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241031241031B008EG58V8A21SL94J53BDS9LGM0051340236800Cruncy, tasty, hearty and healthfulThe Quaker Oatmeal Squares Crunchy Oatmeal Cereal makes for a very tasty and satisfying breakfast. Taste is overall very good as is the ability to remain crunchy while drenched in milk. In other words, it doesn't turn soggy that easily which is a very good thing. By the same token, it's not as hard as some granolas so it's easy to eat and digest. I tried this with soy milk -- but I assume the taste experience would be similar with regular milk. I would not hesitate to buy this in the future.

There are 210 calories, 46 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of fiber per serving (without the milk/soy milk). So it appears to be a relatively healthy breakfast as well.

I also tried the "Hint of Brown Sugar" version at the same time and I prefer this Cinnamon flavor more. I noticed that the "Brown Sugar" version actually is rated a little higher on Amazon, but to me it tasted a little too much like maple syrup which I don't like in cold cereal. So that's why I like this Cinnamon flavor better, which I find just perfect in terms of the amount added.
241032241032B008EG58V8A16GBXDS51J019A. Neilll0041340236800Tasty and crunchy, and not too sweetMost breakfast cereals these days are cloyingly sweet. It is not really just breakfast cereals that suffer from this, for example, try to find unsweetened ice tea in the beverage aisle, it can be difficult.

I even find that most artificially sweetened foods, for example, oatmeal, tend to be so overly sweetened; when all I really want is something that just simply has less sugar.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that these tasty toasty little squares are only lightly sweetened. How refreshing to find something that isn't sickeningly over-sweetened, and that tastes good to boot. The whole family enjoy them, even my youngest who loves to eat sweet treats, he doesn't really miss it. In fact, it's time to get some more because we have run out.
241033241033B008EG58V8A2UVYN2FO7X43VMargaret H. Bonham "skywarrior"0041340150400Not badI'm a huge fan of cinnamon, so these oatmeal squares seemed like a good idea. Overall, they're not bad. Yes, there is a cinnamon flavor, albeit, somewhat weak. If you've had the regular Quaker Squares and liked them, you'll like these. Overall, they tasted okay, but not very memorable. Good enough to where I'll finish the box.
241034241034B008EG58V8A1MBXP3NZM2BUOnguyen tran0041340150400A Great Way for Start Your DayThis cereal is absolutely delicious. The cereal is very crispy. It is flavored very quite light so that we do not have to eat it with milk. Additionally, this cereal is made of real grain which is very healthy for our health. Even though it is not very sweet, it still gives us enough energy to work and study. This product is very suitable for breakfast, and it will be a great way to start our day.
241035241035B008EG58V8A1G8USRY17IR1XMichael D. Adams0031340064000Lots of crunch with a hint of flavorWhen perusing the cereal aisle, there are a LOT of choices these days. Some are clearly NOT good for you, some are, and some are just OK. You aren't going to be on a 3-hour sugar buzz, but neither are you really doing yourself that huge of a favor. Perhaps you are one of those who thought Raisin Bran was good for you... until you found out it has more sugar than Fruit Loops!

Enter Quaker Oatmeal Squares, in this case infused with "a hint" of cinnamon. My first two thoughts are 1) must be good for you if it's from Quaker Oats! and 2) mmm... cinnamon!

Bottom line: IF you sweeten it a bit, this cereal is good and crunchy at first. It does NOT have an overwhelming cinnamon flavor, and in some ways is a bit bland. But the flavor is acceptable. The crunch will wear off quickly, though, if you let it soak for more than a couple of minutes.

The pitch is that "each square has cinnamon baked into it". Well, honestly, does it matter if it's baked in or sprinkled on? I think it could use a bit more flavor, but that's mostly just my opinion. Others may find it just right. The cereal consists of 46 grams of whole grains per serving, so that part is good. If you are going to consume cereal, you should consume those made with whole grains. It also packs a decent amount of soluble fiber (5g) and protein (6g - high for a dry cereal). There are 210 calories in a 1 cup serving of Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal (Cinnamon). The caloric breakdown is: 10% fat, 79% carbs, 11% protein. The cereal has 9g of sugar per serving.

