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240601240601B000G7I7DOAGQKJ0DPELDY3Karen Pearce Data Inc "Suzi Pearce"1141198540800Some good and some okayMy shar pei's really like the chicken and beef rolls which were easy to break into little pieces for training. The majority of the snacks seemed to be dried ligaments and pig skins. The dogs liked them, but got tired of them after a few days. I think that next time I will just order each snack individually
240602240602B000G7I7DOAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"1141196467200Great value for the money but mix the jar up so not all the favorites get eaten at onceThis is a great jar of treats in that it has a few products to offer a variety to my dogs. However, they are medium sized dogs and it is taking them a little while to get through the jar. GREAT value for the money versus buying these treats in separate quantities --- assuming you do not have a finicky eater.
240603240603B000G7I7DOA1EU3VY3AQDKGUSarah E. Tocknell "Sarah"1151193443200Good TreatsMy Puppy goes crazy for this stuff, but I get the 3 pound bucket because it lasts longer!!!!
240604240604B000G7I7DOART7QTA9RWM45C. A. Butchko1151184716800A Variety of Lovely Chewies in One ContainerMy shelties LOVED these treats. They were really tasty. The variety was nice. They never knew what was coming.
240605240605B000G7I7DOAKPXS9GSHR2HAS. Ginsburg3451209945600My dog loves these treatsMy dog cannot get enough of these treats, he absolutely loves them! I had no idea what to expect when I first ordered them but this bucket comes with a variety of hard treats. You cannot break them to give in smaller amounts as they are very hard.
240606240606B000G7I7DOA6C7MZZOPE29PCeanothusBlue2321231891200Smelly and oddMy first hint that I might not be re-ordering was the caution on the package to "wash hands with soap and water" after handling the treats. I've never seen that before. Hmm. The things inside the container looked like some kind of circus side-show of the treat world. They smell strange, and look like butcher-store offal.

I understand that dog treats come from the discarded parts of animals, but this product makes it very clear that these are nowhere near what we normally think of as "food." There were some bits (unidentifiable) that the dog would not eat, though she would eat most of them. She doesn't seem to be any more enthusiastic about these than any other kind of treat, though.

And I don't like carrying a few in my pocket on walks, because some are great big tube-like things and some are tiny stick pieces. And of course then I spend the whole walk wanting to wash my hands. It's just a strange, creepy assortment, and I don't think I'll be getting this product again.
240607240607B000G7I7DOA1E94VIRM3CWETlimerdelta0041304380800nice sizeI loved this bucket, easy to get into and close so that the treats stayed fresh. However, it was mostly the same treat in the 3 pound bucket. I was disappointed to say the least. The dogs weren't though.
240608240608B000G7I7DOAQWRRUW33G2V4bobbibff0011301356800snacks no moregot this product for my dogs thinking what a good treat they would be--such a huge disappointment when they arrived. pieces were either broken (from being store so long they were brittle)or when i took out what was suppose to be a rawhide chewey, was like a piece of dried up bark that was so hard, when it dropped on to patio floor, scattered like glass so i was afraid to give to the animals and the bottom of the barrel had like little mealy bugs or something(again probably from sitting around so long). overall very bad choice for the monies and would never buy or recommend this brand to anyone!!!!!
240609240609B000G7I7DOA313NQ31PV4BIVWendy0051299542400My dogs LOVE THEMOkay let me start by saying this; I do not have "swallow whole" dogs they like to chew and with that these are perfect! If I had dogs that swallowed things whole they wouldn't have gotten anything other than the little sausage things. However, the smell from the canister is that of a "smokehouse" My dogs (a large bengi-looking mutt [Bear], A Black Lab [Indiana] and a Boston Terrier [Bugsy]) All LOVE these treats. I try to get my dogs quality goods because I want their lives to be long... these hit the nail on the head. You know exactly what they're getting, and I always appreciate that.

I do recommend these only to people who have dogs that take the time to chew their treats.

