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240541240541B001EO5T52A3J6YOJM5B1BYRD. Harry0051330819200Just don't eat too much or you will be driving with a garbage bag around your waist.It's good but don't use too much or you will get the runs. I like it better than agave syrup because it isn't made of fructose or glucose. I haven't tried it for cooking yet.
240542240542B001EO5T52A153AD5J2MVS6Hnozama0051318377600Tastes Great!Tastes great, no bad smell as others mentioned. Came in 2 days with prime and no problems. Haven't experienced any gas yet, I'm trying to build my tolerance slowly.
240543240543B001EO5T52A1O1MARA130AX2turtle0051313798400I like this productI've been using Xylitol sweetener for several months now, instead of sugar and I really like it. I haven't had any of the digestive issues some others have written about. It did take a few days to adjust to it. It may depend on the quantity one ingests, as well as the frequency. Maybe, make the transition more slowly??
240544240544B001EO5T52A22UFACVJD3B2Aalaska980051307232000Love it!I started using this in my coffee in the morning instead of sugar after my dentist said my teeth were getting bad. It's a little less sweet than sugar, but has less calories and supposedly helps prevent tooth decay. However if you're sensitive to dietary things, start slow and work your way up. I didn't have a problem, but it can cause diarrhea if you're not careful. It's also toxic to animals so make sure to clean well if spilled. I love it and prefer it to sugar in my coffee now! It also comes in a cardboard canister with a plastic lid to keep moisture out. Highly recommended.
240545240545B001EO5T52A3KZN633AGTTM2The Meat Waker0051303344000emerald forest xylitolhello,this the first one i tried because of the reviews it tastes like sugar, works great in my oatmeal every morning, im diabetic so i needed something like this,works good in ice cream to
240546240546B001EO5T52A22JVOOB2LQSH4forgiven and thankful0041301356800Good product!Have ordered this product twice already and really like it. I make a lot of my own products, i.e. toothpaste, etc. and this is very helpful and is anti-fungal. Although, it does have the laxative effect in the beginning, even though it's birch tree extracted. It tastes great, just like sugar. It does get a little expensive to use all the time.
240547240547B001EO5T52A2BQ1CJ1YFFHFYGavin2421313452800wanted to like this stuff, but hurt wifey's tummyI love that it is American made from renewable sources (Birch trees), and the taste is great (better than splenda or stevia)--absolutely indistinguishable from sugar. However, a couple of days of use had my wife cramping and a bit distressed in the nether regions. Now the canister stands a bit sadly unused (hey, don't look at me--I like sugar!).
240548240548B001EO5T52A3UL6W4MVN7ZZ5grandmab0231331251200Zylotol products can cause instestinal problemsAs far as the taste factor goes, it really is a good substitute for table sugar. It doesn't have the aftertaste of Stevia based (also from a plant) products. However, it can cause diarreha in some people. I am on Metformin for very low borderline diabetes, which causes diarreha in about 50% of the people on it. Well, when I started using this product, I had to cancel appointments and stay home for 24 hours. It just made matters worse for me. I believe someone else has commented on the diarreha problems with Zylotol, which I didn't notice before I bought and tried this product.
240549240549B001EO5T52A3TAJARZZROSW4Susan Cromby1431236816000Better than Organic Zero, not as good as SplendaI'm still looking out for a decent replacement for Splenda since I can't buy it in the large packages from Amazon anymore. I was hoping this stuff would do the trick, but I don't like the aftertaste. It leaves a chemical-like taste that I don't like and can't seem to get used to. It tastes very similar to the Organic Zero, but isn't quite as nasty. It has the consistency of sugar and 40% of the calories, so I guess, if you could get used to the flavor, it would be OK. I drink it in tea and I figure if it changes the taste of the beverage, then it isn't doing it's job. I just want my cup sweetened not altered to the point where I feel like I'm drinking something else. It tastes highly artificial. I'd rather use saccharine than this.
240550240550B001EO5T52A1NMMF3AY8RQF9Beach Campguy1531231977600OK, but not as good as Splenda or steviaI use this in coffee and tea. It's reasonably sweet, but seems
to lack the "potency" of Splenda or regular sugar. I also can't
help feeling like I have Dentyne gum taste in my coffee. Went back
to using stevia in my chai because I like the "bite".

