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240721240721B005EHHRJGA29P1JFMOLTTOWJason Zajac "J & J Speed Shop"005133315200064oz of my Favorite Hot SauceWhat else can I say but I was getting sick of buying the small bottles at the local stores. So I ordered this and it shipped directly from the manufacture. It was shipped very fast and they also included a free gift along with my order (Chipotle Mayo). I am very happy and have enough hot sauce for a year
240722240722B005EHHRJGAP0WGMI0HV7BXJuan Rangel III0051330905600What a good companyI got this, this delicious amazing sauce, within three days, which is incredibly fast, considering it's not available for Amazon Prime. Not only that, but included in the order was a complimentary jar of spicy mayonnaise, to try and see if I liked it, and a nice little booklet showing all the different Tabasco products. It's definitely worth the money to buy, as it's impossible to find anything other than the little jar in grocery stores, and I can blaze through that sauce in a little over a week, depending.
240723240723B005EHHRJGA3GXDSPW5M3M6VGweman0051329264000Chipotle Tabasco SauceThis sauce is the best Tabasco has made. I've tried them all and I love it. My only problem is that I couldn't find the sauce anywhere near where I live in the Appalachian Mountain range, so I ordered a half gallon to make do!
240724240724B001SANZZIA23PVXKWD70XK9K. Scott1151330992000Wonderful!The nuts were very large and great tasting; They are raw, so I can roast them myself as needed; i would recommend these to anyone! I will order again!
240725240725B001SANZZIA1UZUOBA4B1PYKAnn Hyland "Yoga Instructor, RYT, ERYT, Medit...0051346889600Mac attackSuper tasting fresh raw macs. Handled beautifully in various raw food recipes that I have created for personal and professional tastings and consumption. [...]
240726240726B003JM66KYA318I3TWETVATCDri0051348012800Baby Mum-Mum (banana)My baby LOVES, LOVES, LOVES these banana Mum-Mums! They are gentle on her tummy, dissolve quickly, and are perfect for her to gnaw on while she is teething. I started buying them for her when she was 4 months old, and she never had a problem with them. They are also great for her to snack on while my family eats dinner, so she can sit with up and feel included, while having something she can independently feed herself without a huge mess. They can get a little sticky, but not nearly as much as traditional teething biscuits. I would recommend this product to any momma, daddy, or family member.
240727240727B003JM66KYA3PZ8E05FKG6VELaura0051306022400love mum mum's but dont buy hereBaby mum mum's are a great snack and my son's favorite. They arent messey, they dissolve easily, and they have an assortment of flavors. Couldnt live with out them, but wouldnt buy them here. At walmart these are 2.29 a box, even at our more expensive hy-vee who puts these in the health market and then runs the price up they are only 3.49. 8.99 is CRAZY!!!
240728240728B003JM66KYAFDACNB0MQMFMJennifer M. Robbins0051280880000YumMy son loves mum-mum's and I like the fact that they are not messy like the gerber biter biscuts
240729240729B0015GM9NOALVV249XN8FERFrances Lamb0051349136000Sam Yams Sweet Potato ChewsMy dog loves Sam Yams Sweet Potato Chews. It's a healthy and enjoyable treat for her to chew on.
No rawhide material in the recipe, just healthy ingredients.
240730240730B0015GM9NOA3EYJ9Q99MP9OSPrairieProf0051294531200My dog likes them and they like her!My greyhound seems to like these a lot, and they don't give her loose stool (which plenty of things do). Great healthy ingredients -- besides being grain free which is all I'll buy, I love the lack of additives or dubious ingredients. This will be a repeater for me -- well it is already, as I got my first batch at a fancy pet food store I was visiting and came to Amazon to get more (for much less!).
240731240731B0015GM9NOAJ1CE24O54TFMT. Scruggs0111279152000My dog simply won't eat them.I've offered them to my dog repeatedly and only once has he even taken one in his mouth. He immediately laid it on the floor and never went back to it. Admittedly, he is very picky about his treats. My friend's dog isn't interested in them either.
240732240732B0002568VIA2GCNU2XB1Z2GQOver-Worked Volunteer "Mary"0051313107200Wow!My dog loves these. She's 11 years old and had to have 2 back teeth remove so she has trouble chewing bones but these she can chew and eat with no trouble.
240733240733B000PBDE3YAG7X4RC1F4GZCThe Natural Wanderer2251189900800Not homemade, but close to it!Love Indian cuisine, can't get it in the middle of Texas. This is a very good substitute. We are eating totally healthy, lots of veggies, and lots of whole-grain rices. This fits perfectly, all natural, no preservatives, lots of flavor, good for you. Easy to prepare (hey, make your own brown rice, there are several varieties on the Internet--look up ROSE rice, my my). This whole line is made and packaged in India, served in their country and in the UK, and family in NYC eat it all the time when they can't get down to 6th Street --- Not homemade, but close to it!
240734240734B00998BRN8A1LBGXE29GG1IRCoffee Ramblings "Billy"1141351123200230 Candy Bars MinisWow! This variety pack is a little expensive on here! I paid under twenty dollars for it at my local Walmart, which makes it around nine cents per mini bar. I'm going to give these out to the trick-or-treaters this year.
240735240735B000GPXRS6A1NDYL6D6QNVCIValnastar "Man With No Name"7751232409600A healthier choice for adding chocolate to milkThis "no sugar added" version of Nesquik has significantly less sugar in it than the regular Nequik product. It tastes good and a little bit goes a long way to adding chocolate flavor to an average cup of milk so a cannister lasts quite a while. If you want to treat yourself or your kids to chocolate milk once in a while without promoting tooth decay and other problems related to high sugar content, this is the product to buy.
240736240736B000GPXRS6A3389A04IEG44QMOM! "HAPPY LOPEZLADY"6641197763200Glad to see amazon added this!I prefer to buy Nesquik's sugar-free but my store didn't always carry it and amazon's price was great. I saved about $.70 per container with the case I bought. Sure I may have enough for a year but that's ok because now I don't worry about running out. My only issue is that the sugar-free one does not dissolve as fast. I usually heat the milk first.
240737240737B000GPXRS6A109EO4KXBVPF2Joanna M. Plummer4451242518400yuuumyI love quik and I am so glad they have a low sugar version, this takes awhile to mix and does settle easily but it tastes like regular quik to me.
240738240738B000GPXRS6A272C2EYSV6XYQJudijo1131345680000The product is great. The price w shipping is not!I have used NSA Nesquik in my coffee for YEARS. It dissolves completely in the hot fluid and tastes great. I can't tell the difference from the fully sugared product.

