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240691240691B008JHZ150A13U975DFXBU44Lexington Knitter0051345939200Superior ingredients + careful balancing = WOW!When I first tasted this sauce, I figured the odds were good that I'd like it. Heck, I'd probably like habenero-flavored shoe leather.

What I didn't expect was that I'd like Tabanero this much more than other hab sauces I've known. For starters, the heat is moderated, allowing the fruitiness of the habanero pepper variety to really shine through. "Moderated" is, of course, relative - for those who find most of the major-brand ubiquitous bottled sauces unbearably hot to start with, be warned that Tabanero has a bit *more* kick. For those who sip from skull-and-crossbones labeled bottles that contain little more than distilled capsaicin...well, I don't even get that whole preference: all pain and no flavor.

Tabanero is all flavor, from the peppers being the first and dominant ingredient of the sauce (vs. water in too many brands) to the avoidance of food coloring and cheap thickeners (again pretty common elsewhere.) Carrot juice instead both thickens the sauce and deepens its bright orange hue, and the acidic kick provided by aggressive use of vinegar in many other brands is here replaced with more mellow onion and key lime juice.

Agave as a sweetener seems appropriate considering the geographic origin of this product (which is the Mexican state of Tabasco) - it's a light sweetener that I myself find more inoffensive than tasty, but probably a good choice for that very reason. This sauce doesn't need to guild the lily with cloying and potentially flavor-masking sugar.

My husband, trying this sauce for the first time, muttered something about it "not being spicy enough" and then proceeded to douse his dinner with the stuff, abandoning his usual El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero Sauce, 4 oz., which was also on the table. And just for fun, I'd left our family's favorite (non-Mexican) hot sauce - Huy Fong, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, 28-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3). That, too, remained untouched.

Of course the thing about the Sriracha - its pepper base is red jalapenos, which makes for a *very* different, if equally addictive flavor profile. But I can grab a 28 ounce bottle of Sricha from my local Asian Grocer for less than I'll pay for the 8 oz bottle of this liquid hab sunshine. As with many folks, it's the age-old struggle between "what I love" and "what I can afford for everyday".

Still, Habanero-specific sauces don't run cheap, and I can't imagine preferring one of those better-known brands, now that I've tried Tabanero. Currently it's distributed in Southern California stores (and a smattering of southeast locales, mostly restaurants.) I'd love to see this sauce gain national prominence, because it would seriously raise the bar for everybody else.

