can't lift a bag of dog food in, out, in, and back out of a shopping cart, then a car. People who use public transportation probably don't consider buying pet food in large quantities, even though it saves money per portion. I liked the convenience of having this delivered to my doorstep. The food was fresh and, as usual, the dogs loved it.
240194240194B001VJ0B0IA3B620VGG3J6ZPAlexokerry "Alexokerry"0051339632000The One Dog Food my Spoiled Mutts Will EatI've tried many different kinds of dog food only to have the dogs turn around and eat whatever cat food they can get their greedy little snouts on. But this one they gobbled up like there was no tomorrow and they even chased the cats away from their bowls.

The first night I fed them with this I heard a rustling from under my bed and found that my miniture beagle had dragged the whole bag under the bed and was in the process of mouwing down on the food.

The zipper closure really worked well until it was chewed open. I went out and bought another bag and they are still happy with their food.
240195240195B001VJ0B0IAG7EF0SVBQOUXWriterGirl "WriterGirl"0051339632000The dogs love it!I wanted to try this brand as a change to my dogs' diets. Even they get bored eating the same thing all the time. I could barely get the bag out of the car before my three dogs jumped me for the food. They could smell it and kept trying to get into the bag. They have not done this before with other brands. This size bag will be gone in no time, so I have to order more now.
240196240196B001VJ0B0IA167KPMW1NBZJWJoey's Girl... "0051339632000
240197240197B001VJ0B0IA2P739KOM4U5JBGracie0051339632000My dog likes itThis is my Bichon's favorite food that we have tried. It does have soy in it. Usually soy gives him very smelly gas. I don't know if there is less in Beneful or if it is just processed differently but he doesn't have a problem with this food. With Beneful, his stools have been small solid and uniform. His digestive tract is pretty finicky so several foods we have tried have given him loose stools.

This is also the only dog food he doesn't root through to pick out all his favorite pieces first. He eats it all with enthusiasm. My cat also likes it and will happily steal it if we don't watch her.

Overall, I think this is a fair price for a product that my dog really likes.
240198240198B001VJ0B0IA2DA2NJZ2RIYABM. Brown0051339632000My dogs loved it!I have a larger pack of dogs due to the fact that we foster for local animal rescues. I have been looking for months for just one dog food all the dogs will love. I finally found it in Beneful! I could not believe my eyes when each and every dog ate their bowl without any issues. I will be buying Beneful from now on!
240199240199B001VJ0B0IA71W7G4TCTH3TBBMoreB "Heather Coulter"0021339632000There are more nutritious options out there ~~~~I have a 1.5 -year-old, 60-pound Boxer/Pitt Mix she loved the food; gobbled it right up. However, I then did some additional research online and was surprised to discover that this dog food probably isn't the most healthy nor nutritious thing to feed my Joy-Joy. Since the main source of protein comes from chicken by product; basically what's left of a slaughtered chicken after all the prime cuts have been removed.

I think we will stick with Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Dry Food, Chicken and Rice Recipe, 30-Pound Bag. Joy-Joy loves the favor and it is what my vet recommended.
240200240200B001VJ0B0IA3M2U2803IED3XS. Beck "mysticalley"0021339632000My Dogs aren't fans...Our dogs are not happy with this food. I've tried it for two weeks and 'no dice' - they just won't eat it. In addition, the ingredients list corn as the first item. As most are aware, this not a sign of healthy dog food. I was hoping they'd like at least one of the colors and I could use that as a treat for them but my little one just throws it around and plays with it.

Do we like it in this house? Not So Much.
240201240201B001VJ0B0IA1O229NVVDJUX2Anthony Pantliano "The Photo Guy"0041339545600My Terrier loves it.My 25-pound Wheaton Terrier mix was hooked on the Beneful the first time she had it. Previously I was using the Nature's Variety Prairie Chicken food and while she would eat it eventually she wasn't as enthusiastic about it as she is the Beneful. My bet is she likes the Beneful better since the food pieces are not hard and crunchy, but rather are ever so slightly mushy and moist. The food pieces are a few different shapes and colors and are about the size of large blueberries.

If I have one reservation about the Beneful it is this - my dog's stools are much smaller and harder since the switch. Now most people would find this a bonus, and indeed I'm really glad the Beneful didn't give her diarrhea, but the healthiest type of stool is that which is slightly soft.

The bag is sturdy and has a nice zipper seal to keep the food fresh.

Lastly, if you're switching your dog's food make sure to transition them over the course of a week, so the new food doesn't shock their system and give them diarrhea.

All in all...the dog loves it, but I'm not fond of the tiny stools.
240202240202B001VJ0B0IA1DG75OT3Y49EMScott Asher "ashertopia"0051339545600Excellent!I first started using Purina Beneful for my dog about 3 years ago when she put on extra weight and the vet recommended it to us. They actually recommended PURINA Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food, 15.5-Pound, but now that she is doing better I thought I'd give this one a try. I found that over the last couple weeks she enjoyed her meals just the same and we haven't noticed any weight gain (she is a small dog and it's easy to see when her weight fluctuates.)

