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241141241141B0014EQHR6A279I1T8MHY3R7Karen Carey "KDC"1151246320000Wonderful productMy daughter Loves this juice adn the soy makes it very good for her. I can't buy it any longer in my area.
Please keep selling it - Don't discontinue
241142241142B0014EQHR6AVKJIVKLC8CFZJaneW0051322179200YUMM!I absolutely love V8 Splash Smoothie, Pina Colada, It tastes great, and is very refreshing! It's great on a warm day when consumed with nothing added, but is fantastic when Sailor Jerry's rum is added to it. It tastes like a Hawaiian delight! What a treat!!! YUMMMM! Definitely 5 stars all the way!!!!!
241143241143B0014EQHR6A516B8ROHFIW1Richard E. Smith "dixmith"0051276560000Price CommentWhen I read this, I assumed that there was an extreme error in pricing. I previously was receiving 8-packs of this item by subscription via Amazon at about $23. Since Amazon discontinued this item, I have found that it is available locally (Boston area) at Market Basket chains at two bottles for $5.00. This would then be eight bottles for $20, a far cry from your price of almost $50.
241144241144B0014EQHR6AVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra0041263427200There's no veggies in this except soyThis stuff does taste great, and I gladly drink it instead of Pepsi much of the time.

When I ordered it, I thought it had vegetable juice in it, like the V8 Fusion drinks, but it does not. It's a 10% fruit juice drink with soy in it.

Will likely order it again - I don't think what I have will last long ;-).
241145241145B0014EQHR6A3UCRBSD0PWF2KAunt Carol0051248566400Can't get it here.V8 Splash Smoothie Tropical Colada, 46-Ounce (Pack of 8) Discoved in North Carolina, Totally refreshing could not find in New Jersey. Buy it by the case, why not I could drink a bottle a day.
241146241146B004D7F2E0AHLXF8NODIMNZs0041348012800Quality reviewThis product was so great and the taste of this product was delicious. We even sent through door to door to cross the ocean for 30 days and still the quality was excellent. As long we pack this product well. The taste and quality never change. By the way we even ship this product to the Phil. for our relatives over there. And every member of the family really love this product. I will recommend to a lot of people to buy this product because it is really delicious and better than Mozzarella cheese. Very good in pizza,chicken fettuccini,and a lot of Italian recipe.
241147241147B000LRKRBYA3HVFCV611LYN5Michael S. Martin "mick martin"1111341100800the most unappetizing of all appetizersI have used caponata from Alessi, Cento, Paesano, Progresso & the Shop Rite brand and now Marco Polo. The first 5 were pretty good, but the Marco Polo was terrible. Taste, consistency appearance, all substandard. I called Parthenon Foods and they agreed to refund the purchase price of the remaining 4 jars of the 5 ordered, but by the time I pay for shipping, I will have spent the entire cost of the order with nothing to show for my money, except a very bad taste in my mouth and my wallet...if wallets can taste. I am going to donate my remaining jars of marco polo caponata to the homeless center and hope nobody dies as a result. A thoroughly negative experience.
241148241148B001UOW7D8A2A8YI67WMESDWHenriette Abraham202151266192000Happy jellingI was very happy to find several sources for bulk gelatin at amazon. I enabled be to compare prices and pick the cheapest product. Since I had been using Knox Gelatin for years I had no hesitation in ordering it. The price was a great improvememt over that charged in a grocery store. I much prefer measuring the amount of gelatin used in a recipe, rather than just emptying the the packaged product. The packages were reviewed several years ago, and it was found that the contents of the packages were not nedessarily aacurate. I am very happy with the product.
241149241149B001UOW7D8A1LFNDW0RIPTDPCamille Voutour101021307404800great item awful shipping price!This is a very good food suppliment. It strengthens your nails and hair and connective tissue. I have been using it for over 10 years. However the price for shipping and handling is way too much!!!
You can get this in Walmarts for $7.24 8 oz I would not pay this shipping price in my opinion it is not right. Try They are premeasured in the 8 oz box 32 packs so you can just pour it in your tea or hot water. This is powered it should be a lot less for not having to package it.
241150241150B001UOW7D8A9LN9JLJ1S9P2Rose "r1gardnr"161851281830400spinal disksI take Knox gelatine on the advice of my physician to strengthen spinal disks. A side benefit is stronger fingernails.
241151241151B001UOW7D8A35K4YSQ82O7NHSpiritfilled101151291507200Easy to UseI was so thankful to find the Knox Gelatine in the large size container. It's cheaper, and I can just spoon out the amount that I need. This product is great for arthritis, and both my husband and I take it in our juice every morning. It arrived in a timely manner, and was well packaged.
241152241152B001UOW7D8A2HA1IR8IB7PITOlder woman6651311638400Gelatin improves spinal disksAt the advice of my doctor, I've been taking unflavored gelatin daily for many years to strengthen spinal disks. Various local sources of capsules, packets, and added-value gelatin in containers were an unnecessary expense of packaging and unwanted vitamins. Fortunately Knox unflavored gelatin in 1 lb. cans is available online. I keep a plastic teaspoon measuring spoon in the can to add gelatin to morning juice (drink before it thickens too much)or coffee (stir quickly so it won't clump up). In addition to strengthening spinal disks, my "paper" fingernails have hardened. In addition, the gelatin is on hand for cooking purposes. Ordering a year's worth at a time stretched shipping cost, also.

