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241081241081B008EG58V8A10E3F50DIUJEEC Wahlman "cdub"0051337817600Subtle cinnamon flavor for a filling breakfastThis cereal is an excellent way to start off the day. With a subtle cinnamon flavor, I did not feel this cereal to be too sweet or overpowering. It has a nice crunch and did not get soggy in milk, although honestly it did not stay too long in the bowl.

It is a nutritious cereal as well as tasty. It is high in fiber (5g dietary fiber, 2g soluble fiber), iron (90% of daily values) and folic acid (100% of daily value). It is low in fat (2.5g total fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, and 1g of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat each), sugar (9g) and sodium (190mg). It also has protein (6g) and potassium (200mg). It is made with whole grain oat flour and whole wheat flour too, so it is not empty calories without nutritional value, which is important to me.

It is a quality cereal with a good taste and good nutrition to start the day. Health conscious and flavor conscious cereal connoisseurs will both be pleased with Quaker Oatmeal Squares.
241082241082B008EG58V8A73DFWJE0CGY6Flight Risk (The Gypsy Moth) "Exiled Yankee"0051337817600Very enjoyableQuaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon fulfills all my cereal needs: crunchy, just sweet enough without being overwhelming, with a nutty quality and a flavor factor that made this cereal good enough to serve as dinner the night I got it. (Well, the fridge was not bursting with suggestions and I didn't feel like stopping anywhere, but cereal for supper has been done before.) It is faithful to what you would expect from Quaker, a robust, satisfying oatmeal cereal with the addition of cinnamon, and cinnamon takes almost everything up a notch. It doesn't get immediately soggy with the addition of milk, and is also pretty darn good as a snack food to answer cravings between breakfast and lunch at work. One of the better cereals on the market today.
241083241083B008EG58V8A2QETZZ5EKH5RQKerry Nietz "Author"0051337817600Kids love it.I was going to wait to review this product until after I've had a bowl of it, but given the response of my young family, I see no need.

The night I had the box of Quaker's Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares in the house, my daughter (who's five) asked for it as a snack before bed. Then after she tried it, she asked for it as a snack in her lunch box.

When my son (who's seven) saw what she was eating, he wanted some too, liked them, and asked for some in his lunchbox as well.

Hard to argue with that reception.

Here's a cereal that not only tastes good (think a heartier and less sweet version of Cinnamon Life), kids like it, and--with 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein--it is good for them too. I recommend it for you and your family.

** One word of caution, this cereal does have barley in it. We have one family member who is allergic to that particular grain. (Causes mild hives.) You might too, so be aware of food allergy symptoms! **
241084241084B008EG58V8A1ILWPH1GHUXE2JB0051337817600I've always like Quaker Oat SquaresI've always like Quaker Oat Squares, and these Cinnamon Quaker Oat Squares are no exception. The texture of the oat squares themselves resemble Life cereal a bit but with much more substance; they are crunchy and filling, and hold up to milk quite well (they don't get soggy in the bowl as quickly as many other cereals do). They also make a handy snack without the milk (as I'm eating them right now).

The Cinnamon variety adds a touch of cinnamon flavor - not overwhelming at all, but blends in well with the oats.

Coupled with the relatively low sugar added (9 grams per serving) and 5 grams of fiber, this seems like one of the healthier mass market cereals available. That plus its good taste make this an easy product to recommend.
241085241085B008EG58V8A14L2638XC00EZMonica J. Kern0051337817600Great straight from the box, and healthy to boot!I am always looking for a quick and easy but nutritious breakfast or snack for my family, so I welcomed the opportunity to try out these Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal Squares. I've tried them now with milk for breakfast as well as just straight from the box, as has my family. The verdict? These oatmeal squares make a terrific snack for those times when you're hungry and need a little something to tide you over until dinner. The squares have a satisfying heft and crunch to them, and it makes you feel like you're eating something substantial, even though the actual calorie count is highly reasonable. The slight sweetening and added cinnamon make them taste gratifyingly close to an oatmeal cookie, only crispy.