I was looking to buy it in bulk, since it is a staple in my house. None that I found qualifies for Super Saver Shipping.

When considering the cost of shipping it is about two dollars MORE per container than even the local Albertson's. Anything under $5/unit would be worth it. Walmart sells it for about $4.75.

Bottom line...Keep an eye out, but watch those shipping costs!
240739240739B000GPXRS6A32DTSH4KLUNYXJudy "JC"1151202515200Good price and free shippingThis product was suddenly hard to find at the local grovery stores and I was glad to see I could get it at Amazon. It arrived pretty fast with free shipping and is pretty fresh tasting with an expiration date well off into the next year. I'm pretty happy.
240740240740B000GPXRS6AROBLPGK3SR5PS. Loftin0051323302400Sugar Free NesquickI like chocolate milk but can do without the extra sugar that usually entails by using Sugar Free Nesquick. Since this product is not always carried in the supermarkets in our area, it made sense to order some from Amazon and have a supply on hand. The price seems comparable to what I have paid in the supermarket.
240741240741B000GPXRS6A1LKMGTP4M5EZ4xx0051312070400Choc milk milkMy fave chocolate milk mix, have no idea why it's not available at Target anymore??? Thanks Amazon for having it!
240742240742B000GPXRS6ADRYHOAJ0BCKUFrequent Amazon Shopper0051306886400great addition to protein shakes, hot cocoa, or milkWhy can't I get this in a supermarket? It's great. Low cal add-in to a vanilla or unflavored protein shake, use it to make chocolate milk or hot chocolate. Package of 4 small plastic containers.
240743240743B000GPXRS6AN27WFRJPBYD2Pokemon Master2500051305417600No Sugar - No DifferenceMy favorite chocolate milk powder since i was a kid, this non-sugar version tastes just as good as when it has sugar. Definitely a good way to save your teeth, especially when you can drink a whole gallon of milk and maybe more on a hot day with Nesquik at your side.