Older woman
241153241153B001UOW7D8A1UQU6R3I93OG7Gerry5551313884800Knox GelatineI take a tablespoon of knox gelatine every day to keep my joints healthy and pain free. I'm 78 and I've been doing this for many years and it is very effective.
241154241154B001UOW7D8A1FDOAMMSWNGLDManchurian5551296864000Great KnoxI started taking Knox for stronger fingernails. After about 4 months I noticed the arthritus in my knee no longer bothered me.
241155241155B001UOW7D8A2RSV40Y4FHHV8Kira L. Bricknell4451303862400Knox is greatStrong fingernails is why I have to buy this for my boss who drinks this in water every day. I would have bought this from Amazon but Smart and Final warehouse supermarket in San Francisco has this same 1-lb can for $10.50.
241156241156B001UOW7D8A24G27GEQ1VZ85crissy2251315008000Package very well Happy HappyThe items were package excellently extremely happy with product would order again. The Knox was fresh and untempered with. The items arrived 1 day earlier than estimated.
241157241157B001UOW7D8A3CLBYFLZ52KNFDeborah L. Ellingsworth0051350345600Found it!I have been looking all over for the large canister of gelatin, but without success. Finally! I found it and purchased 2 for safe measure.
241158241158B001UOW7D8AW0SWMRSXFOWWHealthy Fan "BookFan"132251254700800shipping fee is too highI want to buy this product, but the shipping fee is too high, also if I buy two items, there is no free shipping option, so I have to cancel my order.
241159241159B006L80IGQA35A6N9IDH6THWSpam-free Me "Kristina"1151339545600Insanely deliciousJust uncork this syrup and you'll be in heaven. This maple syrup is subtly perfumed by bourbon and a perfect compliment to your stack of pancakes or even better yet, the bacon on the side. Yes it is pricy, but man is it delicious. A nice treat for yourself!
241160241160B006L80IGQA2BV01F023AUW1E. Bitterlich0051344902400Exquisite maple syrupRecommended by The Flavor Bible, this maple syrup is just delicious! Initially I picked up a slight alcohol taste (the syrup is aged in bourbon barrels) but that part of the flavor grew on me. There is no bitter or sharp edge to the flavor, just smooth maple syrup BLiS!
241161241161B006L80IGQA2319KCKWSRI33B. Hillman0051333929600Very Tasty!I just got this and tryed it with my pancakes. Very tasty! The subtle hint of bourbon goes very well with my favorite taste of maple. Although it's a gourmet item - I don't think it'll last long...
241162241162B000BKAL7GAER6LBOQZA6TEPackpup0041176336000Not you average ramenI'm not a big "top ramen" fan but this is different. It cooks up in just two minutes with a wonderful spicy tomato flavor. It makes a bowl of nice saucy noodles not soup. One of my favorite "junk foods" (it's still fried so you can't exactly call it healthy).
241163241163B004P7QDFKA1MOIQWHZHP02Proud Mom4411311465600broken cookiesBought these for a party...guest of honor's favorite cookie! EVERY COOKIE IN ALL 4
PACKAGES WERE BROKEN!!!!! So if you wanted to put out nicely...forget it. Just thrown in the box.
Fresh, but broken to pieces! I ended up using them for a pie crust!!!
241164241164B004P7QDFKA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer4451309996800Excellent taste... but a bit costlyThe Mint Milano cookies are wonderful. They have a light and crispy texture with a mild mint chocolate taste. The flavor reminds me a lot of the chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies although the texture of the 2 cookies are very different (the girl scout cookie is much denser).