I hope this helps
240610240610B000G7I7DOA2C0RFHFIVSSJLJohn Biswanger "Chef John"0011295049600May not be what you want for your dogThese dog treats are very poor quality, many of the casing are empty, the are dried out and very ununiform in size. May fit the saying "wouldn't feed it to my dog."
240611240611B000G7I7DOA23J842145WC5MStacy0021292284800Not much of a mixThere were only 2 kinds of treats in this bucket. I got the sausages and tendons. My dog loves the sausages but not the tendons. This was supposed to have 4 kinds of treats in it.
240612240612B000G7I7DOA3GXHLM35HKIISWilly J. Rodriguez "Scars"00512857184003rd Time Ordering You Guys Haven't Let Me DownThese are terrific specially for the price i have ordered 3 times from them and they never let me down the bottle comes with a screw-in top so whenever you want to give your dogs treats you just twist the top off and twist it back on i love it! theres 3 diffrent types of treats to choose from my dogs love the 3 of them i own 2 Labradors and they are always so happy when they see me bring them these i recommend to any dog owner to give these a shot.
240613240613B000G7I7DOA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"0051235520000My dogs and sister love these things.My dogs love these things. Alas, so does my sister. I had four of them on the kitchen cabinet when she made one of her unannounced and unwanted visits. With out asking, she grabbed one, ate it and loved it. I was tempted to stop her, but let her finish off the other three. The dogs looked at her rather oddly as they are a bit brighter than she is. Hmmm, perhaps I could use them to house break know, treats for doing right and all that! Just a thought. Anyway, even if you do not have an obnoxious sister, the dogs will live these things anyway. I think I will wait for the next family gathering to break the news to her.
240614240614B000G7I7DOA2I5UGK2CN6Q3KN. Jenkins "QueQue4Sho"0031231804800Good Variety, Not So Good QualityMy dogs love it, but it looks like the leftovers from other products that they just jumbled together and packaged. I mean, on one hand, it cuts down on waste, but on the other hand, its kind of disappointing when you get the treats and actually see how they are. Not so good for Big Dogs, especially gobblers, since they might choke on the small pieces.
240615240615B000G7I7DOA3C11BI0E9H3JAGoku "Food 4 thought"0041226361600dog loves thisMy dog loves this. She's a tiny toy fox that's gone through tubs of them already. Only thing is there seems to be no consistancy in what is in the tub. I guess they make different sets of batches so sometimes when I order I would get chicken balls in the variety and other times I would get something else instead. Never the less my dog still loves it.
240616240616B000G7I7DOAMFYHR5GJUI5JPixie's Mom0021222646400So SoLots of pieces looking like left over treats from the rejects on the manufacturing line. The dogs like them, but they like any treat. One of my dog's digestive system disagrees with some of these treats. I would not recommend them or purchase them again.
240617240617B000G7I7DOA1TF65NLU2BC51K. Kim "amazonianK"0031212364800Just okayThe container itself is smaller than I thought and some of the pieces leave a mess - pieces/fragment left behind on the floor. And my dog usually eats everything. I've never had ant problems with rawhide or dog chews, but these attract ants when not my dog doesn't fnish them on the spot.
240618240618B000G7I7DOAYV4FJICVF3AAElizabeth Wronski "Liz"0051199577600Your dog will love it!This is an absolutely awesome product! I first ran across it at a local pet shop and my dog went nuts for these assorted treats. I then couldn't find them at any local pet stores so I had to come to amazon to get them. I will be ordering these for many years to come as it is my dogs absolute favorite treats (and I have tried them all, trust me). Very good dollar value too at only $6.99 for a 1 pound tub. I don't order the 3 lb tub because you get more of a variety in the 1 lb (yeh I know it doesn't sound right, but its what I have noticed). Try them and you won't be disappointed!
240619240619B000G7I7DOA37J3U3KM2ART9KC South Park0051199059200Great deal and the dogs love 'em!If you've ever priced dog treats...especially the "bully sticks", you'll be shocked at what a great deal this is. I've ordered these 5 or 6 times now, and there is always a different mix, but you are sure to get tons of snack size bully sticks (well, for my labs they are snacks), little pepperoni sticks (good for older dogs...they're softer), chicken and beef jerky, and other pieces of animal that have been stretched and dried into your puppies favorite snacks.