So if you're a cereal eater and looking for something healthier than Cap'n Crunch, this is probably a "better" selection. That said, I caution anyone against starting their day with a ton of carbohydrates, especially those derived from sugary sources. And as with anything, be aware of what a "serving" is and practice moderation. If not measured out, many folks would potentially consume 2-3 servings (in this case cups) in a single bowl, which would equate to a quick 400-600 calories just for breakfast!
241036241036B008EG58V8A2IMZNPSJGB2HQFernando Valenzuela0051340064000Tasty and HealthyI'm usually a cereal man when it comes to breakfast. That is, unless of course, there's donuts or pancakes. But most of the time I try to stick with a healthy type of cereal rather than Lucky Charms or something of that nature. My two favorites are usually raisin bran or frosted mini wheats but this has worked its way into my regular rotation. They are nice and cruncy with just enough cinnamon and sweetness to be tasty without overpowering your taste buds. Also, it's nice and hearty so it doesn't leave me hungry after only 30 minutes. Definitely recommended.
241037241037B008EG58V8AN0U0GNJJPEURN. Rogers0031339977600a little plainThey weren't joking when they said "just a hint of cinnamon;" I could barely discern any cinnamon at all. This cereal wasn't bad, but it didn't have much flavor of any kind. For such a plain cereal, Oatmeal Squares seemed a little high in calories especially considering the serving size is on the small side. For comparison, I looked at another fairly plain cereal, Kix. Kix has 110 calories with a serving size of 1 1/4 cups; Oatmeal Squares has 210 calories with a serving size of 1 cup. On the plus side, Oatmeal Squares held up really well in a bowl full of milk.
241038241038B008EG58V8A3E07UISGJ2BT7nashvillegirl0041339977600Good cerealI thought this was a good-tasting, filling cereal. I am not a fan of very sweet-tasting cereals, so I liked the fact that it was just a touch of cinnamon. I also thought the cereal was pretty filling and generally kept me full until lunch. The only thing I would change is to make the pieces smaller, as I'm used to Cheerio-sized pieces and these were much larger. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a plain, very slightly sweet breakfast that will keep them going throughout the morning.
241039241039B008EG58V8A1IQXGT4MJUYJ8Rich F0021339804800The Box says "OATMEAL SQUARES" which I believe is FALSE advertising."Oatmeal Squares" is in about the largest print you can fit on the Front of the Box. When you read the ingredients, the second largest ingredient is WHEAT flour. So how can it rightfully be called a "Crunchy Oat Cereal".

I wonder why Quaker, which is noted for Oatmeal has to be somewhat deceptive and not disclose upfront that this is not completely an Oat Cereal and then go on to make claims about Cholesterol Lowering when it is not ALL Oat Flour.

Oatmeal is made from oats not wheat. This is really "Oatmeal and Wheat Squares"

Who cares how it tastes if it is not what it says it is.
241040241040B008EG58V8A267FU71Z01CIHKipp Poe Speicher "Kipp Poe Speicher"0051339718400Enjoyable with milk or dry.A nice crunchy taste to start off your morning. It is also very good dry as a quick snack grabbing a handful and eating as i blog. My wife came home the evening that I received this in the mail and she had a dish of ice cream she could not finish and handed it to me, so i dropped a few squares into the chocolate ice cream for a very nice hot evening treat.
241041241041B008EG58V8A1WH5J3AP5JR7HDave Astle0031339632000I like them but I don't love themI like to eat cereal as a snack, straight out of the box and Quaker Oatmeal Squares are great for that. When I ate them in a bowl with milk, I didn't like them as much. They don't seem to get any softer with milk, unless maybe you let them soak for a while. I like cereal that doesn't get soggy but I want it to soak up at least a little bit of the milk. I also thought that they were sweet enough when I ate them straight out of the box but with milk, I thought they needed to be sweeter so I added sugar.
241042241042B008EG58V8AZWP97BZPJI1DBarnard Rollit "Blant"0031339632000One of the Sturdy OnesSeems to me there was a different version of this cereal around some years ago that rather resembled Life. Be that as it may, this cereal in no way resembles Life and requires a bit of a commitment. It's very hearty, holds up superbly in milk, and is only kind of sweet. In short, a bowlful can't be scarfed down like frosted flakes or fruit rings; it demands your attention for the duration. This is good, because one should pay attention to what one eats. It would be nice if there was a little more flavor to devote one's attention to though. There is some, both of oats and cinnamon, but they're rather overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of the pieces. All in all, I'd give them average marks on their own and recommend them as a mixer with other cereals that have a lighter and perhaps sweeter character.
241043241043B008EG58V8A9ESHA5MS6S6LSherry Lochner0051339632000Yummy!Love the cinnamon taste in these! My kids loved it, too. I didn't feel bad for giving them this cereal because of its nutritional value either.
241044241044B008EG58V8A13KNCFLH0IH2GDavid G. Schwartz "I like reading more than w...0051339632000Better taste than I expectedI eat oatmeal just about every day, but it's not exactly the tastiest stuff in the world, so I was prepared for cardboard-tasting cereal bites in this box. In fact, Quaker Oatmeal Squares taste pretty good. The touch of cinnamon is just about right, and the little squares have also hit the right crunchiness quotient. This is a good breakfast cereal that might even make a good snack.
241045241045B008EG58V8A2MA4ATED1B1GBLLM "dagoodnurse"0031339632000Tastes good, but loaded with sugarThe cereal squares were tasty, and stayed crunchy in milk. They had good texture. I took 2 stars off because the name gave me the impression that it was a healthy breakfast choice. I'm in the market for heathier choices, with less sugar due to the fact I'm a Type 2 diabetic. One bowl drove my blood sugar to almost 200! Please read the ingredient label before you buy!
241046241046B008EG58V8A55PK06Q6AKFYephemeral0051339286400Not Too Sweet, Pleny of Whole GrainsThis is a terrific breakfast cereal. It's made from oats and wheat, and has just a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar added to make it tasty. There are a whopping 46g of whole grains per serving, along with 90% of the daily recommended value of iron and quite a few other vitamins and minerals.