Unfortunately the cookies usually arrive with very few intact and several of mine were even broken into multiple pieces. They still taste pretty good though.

Nutritional Facts copied from the actual package (July 2011):

Serving size 2 cookies (25g/ 0.9oz)

Servings per container about 8

Calories per serving 130

Calories from fat 70

Total Fat 7g

Saturated Fat 5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol less than 5 mg

Sodium 65mg

Total Carbohydrate 16g

Dietary Fiber less than 1g

Sugars 8g

Protein 1g

Vitamins A and C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 4%

FYI, I purchased my cookies during 100 degree weather and except for some of the chocolate melting onto the inner wrapper the cookies were fine (I used 2 day shipping which might make a difference since the cookies weren't in the heat that long).

At 15.88 for 4 bags of cookies the price per bag is 3.97 which is 48 cents more than the price printed on the cookie bag (3.49).
241165241165B004P7QDFKA1X80PHSE6U5YJElleana1151322179200Delicious!These are our favorite kind of cookies! Usually, I just buy the dark chocolate one, but Pepperidge has so many different types, I recently decided to try the others. The mint adds a refreshing hint to the chocolate, which we like. These are nice to enjoy with tea as a midafternoon snack or something of the sort.
241166241166B004P7QDFKA281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim1131316304000OK, but not up to normal Milano standards.I guess I should've known: I checked out the prices for the various permutations of the Milano brand name and this was the cheapest. The cookies arrived in fair condition, with some of them broken already. Slight breakage is okay, since we break them up to eat them anyway. However, when they are broken to the point of powder, they become useless. I believe that these were overbaked or the mix failed. There was a powdery texture to the cookie instead of the smooth surface. It's a subtle difference but the 'Milano' experience is very specific. At these prices, they better be perfect. These cookies weren't.

I know Pepperidge Farm products; my parents lived in Norwalk, CT near their factory. I have shopped at the company store. What's amazing is that their products are perfectly good at the expiration date or even one year later. However, in the case of the product above, they were not good right out of the factory and thus they were discounted.
241167241167B004P7QDFKA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051346716800Classic CookiesAll of the flavors I've tried are great; but my favorite are the mint.

I was concerned re the shipping issue based on other reviews. When they arrived, the cookies were packed so tightly into a box filled with canned goods that the outer carton was pushed out of shape right on top of where the cookies were - which carton was pretty battered on that location, as one might expect from an incorrectly packed carton. Amazon, what is up with your packaging logic? It's so weird what you do when packing things....

Anyway, I figured the whole batch of cookies would be crushed. To my amazement, only 3 of the cookies were broken (out of a pack of 4 bags). I think that was a fluke really. Anyway, otherwise they were fresh etc. The only other odd thing was that these seemed to be different cookies than what I was used to. They seemed to be thinner. I've noticed since moving from the West Coast to the East Coast that a lot of products seem different here in various ways, so I figured it was either that, or maybe I was imagining it; but I don't think so. Anyway - I actually preferred the thinner ones, as the overall flavor balances were better and the texture was more appealing.

So while my shipping story was a success, I can't claim that the product was really properly packaged, and I wouldn't therefore want to leave a review claiming that.
241168241168B004P7QDFKA1R8UVDE12GK6RFargo "changwh"0031341705600Orange Milano MemoriesA tasty treat for those who remember what these were like when they used to sell them in the stores, now I can't find this one, but they have the double chocolate, mint, and other random flavors that I don't find quite as appealing.

Note that this is a pack of four, but still expensive for such - probably designed to extract the emotional value from people like me. Considering the other kinds can be had for far cheaper at Target... I can do without these for a while again, especially as most of us don't eat through these fast enough to get through four packs by the due date.
241169241169B004P7QDFKAXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0051336694400Yummy Little TreatThis review is regarding the cookie, not the price set by this seller. The cookie.... is fantastic. What a perfect little treat. Three cookies are only 180 calories. Since I am trying to watch my weight, I eat one - only 60 calories!! It's perfect for those times you NEED something sugary or chocolately. You can eat one of these and not blow your entire day dieting.

Yum. Yum.
241170241170B004P7QDFKA2ZG5QZEH8AX1Jkmperkins0051332115200Far too deliciousThese cookies hardly need a review. They are so amazingly delicious. The perfect amount of rich chocolate between the cookies. Pepperidge farm sure did it right with these cookies. Stick to the classic ones, though. I've tried a few other variations and they aren't nearly as good.

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