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240510240510B000F0BXB0A2N8MS8WCFRJVQJeffrey W. Behm "Jeff B."0121263859200mediocre at bestI suppose if you can not find any other GF pasta, this will do, but IMHO the texture & taste is not nearly as good as other brands I have tried, incl Schar, Tinkyada, and especially not as good as PastaMia (by Heinz). I will not buy this brand again.
240481240481B001VJ0B0IA3VI2VETB90ZG5J. Sullivan1141344124800Tails WagI have three small dogs; a poodle, a Chihuahua and their now grown pup. All three dogs seem to enjoy Beneful.

The parent dogs are getting up in years, so for the most part they have been on a controlled diet. Rather than feed one of them bag food while preparing meals for the others, I now pass out a handful of the small, bite-sized kibble as treats. I get the wagging tails with eyes fixed on me as the gang waits for more.

Though there is a significant quantity of filler in Beneful, it is an acceptably tasty meal for the dogs.

I'm pleased with the ease of using the Ziplock-style seal at the top of the bag. It keeps snooping little doggies out while keeping the food fresher for longer.
240482240482B001VJ0B0IAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua1141344124800Both of our dogs like this food but not jumping with joy over it eitherWe have an young and an old Chihuahua and they both like this dog food. Neither of them are jumping with joy over it but they don't mind it at all. The pieces are small and ideal for smaller dogs. Neither of them have ever refused to eat it. Since it has vegetables in it then it should be healthier than some of the other regular dog food on the market. I love the zip-loc style bag so you can leave it right in the bag instead of storing in a separate container. The price is about average so Purina Beneful is a regular for dogs.
240483240483B001VJ0B0IA3FMPT5IH0CJ50Lindsey1151344124800My Dogs Love ItI have 2 dogs. I have a small rat terrier who is 9 and I have an very large Old English sheepdog that just celebrated his first birthday. Both of them love this dog food. It has a slightly higher fat content than many dog foods out there. My pups don't have tummy troubles or skin issues with this dog food. (The Healthy Radiance version is better for my particular dogs, but the original is a second favorite.)
240484240484B001VJ0B0IA3JISS7CQJF8JLJoy V. Smith "Pagadan"1151344038400Happy and healthy dogs--thanks to me--and Purina.I've fed our dogs and cats Purina products (Dog Chow, Puppy Chow, Cat Chow, and Kitten Chow) for years--and believe me, that is a lot of dogs and cats! And they've thrived on it; however, our dogs love Beneful. They dance around and poke me whenever they want to be fed. Okay, they're dogs, and they'd probably do that anyway, but they don't dawdle as much as they did sometimes.

The picture on the bag is certainly colorful, and I like the way it looks in the bowl, even though I know it's designed to entice humans 'cause they're the buyers--and I do not like dyes in human or animals' food. Lots of other additives, of course, including dried carrots and peas and bone meal. (I remember mixing bone meal with kibble and meat scraps before balanced dog foods hit the market; I'm still grateful for that, btw.) But I was happy to see an additive I recognized. I know the expensive dog foods brag about not using grains/corn, but I also know that dogs are omnivores--not carnivores like cats.

And I appreciate the zipper bag; the food is fresher and not as likely to spill or attract bugs. I appreciate Beneful--and so do our dogs. Note: The dogs' stools are firm and the same color as usual--brown. Btw, I've seen a lot of stools in my day and always keep an eye on them; and I also try to avoid making a complete change when feeding a new food.
240485240485B001VJ0B0IAUITG1DJ3QUGKE. Swope1151344038400A long time staple in our houseWe have been through just about every brand of dog food offered by our local market and PURINA Beneful Original Dog Food, 15.5-Pound is a brand we keep coming back to. It is nutritionally balanced and made from natural, quality ingredients. In addition, our dog seems to like it better than most, and it is packaged in bags which keep spoilage down in our humid environment. This line is heavier on the grains than some in the Purina line, listing corn as the first ingredient, so I rotate and give him some which is higher in protein (like their Chef Michael's line) too. This provides everything he needs, is reasonably priced (about par with other quality brands) and we know we can trust Purina when it comes to pet food. It is a staple in our house, and our dog is healthy and fit (the proper weight). Until now my only issue has been getting the bags home. (We have a big dog and go through a lot of dog food, and consequently buy the larger bags) which entailed my dragging my teen to the market to help carry them. I Love that Amazon is delivering it now and I can eliminate that ordeal ;) (and, I suspect my son will like it even more).
I can say that Beneful is recommended by my dog, which means more than my recommendation. He likes the taste. I like the price, quality, and now, the convenience. Thanks to Amazon for eliminating a (small) ordeal from my week :)
240486240486B001VJ0B0IA2O421DTA8J0RWDogs & Horses "Spanish Norman Horses"1141343952000Probably the best of the grocery store dog foodI think if you are buying random dog food at the grocery store the Purina Beneful is probably one of the best available. If you're truly looking to buy the BEST dog food, then you're not shopping at the grocery store in the first place. For the average dog the Beneful offers the basic nutritional requirements of course and it goes a little farther than the generics out there. The three dogs in our house that tried it (mixed with their normal far more expensive organic food) ate with no hesitation. They seemed to like the flavor and only one of them had any digestive upset and that was very mild.