For the price and size it's still a very good value. Free shipping
makes the value even better.
240551240551B000HHO6KQAOI86DFBUQKY6DIY Homeowner2251342915200Worked for meI had a minor mole problem in the front of my yard. I live in a sub development with kids and pets so not wanting to use toxic chemicals or lethal force unless absolutely necessary I gave this a try. I applied a heavy soaking to a 6' perimeter around my property and we have had no activity since, before using this stuff I was seeing new mole hills every few days. It was very easy to apply with the hose and made no mess. I expected an odor but it wasn't noticeable and was completely gone in 10 mins. I have no idea where the mole(s) went but I haven't seen them on my property. This would certainly be my first attempt to remove a future infestation. My experience was with moles only, I don't know how gophers respond to this stuff.
240552240552B000HHO6KQA1OJKFPOB49NUWDaniel Rusch1311255910400Doesn't work use trapsI tried the repellent and gas bombs, the only thing that worked were the traps. You have to dig a hole but if you don't kill the gophers they will destroy your yard so a hole is no big deal.

I used the Sweeney Gopher traps, they worked great Sweeneys 9013 Gopher Trap, 2-Pack

As a follow up we have killed all the gophers on our 5 acres (at least the active ones), we did this in 3 days. We spent 3 months trying repellents and gas bombs.
240553240553B000HHO6KQA8RI1CP882ONNH0231257552000Didn't Work For MeMoles still came back.
In my experience, I would recommend the dry granules - easier to apply and probably the same or better effectiveness.
240554240554B00384ABMMA3R8D62I8GCJ0Jester Fan "Stay True"6651285027200Fantastic gormet quality rice.This is easily one of the best rice varieties i have found. The flavor is great and its cooks beautifully. Lends itself to being seasoned in a vast variety of ways, very flexible. Or just by itself.
240555240555B004PELTK2AIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm0041349136000A Decent, But Processed FlavorThis is a Decent Pudding, but it's a little disturbing not having a list of ingredients on the bag somewhere. The pudding's flavor and texture is good, but there is something about this yellow pudding's flavor that seems artificial to me. 3.75 stars.
240556240556B000U0CP08A2X2BWYZPV92L7A. S. FAWEHINMI2251306540800Super-REDBULL TEAThis is a high quality tea, I have been drinking this tea for five years, Once u drink it, the tea first runs into your brain, hard to explain the feeling everytime it goes to my brain, from there it travels all over my body. Pretty soon, the energy interrupts like when u are running, you are running faster and faster. Meanwhile it has brain power, sharpens your memory and brings quite intense focus n anything you do.

Forget Redbull, so hello to Energy TEA
240557240557B00113ZZ5UA1MOH4G96RL54ONaomi Williams "aka dragonmama"616151326326400Great creamed coconut NOT the same as coconut milk
240558240558B00113ZZ5UA3QSICQPSXHXOLL101484851288051200Strong, Flavorful Coconut CreamThis Coconut Cream has a bit of a grainy texture, which is not bad, as the cream melts easily in the mouth and leaves a strong coconut flavor. You can use it for curry dishes perfectly - just heat up the cream and blend in the spices.

Yet, another good idea is to mix it with cacao powder and sweeten it a bit and cool it down in the fridge. You will get a chocolate with an exotic flair.

I used to buy Coconut oil but Let's Do Organic Coconut Cream is much better for you. The latter has not only the good, healthy fats but also a lot of fiber, protein, and minerals, which the oil does not have.

Unfortunately, they don't offer this cream in bulk or Food Service Size for the moment. As I use a lot, it would be more economical for me. I hope it will be available in bulk size again soon.
240559240559B00113ZZ5UA2D1YUC01S0KSDLori Kimble "java queen"242441300320000Exactly what I was looking forThis is the same stuff that I make at home using a food processor and grinding up unsweetened dried coconut. It takes a long time to do at home, so it is nice to buy it already done (and much cheaper than the Artisana brand). I call it coconut butter.

