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240511240511B000F0BXB0A16J5HGMGX5LWMEnovative Solutions Inc Stephenson0111261958400Horrible taste, falls apartThis stuff has a really weird aftertaste. Even if you cook it per instructions and run cold water over it immediately, it falls apart. It doesn't hold up for twirling onto a fork. This stuff is nasty. Much better pasta is available from Mrs. Leepers and Tinkyada. Mrs. Leepers is more like what you'd expect for taste and texture from a wheat pasta, but it's so thin, it can fall apart easily, too. Tinkyada holds up well, cooks up al dente every time, and doesn't have any funny taste. Tinkyada is the favorite for our family and friends who don't have to avoid gluten.
240512240512B000F0BXB0AHUO32JRC3NZGBetty0111242518400uggTried one box. Turned out terrible. It stuck together into one big clump. Tried another box. This time I put some oil in the water with hopes that it would keep it seperate. Didn't work. If anyone has tried this and knows how please let me know.
240513240513B000FGLSV4AHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict1151232928000Luscious and full flavoredI am an avid tea and coffee drinker and this is one of my favorites. In only 4 minutes you get a cup of black tea that is well balanced with a pronounced flavor and aroma of vanilla beans. Everytime I make it at home I feel like I am getting high end tea shop tea in my own kitchen. I love that there is enough natural sweetness (and little natural bitterness) that I can enjoy this without any milk or sweetener, unless I really want to. It is a fantastic flavor so much so that I have repeatedly bought this tea despite the price.
240514240514B000FGLSV4A1S9BGKDIAEZFDMr. B "1st GradeTeacher"0051276387200It's vanilla. It's Mighty Leaf. It's delicious!Of course it's a matter of taste, but I'll join the small chorus in singing the praises of this wonderful tea. To date, I have not been disappointed by Mighty Leaf (the Organic Breakfast is another favorite). However, I should issue a warning: If you serve Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean to guests after dinner, be prepared to pour a second cup!
240515240515B000FGLSV4AE1ZME0QHI8UL. Johnson0041224374400Good vanilla flavor - a bit pricey though with the 'special' bags.I think this is the best vanilla tea I have tried. I thought the tea bags made it pretty pricey - so I'll try the loose leaf next time.
240516240516B000FGLSV4A31YQ1TRJPMRNAAmazingAmazonShopper "Super Sweet"1251201132800Mellow And LuxuriousI loved this tea when I tried it at a restaurant. The tea bag itself is made from a silky, shimmering material not unlike a pair of sexy panties. The flavor of the vanilla is lovely against the black tea. I sent a box to my mother and it arrived quickly and she loved it although she did not mention the tea bags similarities to sexy panties.
240517240517B001EO5T52A1UIE3TSLCZNDXR. Wyatt262751206489600The best!I've been using Xylitol, specifically Emerald Forest's product, for a few years now. It looks and tastes like sugar and can be used for baking too. There have been a few occasions when it didn't quite substitute right, but those are few and far between. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, brownies...all turn out great. I'm on a no sugar diet (along with no grains) to combat a possible candida problem. Xylitol has been my savior. I still get my little sweet kick now and then without any of the damaging health effects of sugar. And, xylitol is also anti-fungal, so it even helps with things like candida. High recommended! And this price is a total steal too! One 32 ounce can costs nearly $30 at my local health food store. This price can't be beat!
240518240518B001EO5T52A1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson566411218672000Poor customer serviceI ordered some xylitol and erythritol products from this company and found some of them had a very, very strange, foul smell. Kinda like mothballs. They get some of their products made in China (the erythritol, apparently), so I called the company with my concerns, worried about possible contamination. I waited politely while the receptionist asked the CEO if I could have a refund just for the strange smelling items (even though it is listed on the web site as refundable). She came back and said, yeah, they'd take it back this once, but they would never accept another order from me again. Next she started to chastise me for ordering more than one of the same thing since I'd never ordered from them before. (Note: I only wanted a refund for the unopened bags of the item in question. I did not ask to return anything else in the order.)

I explained that I had ordered it before from another company, but she interrupted me to say that I should test one item from each new company before assuming the items are the same. Well, in chemistry class we've learned that pure chemical substances should be the same, and it says as much on their own web site. While I was pointing this out, she hung up on me.

I had ordered a wide variety of this companies products - xylitol, erythritol, candies, gums, etc. Some were ok, but the ones that had the bad smell had me worried. I was very surprised when they did not want to stand behind their product guarantee and told me not to order again when I was only returning the items that seemed to be defective. I have learned that some products are made in the US, but when I called I only inquired about the erythritol, which they themselves confirmed was made in China.