I had my husband (eats anything), daughter (sweet tooth), and son (notoriously finicky) sample the cereal as well. Hubby liked it, but then again, he likes anything. Daughter said she liked it, but "it would be better if it had frosting." The biggest surprise was my picky son, who usually eats nothing but mac'n'cheese and PBJ sandwiches. He gave the oatmeal squares a big thumbs up, and I even spied him later in the pantry grabbing a handful.

So I think I will stock this cereal regularly. I like that it provides a way of getting the health benefits of oatmeal into my kids, who shun the mushy hot stuff. I like even more that it gives me something healthy but satisfying to point to as a snack when they come to me and say that they're hungry. It beats potato chips or crackers by a long shot.
241086241086B008EG58V8A3FWSG0GV6FRB6Roselynde Barrow0041337817600Good flavor, but not quite hearty enough.I generally stuck with this cereal for a similar taste Barbara's Bakery Shredded Oats Original, 14-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Barbara's tends to stay crunchier and has a better "mouth feel" or texture to it. Otherwise it's a very good comparison for these Oatmeal Squares.
The oatmeal squares are cinnamon flavored, which was a very nice hint of flavor and was not overbearing at all. It was not sugary sweet (which I hate)or artificial tasting at all.

It's pretty good in terms of nutritional value: 210 calories, 2.5 g fat, 5 g fiber, and 6 g protein. It's also high in iron and folic acid. I appreciate a cereal that is a true "good source" for something, rather than just saying "it has fiber!" and contains only 1 gram. This cereal is not that way, thankfully. It does have 9 grams of sugar, but compared to other cereals that seems acceptable to me.

The one drawback in comparison to Barbara's is the crunchiness. The oatmeal squares just don't stay crunchy in milk.
241087241087B008EG58V8A3N9TOPHBENB9IS. Harrison0021337817600Too much sugar for my taste, contains wheatI was really looking forward to trying this cereal, as I am getting pretty tired of Cheerios. Nothing against Cheerios, of course, but variety is the spice of life.

Speaking of spices, I thought oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon sounded darn good. Well, dang, was I disappointed.. It's more like sugar with a dash of cinnamon.

I kid you not. It is not readily apparent from reading the blurb on the box that this is a highly sweetened cereal. I was anticipating something more subtle in its sweetness: "Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon is packed with a hearty crunch that wakes you up and has just the right amount of sweetness to help fuel you up to conquer the morning."

I do not generally eat sweetened cereals. (I just don't care for them.) However, the first bite had me grabbing the box to look for the list of ingredients. The box reads "whole oat flour, whole wheat flour (what?) brown sugar, sugar, maltodextrin, malted barley extract, cinnamon, molasses, salt," and then all those additives with polysyllabic names. You can see that sugar is the third and fourth ingredient. Maltodextrin is a starch that your body breaks down into glucose (sugar).

This cereal contains 9 grams of sugar in one cup - just over two teaspoons. (According to various sources on the Web, two teaspoons of white sugar weigh 8.4 grams, brown sugar weighs a bit more.) If you like a sweet cereal, you might like it, but that's way too much for my taste. (See product images.)

On the positive side, I bet this cereal would be really good mixed in with a batch of trail mix.

Additional caution: People with wheat allergies, beware.
241088241088B008EG58V8ADJMETBPYJL7QD. Campbell "Doll Parts"0041337817600Subtle Cinnamon Flavor Yet TastyI'm a cinnamon lover, especially when eaten at breakfast. This cereal could be better described as a "hint" of cinnamon. It's not very sweet; if you prefer a sweeter taste like I do, I sprinkled a little brown sugar on top and that did the trick for me. However, I did like it without.

