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240961240961B000NBQUNWA1EIJ81NXFBG2XArthur W. Thompson3351316736000Benecol is great!This product was recommend to my wife by the Heart Institute. It has done a great job of helping to keep my wife's cholesterol in check. She takes 4 chews a day and some diet modification has helped her levels at a safe level.
240962240962B000NBQUNWA3AN0QZ0WJ1QXUStacey P3351307664000Good productHelped reduce my cholesterol by 25 points in six weeks, in combination with other non-prescription products without much change to my diet. The chews are sweet and tasty, and many times satisfy my craving for something sweet.
240963240963B000NBQUNWA3FX71BV0L80ABM. Beach "Maxikatzy"3351189036800Glad its back!When I used the Benecol Smart Chews a couple years ago, they were the only product that helped lower my cholestrol. Then for awhile, the Smart Chews were not available in the U.S., I'm so glad they are back and am hoping for similar results.
240964240964B000NBQUNWA2K75816HEXSPUFuzzle5651336262400So far I like them, but what's with the random major price increases?I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago. Paid something like $23. Decent taste. Easy to incorporate into my cholestrol-reducing plan. If they work (too early to know), yippeee!

However, when I went to place a reorder on Amazon this weekend, they were first $42/box. And now $39. What's up with this? Heck, I'm really glad I didn't sign up for the automatic reorder. More like automatic lighten wallet.

They are still around $23 on with a limit of 2, and that's where I placed my reorder.

Amazon, I don't get what you are doing with this. 2 weeks ago they were available from Amazon. Now they seem to be only available through Amazon stores at stupidly inflated prices.
240965240965B000NBQUNWA6FIAB28IS79Samuel Chell5631260403200Wrong for some people.This may be the last thing you need if your triglycerides and blood pressure are high and you've read some of the books (starting with Gerald Reaven) about Syndrome X, Insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, or metabolic syndrome. In fact, high blood sugar counts and the aforementioned considerations may be as indicative of a tendency toward heart disease as LDL and HDL levels.

The main ingredients in Benecol chews are corn syrup and sugar. True, they taste as good as chewy candy caramels, but the minimum daily quota requires you to imbibe 80 grams of simple carbohydrate calories. True, 80 "empty" calories isn't a great deal, but if you've read a popular book by someone of the other, "cholesterol camp"--Caldwell Esselstyne, fpr instance--you know that he believes the least bit of fish oil, or any sort of oil, can be damaging.

