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240241240241B001VJ0B0IABCNO99OFECJ0R. C. Bowman0041338854400The Dogs Adore ItFirst of all, the dogs love Purina Beneful. I've got three, and with the exception of Iams, this is their favorite food. I also have a problem with stomach upset with the dogs. Fortunately, they never have an issue with Beneful.

The nutrition isn't top-tier as far as dog food goes. There are a few ingredients that give me pause (for example, corn meal and sugar, and I'm not a fan of chicken filler, either). But it isn't all-out terrible, either, and again--the dogs love it, and it doesn't hurt their stomachs.

Another reviewer recommended going with this dog food if the dogs prefer it, but to supplement their diet with table scraps and the like. I agree. My dogs will even eat vegetables (we've got tomato and pumpkin plants in our yard, and they eat more of the veggies than the people do.) If nutrition is a concern, supplement it as best you can.

Overall, I like Beneful. It makes my dogs happy, and again--it doesn't hurt them the way some other big-brand dog foods do. I recommend it.
240242240242B001VJ0B0IASTY0YWDJMUD7P. Le Blanc0051338768000The dogs gobbled it right upMy dogs were fighting over this new food. They absolutely loved it. When we put it in the bowl, the one dog kept pushing the other out of the way to protect it for himself. He chowed it all down with lightning speed. So, I do believe the dogs gave this one a paw up for their approval.
240243240243B001VJ0B0IA2KDIAVN06UP7AWilliam Howe "wildwily"0041338768000The dogs like itThe ziplock opening on the bag is very convenient. A 15.5lb bag for 2 35lb dogs seems to last 5 - 6 weeks...and one of those dogs is always asking for more. I like this bag more than the larger size.
240244240244B001VJ0B0IA21EDMG94ID7DClark Isaacs "Clark's Eye on Books by Clark I...0051338768000Feed your dog food it would like!We were thrilled with the dog food coming to us. Not having to carry a bag of this bulk out of the store and put it in the car and then into the house. But, that is not all! The dogs love it. We have two large dogs and when we fed them Beneficial it seemed like they were saying thank you for this wonderful treat. The dogs live outside most of the time and we bring them in when it gets too hot or too cold. They are more peppy these days from Beneficial. Good product, well packaged, including the self seal closure at the top. No messy spills from a partially open bag.
240245240245B001VJ0B0IAN4HRAGRHHX1HHeather Harris "ATitus2Woman"0051338768000dog loved it!!My dog is a papmered pooch, who is very finicky about what she eats. I use other purina products, but was slightly skeptical if she would touch this. Alas, she loved it! I was impressed that there wasn't an overpowering "dog food" smell (you know the kind) when I opened the bag and the zip lock top was very convenient for keeping the food fresh.

The waste in the yard also dwindled as well, and I would like to contribute that to the fact that there are less fillers in this food, and more nutrition.
240246240246B001VJ0B0IA23WE733QT4WGJK. Ward "Love to shop"0051338768000Dogs love itWe used to use Pedigree, but then we switched to Purina Dog Chow. This Beneful must taste just like the Purina Dog chow food, because my beagle ate every bit of it. He's a finicky dog. I love the bag, it has a zip top, so there's no cutting and pouring into a nother container. It stays fresh in this bag. My two dogs had no bad stomach reaction to it like they had when we tried other dry foods. I would recommend it!
240247240247B001VJ0B0IA1A1BM6N28X9J0Debbie Olson0051338681600PURINA Beneful Original Dog FoodThis has great health benefits for your dog and the flavors must be great because I gave her some after she just got done eating her regular Purina dog chow and she still ate 2 handfulls of this. I'm going to give her a handful a day because it just cost too much for me to give her just this. She's an outside dog on the farm and gets lot of exercise and she would go through this 15.5 lb. bag in 5 days if I let her. I think the benefits will be especially good for her as she is 15 years old.
240248240248B001VJ0B0IAUF6FDVDLET0WNightwing's Fan "starchild212"0051338681600Great quality dog foodI've bought the beneful "wet" food and my dog loves it. The same goes with their dry food.