I ate the suggested serving of 1 cup and used 3/4 of a cup of milk. More milk would have had the cereal swimming. The cereal absorbs some of milk, but leaves enough to have some in each bite. I liked that. I did let the cereal soak in the for about three minutes because I do not like eating completely dry cereal.

My only complaint would be that I would have liked more cinnamon. Overall, I enjoyed it and would be willing to purchase it again.
241108241108B001I7R7EGA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson51731311638400Sorry to give these up -- afraid of cancer recurrenceThe flavor of these bars is very, very good. They are filling and have many good nutritive qualities.

That being said, we have to stop buying these bars. They are using soy protein isolate, which probably met two of the manufacturer's goals:

1) Vegetarian/non dairy
2) Save money -- that is one cheap-o source of protein

Although we all know that an alternative -- WHEY protein from cross-microfiltration -- is the highest form of protein available right now, it is expensive. It is more easily assimilated than soy, causes fewer GI issues (gas, indigestion, etc.), and has a better amino acid profile, etc., plus has little to no lactose remaining.

"Instead of using destructive chemicals, cross-flow microfiltration uses filters to separate protein from undesirable fat, cholesterol and lactose, based on molecular size and shape.(18) The low-temperature process isolates the native protein of whey at its biologically natural pH, carefully preserving its biological activity. GMPs and other immune-boosting components remain intact."

informational reference: www <dot> sportswhey <dot> com/science_ion_exchange.htm

Aside from the problem we have with the grossly inferior form of protein they are using, our main reason for stopping with this product is this:

>>>>> We don't want our cancer to return. <<<<<<<

We have had breast cancer, and it was estrogen positive. Our oncologist has indicated that while foods containing soy are ok in reasonable amounts, SOY ISOLATES ARE NOT SAFE FOR THESE TYPES OF CANCERS.

Research backs this up.

These bars are possibly cancer-promoting in the sense that they have estrogenic-effects.

Women who are at risk for breast cancer (and who knows how much of the population this includes -- we don't know until after we have gotten it most of the time) SHOULD NOT BE EATING THESE BARS.

Maybe they can put a warning label on them to say women should check with their doctors before consuming them.

The research on this is readily available on the Internet, and my oncologist has studied this issue extensively.

We are sad to give these bars up because they were our favorite in terms of flavor.
241089241089B008EG58V8A184ZFZZBWEXMSMarilyn C. Martin "Love's Pixiebobs"0051337817600Delicious OatmealI love a nice homemade bowl of oatmeal with butter, cinnamon, honey and fruit. This is just as tasty, but better since it comes right out of a box.

I love the taste with a hint of cinnamon, just as promised on the box. It's slightly sweet and very crunchy. Don't use much milk if you want it to stay crunchy. A healthy snack and breakfast. I do feel good after eating a serving size bow, with a splash of milk. A good way to get those great grains into your day.
241090241090B008EG58V8A1BMG34CO5CMZ5Bay Gibbons0041337731200Could use more cinnamonConsidering this is suppose to be a healthier cereal I guess the amount of sweetness is sufficient. Personally, I would like it to be a little more sweet. Once I began eating the cereal, I forgot it was suppose to have a cinnamon flavor to it. So, if you are expecting a good, strong cinnamon flavor from this cereal you are going to be disappointed. Other than those two disclaimers, the cereal was quite satisfying. It didn't get too soggy from the milk. I did get a hearty feel from it. I would say it is one of the better cereals out there if you are looking for a healthier cereal.
241091241091B008EG58V8A3QL857ALV5RCJTamara Thorne0041337731200Cinnamon DelightWith its subtle use of sugar and cinnamon, Quaker's Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares seems to be crafted to adult tastes, though I'm sure kids would love it too. It's a hearty cereal, equally good with milk or straight from the box. A small handful will stave off your appetite for an hour or two.