Disclaimer: I did receive a complimentary sample of this product from the manufacturer. But if I felt so-so about it, I'd give a so-so review.
240692240692B008JHZ150A27OBN7V5XUBHHBob Palmieri "Connoisseur of Heat"0151344902400This Tabanero Sauce "smokes" the competition !!FLAVORFUL and ZESTY !!
This is the "HOT SAUCE" I've been dreaming of !!
Finally the "perfect marriage" of ROBUST FLAVOR and HEAT !!
This one will instantly become your "Gotta Have" hot sauce.
240693240693B005T4K55CAJIDIVBILJKO0MekoRush1151339459200Get's ya bump n the moodoIt works. Give it about 20 mins and you're ready to begin your workout. I would use it for working out(30 min or more) but i've never used it for staying active at work since my job im always active. pretty good price, taste ok, i probably would buy again in the near future especially if I continue to workout as the only reason Im buying...
240694240694B005T4K55CA2NHGV40QUL4BLAntdeezy050011349222400Terrible Don't BuyI've tried all the flavors. SK Engery has a Terrible Taste and Doesn't work. There are way better energy shots out there SK sucks.
240695240695B003UOX5LEAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige2231329091200decent, but not as "dental" as I expectedI bought this product hoping it would help keep my cats teeth clean and their breath fresh. I wish I had read the ingredients before I purchased it because it doesn't seem to have any enzymatic ingredients found in true, working dental treats. Also the only breath freshening ingredients- rosemary and chlorophyll, are at the very tail end of the ingredient list as dead last and third to last. I am glad that these ingredients are present, but they are in such small quantities, that they can't be helping much. From personal experience, I have not noticed and breath freshening results. I think the only reason why they are "dental" treats is because of the small amount of rosemary and chlorophyll as well as the fact that they are crunchy and not moist treats, which is very good. Another issue I have with these treats is that my cats only like this product while its very fresh. They seem to go stale really easily, like within a week, and then after that my cats don't care for it. I always close them tightly and I've even tried putting them in a separate bag- in container, but still no luck. If your looking for a real dental treat I would recommend Crunch n' Clean with DentaShield. However, this is still a MUCH better treat than Pounce brand or Meow Mix or any soft treat that can have soft sticky particles that will stay stuck to your cats teeth and smell bad and cause dental problems. This treat may not help teeth significantly, but they definitely won't hurt them and probably do some good; just not as much as I expected for the price. Also there are tuns of vitamin in these, which is pretty cool. They really are pretty decent treats, and I would probably give them 4 stars if they were just treats. However, to be marketing them as "dental," they really should have enzymes or more prevalent dental ingredient.
240696240696B003UOX5LEAVSAXGLR4MUS1Cuddleycat0051344297600cuddleycatMy cats are hooked on your treats .HHAHAAA they dont know , that they are also good 4 them to.Feline Greenies Variety Pack
240697240697B003UOX5LEA3PJBXPKTBQ0OGAmazon Junkie0051334102400Cat loves these!These are a little pricey, but my cat loves these greenies. Sometimes when I place an order with Amazon, I throw a pack of these in the cart for my spoiled cat. She loves these and gets excited when I shake the pack!
240698240698B003UOX5LEA2I8ZTKKY9LQOXSue0051332892800Cheech loves greeniesMy cat loves Greenies!!!! Great being able to order online as I live in a very small town and have to drive 35 miles to a pet store to be able to purchase them.
Thank you
240699240699B003UOX5LEA2DU9MAU2P97FRBarbara A. Mcelveen "Bobbye"0051330214400My "babies" love these!Greenies get 5 stars from my cats! They look forward to these every day. One of our babies had gum problems and since he's been eating greenies, it's cleared up. That alone is worth these goodies for our "babies".
240700240700B003UOX5LEA3S42MP1IFAY9ER. Zurcher "Friscoze Flea"0051329696000Greenies RockWe've been using Greenies pretty much since Sadie was a kitty (she's about 3 now). She recognizes the word "Greenies" and no matter how quietly I open the bag she can hear it from anywhere in the house - even when she's sleeping (a handy trick when I need to locate her). We switched to canned food about a year ago so the liberal use of dental treats has become a necessity.*

*I urge all my fellow cat lovers to read up on the health problems associated with dry cat food. I can't pitch another web site here but urge folks to go online and look up info on switching from dry to canned. Cats really do live longer on wet food diets.
240701240701B003UOX5LEA58FELLA9Z0QKRaine Duerr "Raine D"0051326585600Healthy cat treatsBoth my cats like these in several flavors and never seem to tire of them. I believe this is also good for cats' dental health as well.
240702240702B0039CQ758A2N8DHNNSFL234Ann Evelyn Morris4451296691200Aero Mint Chocolate BarsI became acquainted with Aero Mint Chocolate Bars while in England this past summer. My granddaughter and I both LOVE them. We can't buy them just anywhere here in the US, so I was very happy to find I could buy a box of 12 for my granddaughter's birthday from British Imports through Amazon.

If you love chocolate and mint, these are for you.
240703240703B003D4F0UUA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2241281916800Subtle Chamomile Tea****
Stash's Chamomile Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is one of their totally natural teas, containing only chamomile flowers. It is rather weak, but a fine tea---just use two teabags. Many people will find this tea too subtle. I think that Stash's more natural teas seem to be a little weak and undistinguished, while their flavored teas are super-powerful, erring on the side of too powerful for me, overwhelming the tea drinker with all types of strong added flavorings. If I had to pick, I'd always take subtle, as you can make these teas, like this chamomile tea, stronger by doubling up on the bags, but you can't make the strongly flavored teas weaker or less annoying.

