Amazon Fine Food Reviews

240650240650B000FFXN2MA2JBTQ7AQWDFJUPaula J. Drury "SoccerMom"2251175299200Wonderful!My husband and I love the Walnut and Date bars. They have a great taste and are all natural. They fill us up too! All of the KIND Bars are good!
240651240651B000FFXN2MAQ6B2UAFBL2PKFitKat1151273622400LOve LOVe LoVEAll natural, don't taste like GMO junk! These are my favorite bars and as a fitness instructor, I've tried a lot of bars. They aren't protein bars so don't expect a lot in that regard but they are natural and healthy and taste amazing. I never find myself choking one of these down! It's more like, "Am I finished already? Dang it!" So worth it and I wait for the price to drop and then pull the trigger :) Like today, 3 boxes at $7.08 each!! WHat??
240652240652B000FFXN2MA179YNXR8XN7ZAnna R. Jansson1151273190400KIND walnut & date barsThese bars are delicious. They are made of fresh nuts and fruit and are held together with an invisible covering that makes the bar very firm and crunchy.
I loved them - they disappeared in just a few days. The box of 8 bars was shipped with a heavier item and the bars were thrown around the box, but not damaged.
240653240653B000FFXN2MANSRZYRDZ2S3UM1151272931200KIND Walnut & DateThese are great. The walnuts and the dates are a very tasty combination. Honey is also an ingredient and I definately taste it. There's just a little puffed rice in there too, which I also think adds an nice additional texture. But what I like best about these is that when you're eating one you know you're eating a date and walnut bar. There's not such a high proportion of any of the other ingredients that you feel like they begin to compete with the two main ingredients, they simply complement them very well. I try to keep one in my purse for emergencies (although I could happily eat one even if it wasn't an emergency). And finally, they're gluten free which some of my friends appreciate.
240654240654B000FFXN2MA1VD113D5TTKW0Richard T. Sansom1151271203200Excellent Snack Bar!Trust me, we've tried a large variety of GF snack bars and this one tops this list. Additionally we have found the Walnut & Date bar to be the best of the KIND brand selection.
240631240631B001GQ3E4GA1HFML4SFJP7W7HeatherB in TX1151335312000Wonderful!We are trying to eliminate preservative and ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. I decided on this peanut butter. The ingredients are peanuts, evaporated cane juice, honey, natural honey flavor, palm fruit oil and salt. There is no HFCS and no hydrogenated oils. As far as the evaporated cane juice, it is not refined sugar and retains the nutrients (think sugar in the raw). It does have a little bit gritty of a taste but is wonderful!
240655240655B000FFXN2MA1HJK51QJHWTBWPadma Beravole1151265760000Kind - One of a kind...Excellant source for immediate energy. I use this for our daughter, who plays tennis all the time. She prefers to eat these in between the games and regains energy.
240656240656B000FFXN2MAUCN1M7NPIHX1S. M.1151265414400Good - but too sweetGood product - but we find these too sweet. We've gone to ordering the almond / cranberry ones instead.
240632240632B001GQ3E4GA1T08G6HBDUTYTLauren K1141317081600TastyI really enjoy this peanut butter, it is sweet and a treat. It is not entirely smooth, it has a slight granule texture. Maybe because of the honey mixed in. Otherwise it is one less jar to grab, if you like honey and peanut butter.
240657240657B000FFXN2MA3P8IV0210DT5WOnly the best "malco"1141261008000At least they are fresh this timeIt's a bit of a freshness gamble when purchasing Kind Bars from Amazon. This time though, this box was satisfactory, as they should always be.
240658240658B000FFXN2MAYS47TM7NY07LAL-REYAHI1151257897600Just awesome !!!I tried several kinds of these bars and so far this one is the best !!
I ordered it twice even though the price is little expensive. Tastes great :D
240659240659B000FFXN2MA22KNPVJXQ2KYEAnna in NYC1151250208000Delicious and healthy!I love these bars, which aren't carried in most places that sell Kind bars for some reason. In my opinion, the best of the bunch -- sweet dates, tender walnuts. They're a great snack. Yum!
240660240660B000FFXN2MA2S86TOOLYCHJ5Karen Buzzi "Karen"1151245110400The best bar ever invented!!First off, the KIND brand is fabulous. These bars in particular though are my ultimate favorite. They are chock full of natural nutrition and oh so decadent tasting. The walnut-date combo is outstanding. Also, Amazon sells them the cheapest I've ever seen.
240633240633B001GQ3E4GANLQIKDJM1C60C. J. Moody "Visionary"1151304726400Yum!Wow! Yum! Delicious! Awesome! OK, OK...I guess you could say we like it. Will definitely reorder.
240634240634B001GQ3E4GA2HTYXIFB2876JTanya Tran "A foodie's Foodie"2321300060800Too Sweet not a creamy textureI bought this at the supermarket since it's more natural than some of the other mainstream brands expecting for it to be tastier, but apparently I like the major brand's creamy smooth peanut butter better.

I thought it was personally TOO sweet, and it wasn't smooth and creamy because of all the crunchy little granules of what I can assume is salt since the ingredients did not list sugar. I do not like those crunches/shatterings of the granules in what is suppose to be a smooth peanut butter - it just messes with my expectations. Too bad because now I have an almost full jar of uneaten peanut butter
240635240635B001GQ3E4GA116X27I854XUVKristin2351293062400This peanut butter can be compared to an illegal drugBeware: Once you try this peanut butter, you will never go back. I tell people it's like crack and I'm not kidding :)

On a serious note, I blame a coworker for my addiction. She made me try it on a toasted english muffin, and life changed from that moment on. I'm a peanut butter fan but never had it with honey, like this. It's delicious, easy to spread, no oily like those 'other' brands.