I was initially concerned that the texture would be hard and coarse like shredded wheat, but that is not the case. Instead, I thought the consistency was closer to a chex cereal than shredded wheat, despite the fact that the pieces are not hollow.

I dislike overly sugary cereal, and I love the taste of oatmeal. Combine that with the huge amount of whole grains in this product, and I'm definitely happy. I would certainly eat this again.
241047241047B008EG58V8A3FG0FQHNV2UP2E. A. Montgomery0031339200000Pretty AverageFor the sugar content I expected this cereal to be much sweeter / spicier than it is. While it isn't super bland it's not super flavorful either. Holds pretty well in milk. The taste is just ok. It's like having mini wheats with a smoother crunch. I tried it on the kids and got mixed results. The one who likes Mini Wheats mixed it with another cereal for a flavor boost while the other just ignored it. This falls somewhere between plain Mini Wheats and Life in the sweetness/ thickness scale but doesn't replace either. You could do much worse than Quaker Oatmeal Squares. If you watch your intake of sugar cereal you can also do better, both in grams per serving and in taste. I'd eat it again if it was on sale but I wouldn't seek it out.
241048241048B008EG58V8A1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0051339200000I love this crunchy Oatmeal squaresThis is nice crunchy Oatmeal square with cinnamon flavor and tastes at its best if you consume with milk and some sugar. If you add strawberries or blue berries it tastes even better. If you don't add milk, it tastes more like frosted mini wheat. Overall this is a great food for breakfast and it is recommended.
241049241049B008EG58V8A3NOBH42C7UI5MCarol "kepela"0021339027200quaker oatmeal squaresThese are hard, dry squares with little flavor. The cinnamon is better than the plain, but it's not a cereal I'd buy again. My 5 year old won't even eat them.
241050241050B008EG58V8A2EDZH51XHFA9BRobert P. Beveridge "xterminal"0031339027200Good, but--Their description of the flavor as "a hint of cinnamon" is a touch overstated. It's kind of the ghost of a wisp of homeopathic cinnamon-water having been wafted over the cereal at some point, perhaps.

On the other hand, if you're not worried about the cinnamon, this is pretty good stuff. Love the texture, and man, is it filling; a regular-sized (for me) bowl of cereal actually proved hard to finish because this stuff is BULKY. That's never happened to me before. And as long as you don't mind the taste of oats (without, or with only a ghost of, cinnamon), hop to. ***
241021241021B008EG58V8A2QR043WBXXX6LStephen Cunningham0031342656000Bland...bland....bland.I wanted to really like this cereal. We are big into old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, as well as cooking with oats, in cookies and breads. A ready-to-serve oat cereal, with enough actual oats in it to count, would be nice. Unfortunately, we are underwhelmed by this product. It has an unappetizing rather gray color. The texture is a bit "off". And the taste is bland... VERY bland. The cinnamon is almost unrecognizable. For the amount of sugar in it, it's not very sweet tasting. In general, we don't really care for it much. Sounds good, but we'll stick to oatmeal....
241022241022B008EG58V8A3FD3BHIUYIFPDStephanie0031342569600sweet and crunchyI love a crunchy breakfast cereal and these Oatmeal squares deliver a satifying crunch and a nifty cinnamon taste. The word Oatmeal in the name suggested to me that this might be a healthy cereal. Not so much. I found it to be too sweet, abd check this out: 210 calories per cup before you add milk. I'd use these in a trail mix, but not for breakfast.
241023241023B008EG58V8A2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate0041342310400Crunchy Tasty CerealI like this cereal, plain out of the bowl needed. It has a lightly sweet taste with a hint of cinnamon flavor.

