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240391240391B001VJ0B0IA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0131344988800Misunderstood as really healthy..This is one of the dog foods that people think is healthy for dogs due to its marketing and packaging! Oh it has vegetables on the packaging, it must be nutritious! Sadly its rated at the bottom of most dog food rating sites as far as nutritional value ( but for a one star food a high one star food )..

With that said my dogs loved it- I mixed a handful in with my normal Kirkland brand food and it helped enhance their appetites and they wanted more. It's priced fairly high compared to other dog foods of the same nutritional value..

In conclusion I try to feed my dogs the best possible food nutrition wise ( without breaking the bank ).. If you want a lot of dog waste to pick up feed lower grade foods with corn meal as first ingredient ( google the importance of first ingrediants ) Beneful might be a good filler food if fed with other higher quality foods if trying to maximize your feeding
240392240392B001VJ0B0IA26LD9FQHTM8ZHOlyNomad0111344902400Purina should be ashamed for even putting this product on the marketJust because a dog will eat something, doesn't mean it should. I think Purina should be ashamed for putting this product out there, but I think they obviously only care about making a buck, not the health of animals and what their product might do to them. Looking at this bag and the ingredients made me angry. The bag shows big chunks of beef, carrots, peas, etc. What are the first three ingredients though? In order they are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal. Followed by whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved, rice flour, beef, soy flour, and it goes on with more digusting ingredients that don't belong in dog food including sugar and artifical colors. I won't feed this filler/junk food to my dogs, they deserve better.
240393240393B001VJ0B0IA231LBC8EGPO5LOutlawPoet "OutlawPoet"0121344902400Basic Dog FoodI love the idea of all the healthy ingredients in this, but here's the problem. My dog won't eat this. She doesn't like the taste. If she's very, very hungry, she'll finally eat it. Basically, when I put this out for her, I end up throwing most of it away.

I tried mixing it with everything from canned foods to bits of meat. She eats the canned food and bits of meat, but leaves most of the kibble behind. Since I feared the problem was that she was getting used to the canned food/meat, I tried feeding her just this kibble for a few days.

I had an unhappy (and hungry!) dog.

From the human point of view, it looks fine and smells fine. No weird aromas or anything. But she just won't eat it.

I wish I had something more positive to say, but this one is now in the pantry to be used for emergency. (It's officially part of the earthquake kit for now!)
240394240394B001VJ0B0IA1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"0131344902400OK but there are better foodsMy dog likes this but I won't feed this exclusively to her, the first ingredients are not that healthy for dogs, corn fillers and meat by products are not good food for dogs. I normally buy a dog food that has chicken (real chicken and not by products) as the first ingredient and I found food made in my own state using the ingredients from local farmers so it is not outsourced to other countries like China. This dog food looks good and my dog likes it but I won't buy another bag after seeing the ingredients. If the package shows good meats and vegetables then that is what it should have not mainly fillers and by products garbage.
240395240395B001VJ0B0IA21U4DR8M6I9QNK. M Merrill "justine"0121344816000I do not feed my dogs soyThe picture on the front of the package is great, it looks wonderful. When I read the ingrediant list, soy ,soy, meal, and lots of vegtables in chemical form, I was surprized.
After a few days, my dogs guts were stinking like soy, foul poop.
I do feed and still feed Purina One, lamb and rice to my shelties.I have used it as a winter food for over 20 years. In the summer I fed a more hgigh protien food and supplament with real vegtables.
Suggest you give this a pass.
240396240396B001VJ0B0IARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0131344470400Better than Ol Roy or store brand foods.....I tested this on several dogs. I feed my own dog Blue Buffalo Wilderness as she has skin/coat issues if she eats a food with grain.

Overall the dogs ate it with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The aussie mix (mine), nosed around in it and ate a few pieces. She has eaten this food before in the past and liked it. She just loves her Blue Buffalo.