Not many stores in my area carry it (and I'm just 10 miles north of Boston, it's not like I live in the boonies lol). There was one store 10 miles from me that had it, so I would drive there to get it. Then - sob! - suddenly they stopped carrying it! I tried many other places, my coworker went on a search as well, we couldn't find the crack oooops I mean peanut butter ANYWHERE, which is why I resorted to buying it online. And thanks Amazon for such a great deal too!

I tried the Skippy brand with honey, no comparision to The Bee's Knee's!
240636240636B001GQ3E4GA213XTQ2GX3HWDNAYA2331292976000Taste Too SweetI really love sweet things but this peanut butter taste too sweet as a result the peanut taste is not that strong compared to other brands like Smuckers with honey
240637240637B001GQ3E4GA339HDLOBRS67TTiffany C. Brown "Brown Dog"2351280275200YUMMMMMI love this one. It's as good as the white chocolate and a little better than the dark chocolate.
The kids love it all by itself (no jelly needed) so that makes lunch time easier.
240638240638B001GQ3E4GANAMDBOTWJ522Amber0051349913600Husband Addicted to This Peanut ButterThis peanut butter is delicious. It has little sugar and salt crystals that give it a unique flavor. No lie, my husband eats two peanut butter sandwiches a day since he discovered this product a year and a half ago.
240639240639B001GQ3E4GA2JD6MOMELB34LJamie0011346284800NOT VEGAN!I really like other products in this line of peanut butter, but this particular PB contains honey, which makes it 100 percent NOT vegan. The Amazon advert claims the product is "certified vegan." This is no joke to those of us who are committed to not buying or consuming animal products.

Please, Amazon/PB & Co. - be more careful.
240640240640B001GQ3E4GA1C27KKZHTHW6Cchocoholic0051322179200Delicious!I love peanut butter and this really is 'the bee's knees!' It's so delicious and completely satisfies my sweet tooth! I like that it has natural ingredients. The only bummer is that there is palm oil, and from what I understand, there is a lot of deforestation due to the increased use of palm oil.
240641240641B001GQ3E4GA256JOUD8X0J7Rmusicfan "The 80s are my favorite"0041318032000Tastes Very Good, But...I tried this peanut butter for the first time yesterday. It is very tasty, not too sweet and has a nice honey flavor. But it isn't very smooth, it has a grainy texture. I wonder if the honey has crystallized. I have sensitive teeth, and maybe I got a jar that is overly granular for some reason. But every bite I took, it felt like I was munching on coarse sugar crystals or sand. I gather from other reviews that this either is unnoticed by or doesn't bother most people, but for me I found it to be too grainy in an unpleasant way.

I really enjoy the taste of this pb, but I wish it was smoother. I might try another jar in the future to see if it is the same. I also wish it didn't contain palm oil. I've been trying to eat less of that, and it seems almost every product today contains it.

Update-I tried another jar and it was a lot better. Not as crystallized.
240642240642B001GQ3E4GA2BMZYQVO5FA8Dpey0051301097600The best everMy children and I adore this PB. I actually hate honey but the bee's knees has just a hint of it and is just a bit sweeter than regular pb. No where around us sell this in store so I always order it. I actually won't but any other peanut butter. My kids don't love jelly so since this has just a touch of sweetness I feel like they eat it much more often than regular peanut butter.
240643240643B001GQ3E4GA10CF04CJZC05FSuzanne "Suzanne"0051298419200Addictive!I bought this item from the grocery store and absolutely love it! As a diabetic I have to watch my carbohydrates/sugar this Peanut Butter keeps my blood sugars right where they need to be. It is very difficult not to eat the whole jar at once but other than that its wonderful. I just ordered the crunchy on amazon because my grocery doesn't carry it. I can't wait to try the others.
240644240644B001GQ3E4GAR3IY0Q7TT1WEDay "Chocolatestar"1321292630400Yuk!!!I didn't like the consistancy of this peanut butter. It could have been much creamier. And it wasn't sweet enough.
240645240645B000FFXN2MA2J4274A9O1Z78C. Wade4451178409600another kind bar favoritethis makes a rich, satisfying dessert. it has 17 grams of sugar which is a little high but it also has 3 grams of fiber.i like this bar as a reward at the end of the day along with watching csi reruns.
240646240646B000FFXN2MA2U94E760UDYMHJKH "JKH"4451175904000KIND bars are great!!My wife and I really enjoy KIND bars. These are great snack after a workout. Amazon sells them at a very competitive price.
240647240647B000FFXN2MA1L771NNMMZCREGideon "Zeke"6751230249600one of my favorite bars!This is one of my favorite nutritional bars. It tastes great, is natural and not highly processed. It does not contain any eggs, milk, or peanuts, which is a big factor for me when I choose a bar. It tastes great...!
From--- a very very picky eater
240648240648B000FFXN2MA2NQWPJ8EBWM3Lrural girl3351248825600pure foodTo call these bars pure food might sound funny; isn't everything we eat food? To me most 'food' available in stores should not be eaten; what is special about these bars is that they are mostly whole ingredients not chemical concoctions; pure food.

I have many nut allergies and this particular bar has been made in a clean enough setting that I have not had any reactions and I have eaten many many bars, and many other brands of food have given me allergic reactions.

I absolutely love these bars, they are my special treat.
240649240649B000FFXN2MA604OY98PQKW9D. Jackson2251175472000Love 'em!These bars are filling, healthy, tasty - I could go on and on. They're absolutely excellent!

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