In a bowl with milk, it stays crunchy to the end of the bowl. The cinnamon taste is somewhat lost when you add milk, but overall a good cereal.

A brief comment about the box. It is made of really thin paperboard and as such it deforms easily, making it difficult to handle.
241024241024B008EG58V8A1GARI2JT6EAWADWD "DWD's Reviews"0041341532800As a breakfast cereal, it was okay but...As a breakfast cereal, it was okay but as an afternoon snack it was great.

When the milk hits this cereal it just absorbs it and it becomes a soggy, rather bland experience.

However, as a dry snack, I was pleased to discover that it is crunchy with a great cinnamon flavor. Much better than with the actual milk on it.
241025241025B008EG58V8A37FFWZUGO8L7WFrancis Tapon0031341273600It's nice that it's whole wheat, but it has a bit too much sugarIt's great that the main ingredients are:

Whole Oat Flour
Whole Wheat Flour

But there's also a decent amount of sugar (9 grams per cup). That's not crazy high, but if you're looking for a super healthy cereal, then this is not it.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something that tastes delicious and is moderately healthy, then this is a good bet.
241026241026B008EG58V8A3DX5F0CW34Y9Vincent Sellers "LongLiveC64"0031340928000Nice for a change, but I would prefer more sugar and cinnamonI recently had the pleasure of trying the Cinnamon flavored Outmeal Squares. This is a tasy cereal out-of-the-box, and many people will just need to add milk to enjoy. I am a sugar-holic, plus I love Cinnamon, so for me the product could have used a bit more sweet and cinnamon flavor. But that is easily sprinkled on if desired. Overall this is a decent cereal - give it shot!
241027241027B008EG58V8A1WMEOGVZKO8MICST "Psybearian"0041340841600Crunchy cinnamon treatThese little Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares are indeed delicious as a snack right out of the box or as a breakfast cereal with milk. In fact, there was almost none left to test with milk since they were eaten out of hand once the box was opened.

They are pleasantly sweet without being too sweet and the cinnamon taste is almost understated so I found myself adding some. (I like cinnamon)

The squares are a little smaller in size than I anticipated and as has been stated they hold up well and remain crunchy even after milk has been added.
241028241028B008EG58V8A3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W0031340582400Tasty and crunchyThis is a nice tasty little cereal. It's good with milk but also makes a tasty snack by itself. I had some of these in a baggie at an internal work meeting late in the afternoon. When I crunched down on one, everybody laughed! They have a light taste, and only slightly sweet.

At 210 calories per 8 oz cup without milk, the box lists a nice selection of vitamins, including A, C, E, Folic Acid, calcium, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, Niacin, B6, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. 200 mg potassium, 0 mg cholesterol, 190 mg sodium, and 44g carbs of which 9g is sugar. Cins grains and wheat.
241029241029B008EG58V8A2ESOF0E2FTXXLJust_Karen0031340496000sweet and cinnamony but too heavy.Oatmeal squares (also made with a lot of wheat flour and sugar) are tasty and hold their rather substantial crunch. They also have a nice cinnamon oatmeal flavor with a strong sweet note. So that sounds great, right? Well, they hold their crunch so well that my jaw was tired after chewing through a bowl of them. After a while I felt like I was eating Legos. These hearty pieces are a bit too dense for my taste, so this cereal will not be on my list of favorites.
241030241030B008EG58V8A3MKON3VM0W1THAlan Beggerow0041340236800Not bad but is it necessary?This cereal tastes good with or without milk, holds up well (keeps its crunch) with milk. The cinnamon flavor is not overpowering and it isn't too sweet. This cereal is pretty much like shredded wheat but made with oats. What the differences are nutritionally between shredded what and this cereal is, perhaps would make a difference as to which you would prefer.

It is good, but is it really anything new? 4 starts for taste and crunch.

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