The squares look like Miniature Shredded Wheat but I find the texture and flavor much more satisfying.. The cereal is fairly good for you despite its nine grams of sugar per serving. That's a modest amount, but still may be questionable for some people, yet the good news is that there is no high fructose corn syrup, just real sugar, white and brown.

The cereal stays crunchy in milk for a reasonable amount of time, too.

Normally, I'm a Cheerios and milk, no sugar, kind of person, but sometimes I get a craving for cinnamon cereal. From now on, I'm going with Quaker's offering; I like the nice, heavy crunch, the perfectly pitched flavors and the simple, natural ingredients.
241092241092B008EG58V8ALUV2YKWZENKKbored990041337731200family staple* Same as Oatmeal Squares, with just a hint of cinnamon
* Less sugar per serving than Cocoa Puffs (!) ... though it has 6 times as much protein, and double the fiber, but also double the carbs (23 vs 44 grams). (What can I say - I had a box of Cocoa Puffs on the counter when this arrived)
* Good finger food for little kids, or for snacking during the day
* Slightly abrasive on the roof of your mouth, though not as much as Mini Wheats without milk or Cap'n Crunch

It's one of our family staples... healthy enough for mom and tasty enough for the kids. Four stars instead of five out of pure bias - I like it well enough and it gets the job done, but it isn't THAT special.
241093241093B008EG58V8A3QCY8ODJBGFLHShalonda0041337731200Yummy Goodness!Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon cereal is one tasty treat! As a person who can eat cereal for any meal or a snack, I am always looking for something new to try, so I had to taste Quaker's cereal when given the opportunity through the Vine program.

Quaker's cinnamon flavored squares are an equal balance of whole grains and sweetness. The cinnamon flavor is just the right amount and is not at all overwhelming. I first tried the cereal by the handful. While eating it dry, I noticed the pleasant texture that similar cereals lack. In milk, the cereal did not become soggy too quickly. And it tasted great both ways and was filling.

The one downside was that I expected this cereal that have better nutritional value. While it is healthier than some of the other cereals that might fall in its category (more fiber and protein, less sugar), I found the calorie amount per serving to be slightly high. The amount of whole grains included in a serving makes up for this somewhat.

Overall, Quaker has a great addition to the cereal market. It will appeal to adults and children alike. However, while I would recommend this to consumers looking for a sweet, satisfying, grown up cereal, I would tell those looking to lose weight to try another breakfast cereal.
241094241094B008EG58V8AV6BQVVC1XE4EEric L. Fletcher0051337731200One of my favorite cereals now available from AmazonWhile you normally think of hot oatmeal mixes when you think of Quaker, I think of their awesome Oatmeal Squares cereal. A long time favorite, the super dense smaller squares of cinnamon based heaven are surprisingly good for you too. 46 grams of whole wheat per serving, providing a whopping 20% of your Daily Value for Dietary Fiber. And unlike many other cereals, the ingredient list is a pleasant surprise. Whole grain oat flour and then whole wheat flour are the first two ingredients. And no high fructose corn syrup either, just good ole brown sugar and regular sugar. Cinnamon and molasses round out the flavor ingredients. And sugar only makes up 9 grams per serving- the same as the more expensive and worst tasting Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Kashi Organic Cereal, Cinnamon Harvest, 16.3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) I bought as a comparison.

In fact the Quaker pretty much destroyed the Kashi on the taste test. It also held up better in milk longer, and the smaller denser squares compared favorably to the bigger looser Kashi squares which crumbled more more easily in the box. Fiber was a tie, with the Quaker having an extra gram of soluble fiber. Fat wise the Quaker does have 2.5 grams to 1 gram for the Kashi- but we are still talking 4 and 2% respectively of the Daily Value- so they are both good choices.

Downsides- the box is smaller than most at 14.5oz versus 17.5oz for the Kashi. And its expensive- at nearly $5 a box on Amazon. But with free delivery and no sales tax its probably close to a wash versus your supermarket. And you will probably eat more than one "serving" per meal, so you can blow through a box quicker than you would think.

