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240830240830B000NBQUNWA3GZH6KMR5MDB3Melissa E. Lee0041249948800My Doctor Recommended this productMy doctor recommended this product to lower my cholestorol. Works great! Taste is just like a caramel chew.. Delish!..

Only available online and not in stores.. that is my only set back.. although shipping was quick and easy. it would be nice if it were available on your local stores shelves..
240831240831B000NBQUNWA3TWPTLOY99HL8Samuel F. Jones0051248912000Benecol chewsthis really works' it reduced my cholesterol so much my doctor decided i didn't need medication after taking this for a couple of months
240832240832B000NBQUNWA1DJ97FK9V0Y8DWhite Rhino0051244160000Lowered my cholesterol!I had been using these for awhile when they suddenly became unavailable. Was glad to find them here and discover that they had not ceased production, but just changed the packaging from the mylar zip-loc pouch I was used to buying to this sturdier container.
240833240833B000NBQUNWA7QIRBB98I4PXNirupa "mltdv"0051242950400Mayo clinic was right......Benecol chew brought my cholesterol level down to a normal range after 3 months of use. No problems with liver function as with the statins and cheaper than red yeast rice. I recommend it and have recommended it to friends.
240834240834B000NBQUNWA1NL3I9QB14MTNLeo Dennis0041240617600Benecol Smart ChewsThis is my second box of Benecol.
I ordered this product which was recommended to aid in lowering Cholesterol. So far, My cholesterol has remained at an acceptable level.
The chews have a nice carmel flavor.
240835240835B000NBQUNWA3K5NT5AFHTYECMahsoob0041239062400Good productI used the product and saw improvement in my total cholesterol and LDL. It tastes good and is convenient to use. I keep some at home and some in my desk at work.
240836240836B000NBQUNWA1Z66PXV1Y8U4WC. Chua0051238112000great tasting yet effectiveIt helped reduce my husband's cholesterol. Not to mention, its great caramel taste. You should try to believe it.
240837240837B000NBQUNWA64X48330HEWYM. Carter0041237593600Easy to take, no adverse reactionsI have had allergic reactions to other cholesterol lowering products. I have been taking Benecol Chews for about six weeks and so far, no allergic reactions. I will be going in for tests in about three weeks and will know then the cholesterol lowering effects of this product.
240811240811B000NBQUNWA1USK2VXCCRXIMquiet song0051290384000fight cholesterol in a very tasty way!We have been taking the Benecol "Smart" Chews twice a day with meals ever since they became available. Based on our lab tests, they must be working -- and they have a"yummy" taste! They're not easy to find in stores. Amazon is a great and convenient way to order them!
240838240838B000NBQUNWA2V6Z4RO9DSPNNChristine S. Berkland0041237593600Cholesterol-lowering Benecol soft chewsI like the fact that my cholesterol specialist is pleased that my cholesterol numbers are almost perfect - just need a little higher HDL. The only problem with the product is that the wrapping is so tightly fastened to the product that it is a bit hard to unwrap. The product itself is tasty and almost like a small dessert :=)
240812240812B000NBQUNWAB130EJJXPAR5J Quinlan0051289606400A little sweet that's good for you.I've been trying to lower my cholesterol by natural means and Benecol chews are helping a lot! In just two months of using these my triglycerides dropped over 70 points. I also used the Benecol margarine and made some diet modifications, so can't say that the chews made all the difference, but they are tasty and a little sweet treat (without a lot of calories) after a meal. I have recommended them to my friends who want to lower their cholesterol.
240839240839B000NBQUNWAKKB0UU92ZTG5Anna De Leon0051237248000Taste GreatI love the taste of the Benecol Smart Chews. I'm hooked on these and my mom is also taking them. It's great to have something taste good and help your cholesterol. Thank you.
240813240813B000NBQUNWACU0QGUQL3O2CCristine Butler0051287705600Smart chewsThey taste good, very sweet and I can almost us it as dessert. I have not had my cholesterol re-checked though so I don't know if they are really working. Glad to get them on Amazon since they are only available on-line.
240840240840B000NBQUNWA301X43GHZSWEKHerbal wife0051234742400Lowers cholesterolDoctor recommended it, and evidence shows this has reduced by husband's cholesterol with no side effects like the statin drugs that were turning his muscles to mush.
240814240814B000NBQUNWA2QLYFN1JLALFFDiva G "divagirl"0041287705600Hopefully happy with the results in 3 monthsI have heard from many that chewing 2 of these a day will bring down cholesterol. I'm hoping that by January, my chholesterol will be down since it's always been high my entire life. It runs in my family. I don't want to have any health issues now that I'm getting older, so I thought I would try this out. My family doctor was optimistic and said to give it three months before getting tested since it takes that long to process in your body and show a significant change. If all looks well in January, I will DEFINITELY buy more of these!
240815240815B000NBQUNWA33HUNY7Z2UCXUTy0051286582400Great ProductI have used the product for over two years and have found it very beneficial. I have recommended it to my friends and they are using this product as well. Keep producing it.
240816240816B000NBQUNWA2Z1EHV7MSXXAVbenecol0051284768000Benecol reviewI took 4 chews of benecol every day and 5mg Lipitor every other day and reduced my cholesterol from 220 to 140.
240817240817B000NBQUNWAUGQIE6QAFAYJNJ Digital Photo0051281916800A good option to lower your cholesterolI was diagnosed with high cholesterol earlier this year. 300 total, and low HDL level. I took some aggressive steps to adjust my diet and to start exercising more, and began taking phytosterols. But I came across many reports that warned how sterols passed through the colon and could accumulate in the arteries much like cholesterol. Stanols, on the other hand, are not absorbed in the colon, yet provided the same protection from cholesterol. So I switched to Benecol. I used their margarine because the Chews weren't available since March, but it looks like they finally started stocking the Chews again. FYI, my last checkup showed a 20% drop in total cholesterol, and my HDL/total ratio is up to 4:1, which my doctor said is good. I'm hoping my next checkup will be even better.