I like mixing both dry and wet food together for my dog's meals.

The dry food are in decent bite size morsels (my dog is small/medium size--an 11 lb. maltese) and looks like quality stuff!

My dog never leaves a morsel behind in his bowl when he eats it, so, I would say "thumbs up" for Beneful!
240249240249B001VJ0B0IALT8OCGC2LVQ9Paul Mosier0041338681600Great Deal for this SizeI own a purebred Chow Chow and he is very particular about what he eats. Most of the time he will only eat cat food, so when he decides to eat solid foods it makes my life a lot easier. I was surprised that he ate this as it's not any special type or flavor. But he is fond of the Beneful and I'd say his coat looks nicer when we feed him Purina stuff. It doesn't have a strong smell like some other foods, so it won't make you sick when you open it. The price is just really good for how much food you're getting. I've paid this much for a 7 lb bag at a pet store. And there is a good balance of ingredients.
240250240250B001VJ0B0IA3R5GTYQ50QVMDM. Gravel0031338681600Average product-nothing special.My dog eats it but he is not running to the bowl like he has for other dog food that i have given him. The food isnt too bad smelling and the packaging is nice. But will not buy for my dog when this bag is done.
240251240251B001VJ0B0IAUCXT9K30SHYFSusan Johnson "book nerd"0051338595200My dogs love this foodMy two dogs, a chiweiner and rot/chow, love this food. I put in down and it's gone. They've eaten it all their lives and have excellent health. It is more expensive than other dry dog foods but I think it's worth it to keep them healthy, happy and fit. I read other people's concerns about it's nutruitional value but I'm happy it's not horse meat or made in China. Most importantly, my dogs are thriving.
240252240252B001VJ0B0IA1LWIO81Z3NLBXJohn Hogan "John Hogan HoganHospitality Hosp...0041338595200Like most items, results varyWe have an older (13 year old) border collie mix who needs the balance of some grain for her teeth. While she prefers canned dog food, her vet recommended a mix of the two. She was rather neutral on this particular mix, but our son's two larger, younger mixed breed dogs found it delightful immediately.

I believe one might have a concern relating to the contents of the grain, as it does have a certain percentage of filler and non-meat items. On the other hand, one must address the needs of each dog individually and not all dogs need or want a heavy meat diet. This is competitively priced at a bit more than $1 per pound, and deserves consideration. Overall, I rate this a 4 star recommendation

Dr. John Hogan
Hogan Hospitality
240253240253B001VJ0B0IA5VJUBG4HK80L. J. Wade "videoluvr"0051338595200My dogs love it.I had seen this dog food advertised on tv and figured i would give it a try.My dogs like it very much.They love people food but i know its not good to feed that to them.It comes in different sized bags and of course different varieties.I feed the dogs twice a day and that seems to be just right.Purina makes a good product and its a good company.The food is priced very well also.I highly recommend this product and im sure you will feel the same way.
240254240254B001VJ0B0IA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0041338595200Use to supplement my regular dogfood!First of all, I have 8 dogs..all are rescued and loved! I can't afford to just feed them Beneful on it's own. I buy it to add to their store brand and they love it! The original formula is best. They like the crunchy moister bits and I've even seen a couple of my "kids" take a mouthful out, drop on the floor..then pick out those pieces first! This costs over a dollar a pound where I live, but, as I said, as a supplement it's just something great and healthy that I am able to do for my dogs. I also followed my vet's advice several years ago and started using carrots for the dogs treats..5 lb bag every week and way better for them than rawhide chews! Great product, wish was cheaper :)
240255240255B001VJ0B0IA2WSAGFJSQC1YFCrease in the Page0041338508800Good balance and she likes itTender vittles, as colorful as a box of kids' cereal, this really enticing food. The dog really likes it. She eats a full bowl and leaves just a little. True, she's more excited about eating the long-dead fish down at the lake, but I'm definitely more excited about this food. I haven't served this to her for very long to say whether it affects her health positively or negatively, but I did have a dog whose hair would fall out if he ate corn. I like that this food has alot of different food groups, not just meat... dogs are omnivorous like humans. Some dogs don't handle grains well, but if she can handle it well in the long-term, this is probably the food I would choose to keep buying for her. Except for the food coloring--please--if they love stinky fish, do they care what color the food is?
240256240256B001VJ0B0IA1AEPMPA12GUJ7Glenda Boozer "Live, live, live! Life is a ba...0041338508800My dogs like this one best.When I really want to give my dogs a treat, I buy Beneful and they do a dance. They eat it like it's dessert, and it certainly seems to do everything that a dog food should. Their health stays good, their eyes bright and their coats dense and shiny. It even smells like something nice and not some kind of old dog-foody smell. I know they say that there are all kinds of good things in there, but mostly, I look at my dogs.
240257240257B001VJ0B0IA240FRPD4MEXNDPhyllis Staff0031338508800Yorkie Somewhat Less Than EnthusiasticFifteen pounds of dog food -- and a Yorkie who suggests I keep it in the bag where it obviously belongs. In her defense, I should add that this is a dog who has been raised on dry dog food (and the occasional bit of cat chow and hamburger when she can snag a morsel), so her opinion is not based on the difference between kibble and canned food.