NOW foods offers the same items that I have ordered and they smell and taste just as sweet as sugar. They are also available here on
Try them instead -- I am sticking with them from now on.

-I ordered a wide variety of things, including this item: erythritol, xylitol, gum, candy, etc. It included this item and a lot of other things.
-I asked only for money back on items I tried that were suspect as being defective, and then only for the items I had not opened.
-I asked the manufacturer if the items were safe to consume, given the very odd odor some of them emitted. This was as a result of a legitimate concern.
-I did not know at the time that only some products came from China -- the customer service rep did not make that distinction when I asked. I was therefore worried about all of them.
-My review concerns primarily the customer service problems I had, as well as the concern with the origin of their products I had ordered in general.

Personally I think it is odd that when I called to return a small part of a rather large order that the customer service rep did not want to honor the guaranteed refund posted on the web site. She literally chastised me for asking to return the items since I had ordered several of the same thing. How was I to know the substance would smell so badly? She said I should have just ordered one. What difference does it make since I had only opened one? The others were perfectly sealed. She said she would take them back after much ado, and then said they would never accept another order from me. (Like I would anyway after that).

This company should not post a guaranteed refund when they don't mean it.
240519240519B001EO5T52ABXGAJ2PBCHBWElena171851168300800xylitol tastes greatI bought enough of these so I got free shipping, which made the price even more excellent compared to the grocery store where the same brand was selling in one pound sacks for $6-7 / lb. So this is a great deal. It looks and tastes just like sugar (I am not exaggerating!) though it is not actually sugar but a sugar alcohol. It is perhaps slightly sweeter, tends to lump up a little more, but the lumps break up easily with stirring. Though it is not lower calorie, it is low glycemic index which means that it is converted to sugars more slowly and therefore does not cause insulin levels to spike (a factor in fatty weight gain), and actually protects against tooth decay! Your recipies convert spoon per spoon of sugar or cup per cup so it's easy to use. It cooks up like sugar too.

We really love this product. Buy enough to get free shipping and really save!
240520240520B001EO5T52A1CI3IS43199RJorene Bierbower "Justy"121251268352000A quality productWe are so pleased to be able to buy xylitol made from birch trees right here in the U.S. and not from corn in China. The price is slightly more but well worth the peace of mind knowing that it is a quality product. If in doubt, visit Emerald Forest website.
240521240521B001EO5T52ABW7CIHOFKJOQHonest Reader111251248825600Emerald Forest of Colorado has the BEST Quality and ServiceI have personally been to the Emerald Forest plant in Broomfield, Colorado and watched how they produce, handle and package xylitol. It is absolutely clean! The staff love their work and are warm and friendly. Doug Stauffer started Emerald Forest with the goal to help make this wonderful product affordable to the common person. Their products are the best and shipping is very, very fast! I love their gum!

Dr. Dan Doyle
240522240522B001EO5T52AWFI7DXIJ4A8RTRLK6651296172800Great Tasting as Rated by a SupertasterI'm a food scientist with years of experience leading and participating in sensory panels and I'm also a supertaster.

I'm always looking for ways to be healthier and I was skeptical about this product because normally things like this are too good to be true. After a couple years of prompting by my doctor I decided to try Xylitol and I must say that I am impressed.

On the plus side this is not a sugar substitute, it is just a different type of sugar so you don't have to worry about chemicals, etc. There are other brands of Xylitol that are sold on Amazon that contain other things like Sucralose (aka Splenda), which I would avoid because I believe the jury is still out on how safe it is (Sucralose is made by exchanging three Chlorine atoms for OH groups on sucrose molecules).

The only way I have used this Xylitol is in my coffee, and I give it two big thumbs up! And being a supertaster, I require A LOT of sugar (and milk) in my coffee to make it palatable, and even with a lot of Xylitol, my coffee still tastes great.

I highly recommend this product, I just wish it wasn't so expensive!
240523240523B001EO5T52A2KPX40RTU3NZTLindsey Andralouis5551275177600A good xylitol sweetner.I purchased the package of two from Amazon, and found that the two containers were shrink-wrapped together in a way that made it unlikely that they would pick-up any odors or tastes from the warehouse or while in transit.

I had purchased a different brand from a local health food store, and found that the taste of the two products is the same. Very good taste, with no sort of aftertaste or significant difference from table sugar.

