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240240240240B001VJ0B0IA1ZTE3K3EN4TS3Brian Reaves0041338854400The dogs love itIt's very hard to comment on dog food honestly without having tasted it. While this does indeed look suspiciously like breakfast cereal when you open it up (next time I eat Trix I'm probably going to have to fight the urge to hike my leg at the nearest tree), the smell will immediately kill any desire to pour some in a bowl with milk and have at it. We have two easy-going dogs who will eat practically anything you put in front of them and they didn't hesitate to tear into this either. I asked their opinion but I can't repeat what they said since my knowledge of doglish is very limited, but their tails were wagging which I considered a good sign. The only thing I can comment on safely is the price. Compared to other bags of dog food (20 lb bags from their competitors, while this is only a 15 lb bag) the price is a little steep. I'm not sure how this truly does affect their standard of living and if it does indeed create healthy bones but I guess time will tell. I will update this in twenty years and if the dogs are still living I will sing the praises of Beneful to the masses.
240211240211B001VJ0B0IA31Y28UEDXQ0HBJack W. Wolfe0051339200000DOG LOVE'SWell my dog just loves this food! I thought changing her food might upset her so I tried just a little at a time needless to say now it is all she will eat. And the vet said it is good food so this is what she will get. And the price at the store and here is cheaper then the food I was buying. My dog is happy and so am I !!!!
240212240212B001VJ0B0IA12J7R7GAJ5FBZCharles M. Nobles0031339200000An OK off the shelf productAs at least one other reviewer has noted this product is a bit difficult to review given the fact I have not eaten any. Thus, I dont know for sure about the taste, etc. However, I have three dogs and will give my impression of their take on Benful plus some comments on the labeling and ingredients as listed.

My three dogs have eaten this food without any real complaints but they do not wait with much anticipation when I am preparing it. They sometimes pick out various shapes and sizes and over time will finish their meal but it definately is not their favorite. They have not had any apparent digestion problems.

The label gives one the impression that their is a healthy amount of beef in the bag but if you read the label closely beef is down the list and the list of ingredients is lengthy. It contains some items such as chicken by-products that should give your imigination a real work out.
That said, in all fairness the list of ingredients is no longer or questionable than many other brands in the same class. That is, this is an OK dog food that will not win any awards for wholesomeness, etc. but will work for those looking for a relatively inexpensive food. I would urge the reader to compare the list of ingredients with other more expensive foods to get an idea of the real differences.
240213240213B001VJ0B0IAR1T36GLLAFFXScott FS0041339200000Superior Dog FoodReading the ingredients of the Beneful dog food product reveals that there is a solid basis for nutrition for your dog. The main ingredient is corn and then chicken. To be honest, the meat products should be the number one ingredient for any pet food, and Beneful falls down on this score. But it's a matter of small percentages, really, and the rest of the product is fine.

But the real test is how your dog likes the product. And my dog really liked it, better than Purina Dog Chow, her main food these days. So I'd rate the dog food to be superior to Dog Chow in the all important 'taste test'.

It's a good idea to review your dog food choice with your vet, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet. However, based on his previous 'OK' for Dog Chow, I'm sure he'll approve of Beneful.

And most importantly, our German Shepherd likes the food. (I do add canned food to the dry food for extra protein and nutrition. This was also a recommendation of the vet.)
240214240214B001VJ0B0IA2R8TO7WM5HQEZZia0031339113600Dogs liked it.My dogs seem to enjoy this food. The price is reasonable. If I had any qualms it's the ground yellow corn as the main ingredient.
240215240215B001VJ0B0IA1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"0021339113600It does have veggies and meat but how much?The Beneful bag is quite striking showing lots of fresh veggies leading a person to think that it would be chock full of veggies and vitamins which would be good for a dog. Unlike another reviewer who claimed it had neither meat or veggies I did read farther down the ingredients list. The very first ingredient is ground yellow corn. Well, ok corn is a veggie but it is not what I want to see as the first ingredient in my dog's food. Chicken by-product meal is the next item which I suppose could qualify as "meat" but is it ground beaks, bones, feathers, or what? The fourth item is whole wheat flour so that covers the wheat shown on the bag. Where's the beef you may ask? Beef is listed as the 7th ingredient but I'll give you dollars to donuts that it isn't ground sirloin. To get to the carrots and peas you'll find them listed as ingredients 19 and 20.