Stash Tea had their 35th anniversary last month, so they've been around a while, and they are moving in the direction of more organic and loose teas, more true flavors instead of added flavorings. I appreciate that their chamomile is so pure, but wish it could be a little more flavorful.

Still, recommended.
240704240704B003D4F0UUA39QZSXZHSFX23P. Peek1151308009600Best Tea AroundAmazon offers this tea at an amazing price compared to our local grocery stores...even when our stores have it on sale. And with Free Shipping, you can't beat it.
240705240705B003D4F0UUA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2331310515200Flavored Commercial Tea***
Stash's Lemon Ginger Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is a basic lemon ginger tea, tasting strongly of ginger, full of flavorings, and oddly, even contains soy. This is one of the better commercial highly processed, non-organic teas. I much prefer organic teas that are made without artificial flavorings and certainly without soy, but if you are not picky about herb teas, and are looking something very strongly flavored as an introduction to the world of teasans and decaffeinated beverages, this would be fine. If you like your tea more subtle, with true pure tastes, and can discern complex differences between natural and commercial teas, then this definitely is not for you, and I would recommend any Numi tea, Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, or even Stash's organic line of teas (which comes in a wonderful Lemon Ginger Organic Tea!)

Stash Lemon Ginger Tea contains ginger root, lemongrass, lemon flavor, safflower, hibiscus, citric acid, and soy.

Unfortunately, nothing special.
240706240706B003D4F0UUA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2341281916800Hibiscus and Raspberry--Lovely!****
Stash's Wild Raspberry Caffeine Free Herbal Tea is strong and fruity, and that's great if you love the taste of raspberry and hibiscus, which I do. It contains hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass, rosehips, natural raspberry flavor, licorice powder, and citric acid. The package says it also contains soy, but that makes little sense to me. It is a fine tasting herb tea.

If you like a more subtle tea, you may not be crazy about Wild Raspberry. But if you like Celestial Seasonings and other commercial teas, I think that this is a good one. The reason I gave this tea four stars instead of five is that it isn't as pure as it could be (contains additives and flavorings) and I can tell. I prefer a more subtle tea. And I save five stars for the very best teas I've tried. But for those of you who like a lot of flavor, and can't taste the additives, it's just fine!

240707240707B003D4F0UUA127IEGUV0O1I6Ilia Vinogradov0051350432000They did it right.There is something right about this tea. I don't like drinking green tea, only black. But adding green tea to black brought some pleasant sensations to the mix. I love drinking this tea in the morning...
240708240708B003D4F0UUA8D8GH736LF0FP. A. Muccigrosso "patsquared"0051350172800Lemon Ginger Tea with a ZingI can't drink caffeine after 2PM so I rely on herbal teas for comfort drinks in the afternoon and evening. But every once in awhile I want a cuppa that has a bit of zing to it. This tea is how I get it. [ASIN:B003D4IUUW Stash Premium Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)]] - great flavor and an absolutely fabulous price. And it's delivered to me...I don't have to go try to find it in the local store.
240709240709B003D4F0UUA15VKIF5B79DWNfrugal grannie0051346889600Mango Passionfruit delightWow, this Mango Passionfruit tea is the best herbal teas I have tasted. It is good hot or cold sweetened with a little Agave. We often have it in the late afternoon when we want to limit caffeine. It is a very refreshing beverage.
240710240710B003D4F0UUA10R92ZPAC3IH3M. Dawson0051335484800The Best Earl Grey Bagged Tea I have HadThis tea is flavorful and delicious and became an instant favorite from the first time I have tried it. Stash Earl Grey started me into experiencing tea beyond iced and typical restaurant fare. Today I have 20 varieties of teas, both in bags and loose and Stash Earl Grey is still one of my favorites to this day. (The flavor for Stash Earl Grey loose tea is different from the bagged. The bagged is better IMO.)