So one of my favorite cereals with Amazon convenience, now I just would like to see the Amazon price come down a bit more to reflect the quantity we are buying. But for the cereal itself, I can give an unqualified 5 star rave- its great tasting and good for you to boot.
241095241095B008EG58V8A1WT3WVA0IJ5OOK. Lange0051337731200Crunchy Goodness!I love this cereal! I was looking forward to trying it since I like the other varieties of Oatmeal Squares. The Cinnamon has the same great texture and crunch. I thought maybe the cinnamon flavor might be too strong and overpowering, but it's not. It's just right! It is great in a bowl with milk or by the handful right out of the box for a quick snack. Quaker has another winner! I will be buying this again.
241096241096B008EG58V8AF3EWORDT15AUJohn Grove0041337731200Healthy and deliciousThis tasty cereal has everything going for it. It taste good and has 46 grams of whole grains, which is 96% of your daily minimum of whole grain needs from one bowl. It has a decent amount of fiber and calcium. Good for your morning breakfast or as a snack when you are on the run.
241097241097B008EG58V8AXHETL0M8XZPTOpheliasOwn "jh17ophelia"0041337644800Needs More Cinnamon!So, if you are a cinnamon junky like myself, you will eat this cereal and find yourself thinking, "Hey! Where did all the cinnamon go?!" The cereal looks like shredded wheat, but it is more a solid piece than individual layers. The cinnamon flavor is rather faint and muted, but it is still pretty tasty. My husband thought the cinnamon was the perfect amount, so it might just be my insatiable need for tons of cinnamon that left me wanting with this cereal. The little squares aren't hollow, so they are really quite filling. I have been eating them by handful as a snack, but I imagine they would be good in milk like standard cereal as well.

Pretty good cereal, but want more cinnamon!
241098241098B008EG58V8A29C0Z6BY8HB9HMom of three0051337644800Mmmmm crunchy cinnamon goodness!I received these cinnamon flavored Quaker Oatmeal Squares from the On The Vine program. I just want to be clear that on the box underneath the wording Oatmeal Squares it states "with just a hint of Cinnamon". Dry or with milk this cereal is very tasty. Cereal w/o milk is 210 calories, 2.5g of fat, .5g sat fat, 9g of sugar, 5g of dietary fiber, and 6g of protein. It contains 46grams of whole grains, 90% iron and 100% folic acid per serving. As a dry cereal, it is a cinnamon, slightly sweetened crunchy delight. It stays pretty crunchy in milk, depending on how long it takes you to eat your cereal. It has just the right amount of sweetness, for my taste anyway. I don't really care for the sickening sweet cereals. I'm not sure why on the box it states "hint of cinnamon", I would say it's more than a hint, it is definitely cinnamon flavored. I, for one, love cinnamon so I loved it. If you are one who drinks the milk from the cereal when you are done, the milk was cinnamon flavored but no granules of sugar left in the bottom of the bowl like you sometimes get with more sugary cereals. I would definitely purchase this cereal on a regular basis and recommend this product.
241099241099B008EG58V8AR6E0WAEOCUKINancy E. Turner ""0051337644800New favorite at our house!Quaker Oatmeal Squares with cinnamon have an excellent taste, crunch, staying power in milk. Perfect out of hand for a snack instead of potato chips or cookies. They are just sweet enough to need no added sugar. Positively addictive as a snack. Similar in background flavor to Life Cereal, but better crunchiness and stays together in milk ten times longer than Life. Will absolutely buy more!
241100241100B008EG58V8A3NPVNPMXN8L2GR. A. Barricklow "Scaramouche"0031337472000Sticking with Quaker's Puffed Rice/WheatsI eat Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts & Quaker's Puffed Wheat and/or Puffed Rice.
My wife saw this on amazon I wanted us to give it a try. She didn't like how hard it was.
As I eat Grape Nuts, hard was not a factor for me. The sugar content was really not something I want, but it is only 9 grams/serving. The taste; however, wasn't there for me.
My wife liked the taste; but again, the hardness was too much for her.