Before we discovered that my dog's crusty skin and constant scratching were caused by grain, I had fed my dog this food, and several other foods off the shelves at the store (like Iams, Chef Michael, PurinaOne, etc.). There were coupons for various brands and I took advantage of them to try them. Unfortunately CORN is the first ingredient in this food, and if your pet has allergies to grain or grasses, this food isn't going to help them. But if I had to recommend this food over any Ol Roy or 'value brand' store brand cheap food, I would pick this one over those any day of the week. At least it has SOME meat products in it.
240397240397B001VJ0B0IA3U6J0DLLDEWM2Jason Stokes0141344384000Dog loves it, but are they the right ingredients?We've been giving our Brittany Costco brand heavy meat dog food. He doesn't particularly like it, but the first ingredient is lamb, and he certainly eats it. I thought I'd try this stuff instead, and I'm shocked- he digs in like crazy. I can barely keep him from the bowl after I put it in. On taste, it must be a home run.

It loses a star, however, due to the first ingredient, corn. Oh, and the third ingredient, corn. And the fourth, flour. Dogs aren't omnivores, and I've yet to see one farm any corn, let alone domesticate a crop and turn it into a staple grain, plus harvest it, blah blah. Dogs aren't meant to eat that much corn. I'll spend the extra for real meat, and keep searching until I find a brand he loves to eat.
240398240398B001VJ0B0IA1KOYOE8O2F1J4J. Miller "Heresy"0131344297600Dogs love it but it's not really 'Beneful' for themAll three of my dogs absolutely love this food
240399240399B001VJ0B0IA2LAS014NSRW72Amy Henry0131344297600Nothing special...dogs weren't impressedHow do you review a dog food that you aren't even going to taste yourself? Being scientifically accurate, I brought four dogs to the (figurative) table: two Rat Terriers (Riley and Hawk), a Doberman (Halle), and a Brown Lab (Polo).

For testing purposes, I (really, I did!) set out four bowls. My idea was to let each of them take a choice of the four: Beneful by Purina (this product), Chef Michael's Sirloin (fancy stuff), Kirkland Lamb & Rice (their regular food), and strangely enough, dry cat food which seems to be a hit with all of them (they obsess over it).

Each dog had a turn. I'm not sure if it was the look of it, because it looks like a real pot roast dinner, but Chef Michael got woofed down the fastest. They didn't even look at the Beneful or others. I don't think dogs see in color, so am convinced it wasn't the colorful kibbles. My testing problem was that trying to take each dog away and put them aside to let the other dogs have a turn at the taste test was fraught with danger. They did NOT want to give up the CM. The Kirkland and the Beneful didn't warrant any interest, even when Chef Michael's was gone and those were the only options. The Beneful was the most colorful and interesting "looking", but it didn't make them appear interested. Even the cat food that they usually go for (probably just to get on the cat's nerves) sat unnibbled.

As far as the next day, there was leftover Beneful, so the blue jays that look for freebies were checking it out. They liked it. I don't think it's a bad dog food, but given the options, they were just not interested in Beneful (although I like the commercials!).

One thing that bugged me (slightly) was that I was told that both corn and oatmeal make dogs coats itch...not sure if that's true, but Beneful seems to make a big deal out of their veggie ingredients. Dogs are carnivores. I couldn't help but think maybe the bag and advertising was intended to impress people with the ingredients, rather than the dogs. They've been eating this since the Chef Michael ran out, and I didn't notice any itching, and I also didn't notice too much doggy doo-doo, which often is excessive with cheap dog food. So I would think it's a quality product, just not in comparison.

An unexpected treat is that when you order dog food online, if it's Prime shipping it shows up quick and shipped no lugging it from the store. I like that convenience of that, and plan on putting dog food on a subscription plan on Amazon so that I don't have to run out when when we frequently run out.
240400240400B001VJ0B0IA3Z9QN0RCOHEYBibliophile By the Sea0131344297600Not a good choice on a daily basisFirst the positives - shipment arrived quickly and was well packaged. The bag itself is very durable and appealing to the eyes. The food is multi colored and looks lovely in the bowl as well, AND the dog liked it (but he isn't very fussy either).

The negatives are - #1 - it's just not a healthy choice for a dog long-term, in my opinion. It might be okay on an occasional basis if you were to mix it with some home-cooked rice and chicken etc. The first (3) ingredients are: ground corn meal, chicken - BY PRODUCT, and Corn gluten meal. It also has added chemicals from food dye used to make the food look more visually appealing.