Later: I've come to the conclusion that many of the popular heart books, Esselstyne's along with the "China Study" included, say far too little (some totally ignoring the subject) about the role of sugar, insulin overproduction and insulin resistance, and the implications of all this to triglycerides and high blood pressure. I doubt that Dean Ornish would endorse this product. Since I've decided that corn syrup, simple sugar, etc. DOES matter--at least for some folks--I'm reducing my rating by a star, even at the rate of appearing a bit of a sourpuss. Besides your cholesterol levels, check your blood sugar count and triglyceride levels, both of which contribute to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, syndrome X, and heart disease.
240966240966B000NBQUNWAJFPMILVQALZOPaula Mac5651220054400Benecol Smart Chews is a Smart MoveMy cholesterol had been high -- 265 - for some time. I did NOT want to take statins, so I tried many methods said to lower cholesterol, like eating oatmeal everyday, cutting out red meat, and exercising. That dropped my cholesterol to 257. However, after using Benecol -- taking one or two chews with a meal twice a day -- for five months, my cholesterol is now 219! I am thrilled. I have referred several other friends to this wonderful product. Some people like to eat a "chocolate mint" after meals, I eat a Benecol chew ! Thank you for carrying this product.
240967240967B000NBQUNWA7Q72RLP04TNPJill L. White "Jill"2241324598400works pretty goodMy doctor recommended these for me and she is happy with the results my blood work has shown. They taste good also.
240968240968B000NBQUNWA291HTT117RVS9MadisonVeggie "Lynette in Wisconsin"2251324512000I love these! Soft, buttery (tasting) goodness!Plant stanols (similar to plant sterols) actually have a good deal of research behind them, and are recommended by many respected health organizations. Benecol caramels are nice, soft, buttery-tasting caramels with plant sterols, no trans fat, and 20 calories each. To ingest the optimal amount of plant stanols per the research that I read, you need about 5 a day. I use Benecol Light spread instead of butter, though, so I eat around 3 a day. It's a great excuse to have a little candy every day!
240969240969B000NBQUNWA5N91QLN0V6UKyc2251318032000It works.Why someone hasn't advertised the heck out of this is beyond me. It is an over the counter product and it works. My cholesterol numbers improved significantly.
240970240970B000NBQUNWA23I99FTJB3K36M182251316995200I love BenecolI take Benecol for more than a year, I use to have all my lipids very high, over the healthy limit, now my figures are excellent.
Before, only with my medications I could not keep my lipids down, now with both of them I am OK !
240971240971B000NBQUNWAKIF8HMZKMX9HWm J. Bruckner "dawg"2251314403200Benecol WorksIt does work! My cholestoral level has decreased since I started using Benecol. It is easy to take . Keep selling it.
240972240972B000NBQUNWA3KM8X5CHG955FJudith A Justin2231294617600The Product ChangedWhen I first started using this product, recommended by my doctor about a year ago, the consistency was very creamy. Once the packaging was changed--each caramel had been a cube, then it changed to a rectangle--the consistency did also. It is now grainy. So far, I'm continuing to use the product, but I much preferred the earlier version. What happened to their quality control?
240973240973B000NBQUNWA1FLL8DYF4QITmm2241287100800it really works!!I'd been using the Benecol chews for several months, planning on getting a cholesterol test, to see if they helped. Then they went out of stock for several months & I tried another product that I didn't like as well. I was so happy when these came back, since they tasted much better. They really taste like caramel chews. HOWEVER, they do leave a little film on the inside of your mouth afterwards. The film is not too bad; I think of them as little desserts. I just got back my cholesterol test results and my LDL (bad cholesterol) went down 27 points (from 164 to 137)! I'm really pleased.
240974240974B000NBQUNWA2C1RUWQMKUZRHGayla Corsentino "GCOR"2211286668800Benecol and Side AffectsUnfortunately I was unable to tolerate this product. My stomach hurt daily and with each day it got worse. Stopped taking the Benicol and the stomach pains went away. I gave this product a try for 2 weeks, by the end of that period I was in a lot of pain that radiated to my back. I wished I could have tolerated this product.
240975240975B000NBQUNWACD2G7SBWP35TMiss T2251264896000Lowered cholesterol for me better than diet & exercise!I have had high cholesterol since my 20's but the ratios were good so my doctor didn't recommend medication until age 45. Since I didn't want to take medication, I went on a strict low cholesterol diet and exercised 5 days a week for 45 - 60 minutes a day and lost 16 pounds and am at my goal weight and my cholesterol gradually went down (10-12 points every 3 months#. After a year of stict low cholesterol diet and exercise, my doctor said I would not have to take the medication. My total cholesterol was 199. Diet alone would does not work for my cholesterol levels. As soon as I stopped exercising as much, the cholesterol levels went back up. Then I decided to try Benecol and am I glad I did. My total cholesterol went down to 176 in 3 months and the bad cholesterol was lower than ever and the good was even higher and all this without any exercise and after adding in back all the foods I had done without for years! I take 2 chews before lunch and 2 chews before dinner every day and that works best for me. When I tried to take 1 chew before lunch and 1 before dinner, my total cholesterol went back up quite a bit #in only 3 months) so I switched back to 2 chews before each meal where I'm eating food with cholesterol. I highly recommend this product and can't wait to go back to the doctor again to see if it has gone even lower!
240976240976B000NBQUNWA1TT5T47AVDDBMMcgivern Owen L2251264809600What's Not To Like?This reviewer was "pushed" to try these chews by his dietician in response to high cholesterol. Carmel flavored, they are taken twice a day at mealtime-and they work. The chews are not available at retail, so outlets like amazon are the sole choices. If there is a downside to Benocal, this reviewer/consumer has yet to discover it. Best advice? Go for it!
240977240977B000NBQUNWAHYA0LNHGRBDIBess Conley2241260835200reducing cholesterolThe best I can say about this product is that by eating 2 of these special caramels, which taste very good, and greatly reducing eggs in my diet, my cholesterol dropped 29 points in 5 months. I'm sure the eggs are big factor, but reducing eggs alone didn't give me
as dramatic a result as eating caramels as well.
240978240978B000NBQUNWA3KJL2SSHR15YZElizabeth C. Walters2251260057600Great Dr. is pleasedI started to take BENECOL last winter. My Doctor was pressing me to get on a cholesterol medication and I was very resistant to this. A friend had recommended BENECOL since her partner was taking this and had good results.....long story cholesterol dropped around 40 points and my Doctor was so amazed that she didn't even stress over my blood pressure (it always goes up in her office).....I did follow the other guidelines that were given to me and kept my cholesterol count to 300mg a day (and that is a lot of counting).....I love the chews....and I love not having to take a prescription drug for cholesterol. Now when I see the commericals on TV about cholesterol in your blood vessels...I clearly visualize that mine are healthy and clear. THANK YOU BENECOL SMART CHEWS!!!!
240979240979B000NBQUNWA32ULS11NFVWVLD. Dudley2251255737600it really worksI've been using this product for about 2 years. Within the first 3-4 months my cholesterol was down 30 points. I may not remember every day but I try to take them on a regular basis. At last count my cholesterol was down from 235 to 186. I'm a very satisfied customer.
240980240980B000NBQUNWALZJ203JNJ9Z1J. Barksdale2251241481600Benecol Smart Choice ChewsThese were recommended by a cardiac rehab center to lower cholesterol. I was skeptical but my total cholesterol had risen above 200 and I didn't want to take medicine. Started taking the chews the end of Jan. 09 two per day for a couple months, then upped it to 4 per day for a month and a half. Just had my blood tested and the total dropped from 231 to 172. I exercise everyday same as before eating the "chews" and eat healthy but don't avoid ice cream or desserts. I think these are the way to go and avoid the side effects of drugs.
240981240981B000NBQUNWA2WWJA1NAF1QXVWilma J. Shea2241224806400My cholesterol is down.I have been eating 2 benecol chews daily for about 8 months. My cholesterol has dropped to 180. I must say that I am also on a cholesterol lowering medication, but I think the chews helped a bit. Also, I like the taste. They can be a little waxy , but I don't get to eat much candy these days.
240982240982B000NBQUNWA3VNCO4268K8LJTeresa Bertsche2251219881600It worksI've been using Smart Chews since Sept. 2007 and they really have worked to lower my cholesterol. No side effects like regular medications and the lab results speak for themselves. I am very pleased and would recommend them to anyone.
240983240983B000NBQUNWA2S22D4ZE6APDTSunshine "B"2251211414400Lower Cholesterol without DrugsLowered my cholesterol 25% in just 4 months with this product. You just have to be diligent about it.
240984240984B000NBQUNWA262G3TN8P5XX3Joseph G. Hughes2251209340800Worked for me.I no longer wanted to take lipitor for my high cholesterol. After consulting my doctor, I stopped my medication, started an exercise program and changed my eating habits. Eating less red meat along with more Oatmeal, fruits, vegetables and Benecol Smart Chews brought my total cholesterol down from 240 to 198.