My dogs and all the neighborhood dogs give this five stars and two paws up...way up!
240620240620B000G7I7DOA1PG61K2O2EFFSE. Anderson1311240185600DO NOT BUY--My dog got sick!Beware of this product--I always shop on Amazon and figured why not get my dogs something--well these were cheap and seemed like such a good price for a big supply of treats---and if you are buying dog treats, you know how expensive they can be....well, I don't have 100% proof that the treats did this to my dog, but the week I was giving these to my lab and to my other dog, a maltese, the lab was getting sick throughout the week--throwing up, etc....I don't know if he was not eating them properly--maybe he wasn't chewing them all the way up, but he doesn't always chew up food and doesn't throw it up---I don't know--I hate to blame these treats, but when we stopped giving them to him, he stopped throwing up---so I think something was wrong w/them.....just use caution--a cheap price isn't all that cheap when your dog gets sick and you spend 3x as much on cleaning products to clean up your house!! My maltese didn't seem to be bothered by them, but then again he really didn't eat but maybe one of them---another sign that something must have been wrong w/them as he eats ANYTHING!!!
240621240621B001GQ3E4GA23BA0PB600Z5CS. Jones232551259539200Best.Peanut Butter.EverBuy this peanut butter.
Ok ok.. sometimes the crunchy kind, one batch will be a little dryer than the other, I don't know why. The honey type here, was freakin' AMAZING. Perfectly sweet, smooth and versatile- baking, off the spoon, foreplay...
Gluten free, natural, inexpensive and delicious, I would marry this company if their standards were lower.
240622240622B001GQ3E4GA16B9K5CH3TTW6Peter "runningriter"141451292371200It's the Bee's KneesReally, if you love peanut butter, you'll love this. Actually, if you only kind of like peanut butter, you'll love this. Wait, if right now, you said you hated peanut butter and still you tried this, you'd be an instant convert. Unless, of course, you have peanut allergies. Then forget I said anything.
240623240623B001GQ3E4GA3RGN75LHYAG8UM. Lu5551287532800How Great is this Butter?This peanut butter is so good! It goes directly from jar to spoon to mouth. If you're used to eating JIF or Skippy, this will be a different experience. First off, when you first open a jar, you'll have to stir it a little. I find that I only stir it one upon opening, and I don't have to stir it again... until I pop open a new jar. This peanut butter is smooth, creamy, perfectly sweet, and totally delicious. You can really taste the honey!!! And the peanut flavor is so fresh. I made a sandwich for my fiance who has been using Skippy for years. He said that you can't really compare the two. It's like comparing McDonalds to gourmet food. But this tastes more natural and somehow... healthier. I'm doing to keep using this. Maybe I'll bake with it some day. For now, I'm happy to eat it from the jar or if I'm feeling "fancy" I'll make a PB&J sandwich.
240624240624B001GQ3E4GA2GN60LLTJYEPEKatrina Bradley4451267315200Love, love, love this peanut butter!!This is the yummiest peanut butter I have found and it's healthier than the leading PB brands. My 6-yr old daughter loves it too! Try it once and you'll be hooked too!!
240625240625B001GQ3E4GA10IMQHW2O2EOL. Cargill "Gator"273721312156800Deceptive labelingThe second ingredient in this product, after peanuts, is evaporated cane juice. This is pure sucrose which elevates your blood triglycerides level. The next two ingredients are honey and natural honey flavor. ?? Then Palm Fruit Oil and salt. Looking at the label I was expecting peanut butter mixed with honey, period. Amazon needs to start listing ingredients. I would not buy this product again.
240626240626B001GQ3E4GA3HB5G3TIXN2GMElaine3351307318400Insanely delicious.I would give this PB 10 stars if I could. So far I've tasted Bees Knees, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and White Chocolate Wonderful, and they're all spectacular. But then, I love PB so much I could eat it every day for the rest of my life, so....

If you're the type (and I certainly am) to put 2 tbsp of PB and 1 tbsp of honey on a sandwich, then this actually saves you a significant number of calories. 190 + 60 = 250 calories, but 2 tbsp Bees Knees = 180 calories. I'm practically rabid when I'm around PB and honey, but I don't miss honey at all when I eat this stuff. It's probably worth it financially to buy the 6 pack if you love PB and/or have little self control, because this jar will not last as long as you think it will :) Mine lasted....3 days I think?
240627240627B001GQ3E4GA3L6O3PQJEIBO1E. W. Bromley "Will"3351291420800Had to hide this peanut butter!!I can't keep my four year old daughter from attacking this peanut butter with nothing but a spoon and a smile!!

Great stuff!
240628240628B001GQ3E4GA20469DGEI3FW6Linda C. Butler "LaaTeeDa"5651280361600Peanut butterGreat peanut butters! I love the Chocolate and the Cinnimon Raisin Swirl and will be trying the White Chocolate soon. I may have to share with my grandkids if they ever find the hiding place!
240629240629B001GQ3E4GA2PWFW9O4DGYPGBenny P2251320710400Delicious!Oh my god, this PB is delicious. It's made locally and is all natural. It's so good with fruit and even vegetables or of course, the classic PBJ. I will definitely purchase this again.
240630240630B001GQ3E4GA1K81GP66KMPX5Craig Sween4521344556800This is NOT organic PB.It bothers me that if you search Amazon for Organic Peanut Butter, this shows up at the top of the search results. It is NOT organic. Why do I care? Because peanuts can be a very high pesticide and carcinogenic-laced product; and I eat it every day.
I convinced myself that because the product page says "certified kosher, vegan, and is even gluten-free" that it was just an oversight that they didn't include the organic term in the description since it showed up so high in my search results. I bought a 6-pack, and thankfully Amazon refunded my purchase, but it doesn't change the fact that this is still showing up in the 'organic' search results.
I realize it's my own fault...but I still feel a bit duped and hoping to help anyone else looking for organic peanut butter.

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