Now that we have that sorted out, did my dogs like it? I have four dogs in my house and we have an open-feeding system. The dogs include an Australian Kelpie, a Kelpie/Heeler mix, a older Yellow Lab and a beautiful and very active 75 lb. Heinz 57. Over the years I've fed them everything from Ol' Roy Complete to some very expensive premium dog foods. The only food they seemed to universally dislike was the Science Diet brand. When feeding them the Purina Beneful I saw some interesting behaviors. The Lab is picky about her food and I found her taking small bites and spitting out the pieces she didn't like. The Kelpie/Heeler mix starting taking a mouthful of food from the bowl, taking it to the living room, dropping it then sniffing each piece eating what he liked the smell of and leaving the rest. Only the Kelpie and the Heinz 57 seemed to eat normally and the Kelpie would go over and clean up whatever the Kelpie/Heeler had left behind.

Because of the behavior of my dogs I don't believe the Beneful is something I'm going to continue to feed them. When 2 of them pick at their food and only eat what they like there is a possibility they won't be getting all of the nutritional benefits of the food. As a side note, I also have 3 cats. Two of them loved picking through the Beneful picking out the softer pieces. I don't promote cats eating dog food since it can actually be harmful to their systems, but thought it was curious that 2 of them investigated this dog food.

In conclusion. I don't plan to buy this to feed my dogs for several reasons and for each reason deducted a star from the possible 5-star rating. Corn (probably in meal form) is the first ingredient. Two dogs obviously found pieces they didn't like and wouldn't eat them. Thus the deduction of another star. Finally, the cost/benefit ratio just isn't there. If I chose to I could buy Ol' Roy Complete for them at Walmart which actually lists more vitamins and has a somewhat similar list of ingredients. Also the Ol' Roy is a 44 lb. bag which sells for about 25% less than the 15.5 lb. Beneful. As is, I'll stick with the Premium brand I currently buy for them.

Sorry Purina, this one just didn't cut it in my house.
240216240216B001VJ0B0IA3CTI2ARGG2T7XB. Williams ""We must be the change we wi...0021339113600Not the nutrition it claimsI received this product to review via the Amazon Vine program.

My Siberian Husky likes this food, but he's not overeager to eat it. However, I won't be buying it for him, even if he thought it were the best thing on the planet. Corn as its first and main ingredient tells me a lot about the nutrition. Sure, dogs are omnivores, but they're not meant to eat diets THAT high in grains!

I also find the "Beneful" name and its description of the product to be misleading. The name of the product suggests that it's healthier than other dog foods, but anyone feeding this to their dog would have about the same health benefits (or lack thereof) as any other non-premium dog food

It passed my dog's taste test in that he eats it, and it doesn't make him sick, hence the rating of more than one star. My response is after reading the ingredient list was to start mixing it with his regular, premium dog foods, which are healthier... like his grain free products. That eliminates the other stars.

The health of my pets is paramount. My last dog, an 85 lbs pound pup (we THINK a Shiloh shepherd or a Malamute / Belgian Tervuren mix), lived to 18 years on the premium dog foods I fed him and his home-made jerky treats where I use extra lean ground meat (usually turkey), jerky seasonings, and Dog Bloom VM Supreme dog vitamins (powdered, with real cheddar cheese powder to give it added flavor).
240217240217B001VJ0B0IA16DQIHE96X6U0A Bookworm's Haven0051339113600Beneful Doggie FoodOur dog loves this brand of dog food, but normally eats a different variation of Purina. She does have trouble with food sometimes because her stomach is sensitive, but I still wanted to give this brand a shot. So we got this bag and mixed a little of the old version in with this one when we gave it to her. It has been about two weeks now and she is doing just fine and loves the food. We are happy that we have found another version of Purina that she can eat so we can mix it up a little for her.
240218240218B001VJ0B0IA39GKCZWTMG27EGinny Mapes "Pacific Northwest writer & educator"0031339027200Woof --three paws up!Actually, my dog loved the food. The food looks and smells good! The bag is very strong and I do love the handy zipper top. Most concerns are with the corn, wheat, and chicken by products. Some say you should not feed a dog corn. However, whenever we eat corn-on-the-cob in the summer, we always give our dog the cobs. He seems to enjoy getting the corn soaked in butter bits off the cob.