240985240985B000NBQUNWA3RY833R98ZPTSJ. Day "have fun baking"2251200614400Doctor's OrdersMy Doctor told me to eat Benecol to help lower my cholesterol. He said it's been proven to work. Benecol is very expensive and this is a more affordable alternative to the spread I purchase at the store.
240986240986B000NBQUNWA4YSBHJSJKV6XR. Courtney2251199664000Smart ChewsMy 10 year old has very high cholesterol (genetic), but we are afraid to give him medication because of the risks. He has been taking these chews with every meal for some time, and they DO work. His doctor is not pushing me to give him medication because these are working so well. I recommend them to anyone looking for a natural way to lower their cholesterol.
240987240987B000NBQUNWA3T9ADOIZQUIPMDrBruin4521286668800New Formulation - Some important changesSome others have pointed out that the new formulation changed the shape, size taste and consistency of the chews. But there are some more important changes you need to know about.

First of all, each piece contains less plant sterol esters (0.70 down from 0.85), but more sugars (4g up from 3g). They have also added 50mg of calcium.

One study has shown that calcium in conjunction with plant sterols has beneficial effects on HDL and LDL. (Effects of calcium and plant sterols on serum lipids in obese Zucker rats on a low-fat diet - Timo Vaskonena, Eero Mervaalaa, Ville Sumuvuoria, Tuulikki Seppänen-Laaksoa and Heikki Karppanena - British Journal of Nutrition 2002)

However, other studies indicate that calcium might be associated with a higher risk of prostate cancer, possibly due to supressing Vitamin D levels. All of this is still somewhat controversial, so I suggest you do your research before using this product.
240988240988B000NBQUNWA3NOV97EIVGMR9slim2none4511260748800Did not work for meI have been on 10 mgs of Lipitor for about seven years. I thought I might be able to get my cholesterol down even further by taking the chews. I don't eat meat, eat sensibly, count calories (I'm not obsessed), exercise at least three days a week, no alcohol. I've been taking the chews since February. My cholesterol is approx what it was last year (prior to the chews), 184, but my triglycerides are now in the borderline high zone. Not sure what happened but I'm off to the doctor's to see what I can do about it. I'm glad it works for some and wish it worked for me. :(
240989240989B000NBQUNWAVHN134ADVP4RA4Q96 "Gadget Lover"4521255651200BEWARE! 12g sugar and 80 calories a day to get your stanols!I bought these because it seemed a compelling way to get plant stanols, which medical literature praise for their cholesterol reducing abilities. I don't consume a lot of bread, so the benecol/stanol butter substitute spreads were not a reliable source of stanols for me.

However, these chews aren't all they are cracked up to be. If you have 4 chews per day (like they suggest), you get 16 grams of carbs, 12 grams of sugar, and 80 calories! For anyone who has high cholesterol + high triglycerides, that isn't a desirable way to get your stanols. Even if these lower your cholesterol, the offsetting risk to your triglycerides might negate the heart healthy benefits. I'm no expert on this, but I find that eating too many sugars only makes me hungrier.

If you like to have spreads on your breads and are using stanols as part of your heart health regimen, I'd suggest a tub of Benecol or Smart Balance instead!

Benecol - can you bring me stanols in a capsule without the sugar?
240990240990B000NBQUNWA11PWZYS4XLNHCRichard Clark "cardinolo"6811310428800This product contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil!Yes plant sterols help lower your cholesterol, but why pay top dollar for a product that contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil?! Get your plant sterols elsewhere.

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