The Emerald Forest Xylitol has large crystals compared to the other brand I'd purchased, which was pretty-much a powder. It dissolves well in liquids, so it's better as larger crystals. Xylitol dust is bad for your lungs when inhaled.

Texture of what you bake with xylitol may differ from sugar, though you probably wouldn't notice any difference in drinks. It cannot be used in baking products that use yeast to raise the dough.

Xylitol is toxic to dogs, and it's probably best not to give it to any animal; though I did read there were studies as to whether it could be used to improve the health of cats and chickens by adding it to their water. To learn more about Xylitol scan the web for "Xylitol MSDS" or "Xylitol Safety"
240524240524B001EO5T52ACE4VDFLELKZNJoann O'Toole "jerseygirl"6751208822400Splenda AlternativeI am on a sugar free diet and this stuff tastes great. It reminds me of splenda with no bitter aftertaste like other natural sweeteners like stevia. Splenda taste great but very unhealthy and this stuff is just as good. I love it.
240525240525B001EO5T52A26LY3CHS64N85S. Charmian81011243209600DisappointedI bought a small bag of this brand from a local health co-op and really liked it, and it tasted like sugar to me. So I was excited to get this same brand in bulk at a much lower price online. What a disappointment to find it did not taste the same as the bag I purchased at the store. The Emerald Forest product I received online has a strong aftertaste that stays in my mouth long after drinking my tea. I don't know if this company sells an inferior quality in their bulk packages, but I don't like it. I am going back to Stevia, which I find more palatable and without aftertaste.
240526240526B001EO5T52ABJ2G9CG038IOElia3351332460800Xyla is made from birch in the USA and not from corn in China.I contacted Xylitol USA regarding the product Xyla, and they assured me it was made from birch and not from corn, and that it's manufactured in the USA (in Colorado) and not in China.
240527240527B001EO5T52AQODT5HUK3TYBkk "Grafted In"3351274486400Good Product!This product delivers what the others promise. Good taste, very few calories and doesn't spike your blood sugar. Best of all, it is natural and free from the inherent risks of many of the other sweeteners. I like to use it in coffee or tea and on fruit.
240528240528B001EO5T52A1XCQ33UR5R04Fkraushaus2251297987200excellent sugar substituteXylitol looks and acts so much more like real sugar than other
alternative sweeteners. It doesn't have an aftertaste, it dissolves
completely, and it measures like sugar. I also like the fact
that a sweetener can be good for your dental health. I chose Emerald
Forest because it is made in America (not China) and it is
natural. I will definitely continue to buy this product.
240529240529B001EO5T52A1BCB48YUZ4IGCSonjia Williams "olive oil"2251296691200Sugar substituteI love this product and the Emerald Forest brand. I bought from other manufacturers, but I didn't quite care for the taste or texture. I've always bought the individual packets, but the composite container is so much better for home use. I cut sugar out of my diet more than 8 months ago, and this product tastes and looks just like sugar, so I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of sweetners and my health is all the better for it! Yay! Of all the other sugar alcohols out there, this one is by far the best!
240530240530B001EO5T52A1QZGWRV9KHMUK. Larson2251265846400great substitueI bought this because I have a child with canidida issues, and am trying to cut back on sugars for all my children. It worked wonderfully to make hot chocolate, muffins, and homemade vanilla yogurt. We had no digestive problems with it. The only trouble was making sure to keep all the crumbs from our dog.
240531240531B001EO5T52A1F350ADJFTHFSCraig, CA1111350432000Xylitol is toxic to dogs.Just three grams of Xylitol can kill a 65lb dog in just 30 minutes. I gave it just one star because I'm outraged there was no warning on the product.