Looking at the ingredients, I am not surprised at her lack of enthusiasm. The first ingredient is yellow corn meal, with corn gluten meal coming in at third place. Chicken byproduct meal is also in the top ingredients. And I'm still looking for real meat -- the kind that dogs go for. Certainly, this product has lots of vitamins and minerals, plus fish oil, so there are ingredients to be pleased about, but, on the whole, those vitamins and minerals won't do much good if the dog goes on a hunger strike. So it's back to the expensive stuff for this Yorkie. Glad she doesn't eat like a Great Dane!
240258240258B001VJ0B0IA2I05FGBTCRRB8anon "anon"0041338508800dog approvedThis came in the mail the other day and my dog (Miniature Pinscher) was jumping all over it while I was unwrapping it. He can be picky with food and dog treats, but he's been eating this the past few days, so I'd say it's a hit.

But I looked up info online today about best and worst dog foods, and sadly Beneful is on all of the "worst" lists I saw. But then again, so is Iams, and that is one I always used to see being sold and endorsed at the veterinarian's and humane societies, and always heard it was a good brand. So I really have no idea what or why one food is considered better than another. Pedigree and Purina are also on some of the lists. Many of the brand names I see in the stores are. But I can't afford organic foods for my family and can't afford them for my pets either. Guess I'll have to look more into it. It's up to your discretion on what you feel about it.

I take off one star just because I did not see this food on any of the "best" lists. But most of the foods on the bests lists were ones I had never heard of or seen before.
240259240259B001VJ0B0IA23KDA686N6T4YNick Alec0031338508800your mileage may varyMy dog always gobbles down the first bowl of any new food he gets. After that though, its all downhill and within a couple days he doesnt bother with it anymore. This purina beneful was no exception.
So if you have a picky dog like mine, be warned. but all dogs are different, so i recommend you try a smaller size of this first; maybe your dog will like it and eat it consistently.
240260240260B001VJ0B0IA3EZHMGGWY74HYMommaMia0051338508800Dog Happy = Mom Happy!I have to say that this is the only dry dog food that my dog has consistently wolfed down at one sitting! Normally she'll leave half a bowl for later if she's hungry and in between, she'll beg for treats or other goodies as may be available. I'm very impressed with the packaging (it has a zip lock at the top and was very easy to open) and the freshness and quality of this food. Seeing as it comes from PURINA, a HUGE name in the dog food industry, I'm not really shocked at the quality as this company usually comes through with great tasting food and treats.