I would never choose to feed my dog this product on a daily basis, but glad I had a chance to have the dog sample it and learn more about it, so we could make an informed decision going forward.
240401240401B001VJ0B0IAY6A8KPYCE6B0Tate0121344211200Pros and ConsPROS:
- Dog loves it, eats it up. Varying size snacks makes it a good fit for almost any size dog

- Not very "beneful" - anything with the top two ingredients being "Ground yellow corn" and "chicken by-product meal" is not nutritious. For those unfamiliar with "chick by-product" it is (according to wikipedia) "rendered parts of poultry carcasses and can contain bones, offal (internal organs), undeveloped eggs" and possibly feathers. And ground yellow corn is essentially just another non-nutritious filler.

- Expensive. Obviously Purina is trying to market this dog food as a higher-end healthy product, but since it's actually not, and priced about the same as much healthier alternatives, it is incredibly expensive for something so cheap. I would recommend this product instead: Nature's Variety Prairie Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Medley, 30-Pound Bag

- Some pieces too big for small dogs.

OVERALL: Not recommended. Your dog will eat it up, but won't be healthier because of it. For the same price, get something that actually is healthy and not just marketed that way.
240402240402B001VJ0B0IA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0141344211200Dog likes it, but ingredients could be better...I tried this food after switching my dog from another food that left him with a dry, flaky coat and apparently wasn't very satisfying because he was always hanging around the kitchen begging for more food. I did a slow transition into Beneful, mixing some of his old food, with the new food over the course of a week. Clearly he likes the taste because he gobbles it down and leaves nothing behind. I have noticed his coat is already looking better and he seems less hungry after meals, which is great because he's not begging all the time. The zipper top bag is very convenient because I don't have to worry about the food drying out before it's gone. Price-wise, it's a good value for this size bag. On the negative side, I was very disappointed to see corn as the first and third ingredients and the second being "chicken-by-product meal". I usually try to stick with pet foods that have real meat as the first or second ingredient and avoid anything with "by-products" or fillers, especially if it's listed in the first several ingredients of the food. As happy as I am he seems to be doing well on Beneful, I'd feel better about giving it to him if there was more pure meat and less corn, fillers and random by-products that aren't adding any significant value to his diet.

5-stars for taste
4-stars for how he's doing on the food
4-stars for price
2.5 stars for ingredient list
240403240403B001VJ0B0IA3G7BEJJCPD6DSLuxuryReading0121344211200Where is the "protein-rich" nutrition?It's so hard to balance price vs quality when it comes to dog food - but I've started erring on the side of quality as of late. I feel that with good quality dog food where some type of meat is the first ingredient my dog is fuller quicker, is happier and overall healthier, which equals less trips to the vet for an upset stomach (upset stomach happened too often with my small dog).

Dogs do like Beneful and my dog will happily eat it. The packaging/resealable function is great as well. However, the poor ingredients are just not worth it to me. If you go on the Beneful site, you'll see claims of "Protein-rich nutrition, with real beef". However, look closer at the ingredients and you'll see that they start with: "ground yellow corn, chicken-by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat, rice flour", etc. BEEF does not actually enter the picture until ingredient #7...
240404240404B001VJ0B0IA3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH0121344211200Only ate if hand fedI was expecting slightly better ingredients. I did not expect for the majority of the ingredients to be fillers; I expected proteins. Dogs are omnivores leaning to the carnivore end of the spectrum.

The package was shipped in an appropriately sized box and had air pillows to minimize crushing. Not receiving dog food dust was nice. I was disappointed in the product packaging itself. There was supposed to be a zippered seal, but the sliding mechanism was missing. Now my pantry reeks of dog food.

Now, the most important part. . . Did my dog like Beneful? Yes, if I hand fed her or if she were truly hungry. She seemed to prefer the soft bits, digging around the others to eat them first. Plus, I have to stay with her while she eats to encourage (trick) her into eating. Sigh, I have better things to do than beg my dog to eat.
240405240405B001VJ0B0IAYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"0111344124800Should Have Read the Ingredient List FirstI am not one to holler "Poison" if a dog food contains soy or corn meal but I won't give them a dog food with some form of meal, flour, and fat as the first six ingredients. This is about as bad a list of ingredients as I've seen.

The first five ingredients on the dry food I've been feeding my dogs, Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, a popular (but more expensive) dog food, are Ocean Fish Meal, Beef, Potatoes, Pea Protein, Canola Oil, Dried Eggs, and Tomato Pomace.