Some other flavors and brands you might like if you like Stash Earl Grey.

Stash Vanilla Nut Decaf. A perfect desert or night time tea. Sweetened and with milk, it is divine.

Teavan Mate Vanna
240711240711B003D4F0UUASIR5MR8RX5AYA. Matheny0051334188800Great teaThis combination of green and white tea from Stash is just right. I don't like but can tolerate the taste of plain green tea. The trick here is that the white tea as a nice sweetness to that green-tea taste with no sugar! It's perfect as an after-lunch pick-me-up and as simple as boiling water, just the right amount of caffeine. The teabags are foil-sealed, so they stay fresh a long time. I buy in quantity to save money. Can't go wrong with this choice.
240712240712B003D4F0UUA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041321401600Stash Chamomile Herbal TeaStash Chamomile Herbal Tea is tea bags with dried, crushed chamomile flowers.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, chamomile is chamomile. I suppose that when you use loose flowers you get sediment in the cup and I have seen this happen with some brands of chamomile tea bags, these don't do that.

I have also had organic chamomile (this isn't) but I can't taste the difference.

Each bag is individually packaged and that is either good or bad depending on how and where you use it and if you are concerned about excessive packaging.

If you like chamomile tea, this is a good choice.
240713240713B003D4F0UUAFOLKFRK1PR2Ctammy0051318896000I love this tea!I love this tea. It tastes sweet w/o any sweetener. I haven't been able to find it at any of the area grocery stores so was very happy to see Amazon carries it.
240714240714B003D4F0UUA1HKTWRXC8MDZBCandace0051311984000Refreshing!I've been drinking Stash Moroccan Mint Green Tea for a few years now and it is absolutely delicious! I drink it hot, but I imagine it would taste good iced as well. I've been getting it from Stash's website, but I'll get it on Subscribe & Save for $1 less per box!
240715240715B003D4F0UUAOTYIFFEK89MJwf19920051310256000My favorite!I love this tea. It doesn't brew as strong as the regular earl grey, but still great. I really like the bergamot, and find the taste strong enough even without buying the double version. Hard to find locally, so thrilled to find it here.
240716240716B003D4F0UUA3HSRLLGLS3YHWaloysius0051296345600Delicious when iced2 bags to 64 ounces of water and stick it in the refrigerator - very refreshing any time of year
240717240717B003D4F0UUA1FQGWJUFSUXHDMai'lee0041292630400Jasmine green teaI personally prefer a heavier Jasmine flavor to my green tea.
However, this is an excellent tea and one that I would recommend.
240718240718B005EHHRJGAMIEGELIQ124UJacob2251341878400Best. Tabasco. Ever.I'm not really going to talk too much about the flavor of this chipotle pepper sauce. If you're considering buying this quantity, you've probably had it before. And you probably love it as much as I do. You might even put it on everything.

If you're currently buying TABASCO brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce 5oz. on a regular basis, this is a no-brainer. This container holds the same as 13 of the 5oz. bottles, so you save $40 buying in bulk.

It's an added bonus that they shipped this with a free jar of TABASCO Spicy Mayonnaise 16 oz. which is a decent freebie. I'm not big on mayo, but it isn't half bad.
240719240719B005EHHRJGA1SU6FMPWNU13Tbuleever1151334534400YUMMMM....My son introduced me to this by buying a small bottle of it for the house. I immediately fell in love with it and because we use so much of it just went for the big 1/2 gallon size. Bought a plastic capped squeeze bottle for every day use and use it for SO many things - including in my V8 every day! Hot sauce is good
240720240720B005EHHRJGA5Q24HNVLDJ4Mfeatherpicker0051347235200I LOVE this stuff!This is perfect! I use it a lot, in sauces, as a rub, in dips, all kinds of cooking. Loved the larger amount, no one around here has the larger size and after the last trip couldn't find it in any size! Obviously others like it too. I will definitely be re ordering when it's time. Very well packaged, came very fast too. Thank you Amazon!

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