If you have a fussy dog, this is the food for you. It's fresh and obviously pleased my fussy eater! One other idea, is sometimes I will mix the Beneful dog food (the moist food) with this dry food as an added incentive and that always does the trick! It adds a nice texture that seems to please.
240261240261B001VJ0B0IA1TS45JWJVOSSWDuane Sparks "Duane"0051338508800I'm not much on the flavor, but our dog loves it.Our vet had just recommended trying Beneful for our older dog's weight control. I have no idea yet how that will work, but the dog simply loves it. I guess he was tired of Iams. He had been eating "reluctantly" the last few weeks as compared to his normal gobbling.

So far, so good, and I trust any pet foods from Purina.

One's not sold at Costco in our area, but Walmart does carry it.
240262240262B001VJ0B0IA27X7XXOKMK879Irishman65 "irishman65"0041338422400Depends on the DogI am the owner of two large mixed breed dogs. Both are good eaters and neither has health problems.

The Purina Beneful Original Dog Food bag is easy to open and has a great slide lock once open to keep the food fresh. Visually, the food looks appealing (not that this matters much to the dogs) and it is bite size, so if you have a dog that eats quickly, as some dogs will, it is easier for them to digest.

The directions indicate you should transition the change-over of food over 7-10 days, adding a little more of the Beneful each day.
On day one, my larger dog (around 85 pounds) picked out a few pieces of the new food from the old food, but ate most of what had been added in. By day two, he was picking out more pieces and waited a bit to eat, clearly not as delighted with the larger portion of the new food mixed in; though he did eventually eat his nightly meal.

My smaller dog (around 65 pounds) had no trouble with the smaller portion mixed in the first day, or the larger portion added the second day. She cleaned her bowl both days.

Neither of my dogs is a particularly picky eater but clearly, the Beneful doesn't appeal as much to one of them. He'll eat it but clearly prefers his other food.

I gave the product 4 stars because if I only had my second dog, who loves it, it would be a 5 star rating. Since it seems to not appeal equally to all dogs, I've given it 4 stars. If I only had my first dog and he continued to show resistance to it, I'd probably stop using it after the first bag was gone. But to be fair, any time you change a dog's food you take the risk of how they will react to it. Overall, it seems worth trying the Beneful to see if your dog will take to it.
240263240263B001VJ0B0IA44OY8EFDM4IPTiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf"0021338422400Not for my dogsI must begin by saying my dogs are very picky. They would not eat this food. I am disappointed to take a look at the ingredients list, because this is pitched as one of the "healthy" dog foods, with the packaging showing meat and vegetables, yet it is chock full of corn meal and chicken by products.

Also, this food is not the right size kibble for smaller dogs like mine. I will stick with the small dog formula of a food where the first ingredient listed is meat.
240264240264B001VJ0B0IABQEKKRD6WZFAcpt matt0051338422400Tastes Great!I was very pleased when this arrived at the door - opened it immediately & dug in - wasn't till later when my wife got home & told me it was for the dog, not me.

Just kidding - our dog does like this Beneful, we get many compliments on her smooth coat, she's fit, full of fun & energy & very healthy. Dry dog food has added advantage if you have to curb your pet. Dogs do like variety too, Beneful has several different flavors, you may want to change it up every other bag or so. This 15.5 lb bag lasts about a month for our 50 lb Lab.