You don't have to pay three times as much to get a super premium brand but I wouldn't feed them a product that doesn't have meat as the first ingredient.
240406240406B001VJ0B0IA1RF9YK4BK5TRHQuality Man "yway6"0131344124800Too Much FillerI don't mind chicken by-product for dogs, but when it comes to corn/wheat, I don't want it making up such a large portions. Also not a fan of food coloring. Dogs will eat this food and they'll live long lives on this food. Is it a top tier food for dogs? Not even close. This dog food is good enough but personally I'd keep shopping since meat isn't listed as the first ingredient. Sure they add vitamin and mineral supplements but since corn/wheat isn't part of natural dog diet, I simply do not want such high contents for a dog. I do like that the bag has a quick zip on it to seal in freshness. The price seems reasonable as well. Indeed the bag makes it appear as if this food is really healthy, but dogs require a different diet than humans, so do research the essentials (and quantities) before you buy dog food.
240407240407B001VJ0B0IA2CZ98V784SRJ0L. Perry0121344038400neither dog nor I excited.I picked this up to have on hand---seems we always have a stray to feed, extra dog food is a lovely bonus! Overall : Meh. Dogs will eat it. Has more protein than most discount brands. But the sources of nutrition are NOT what I prefer for my furr babies.

Here are the ingredients. Make your own choice. (Try [....] or [....] for the scoop.)

Ingredients: Ground yellow corn, chicken-by-productmeal, corngluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols(sourceofVitaminE), rice flour, beef, soy flour, Minerals (tricalcium phosphate, salt, potassiumchloride, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, zincsulfate, ferroussulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), sugar, sorbitol, water, animal digest, phosphoric acid, sorbic acid (a preservative), L-Lysinemonohydrochloride, driedpeas, driedcarrots, calcium propionate(a preservative), choline chloride, Vitamins [Vitamin E, Vitamin A, niacin, Vitamin B-12, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, biotin, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, menadione sodiumbisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), Vitamin D-3], added color (Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 2), DL-Methionine, glycerylmonostearate, garlicoil.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (minimum) 25% Moisture (maximum) 14% Crude Fat(minimum) 10% Crude Fiber (maximum) 4% Linoleic Acid (minimum) 1.5% Calcium (minimum) 1.1
240408240408B001VJ0B0IA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"0131343865600Not Bad, But Won't Get AgainBe it mutt or pure-breed, most dog owners are rather picky about what they feed their animals. I know that my mother goes to extremes when feeding her poodle, grinding up fresh veggies and chicken once a day.

I don't think she'd buy PURINA's Beneful Origianl Dog Food for him though. Lets look at that ingredient list again; Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols (source of vitamin E), rice flour, beef, ...beef is the SEVENTH listed ingredient. I'm pretty sure that means it makes up very little of the contents of the 15 lb. bag. PURINA claims the nutrition is 'balanced' and I am sure that in some objective way it is, but dogs are carnivores and a food that is mostly ground yellow corn isn't exactly what I'd call ideal. I'm sure it is as good or better than many generics or store brands, but for the added cost you might as well spend a little more and get a truly [[ASIN:B00139TT72 healthy] dog food.

I suppose it is decent mid-range nutrition though. And my mutt seems to like it, though he isn't picky and eats Publix brand dry dog food with about the same gusto. The 15 lb. bag is a good size for a small to mid-sized canine and the re-sealable "ziplock" top is handy. I wouldn't get Beneful Original if you are very picky about your pet's nutrition, nor if you are a value oriented dog food buyer. It falls somewhere in-between and I'm not sure it's higher price tag is justified.
240409240409B001VJ0B0IA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0121343779200There are WAY better optionsmmmmm no. The first 2 ingredients are corn meal and the notorious 'chicken by-product meal.' This is one of those things that has a name that makes it sound good, but it's really not. We try it occasionally when we can't find our preferred foods (usually ProPlan, which is in the same price arena, but occasionally the fancier kinds), and it makes our dog (a 60ish-lb hound mutt) poop like CRAZY each time. She usually goes only 1-2 times each day, but when she eats this she gets the runny poops and goes 5 times a day or more. Can't be making her feel awesome.