Other dry dog foods, he has not been too happy with. He has a rather sensitive digestive system, but did not seem to be effected switching directly over to this new food.
240219240219B001VJ0B0IA14MSHFCXPARFSLatin Pod0051339027200My Dogs Love ItI have 3 dogs - a Greyhound, a Boston Terrier, and a Rat Terrier mix. They all love the Purina Beneful Original Dog Food and anxiously will sit and wait for me to serve it to them. They all have received healthy vet reports, so I know it's good for them. Of course, I do not overfeed them and exercise them as regularly as possible. I highly recommend this product.
240220240220B001VJ0B0IA136LRUR0RDH9Jmompie "mompie"0041339027200Dogs loved it, but could be more nutritious.My dogs happily ate this food, had no digestive issues from the change and for the price, it's not bad. Still, if you can afford to spend more, you can find a more nutritious food.
240221240221B001VJ0B0IA2AGQEL3O3S9H6Amy "Brave Warrior"0041339027200My puppy-person ate like a pig.I did notice that even though the main ingredient is corn, my puppy-person did not have gas problems and I did not see her eating grass. I will assume it did not upset her stomach.

I liked the zip lock on the top of the bag. Granted, if the bag was full and spilled over, the zip lock wouldn't help and it probably doesn't keep the food fresh because there is still a ton of air in the bag. But, I feel the zip lock keeps out bugs.

Some of the cons of the food are food coloring. Really? My puppy-person is color blind. Another problem was the second ingredient is "chicken by-product meal". I guess that means guts. While I have a problem eating guts, my girl does not. (She'd roll in it if you let her.) I just don't see that as being nutritious, which the front of the bag depicts a healthy dog with whole foods around it.
240222240222B001VJ0B0IAJ8SVXL3SJN7TGrider "Just Horses"0021339027200Mostly FillersThe first ingredient is corn. Not that that's unusual for dog food. I'm a Purina Pro Plan fan myself. I gave the Beneful food a try with my dog and didn't care at all for the moist (food dyed) pieces. Its obviously made, packaged and marketed to attract humans -- certainly not dogs! Few dogs, if turned loose to fend for themselves, would head for the vegetable garden. It's not cheap, so spend your money on a meat based food.
240223240223B001VJ0B0IA1XJOSJN6FHFO0Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -...0041339027200Dogs Liked ItI was wondering how my dogs would like Purina Beneful after they had feasted on the 'elite' dog food of the day before. I thought would they think they are having a hamburger now and be upset because yesterday they had steak. Well, let's see. My dogs are nosey and always come running when they hear you opening a bag, somehow they know it has something in it for them. The food looked good and didn't have a bad smell. Some dog food will knock you out with the ugly smell they produce. I made up their bowls and also did some bowls with their normal food and set them down. They sniffed at first and gave me the look. I suppose they were wondering where that steak tasting food was that they had had the day before. However, one of them finally took a few bites, than another and than another. The other dogs looked at them and ran over to their bowls and began to eat as well. They finished all the bowls and left their usual food sitting there. Hum.....they seemed to like it, not love it but like it. I'm not sure if I would change from the food I give them now to this one. It usually takes about a month to see if they will continue to eat a dog food, so we'll have to see. I'd say they liked it but better than their usual - well we'll have to wait and see.
240224240224B001VJ0B0IA2ZPZM9RE08JXFA. Pohren0051339027200My picky dog loves it!I have a Shih Tzu who is a very picky eater. And I mean picky. He will only eat certain treats, certain dog food and even certain table foods (I know, technically you are not suppose to feed table foods, but we do). He LOVES Beneful dog food!! It is, by far his preferred food - even over the more expensive brands. We also have two large outside dogs - a Newfoundland and a mix breed who both gobble this stuff up like no tomorrow. The soft chewy chunks add a nice combination for the dogs to enjoy, I think, and the flavor seems to appeal to them greatly. The bag does state that it is made with real beef, however beef is like the 8th ingredient listed, so I am not sure exactly how much real beef is in the food. Otherwise it does seem to be very healthy as all our dogs are very active, vital and healthy with shiny coats.