Sounds funny for a dog to be eating corn, tomatoes & other veggies, the reality is these ingredients are fillers to keep the cost down. Other brands may be 'healthier' but are going to be more expensive. We selected this brand because that is what the rescue center fed her and our vet said this was fine.
240265240265B001VJ0B0IA2R1HUYHXV7H18Kristi G., mom of Sage0041338422400My picky dog loves itMy picky dog loves this stuff. He will only eat a few types of dog food and this is one. He prefers the taste of Beneful to any other brand we've tried. He has a flea allergy so I had put him on a raw diet, but he wouldn't hardly eat it either and kept breaking out so we knew it wasn't gluten - but he was leaving raw meat in his bowl, so we had to stop that too. He is REALLY picky.
I wish the nutritional content of Beneful and the ingredients were better, but my dog won't eat the 'better' dog foods anyway. With Beneful, he at leasts eats good and acts happy, and with his allergy problems, at least he can be happy with his food.
I do have a problem that the cats like Beneful too, and steal it from his bowl. Dog food is not good for cats and the dog catching them is not good for cats, but I figure it must be pretty tasty for the cats to want it too. I read it was sprayed with 'animal digest' which is hydrolized unspecified animal parts. It sounds really gross but it must make it taste better.
I wish they would not put artificial colors in it. Dogs can't see color anyway from what I understand.
240266240266B001VJ0B0IA3S0XEPOFOCB5WRita Reader "Lea"0041338422400This is a great dog food!I have two dogs, a Shih Tzu and a Lhasa Apso. I have tried a lot of brands and they seem to eat this one and prefer it to others. My dog once suffered from back problems until after researching I saw that he needed vitamin C. This dog food includes vegetables, not just meat and protien. He has had no more back problems. Dogs need vitamin c and I read about a vet who raises dogs and she has never had a dog with a back problems because she gives them supplements, but this is a good source of both for your dogs.
240267240267B001VJ0B0IA73CRXNIKDWFSusan K. Stewart0021338422400It's O.K. But ....After reading the description about the healthy ingredients, I was disappointed to find that the protein items were still at the bottom of the list. While the corn may not be corn meal, as many other brands have, it is still the primary ingredient.

My dogs did eat it without fuss. However, I noticed them returning to their food bin (we free feed) more often during the day. It was as though the food didn't quite satisfy. It could be they are used to food that has higher levels of protein. Eating more doesn't always mean liking it better. If I were to continue using this brand, I'm afraid my dogs would become overweight.

I've seen the cute commercials with the happy, playful dogs. I wonder if they are really eating this product.
240268240268B001VJ0B0IAQFORCKKB6F8IRough Customer0051338422400Beneful is another Great Purina product!We are "dog people" and have had dogs for over 40 years. Purina always makes good products for animal food and this one is a winner. This particular food, Beneful, is the favorite of our English Bull Terrier female dog, and it keeps her in good shape. We add a bit of boiled chicken to the dry Beneful kibble and the dogs love this food. Some people are upset that the food contains corn or chicken and I am not sure what their problem is. Wild foxes eat vegetable matter including berries, as well as other vegetables, as well as chicken, crayfish, lizards and so forth. This is a highly beneficial and tasty dog food for your canine friends, and I highly recommend it to all other dog people.
240269240269B001VJ0B0IADS99W8WMEXZ2Michelle Dunn "Author, columnist"0031338422400I didn't taste it myself but....I mean, how do you review dog food? My dog is not a fussy eater, so ate this right up. I would say she liked it, and it is different than her normal brand of food, so maybe she thought it was a treat. After reading the ingredients on the package, I don't think I would buy this again. The ingredients do not seem very healthy but not terrible, I just know there are dog food products out there will all natural ingredients. I thought this was a more healthy type of dog food based on the pictures on the front of their bag, with the vegetables and the name Beneful - meaning full of benefits? My dog loved it, me - not so much.
240270240270B001VJ0B0IA1IA0O3OYQO9LVUnity Dienes0021338422400Gross by-products, sugar, and food colorings--but my dog likes itI completely agree that the ingredients for this dog food look revolting, and the pictures on the package don't seem to represent what's actually in the product. For example, there are clearly pictures of steak on the package, but when I examine the ingredients list, I don't see steak listed. I also was surprised to see sugar and food colorings in the ingredients list. Dogs have no nutritional need for sugar, and if they needed sugar to make this yummy for the dog, it must be really low on delicious meat. Also, I don't see the need for food colorings. My dog doesn't care what color it is, and if I'm willing to feed him "by-product meal," I'm not sure how it's improved by adding a chemical dye to make it green or whatever. Also, the chewy bits are not good for their teeth.

That said, my dog did act like it was Christmas when I gave him some. So, two stars. I won't be switching from my healthier brand to this one, though.

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