I was told by a friend years ago that his vet told him that Beneful is "like potato chips for dogs" and I believe it. Tastes great I'm sure, but not a whole lot of goodness in there. Also, as other commenters have said, the suggested serving size of this is larger than for better dog food, so IF you follow those rules, the savings isn't as great as you'd think.
240410240410B001VJ0B0IA126KX6FVI4T66R. Bagula "Roger L. Bagula"0131343779200What I noticed was the smellI'm sorry; I can't say the dog likes this brand of food better.
She does eat it as well as any other dry type,
but not better that I can see.
She has been a bit off her chow lately though.
The smell kind of put me off.
240411240411B001VJ0B0IAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit0121343606400My dog went wild for this food.~But not quite so good for him.I have a 7 yr old Pom who has been on Rachel Ray's Weight Control food and green beans for 4 months and he lost his 2 extra pounds and is very healthy. The bag weighs more than he does. He knew it was his right off. I gave him a little handful while I read about the ingredients and how much to feed him. I was a bit shocked when I read the label of ingredients..the highest amount is always listed first. I expected beef or carrots no it is ground yellow corn meal, chicken by product meal, corn glutton, whole wheat flour animal fat, rice flour, beef, soy flour, sugar, propylene glycol meat and bone meal.Then tons of chemical additives, some dried corn and carrots. This is a semi soft food dogs love, no wonder just like people what tastes so good is usually bad for us. When I adopted the dog he was on another semi-soft that really is not to healthy so I switched him to Iam's Proactive. He did well on that but started to gain some weight.

I'm sorry I didn't check the ingredients before orderings. The picture looks so healthy great balanced nutrition. Think we will stay with Rachel Ray's healthy weight food, it doesn't have all these additives. Just meat and veggies. Beneful is a misleading name.

It can be given in small amounts I think as a treat.
240412240412B001VJ0B0IAHSHR8WG45XRTYA Librarian "YA Librarian"0121343520000Not so healthyI'm gonna confess. I'm trying to find a different alternative to feeding my dog Blue Buffalo dog food. I should really give up the hunt because really Blue is one of the best quality foods around.

I thought this maybe a healthy choice for my dog but I was wrong. When I looked at the back of the package it had the following ingredients: Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E), rice flour, beef, soy flour, water, meat and bone meal, propylene glycol, sugar, tricalcium phosphate..... Just to name a few. I dunno, but that doesnt exactly strike confidence in me as a buyer. And as others have said some of their dogs are getting sick, there have been recalls etc with this product.

Now, dont get me wrong, my dog loves it. But then again if I feed kids french fries every day they'd love it too. So that isn't a good measure.

I think what put me over the edge is when I opened the container(where I put my dog food) and it smelled processed and made me gag. The food smelled fake. The same effect does not happen when I buy Blue.

It's true you get what you pay for. I'll be sticking to a higher quality prodcut.
240413240413B001VJ0B0IA100WO06OQR8BQDuffer. "Bo"0131343347200Mystery ManufacturerMy Dobie is 5 years old and has been eating dry dog food twice a day. Most of the time he will not eat the dry food unlesss I enhance it with some canned dog food or some table scraps or sprinkle some cheddar on top. I have been buying the top of the line (expensive) dry food that is made in the USA. My previous Dobie died of food poisoning from food made in China so I am very careful about what I feed my current pet.

I opted for this Beneful because I have not seen any articles lately about a Purina recall due to adverse results from using their products. When the product arrived I set the box on a coffee table and opened it to remove the bag of food. My Dobie, Max, was standing near me and when I opened the lid of the box he reached in and started to sniff the bag. This was strange behavior for him. I took out the bag of food and opened it. I would like to point out that the bag opens by using a zipper. I had not seen this on bags of food before and should be a requirement for all dog food producers. Anyway, when the bag was opened Max went nuts and hopped around excitedly. I reached in and got a handful of the food and held it out to him and he inhaled it. I did this a couple of more times and he continued his inhalation. He has never done this before with any dry dog food.

The next morning I mixed a cup of his regular food and a cup of Beneful and he immediately downed the entire serving. I cannot explain what it is in the Beneful that turns him on. I am not an expert dog food nutritionist so I don't know if it is a non-nutritional ingredient that tickles his fancy or something actually healthy.