BTW, be careful of misinformation from reviewers. Sterols and stanols are not the same, and the literature bears this fact out. Do your own research, and read CAREFULLY, and use your best judgement. Eat well, exercise, have a glass of red wine every night :) and find supplements that can help. Avoid statins if at all possible!
240818240818B000NBQUNWA3PLTYH58YN5W4GoGo Girl0051273363200NOT AVAILABLE on AmazonNot Available on Amazon anymore! Not sure why but Amazon said the product is not available and cancelled my order
240819240819B000NBQUNWA11FBDIXN2Y6EKBracey M. Pinson0051265500800benecol chewsI have been using this product for a while now and believe it helps me keep my cholesterol under control. The taste is very pleasing.
240820240820B000NBQUNWA1RVP0EWIPLZKPJT0051262995200Taste great, soft to chewTaste like carmels except softer. Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Plant Stanol Estrs, Nonfat Milk, less than 2% of Caramel color, Soy lecithin, salt, natural and artificial flavors, and yellow 6. Sodium 15 mg per chew or serving. 0.85 g of Plant Stanol Esters per chew. 2 per day recommended on package. Expiration was about 14 months beyond the date I recieved so that was good.
240821240821B000NBQUNWA1ZQIZMWSQCMI4D. Wiles0051262217600Benecol Smart ChewsSmart choice for fighting high cholesterol. Order from Amazon all the time since some stores don't carry 120 pk. container.
240822240822B000NBQUNWA3V9MI67ZO18U1Janice M Oliver0051259971200Great product!This is a great way to get your plant sterols to lower cholesterol. They are very tasty - easy to take with you and since you chew them, you don't need to find water to take them when you are out. They taste just like a very soft caramel. Hopefully they lower my cholesterol as well as capsule plant sterols have in the past. Once I take a blood test, I will post results and let everyone know. Really convenient and great product.
240823240823B000NBQUNWA24J6PQ0FN55A6WestGrl0051259712000I'm a believer!I had blood work done & for the first time I was told I had high cholesterol. After doing some searching online, I came across Benecol Chews. Rave reviews made me give them a try. After a little less then 2 months I had my cholesterol checked again. My total cholesterol went from 215 down to 205 and my LDL went from 144 down to 129. Keep in mind I made little to no change in my diet so I know these changes were from taking Benecol. Aside from the numbers, which is the most important part, the chews are tasty. Not too sweet, taste like caramel & aren't tough. Sometimes they can leave a little bit of a residue in the mouth but that quickly goes away with a drink. I grew to get used to it. They are actually a nice treat after meals (one you know is good for you!). Amazon makes it so easy with the automatic shipments. I never have to worry about running out. And after the change in numbers, I never want to be without them! For those on statins, the package states you can safely take these. If you're looking for an easy way to help improve your numbers, definately give these a try!
240824240824B000NBQUNWA52WT8Y7RUV6HRobert D. Strike0051258588800Really WorksI was recomended to this product by my nutritionist. I took it for two months for lowering cholesterol. It sure did the job. My total cholesterol went from 325 to 205. My LDL went from 146 to 122. I am happy with this product and plan to continue its use.
240825240825B000NBQUNWA271FYIHNUVECOSteve0041257811200ExpensiveExpensive for a supplement, but it's better than having a heart attack. I snack on these to lower my cholesterol
240826240826B000NBQUNWA2PZDM2G180KK6The Sybarite0051254787200They seemed to work for me.I say "seemed to work" because I did not use these in isolation. I used them as part of the diet outlined on the "Cholesterol Down: Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in Four Weeks--Without Prescription Drugs" book by Janet Brill, and I lowered my total cholesterol from 255 to 173 in 3 1/2 weeks.
Since my results have been amazing, I am not planning on changing a thing.
240827240827B000NBQUNWAK3XW76NARMWJMichaelyn C. Luttge0051254614400Good tasting and Good for youMy doctor recommended taking a supplement with plant sterols to help my cholesterol levels. Benecol has been a great choice. Since it is good tasting, it's easy to remember to pop a chew. Since this product is not sold in stores, I signed up for the Amazon recurring purchase program at a lower price with no shipping cost. This will help me keep taking the Smart Chews on a regular basis. I can't wait to see if my next doctor's visit shows a good result.
240828240828B000NBQUNWA25H5BVA9HO4CUMaryEllen Davidson "davesdaughter"0051252800000Cholesterol loweredI finally got my cholesterol down to a level that my doctor is happy with. Prescription medications alone never worked in spite of very healthy diet habits. Seems that I have the wrong ancestors. Now I can even eat eggs more often then the once a week I had been sticking to. Plus they are so tasty that you think you have had candy. I like to take mine with a handful of walnut pieces and think I've had dessert. I do continue taking my prescription also. Benecol Smart Chews, Caramel, 120-Count Soft Chews
240829240829B000NBQUNWA3M42DILAIHT5YWalter Williams "Healthy guy"0051250985600Good for youThis product was recommended to me by my dietician. I am now off any
medicine to control Clorestyrol level and using just diet and Benecol
to control it.

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