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase and feel comfident that I can swap this one out when it's cheaper - I've seen this one go on sale more frequently than the Healthy Weight - with no negative response from my dog (or complaints from my vet.) Beneful has been my family's dog food of choice for years and I highly recommend it.
240203240203B001VJ0B0IA2WE93LJX8PMT1A. Hansen "AH Booklover"0051339545600She ate it...that's a plus!Dog food is a somewhat tough thing to give a review on, but I'll give it a try. We have a English Mastiff who is 10 ½ years old and weighs about 165 pounds. She started out eating Iams dog food for about the first 5 years when we switched her over to Purina Dog Chow. Since that time we have been given/bought two other brands of dog food and our dog wouldn't touch either brand. One was Kibbles and Bits and one was Science Diet-we attempted the "mixing in" of the dog food but she would pick out her normal food and leave the rest. Purina Beneful was an Amazon Vine choice this month and I thought I would give it a try. Our dog didn't notice a bit of difference between her Dog Chow and Beneful. I did not notice any changes in her stool during this change or any "other" side affects. Our healthy "picky eater" Mastiff had no problems with this food and I would buy it again....hey, she likes it and at her age, she might as well enjoy what she can with the time she has left!
240204240204B001VJ0B0IAFEYHFH2GH0QZAll Things Urban Fantasy0041339545600Pricey but our dog loved it.We have a rat terrier who normally eats can food (more often than not she raids the cat food dishes). She loved this! It's the first time in years that she preferred her own food over the cat's food. It is a little pricey, but the resealable bag was very convenient and kept the bag fresh and ant free even stored in the garage until it was empty (which we've had trouble with in the past since we only have one small dog).
240205240205B001VJ0B0IA2DQVM07J28BKMRoxana W. "Roxy"0041339545600Dogs love itMy dogs eat this food up pretty quickly, especially the younger two. I have two dogs that are two years old and one that is 12. The younger two will even eat them as treats, but the older only eats it at meal times. I thankfully don't have to add much wet food or anything else to make sure they eat all of it. My only dislike is that it really isn't much different from other common dog foods in terms of health. The ingredients are just as bad as any other brand.
240206240206B001VJ0B0IA2PFCO5ON4N2UPCharles S. Holzheimer "durnik150"0041339545600Fantastic food, one little deductionOur two Labradors took to this food extremely well. There was no need to modify it or bolster it with anything to prompt them to eat. They ate it straight out of the bag.

I would give this a full five stars if it weren't for the fact that the main ingredient is corn. For a dog the first ingredient should be some sort of meat or meat protein.

I would recommend this food highly as long as you know what is in the ingredient list.
240207240207B001VJ0B0IA23OEXX9JTOJZYsomewhere in time "Suzanne"0021339545600My dogs don't care for itI tried this product long ago, and couldn't remember how well my three dachshunds liked it. I've been feeding them this for several days, gradually introducing it. I typically mix canned food with their meal at night, give a little more dry in the mornings if they cleaned their bowls the night before. Well, there's lots of Beneful left every morning. I generally feed my dogs Purina Little Bites or Pedigree small breed. This isn't the best dog food or the worst, but I give the what I can afford and I do read the labels. They've all lived to be very old dogs; my oldest is 17, so I must be doing something right. However, they just don't like Beneful, with or without canned food. I think it's a bit pricier than what I usually get also, but not sure about that. I do know my dogs gave this food a bad review.
240208240208B001VJ0B0IA1S7YQQGJPPFLGCarolyn Lee "Navy Wife"0051339459200Our dog loves it!When I was given the opportunity to review this product, I was wondering how can I as a "human" review it in relation to what a dog would think of it. I decided to start with what the ingredients are and end with what my 2 year old dog Bo's reaction was when I poured the Purina Beneful into his bowl.
I read the ingredients and it contains chicken and beef as well as vegetables and some other ingredients that to be honest I am not too sure what they are ( a little concerning, but I did some research on the internet for some of the ingredients and they are all safe). I then checked the nutrition label and found that it contains protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, and iron. All these ingredients are an essential part of any dogs diet.
Now came the most important part, would my dog Bo like to eat it? I cleaned out his bowl which contained his regular dog food and filled it up with the Purina Beneful. Most days when I feed Bo he leisurely eats his food, but when he walked over to the bowl filled with Purina Beneful he started quickly eating it! I have not seen him enjoy a bowl of food so much before. He was wagging his tail, eating, and then after he ate the whole bowl he looked at me as if asking for more. I am definitely switching to Purina Beneful for Bo's meals. I want to make sure he enjoys his food and gets the nutrition he needs.
240209240209B001VJ0B0IA1NS6O584WD5FJWilliam Polm0051339459200Our dog likes it.Our big black Labrador eats this food, cleaning out his food dish. He takes to it as well as he does any other similar food. This is saying something because we inherited this dog, who had been spoiled to the wet variety of food before we got her. She is healthy and lean and energetic for a dog her age (certainly past her "teen" years).

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