I searched the web, including the Purina site, for any information regarding the source of Purina dog food. I could find nothing. I also thoroughly scanned the Beneful bag to locate the name of the manufacturer but no such information is provided. This really bothers me that Purina is ashamed to reveal the source of its products. I have given this Beneful 3 stars because although Max loves the food I don't know if it is healthy. I will keep a very close eye on Max and if I see any change in his behavior as far as droopiness or inactivity or whatever then I will discontinue with the Beneful. I deducted two stars for the gutless lack of forthcoming information by Purina. I will not buy any Purina products because of their secrecy of manufacture policy.
240414240414B001VJ0B0IA3U029B8Z5WGI2Kat "kttykat16"0131343347200Nice Treat for the Dog - But Not Good for Everyday ConsumptionPurina Beneful must be one yummy dog food - my papillon loves the stuff. There are crunchy bits in there, there are chewy bits in there, there's a fun mix of red, green, yellow, and brown bits in there, and all in all, the stuff doesn't stink too badly (well, human standpoint). However, if you read the label, this stuff is like feeding your family tv dinners or powerbars all the time. Nutritionally, it's lacking.

First off, the first few ingredients are ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, and beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols. So you have ground corn, reject chicken bits (head, feet, entrails, lungs, spleen, bones, possibly feathers), corn gluten meal (a natural herbicide...edible, but not particularly palatable), wheat flour, and rendered beef fat. Now, the "great tasting protein from real beef and highly digestible egg" don't really show up until 7 ingredients down...and call me crazy, but I don't see a form of egg in the ingredients. I see lots of preservatives, and peas and corn near the end, but not so much in the egg department.

That said, the food is kinda equivalent to fast food or junk food to humans. Tastes good, looks okay, but if you eat it everyday, you might end up like that guy from Super Size Me. Would I feed this to my dog every day? No, unless I'm feeding my dog this with a can of high quality dog food. Will this hurt my dog to eat this every day? Probably not, although he does poop a lot more, have stinkier poops, and has to eat a lot more of this stuff in order to meet his dietary needs. He also gained a little weight because of this stuff, but not a big deal since he's super active.

There are a lot better foods out there for your dogs, if you're willing to spend a little more, however this is a nice treat mix.
240415240415B001VJ0B0IAGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0131343174400Sticking with PedigreeMy beagle is a pretty picky eater (weird for a beagle, but she's kind of a diva!). Anyway, I normally feed her Pedigree, but thought I would give Purina's Beneful a try since it claims to be healthier. I did mix this in with her Pedigree at first just to avoid her getting sick from an immediate switch and would recommend doing that no matter what food you're switching to/from! She seems to like the taste and the texture is pretty much the same as the Pedigree Adult dog food.

So since the texture and taste (I assume from observing her eat it) seem to be comparable to what she was already eating, I decided to look and see if the ingredients really are better in the Beneful. I found that the main ingredient is yellow ground corn, with other key ingredients being chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal and whole wheat flour (and the list goes on and on, but those are the main ones). I have no problem with those ingredients, but they are pretty much the same as the ingredients in the Pedigree I'm already feeding my dog and the Pedigree is a better price. Overall, I don't think this food is any healthier/better for your dog than the other large brands out there, so I personally am not willing to pay more for Beneful since it's the same.
240416240416B001VJ0B0IA2XIOXRRYX0KZYB.L.0131343174400Not Great, But Serves As A SnackThe nutrition quality on this food isn't good enough that I would be happy actually feeding it to my dog as her primary food source. She does seem to like it, though, so I've been giving it to her a little at a time as a snack when I need her to eat just a little bit of something. Since it's different from what she usually gets, she seems to think of it more as a treat and she'll munch on it when she might ignore her regular food.

The way it's packaged is nice, particularly due to the resealable zipper.

In short, if I were actually treating this as a primary part of a dog's diet, it would be two stars at most. As an addition to my dog's diet in small quantities, she's willing to eat it in spite of being very very picky, so I'll bump it up to three.

If you're actually looking for a primary food for your dog, on the other hand, I would definitely suggest looking for something that doesn't have corn as its first ingredient, doubly so if there's any sign your dog might have an allergy (skin irritations, frequent ear infections, that kind of thing).
240417240417B001VJ0B0IA1YGIUSI2JTTSCDan Bobinski0141343088000Not the best nutrition, but the dogs love itThe first thing I have to say is my dogs love this. It's what my dad feeds his dogs, and my dogs always raid their food dishes when I take them to his house.