As a pet owner, I feel confident feeding this to my dogs as well. The ingredients are good - though,granted, not the best - ground yellow corn and chicken by-product meal being the first two in the ingredient list, but with table scraps they get enough real meat. The price is reasonable and (I know, this should technically hold no bearing, but is something that I love) the zip close bag is wonderful. Beneful is a dog food that we will be using for years and one that I highly recommend dog owners to try, if they haven't already!
240225240225B001VJ0B0IA3TB9HNQR54B5VJohn "John"0051339027200Great Dog Food, Reasonably PricedWe been feeding our dogs Beneful dog food for years and have been very pleased. We've tried others but always keep coming back to this brand. I think the quality is very good and the product is priced well. I've never been convinced that the expensive "premium" brands are really that much better. I'm not aware of any studies that demonstrate that they are better. Our dog really likes this brand. Although we keep our dog food in a large plastic container, I do appreciate the fact that this comes with "ZIP LOCK" type zipper on the bag. Overall I am very pleased and can recommend this product.
240226240226B001VJ0B0IA27DITPCCZIVAHC. Ball "An idea that is not dangerous is unw...0041338940800Pooch loves it, Ingredients not the bestMy dog, a big Lab/Chow mix has a very sensitive stomach and this food was one of the ones that set right with him. The wrapping on this package keeps it fresh, I wish more brands would do that instead of the cheap paper you rip off. I do often by a more expensive brand for him, but this is a great fallback and much cheaper. Even the more expensive ones often reaped havoc on his stomach and I had to find ones that worked well with him. I think he likes the taste and texture of the Beneful so my happy dog rates this well! I drop it a star because the ingredients are that of a 2nd tier food instead of solid nutrition.
240227240227B001VJ0B0IA22S7D0LP8GRDHJacob Hantla ""2241342828800My Chihuahua Loves It Resealable Bag
240228240228B001VJ0B0IA19XBW5WUDH1ZDavid Nox2241342828800Good basic maintenance dog foodI have 4 Chihuahuas and these kibbles are small enough that they have no problems eating them.
My dogs are picky eaters but they seem to enjoy this. The packaging is super strong with a ziplock type seal.
This will protect the package during shipping and keep it fresh in your house.
I supplement this food with canned food and home cooked food. I like to keep my dogs diet as balanced as possible.
240229240229B001VJ0B0IA24FY1EBJ7EWLHCabushka2241342742400My dogs like it!My yorkie loves this dog food and gobbles it right down. Not that he's a picky eater. He's been eating the weight maintenance formula of Beneful for some time and is very healthy. No complaints.
240230240230B001VJ0B0IA3M6KV5PDU46YIJessica Durbin2241342742400A favorite in our houseMy dog loves this food. It has good size chunks in different flavors or colors and is hard food, but not rock hard, because even my cats will munch on it. Over 10 years I've tried lots of different foods in my price range and this one continues to be the favcorite of my pets.
240231240231B001VJ0B0IA31D73GW09UMXQMark Twain4511339113600Complete Garbage and Chemicals for your animals - Great marketing with pretty pics of vegetables.Terrrible ingredients with entire websites dedicated to purina beneful and sick or dead animals.

Animal Digest (enzyme poured on hoofs, hair, teeth and bones to break them down into proteins...mmmnnn healthy)
Fake Colors


= sick animals.