I heat up a bag in the microwave (after slitting open) and pour into a jar to remix it. I love to put some on oats or on top of blueberry sauce. Heck- I even eat it off a spoon. I love the granular texture, which gives it staying power over just putting coconut oil on something.

Since I live in a Northeast climate, I do need to soften it up in the microwave before scooping it out.
240560240560B00113ZZ5UA2A132SEBJHWDNewmie the cat181951281052800This works very well when you can't tolerate coconut milkI have a problem with digesting food, especially coconut milk. I cannot tolerate it (tried fresh and caned) and I don't know why, but this one didn't give me problems. Same goes for their unsweetened, shredded coconut flakes. First, I used a little in a dish then ate it straight out of the fridge when it solidified in the cold. If you have digestive issues, give this product a try.
The consistency is creamy with bits of coconut in it and has a mild coconut flavor, not very strong but when I used it in a Thai dish, the coconut flavor came out very nicely.
240561240561B00113ZZ5UA2LQGTSJUYHZQ1Kit131351339804800Great for IBS, IBD and crohns disease- does NOT contain carageean or guar gum which can inflame intestinesAfter suffering from IBD - inflammatory bowel disease for a number if years, I discovered( to my horror ) that the synthetic ingredient Carrageean and guar gum were a major reason why i had this disorder. Carrageean and guar gum are known carcinogens and contribute to inflammatory conditions in the intestines. Read the report in

Since eliminating all foods that contained these ingredients, specifically, carrageean, my small intestine and colon have begun to heal. For years, my doctors thought my inflammation was allergy related or wheat or gluten related - I now suspect it was the synthetic carageean ingredient. Google the dangers of Carrageean and you will understand how it inflames your colon and contributes to IBD, IBS, Crohns, UC and colon cancer. the horrible ingredient is also in some milk and dairy products and pet food. PLEASE READ all labels before buying products.

Anyway, This coconut milk is a bit more challenging to use, yes, BUT it tastes great and you know only coconut is the ingredient so it won't inflame your gut which is more than I can say about the other coconut milks I've researched - most contain that horrible carrageean ingredient I now stay away from. READ every label.

240562240562B00113ZZ5UA3PWYUKFPCV6Y9D. Guttinger "Dagutti"131351314576000Best Flavor and Quality!!!When I first received this product I was not sure what it was supposed to be, but then I read the directions and realized you have to dilute it with water and also sqeeze the bag around to really mix it up. Once I fully understood what to do, I used it in my sweet potato soup and it was the BEST flavor and most strong coconut flavor that I have ever had in my life. This is the best coconut cream and milk that I've ever had, adn I can't say enough good things about it. Thank you!
240563240563B00113ZZ5UA35DLQ4JW2L4M7Ruthy101051311552000Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!Coconut cream has got to be one of my favorite foods. It is wonderful for cooking, making candies, desserts, or eating just plain. I also like to mix it, half and half, with peanut butter for my toast, pancakes, etc. It's not quite as creamy as other brands I have tried, but for the price I will definitely be buying it again.
If you live in a cooler climate than, say, north Florida where my coconut cream is consistently soft, it will take quite a while to soften it.
240564240564B00113ZZ5UA1VMMSTBTIZDQVeva9951320624000great productI like to add this to curries. Creamed coconut contains both the coconut fiber and the fat, unlike coconut milk which has no fiber. It has a pleasant grainy texture, but once dissolved, is not very noticeable. It's slightly sweet and has a good coconut flavor. Google "creamed coconut" recipes for some good ideas.
240565240565B00113ZZ5UA3HJDGAU2SB8VLLost in Idaho "lakjaw"9951311206400I like it!Have often been exhorted to use organic coconut oil to help my digestive disorder, but have found it a bit difficult to tolerate. However, this organic creamed coconut mixed with the organic coconut oil makes for a much more palatable supplement. It is only a tiny bit "gritty", if one can call it that, but not at all off-putting. I haven't tried it in other ways, but was thinking of making a frozen yogurt, mixing this product with plain or vanilla yogurt, and using an ice cream/frozen yogurt maker.
240566240566B00113ZZ5UA3P3C2AG0EW3IDAlan Harvey7741320278400Excellent addition to our pantryThis was our first experience with "creamed coconut" as opposed to "coconut cream," and we weren't disappointed. If you are expecting coconut cream, though, you might well be disappointed, as this is a very different product. No hint of a soapy taste, but coconut taste wasn't as strong as expected. An excellent option for soups and other cooked dishes calling for coconut. The fine bits of coconut provide some nice but not distracting texture.
240567240567B00113ZZ5UADS1Z3YUS8IWVAunt T5551344297600If you love coconut...This product is like what is sold under other brand names as coconut butter or coconut manna. As mentioned by others, it comes in a plastic packet inside of the little box. If your kitchen is 76 degrees or warmer, then it will be soft. If your kitchen is cooler, it will be more firm. If you place this product in the refrigerator, it becomes very hard. That is because the coconut oil that is in it becomes solid at lower room temperatures.