I could not give the Beneful to the other three dogs though and this is the reason for the one star contains corn. If you have a dog with skin allergies then you know you have to avoid corn, wheat and soy in their food and treats. Bottom line... if you're feeding a regular dog and your dogs has NO allergy issues, then Beneful is a decent choice. Just beware.. contains corn and that could be a big problem.
240487240487B001VJ0B0IA35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"1141343952000Crowd Pleaser...I have to admit that I am new this this dog food game. I only keep it in the house for dog sitting either my neighbors dog or my Moms. The neighbors pooch is a Golden, and my Mom had a Lhasa Apso...I've had the chance to try this food out on both the mutts and the results have been very much appreciated. They both scoffed it up enthusiastically, and both the dogs owners had heard of, and in the past have used Beneful before. The other reviews here seem to be about equally divided as to it either not being as nutritionally balanced as promised, or, have some serious questions or comments about some of the other things in it. I'm afraid I can't be much help as to much of that. But what I will say it seems to have a whole lot more going for it than a lot of the store brands that are popular with folks nowadays. In fact its loaded compared to some of those. The dog people I know all seem to like Beneful. It's more of a question of its cost more than its nutritional concerns it appears. My recommendation comes from the dogs point of view of it being very tasty and appreciated. And my suggestion as to its nutrition and by products is to compare this with the big box store brands that many are used to, read the other reviews here, and then decide if the extra cost is worth it. It's a crowd pleaser in my house for sure..: )
240488240488B001VJ0B0IA379IB3EYAEL5SPARKY0210 "CC"1141343952000Dogs eat itMy three doggies enjoy this food. I love that it has a sturdy 'ziplock' opener at the top I hope that all dog foods do this in the future. It has crunchy and moist textures and unique shapes. It seems to have good ingredients to help maintain a dog's health such as highly digestible egg which helps muscle, crunchy corn and wholesome oatmeal packs energy, iron for healthy blood and calcium for strong bones and teeth.
240489240489B001VJ0B0IA1UCPXUBSESD65mzglorybe1131343952000Our 3 mastiffs devoured itI had hoped they'd give me more of a chance to see their reaction, but typically they are pretty easy to please. I guess I can't complain since they are eating it. They are full grown English Mastiffs, the size of small ponies. Feeding them gets expensive. The price at Amazon is fair, and if you order 2 bags or more shipping is free.

This 15 lb bag arrived in a box with paper padding/filler, packed well and saved me a trip to the store. I think it is a good option to have free delivery from Amazon and not to have to lug big bags of dog food from supermarket to car to home, especially with a bad back.

As far as nutrition goes I had hoped for more from Purina. It seems to contain a lot of corn filler. Read the ingredients in the product description to see if it is what you desire, or you think your breed would like. Otherwise, ordering from Amazon seems like a good thing.
240490240490B001VJ0B0IA1WXJ1I42UOQ2VAuburnTygr1131343952000Dog Likes It...The only thing I can honestly say that I like about the dog food is the convenient, reseal able bag. We had a stray appear in our neighborhood and although I'm not an avid animal lover, I also don't like to see animals suffer so we began feeding him. When offered this to try and review I had hoped it would be a chance to try a nutritious, wholesome food without wasting money on something he wouldn't eat. Unfortunately that is not the case. This food contains a lot of corn and corn is just not that good for dogs.
As far as taste, our adopted dog loves it. When placed side by side with his current food he immediately went to and wolfed this down. But dogs are like children in that when offered candy, ice cream, cookies or healthy nutritious food you know which one the child will almost always pick. That is why it's up to the owners/dog lovers to look closely at ingredients and fillers and pick the food that is good for our animals to eat.
In looking at the package you would think that all the pictures of vegetables and meats would represent what is actually being served. In this case looks are deceiving. Is it better than some? Yes. Are there better foods available? YES!
240491240491B001VJ0B0IA55LS2HWPQB0QJill Florio "Frugal Living writer at Bellaonline"1141343865600Resealable top and moist kibble, but too much cornI'm pleased on behalf of my dog with this Beneful dog kibble product.