You want to lower your vet bills/keep your animals healthy? It all starts with their food source. Be wise. You are saving zero by purchasing garbage food.
240232240232B001VJ0B0IA2DG63DN704LOIEric Slay1151350432000My dogs were begging for it!My dogs have very sensitive stomachs. Whenever I try new dog food I risk having my dogs sick all over the floor. I have been feeding them food from the vet, but it just costs so much and we couldn't afford to keep buying food from the vet so I had to try something new. Enter, Purina Beneful Original Dog Food. I opened the bag and was immediately pleased with the zipper seal opening and that the food didn't have any strange smell. I gave it to my dogs and stood back, wondering if they would like it, and fearful of what was to come later once they digested it! They immediately got to eat and LOVED it! I still wasn't convinced because I didn't know if we would pay later with stinky gas or upset stomachs. I am happy to say that this didn't bother their stomach one bit! Their poops were solid, they had no gas and got excited every time they say the bag of food. One day the bag of food was on the counter and one of my dogs tried to jump up to get it, he loves it so much! I am so happy to have found Purina Beneful because not only are my dogs happy with the taste, I don't have to suffer from the side effects of bad dog food on their stomach!
240233240233B001VJ0B0IADY836HK6QSYRardnam "ardnam"1141350172800Definitely enjoyedIt is difficult to write a review on dog food as I am not devoted enough to taste it myself. Based on my dog's reaction, however, I am very comfortable recommending this product. It was consumed enthusiastically and is nutrionally good. The dog does not leave any food in the dish when eating this product, which is another good sign.
240234240234B001VJ0B0IA1LHAXBM5GBJS2Scooter McGavin1141349049600My Dogs Enjoy ItOne of my dogs is pretty weird, she will try to eat any treat I give to her and try to snatch my food out of my hands, but she can be extremely picky when it comes to her dog food. But after a few sniffs, she started eating the Purina Beneful Dog Food right up. My other dog is less picky but he is old and just had a couple more teeth pulled a couple months ago so if the pieces are too big he will have to quit after a few bite. But he had no problems eating the pieces of Beneful. The package does zip close which is probably the best way to keep it fresh and with 15.5 pounds it has taken my dogs about two months to finish off, so I need to keep it fresh as possible for a while.
240235240235B001VJ0B0IA1WSQ0QRWQC7VIM. Martinez "MeL"1141348963200my dog liked iti have an almost one year old black lab who taste tested this product. she was suspcious of it at first sensing it wasn't our usual brand but she ended up liking it. she would leave certain "shapes" in the bowl and come eat those later. my dog's neurotic like that. she ate it with no problem. i didnt notice any extra energy or difference in her behavior. it didn't upset her stomach at all. i'd switch if it wasn't for the price to buy locally
240236240236B001VJ0B0IA1LAGS8H4A2DR7Bill Nicholas1131348617600My go-to brandTo me, this is a good, basic dog food my dog likes and is readily available for a good price everywhere. I do try different brands but when I need something that will work for every day use, I usually buy this. I picked this because it has soft morsels, which I thought my smaller dog would be able to chew better. I know the main ingredient is corn, but I have to believe that the formulation isn't going to kill him. Sure, there may be higher quality foods out there, at a higher price, and I've tried a few, but my dog looks and acts the same and eats them just like he eats Beneful.
240237240237B001VJ0B0IA3DIS5O83SQJWWD. Rapson "geekacres"0041338940800Pup likes it and so do weOur dog has been quite happy with this one. The food tends to be a bit softer than some other varieties we have tried. We do mix with some wet food, and she eats the entire serving. From my perspective, I like the resealable bag which seems to keep the food fresh for a long time. We're one of those families that watches the price of the major brands and certainly use that as a factor as to what we feed our dog. Finally, just wanted to add that the large package arrived safely with no issues.
240238240238B001VJ0B0IA307YFSORUAXSQNYCPickyMom0051338854400Doggy ApprovedThis is one of the few brands I buy for my puggle. She loves it but never overeats which is a plus for us. She normally eats and eats and eats. I have to carefully monitor her consumption or she gets pudgy like a pug. So it's good to fill her bowl w Beneful and watch her eat till full....and then stop! She will go back to it throughout the day and knowing exactly how much she eats in a day makes monitoring her diet that much easier. She's not too picky and we're not too fancy so she usually gets whichever of the major brands happens to be cheapest when we buy. Im not concerned w the tendons and such since dogs do eat such things, but I am concerned w the sugar, and the corn, which produces more sugar. Sugar is killing us all so I will monitor if there are any changes in her weight or health. The package is large and was shipped well. Very convenient, but slightly higher price than in stores, but that just might be worth it for the convenience.
240239240239B001VJ0B0IA3JV4PJZD5O4NJN. A. Davis "Perspicacious professor"0051338854400woof!!!I am channeling my dog in writing this.

Her view is that it is worthy of a three exclamation point WOOF!!!.

We had been feeding her other formulas of this brand of dog food, and had never tried the 'original' flavor. It's true that she will eat just about anything, but it's also true that she likes this brand of food more than others we have tried. And now we can say: she likes the 'original' flavor A LOT, and we will happily buy that for her again.

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