So I'am sticking with the good old Puffed Rice & Wheat when it comes to Quakers.
241101241101B008EG58V8A2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"0041337299200Crunchy OatsFans of hearty oat cereals should enjoy Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares. If you've had the regular Oatmeal Squares, then just imagine them with sweet, rich cinnamon added. I prefer their flavor and texture to the similarly shaped mini-wheat cereals. This is heartier than Life Cereal but not quite as heavy as Cracklin' Oat Bran. The ribbed oat pillows stay crunchy in milk for a good long time. I enjoy them as a milk-less snack too.

This enriched cereal is fairly healthy and not overly sweet. A half cup serving is good for about 20% of your daily fiber requirements and 90% of the iron. They also contain 96% of your minimum daily whole grain recommendation. It is one of the few *healthier* cereals that my kids enjoy as well, and I even like having a bowl in place of dessert. Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares are not an inexpensive cereal, but I would say their price/nutrition ratio is one of the better ones. I've seen highly processed, overly sweet kids' cereals that cost more. This Oatmeal Square cereal compares well with Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, another similar cereal that I like.

~ Kort
241102241102B004JJSKIWA20X7RYVPDE6VQCarla C. Staeger0051341273600What a wonderful service!!!!!I live in the country and it is so wonderful not to have to go into town (6o miles) to find my Starbucks coffee. I love whole bean the best and sometimes it is just hard to find. This way I get what I want
241103241103B004JJSKIWAIVETLH0UDMK6Chris Royse "Dealking"0041332547200My second favoriteThis is a medium roast and much more drinkable to me than the house blend you normally have. I have since switched to the blonde roast which is even milder still. Either way I like it.
241104241104B004JJSKIWA38NHXL5257E3BBig Dawg "Big Dawg"0051327881600This Breakfast blend became our all daily coffee!We use this on our Jura Capresso machine, it is by far the best coffee we have drank. No bitterness, great flavor, can be drank with no cream or sugar if needed.
241105241105B004JJSKIWA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051317686400My Starbucks favThis coffee hits the spot..just right..a light flavorful roast. Most SB coffee is too heavy for me...too dark..and this coffee hits the spot...get it on sale..
241106241106B004JJSKIWA3TP2QYHZHSF1OMichelle R. Vickers "A Tony Stewart Fan"0051314144000Good dealI don't drink coffee, but I do the shopping. The price was good and my husband loves the coffee. Just purchased more.
241107241107B000M5NOR4A2RQ9W9WVTN67XWise Shopper0051350518400Product IntegrityI had been searching for black raspberry jam for some time. It is my husband's favorite. It is not just difficult to find in shops but the brands I did purchase were of poor quality - too sweet,and more "syrup" than fruit. The quality of this jam is extraordinary. The fruit is the main ingredient and that is what i taste not sugar. My husband loved it and I will continue to order this delicious product. My search is over!
241109241109B000LR7QHWA2YSX6B2BHR5NFS. K Kellerman "New Evanovich fan"424251200009600Excellent buyI am not some kind of caviar snob but I have had the very expensive down to lumpfish from the local grocery store. I was so surprised at the extremely fresh taste and mild flavor. It even had the "pop" of the expensive brands. What was so wonderful with this type is I could just get a little spoonful whenever I wanted instead of waiting for a special occasion.
241110241110B000LR7QHWA3Q85DE02HMDAZR. ganaway262651217203200best caviar for the dollar. Great compared to grocery store brands.This brand is not to salty, not to fishy. Great caviar taste with ample pop. The freshness is evident. I have bought this brand over and over and it's never let me down. I've introduced several friends and family members to caviar using this brand and it never fails to impress. Highly reccomended.

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