The bag arrived in a large cardboard box so that the bag would stay intact in transit. The cardboard and packing materials are recyclable.

The 15.5 pound bag is made of small woven plastic strips, which makes the bag reusable (as a second trash bag when emptied of dog food) and recyclable where all plastics are accepted.

I was surprised and happy to see the new enclosure for Beneful - it has a very solid plastic 'zip' top. I'm actually thrilled about this, and wonder why all dry cat and dog food don't come with a reclosable, sealable top. I've noticed over the years that my pets prefer their kibble when fresh, so this will help the taste and texture stay palatable for far longer than the usual fold down method.

The second very nice thing I noticed was that the kibble was moist. I think of pet kibble as hard, crunchy food, and moist kibble as gourmet specialty items that come in tiny, expensive packets. Here, there is a whole lot of nice, fresh meaty-type kibble at an economy price. The food is soft and smells good.

Where Beneful loses a point is in the ingredients. The first item listed is ground yellow corn meal. The next ingredient is chicken by-product meal, and then there is more corn (corn gluten meal). Sugar is also highly placed in the ingredients list, but thankfully, that follows after healthy items like beef, wheat meal, animal fats, and rice and soy flours.

A lot of dogs' digestive systems don't process corn very easily; the best dog foods place meat or wheat first in the menu, and eliminate the 'filler' corn meal entirely. Since Beneful is positioning themselves as a 'healthy choice' kibble, it's important to be aware of pet issues with corn.

I don't see why dog food needs bright dyes either. The only possible reason is to make it 'prettier' for people to look at. I would ask Purina to reconsider that aspect, as well as removing the corn.

In spite of the corn meal and unnecessary food dyes, my dog LOVED this new chewy kibble. She actually made happy little grunty noises while eating it, noises I'd never heard from her before.

Dog approved, and person-approved, with the understanding that this is a mid-line pet food. :)
240492240492B001VJ0B0IA38Z8ZXX1BPFRLMelodie "2kidznus"1141343865600Preferred by my 3 dogs...they loved the taste! Please read the ingredients.All three of my dogs love the taste of this food which surprised me because 2 of the 3 dogs do not like their food changed. As the first ingredients are the most plentiful I am not sure how nutritional this dog food really is. The description reads like this is an all natural food plenty protein and vegetables, but.....
240493240493B001VJ0B0IA1UHKF1UQ3EGW4Charles H. Thompson III1151343865600GoodMy dogs ate very picky, so that makes me hesitant to try other dog foods. They usually like Kibbles and Bits the off brand with white pieces. Those are gobbled down quick.

So, I was surprised that they so easily ate this brand of dog food. The bag it comes in is very sturdy. There is no way it will accidentally rip and spill on you. The dog food is also very healthy for dogs when compared to other dog foods available.
240494240494B001VJ0B0IA1LQ5I9O55I3CPLaura E. Herndon1131343865600Lily, the furry garbage disposal likes it, but...I have to say she hasn't met with too many brands of food she hasn't liked. While my cats do not hesitate to turn up little noses at any food not meeting their taste standards, my Great Pyrenees mix isn't the fussy type so because it works for her doesn't mean that it will suit a picky eater.

Though this appears to be a reasonably priced product (and with the current economic situation the price of what both I and my critters eat is a major consideration) the value of what is actually in the product does concern me. The chief ingredient is corn, not the most natural source of protein for canines and not always easy on their digestion either. The food is very colorful but this is to appeal to the human purchasers of the food. Dogs are red/green colorblind, so the addition of the bright dyes is really unnecessary for their benefit.