Shame on you Xyla!
240532240532B001EO5T52ASUIKE4PEWDU0S. Davies1141313884800Finally, a good tasting sugar substitute...I've tried every sugar alternative available for decades now and couldn't stand any of them - stayed the longest with Equal but still eventually came back to the real thing - it just tastes better. Well, this Xylitol stuff is as close as you're going to get to real sugar. It looks like real sugar, crunches like real sugar, measures like real sugar and tastes - almost - like real sugar. There is a little bit of "tree" taste hanging around in the back there but not really objectionable (it's made out of birch trees!). I gave a spoon to a friend to taste without telling him what it was and his comment was "Tastes like sugar - but a little different."
What there definitely is not - no bitter aftertaste, no chemical taste. Oh, and a friend said that cookies made with it don't turn out as crispy.
It's available in 15 pound bags here on Amazon at a better price - but the stuff is still expensive!
Also, the gum and mints are all delicious!
240533240533B001EO5T52AGRYSE978GBNHJanet Starr1151288915200Good Alternate to Sugar for CoffeeI want to cut back on sugar and carbs. I don't like fake sugar which is full of chemicals. Stevia tastes awful in coffee. Although the Xylitol is expensive, it works in coffee without leaving a bad after taste. These 2 lb. packs were the best price I could find.
240534240534B001EO5T52A1GBFLGAR3UBSICinderlab "A Dawson"1151269734400Xylitol SweetenerLove this product! Great sweetener for those who are trying to eat more natural foods and stay away from chemical sweeteners. Good for diabetics also.
240535240535B001EO5T52A2J4276WNKWROTimo1151243123200Sweetener with no aftertasteThis sweetener was purchased for use while on a sugar free diet. I found it to be as claimed in the descriptions: a direct substitute for white sugar with similar potency.
I find that it just tastes sweet without any other flavor of its own. That said, it does have kind of a "cool" taste on the tongue, but I didn't find that to be a detractor, and neither did the many people that I have let try it.
I use it in tea, but not coffee. Having recently reverted to cane sugar, I realized I preferred the xylitol because it leaves no aftertaste, nor does it add other flavors to the tea.
By comparison, I cannot tolerate other sugar substitutes since they taste terrible to me, although I have not tried stevia.
240536240536B001EO5T52A3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl5741206403200IT TAKES SOME GETTING USED TOI can't really say anything bad about this product. It is a very good sweetener, but be forewarned that it has a different texture/consistency than sugar or other artificial sweeteners, and it might take some getting used to. I find myself still reaching for my old favorite, Splenda, because it looks, feels, and tastes like sugar. For those who have no problem with the difference in texture and appearance, I highly recommend Xylitol for its sweetness and health benefits.
240537240537B001EO5T52A3KUC5K5VSJNU9Grranimal "Fuerkraft"2351230681600Tastes and smells great to us. No problem at all.I have purchased Emerald Forest Xylitol Sweetener from the 2 lb. cans from Amazon for six months and it tastes and smells just fine to me. No "foul smell" whatsoever--in fact, it smells sweet to my proboscis. I have purchased other brands in the past and this product is identical as far as we are concerned.
240538240538B001EO5T52A2C0X5URRC909HM. Crain0051350172800Xyla Xylitol is a great sugar substitute! No after taste - clean & sweetI've been using Emerald Forest Xyla Xylitol for over a year. I love this product. It has a clean, sweet taste. There is NO aftertaste whatsoever. (It's fun to taste it "raw", it's cool on the tongue.) I use xylitol in my cookie, brownie, muffin, whipped cream, and other similar type recipes. I have not used it in custards or candies. The recipes I've used xylitol in come out great - the flavor and texture are uncompromised. I most often use xylitol with rapudura sugar in my recipes. I do this because some of my friends are sensitive to xylitol's mild laxative affect. I personally don't react to xylitol in that way, but I do have a couple of friends that experience bloating after eating my brownies that have xylitol substituted for the sugar. So, now I substitute 1/2 xylitol and 1/2 rapudura sugar in my cookie and brownie recipes and my friends don't have any adverse intestinal response. (Yay!) Also, when eating desserts with xylitol, I don't experience a "sugar headache". I have had no adverse reactions while using this product. It's a fantastic sugar substitute.
240539240539B001EO5T52A1EMMC2NCSXPSWDebra D. Laflen "gr8skn"0031346976000XylitolI like this product but was disappointed to find that this product has 10 calories per teaspoon when other products I have purchased state they have no calories. The taste is good without aftertaste, but sugar is only 15 calories per teaspoon, so I am not sure there is much benefit to using it in place of the better tasting dehydrated can juice or other natural sugars.
240540240540B001EO5T52A327681L4R7ECUSavvy Shopper , "Horse Lover"0051332374400Economical sinus flush!I had been using the Grossan Breathe-ease Nasal Moisturizing and Irrigation Solution Kit (Double Pack) daily in an electric sinus flush machine for my chronic sinus problems. I stumbled across a home made recipe for sinus flush and decided to give it a try to save some money. Long story short, this xylitol mixed with pharmaceutical grade neti pot salt (Himalayan Institute brand) along with some baking soda gives me an even better sinus flush mix for MUCH less money. I essentially get 150 ounces of sinus flush mix for less than $60, vs 14 oz for $25 of the pre-mixed product. That's a SERIOUS amount of savings plus my nose likes this mixture better. I found the best ratio for me is: 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda and 2 tsp xylitol in a quart of water. Hope this helps someone else save money!

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