i remember buying the bunny shaped bins of this years ago, i wish they still had them(at least they don't here not sure of other areas). The bins(even if they are not bunny shaped) are recycle friendly you can give one or two of them to your kids to put their crayons or ''Treasures'' in, and you can blue bin them which is another plus.
240744240744B000GPXRS6A31OWYSZNPL9ECarolyn M. Young "Caroline"0051299715200love this productThis is a great product for those looking to reduce sugar in their diet, and have some great tasting chocolate milk!
240745240745B000GPXRS6AAX6OMHQC1BN3J. Cook "J Cook"0051296345600Tastes better with less sugar and fewer caloriesI decided to buy the "no sugar added" version of this product because I just noticed that my local grocery store offered it. I expected this version of the product to not taste very good or to have a weird aftertaste. On the contrary, chocolate milk made with "no sugar added" Nesquik tastes better than the regular version. It has more chocolate flavor than the regular product and my daughter says that this version is "more powerful". This is likely why my daughter uses less of the product in her milk. (We make chocolate milk about 2x month, which makes it just an occasional drink for us, so she always used more than the "recommended serving" in her glass of milk. Haven't we all?)

Perhaps the product has been reformulated since the previous reviews were made that mentioned the chalkiness of the product or the extra effort to dissolve it, but I have not encountered either. If anyone remembers the PDQ product from the 1970s, the Nesquik "no sugar added" version has a similar appearance because the product forms balls and chips instead of the perfectly sandy/dusty appearance of regular Nesquik. Nevertheless, I found the "no sugar added" version dissolved just as easily as regular version and it doesn't seem chalky at all. Given that this version costs less, has less sugar and fewer calories and is "more powerful", I will not buy the regular version again. Why would I? I hope no one at Nestle just read that.
240746240746B000GPXRS6A2F3KRGOGFIYA9Nuremon0051294444800Good-tasting lo-cal optionThis tastes good without adding as many empty calories. It doesn't mix in as well as my daughter's pink milk, but I attribute that to the extra starches that are part of splenda.
240747240747B000GPXRS6A5XDN8QDAKAXXMichael Garst "lifegrdmike"0031278115200a little chalkythis has a chalky flavor compared to the sugar-added counterparts. Otherwise, the chocolate flavor is acceptable.
240748240748B000GPXRS6A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051256342400Very Good No Sugar Added Chocolate Drink Mix - Highly Recommended!Nesquick No Sugar Added mix is a welcome treat for me since becoming a Type 2 diabetic. It tastes very close to regular chocolate milk or hot chocolate, but has significantly less carbs. That being said, you do have to watch out for the carbs that milk adds to the 7g that is in the Nesquick.

Great tasting - Highly Recommended
240749240749B000GPXRS6A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051256342400Really Good Chocolate Drink Mix - Highly Recommended!Nesquick No Sugar Added mix is a welcome treat for me since becoming a Type 2 diabetic. It tastes very close to regular chocolate milk or hot chocolate, but has significantly less carbs. That being said, you do have to watch out for the carbs that milk adds to the 7g that is in the Nesquick.

Great tasting - Highly Recommended!
240750240750B000GPXRS6A389I3A00Y235JClaudia A. Doehrmann "ma kettle"0051237161600Great Chcolate with less CarbsNesquik Chocolate Powder, No Sugar Added, 16-Ounce Unit (Pack Of 6)

Great to be able to get this product without the
hassle of standing in lines.

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