And, when I set this food out next to their regular food, my dogs will always eat the Beneful first. But then, if I set out Twinkies for my kids next to vegetables and chicken strips, I can pretty much guarantee the kids would reach for the Twinkies first.

I'm not saying Beneful is the same thing as Twinkies, but it's pretty obvious that it's got more flavor than what my dogs are used to. So I suppose if you have a finicky dog then Beneful might be something to consider.

But if you're concerned about nutritional intake, here is a review of Beneful's ingredients (in order):

Ground yellow corn
Chicken by-product meal
Corn gluten meal
Whole wheat flour
Animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E)
Rice flour
Soy flour
Propylene glycol
Meat and bone meal
Etc etc etc with several dozen "ides" and "ates"

Essentially, it's not that much different from the other dog foods sold in grocery stores. That said, I do like the fact that the bag is a sturdy plastic and the top has a sliding "seal" that keeps the food secure and fresh.

So here's how I use this food:
For years my dogs have been eating kibble-style food from a local pet store. Even though it's very healthy for them (chicken and lamb are the primary ingredients), I could tell they were a bit bored with it after five years. But now, with Beneful around, my dogs "wait" for me to toss in a few Beneful kibbles before they start eating. It's obvious they love the flavor, so in a way it's probably like giving them dessert (a doggie version of Twinkies?) with their dinner.

Overall, it doesn't provide the best nutritional value, but the dogs love it. So, like I said, it might be something to consider if you have a finicky dog. Or, you might consider it as a supplemental food if you want to provide your pups with more flavor in their meals. Personally, I wouldn't make it their main food source, but as a supplemental (and flavorful) extra I think it works just fine.
240418240418B001VJ0B0IA2O9ZGE4NN9XP1Travis Deputy "TheInsatiableBookReader"0121343088000MY FEELINGS ARE MIXED ON THIS ONE!After having my vet look at the ingredients list on this and telling me his opinion of it, I was skeptical to feed it my dogs. Sounds healthy and it is to an extent. But it's got too much filler and fat in it to be really healthy. It must not be that great because my dogs will literally eat just about anything, including cat turds(gross!) and they snubbed there nose up at this stuff. My vet recommended I stay away from Purina brand because there is much controversy surrounding them with all the recalls they've had in recent years on pet feed. I normally feed my pets Science Diet, but thought, since this was free, I would give them something different to try or something to snack on as a treat. Price isn't that bad, but it just doesn't seem that healthy for your pups. After what my vet told I wasn't going to feed it to my dogs but was curious to see if they would eat it. Pass on this. There are a number of other dry dog foods that are much healthier than this stuff.
240419240419B001VJ0B0IA1YVO5V1SO18DZfair_deal_guy "BB"0131343088000Packaging implies greater nutritional value than the product deliversWe have two medium sized dogs, and like most canines they eat whatever they can as quickly as they can. So it can be a challenge to assess how much a dog likes any particular food. Nevertheless, our dogs went nuts for Purina Beneful - so that question is answered.

The larger question for any dog owner, however, is what goes into their processed chow. Looking at the packaging for Beneful, one gets the impression a serving of this stuff is the equivalent of a nice, fresh salad. That might be true if your idea of a salad is ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow preserved with mixed-tocopherols, rice flour, beef, soy flour, sugar, sorbitol, tricalcium phosphate, water, animal digest, salt, phosphoric acid, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, sorbic acid, and l-lysine monohydrochloride. After those 19 primary ingredients are thrown into the hopper, dried peas and carrots appear on the list. Hmmm.

Packaged dog food is what it is - a cheap way to give your pets a reasonably well-balanced diet at a low cost in a convenient form. Purina knows this, too, but by showing a cornucopia of fresh veggies on their packaging, they imply that this product is made with something that it is not.

That's a little crass, and it certainly doesn't convince me to keep buying this product.
240420240420B001VJ0B0IA2TC8FD170FC2Qbetc20151340236800Amber loves itOur Golden Retriever hungrily scarfs down this product. She seems to think it's "arfilicious." We will be buying more of it. Amber recommends buying some for your hungry dogs!

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