What is it good for? Personally, I could use this almost daily! You can use it in any way that you might use almond butter or peanut better (just remember it is unsalted). If you are adding it to a smoothy, you may want to add it with some ingredients that are not chilled and get it mixed in before adding frozen fruit or refrigerated items. If it is added to a very cold smoothy then it will likely not mix in. Instead it will be in little chips or chunks. These chips do melt in your mouth, so it is not a bad way to do it, just different than what you might have had before.

My favorite way to use it is in cooking. It is a wonderful way to thicken a sauce or stew. Add a couple of tablespoons to the simmering broth and let it continue to simmer. After a minute or two you will see how it has thickened. Others here have said they used this for creamy curry dishes. I also make a cheesy sauce by adding cheddar cheese after the sauce has started to thicken. This is really wonderful with beef or chicken. I find it adds to the depth of flavor.

As for how to handle and store this product: In the original packaging it is shelf stable. It is a good idea to soften the packet before opening. Depending on the temperature it has been stored at, the coconut oil may have separated from the rest of the product. Simply place the sealed packet in a bowl of warm tap water for a few minutes then kneed it with your fingers to mix it all together. Once the product is opened, it is still shelf stable. That is because the coconut oil in it is not prone to going rancid. I usually squeeze the product out of the plastic packet into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid and keep it in the cupboard. I have never had this go bad, even if it got lost in the cupboard and I found it months later. It has always stayed fresh.

As for the heath benefits of coconut and coconut oil, it is easy to find this information with a search on the internet. Coconut oil is wonderful for you and your heart and your weight control. Coconut fiber is also highly beneficial. This is great stuff! And Let's Do Organic has kept the cost and waste down by offering it in this convenient packaging. I agree with the reviewer who said it would be nice if it were available in a larger size. I would buy 1-2 lbs at a time!
240568240568B00113ZZ5UA2LBJMQ8EPAQAOCC5551341792000I love the consistency and tasteI think it's awesome but then again I like most things made of raw coconut.
One of my favorite treat is homemade Sorbet. You will need a powerful Vitamix like blender and tamper.
1/2 -1 frozen ripe banana
2-3 cups of frozen berries
1-2 tbsp of Maple syrup
1/2-1 box of cream coconut

for extra sweetness add liquid stevia like Kal liquid stevia

Eat as soon as possible otherwise it will turn into a fruit smoothie.

alternatively: you can use honey, I prefer Maple syrup ( no other sugar is as tasty as Maple)
1/2 of a frozen avocado instead of banana. You could also easily make chocolate banana sorbets.

I love to experiment with food, there is no greater joy in life.
240569240569B00113ZZ5UAMZ4EC5EV7C4RMs. Nicole M. Edwards5551337904000Unexpected TreatI thought I would use this like coconut milk but OH NO, I didn't. It is like a coconut butter (along the lines of peanut/almond/etc). Please be prepared to enjoy it and have to stop yourself. FYI it is too firm if put in the fridge like the package recommends. When I got it it was soft and separated like oil and coconut. Just squish it all together and go for it.
240570240570B00113ZZ5UA2DP4PT93L6DZ9balor1235531325116800Its okIts not quite what I was expecting. Maybe you need to warm it up first but it looks like coconut oil to me. When dissolved according to instructions it tastes like oil as well. I guess its ok if you are looking for that but I don't think it works well as a coconut milk substitute.

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