Perhaps the best feature of the product is the resealable bag. As for the food itself, Lily thoroughly approves but I'm not sure I'd purchase this for her as a dietary staple.
240495240495B001VJ0B0IA1BHSP8TPTH8Y5CCGal "MyReviews"1141343779200Good food, nice smell, dogs like itOur two dogs like this food for its variety. My little dog pulls out the chewy meaty bits first and our big dog wolf down the crunchy chunks. Both eventually eat all of them, but they have their favorite pieces- just like my kids. This food smells good (not fake and smelly) and has a nice color to it. I would recommend this a as a nice upgrade from basic dog food and as a healthier alternative to the basic dog chow. Neither one of our dogs had digestive problems in switching to this food.
240496240496B000F0BXB0ARR6SE22QCD0VTerri S. Cofiell9951174089600Best gluten-free pasta we've triedWe are in the early stages of gluten-free living, and we've tried many gluten-free "pastas." This is by far the best. It held it's shape and the texture and mouth feel are much closer to traditional pastas than the rice varieties we've tried. There is no strong "corny" flavor. I am glad to be able to order by the case because it costs about half what we paid in a health food store.
240497240497B000F0BXB0A1SJLU8W112C7Xyosemiteexplorer7821206316800Not as good as Mrs Leeper'sI thought this was the same stuff I had purchased before, but actually, I had been buying Mrs Leeper's Corn Pasta. The De Boles stuff is okay, but not great. My wife and I find that Mrs Leepers is easier to cook, has a nicer texture (less likely to come out pasty) and a stronger corn taste (which I like, but others may not). In the future, we'll go back to ordering Mrs Leeper's, but I would say it's a matter of taste, not an inferior product per se (it's not like we'll be throwing this away, we just won't reorder).
240498240498B000F0BXB0A6TL3A4GKD06Yyogamom4451182816000A+ GF PastaVery delicious GF pasta.....not gummy, or bitter like some others. This pasta cooks easily and my whole family likes it.
240499240499B000F0BXB0A2KQBZANLTDXC8Yvonne D. Kwasinski3341225756800Real PastaDe Boles Pasta Corn Spaghetti, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
This is one of the best tasting gluten free pastas I have had in the last five years! It says to cook for 8 to 10 minutes, but cook it for 11, its perfect!
I highly recommend.
240501240501B000F0BXB0ABAV2B9NA64NHP. BRITZ "annbritz"3341187827200Lose Weight with Corn PastaWe do not have the enzyme to digest corn. Using corn pasta, instead of any other pasta, helps me lose weight. At first the taste seems a little weird, after having eaten regular flour pasta for your whole life, but add some spagetti sauce, or cheese, etc. and it does taste just like regular pasta. Just make sure you rinse it well after cooking, as you should any pasta, but rinsing this helps make it taste more like regular pasta. Also try corn tortillas, and corn pita, and other corn pasta's like elbow macaroni, fetticini etc. I have lost over 40 pounds, and it is great for diabetics who have to watch their carb intake. This doesn't make you blood sugar jump up. I would have given it 5 stars, but like I said the taste takes some time getting use to, but it is not bad. Also, when cooking it leaves a little frothy paste like film on the outside that must be washed offed. Otherwise I give it a 5. Try using corn torilla's instead of bread and you will loose more weight, and keep you blood sugar more even. Plus being gluten free has it's many advantages too.
240502240502B000F0BXB0A1K501H8ZQ5V7FKat1151346544000De Boles Pasta Corn SpaghettiThis is a product I've tried before but was unable to buy again locally. It was shipped quickly and well packaged.
240504240504B000F0BXB0A241JOG7LGD0VIKarla D. Thompson1151290470400amazing!These are the best gluten free noodles out there. My family loves them and even guest never guess that they are gluten free unlike the rice pasta which falls apart, these noodles stay together perfectly.
240505240505B000F0BXB0A3B6FOHAAOL7G3Silvia Bridger "Publisher of The Truth About ...3451178582400Closer to Traditional PastaThis pasta has a taste and texture very similar to traditional pastas. If you order by the case, it's about half the price of buying at a health food store.
240506240506B000F0BXB0A38XVZKBFXKAP6A S0051271462400Easy to get to al dente.This pasta is great. You have to salt and olive oil to the water to get it to a good al dente. I had no problems with it clumping or falling apart like the other reviewers did. Excellent texture for a GF pasta. Will definitely buy again.
240507240507B000F0BXB0A1F0KAGN08R8RSLouise M. Soweski "Louise"0051264636800DeBoles Corn SpaghettiI tried DeBoles Corn Spaghetti and I am not gluten intolerant, I have to say, this pasta is extremely delicious...I buy it everytime I am food shopping. I made it with butter and grated cheese, meat sauce, cheddar cheese sauce and even plain. I recommend this product to anyone who is gluten intolerant!
240508240508B000F0BXB0A2KU2V67SZAKWKthegirlwholoveswoo0051252022400Great product, good valueThese are soooo much better than any rice noodles I have tried and Amazon has the best prices for them that I have found.
240509240509B000F0BXB0A2LYEMVJNK79SV5Blessings0051249603200Our favorite GF pastaWe've tried endless gf pastas over the past 3 years and this is out favorite of them all--rice, corn, quinoa. It isn't a distinct yellow color like other corn pastas, which is nice for the picky kids. Finally my kids are asking for seconds again! I would caution against over cooking, or you'll end up with mush. I cook 1 minutes less than the directions on the box and it's perfect. This is an awesome case price as well.

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