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241210241210B002WWBT4KA3E3EQ39FZTZEKsh "sh"1141335484800Second best of the top 4These are a hard candy--hard like a Lifesaver, not like a hard toffee such as the Rio coffee candy, which will soften somewhat in your mouth. The flavor is about as about as strong as the Rio and tastes very similar to the Rio when you have a good batch of Rio. It is noticeably less piquant and not as strong as the Bali coffee candy. The pieces about the same size as the Bali and they are not nearly as large as the Coffee Nips brand, which are annoyingly big on size and disappointingly small on flavor.

They are not difficult to unwrap, being packaged in the same kind of individual pouches as the Bali.

If you like the United, I think you will probably appreciate the Bali more. IF you like the United but prefer a toffee, you might like the Rio better, provided it's a good batch.

_______________Coffee Flavor_____________Texture
Bali...........piquant/rich/strong.............hard sugar
Rio............moderate-varies by batch......hard toffee
United.........moderate.......................hard sugar
Kopiko.........piquant/rich strong............hard sugar
Coffee Nips....weak/bland.....................hard toffee
241211241211B002WWBT4KA2WRIO4X6SGWYMKaren Settembrino1151308096000Amazing!My uncle gave me one to try and I made him buy me 15 bags to take home to FL. Cannot find any in FL. The best candy I have ever tasted.
241212241212B002WWBT4KA1V9Y5KWBBTSQ6tdbear1151308009600good coffee candy!!First tried these candies from my sister-in-law who lives in Texas. they are YUMMY- best tasting coffee candies I ever had! Hard to find though so glad i was able to get them here!
241213241213B002WWBT4KA1FJ9CZVDC9JDPSharon K. Friesen1151299283200United Coffee CandyThese are great tasting coffee candy. They taste very much like coffee without the overly sweet taste. I can't drink coffee so these work great. My co-workers really liked them too.
241214241214B002WWBT4KA2ZDY9F0ZOM9C0Lee de la0051347321600It's the real deal!This candy has such real coffee flavor that it is addictive. Truly, the best coffee-flavored hard candy that I have ever eaten and you had better not stop making it!
241215241215B002WWBT4KA3U9ZTISJBJR3Hphilthepill0051344556800This is good stuffI really like the way this candy tastes. It's not too sweet, and doesn't taste too much like coffee. The balance is perfect. But the mane reason I got these was for the caffeine. It takes at least 5 to equal the caffeine in a Dr. Pepper, which isn't bad, but I was hoping it would be more like 1 or 2.
241216241216B002WWBT4KAMY0JW8EL9WT7M. Mamaril0051315612800Best coffee candyI've tried a lot of different coffee candies. This brand is definitely at the top of my list. It doesn't taste like your regular sugar coated hard candy. These hold a genuine coffee flavor.
241217241217B002WWBT4KA1C9P1K676TQKSChaz0051283558400United Coffee CandyJust tried this today(was a "freebie" while waiting at a Sushi place in Tuxedo,NY.)
Excellent flavor! Picture a medium roast coffee with cream and sugar!Genuine flavor with a cruncy hard candy mouthfeel,and lingers a bit like that last drop in the cup! I,m buying a couple of bags!
241218241218B002WWBT4KA8WRN6S6XGAG9Brockeim "Playful Literary Adventurer"2551292198400Tasty But Not Overpowering Coffee Candy, Fit for a PicnicI unwrapped a piece of United Coffee Candy while Nancy and I sat for an afternoon in a park. Dulcet, yet strong flavors filled my imagination as we cleared the branches for our blanket. The candy's metallic maroon wrapper soon lay tossed in a pocket, or a bag, who knows where?

A mid-city stream during a quiet picnic can be as cacophonous as a mid-state river. Rapids, wind, gulls all called out to each other as autumn began its march through the wane of summer. Undeterred, Nancy and I read the poetry of the day: our own, and that found in an old professor's reading list. Many hums and other murmurs of agreement brought us through a dozen pages and an hour of reading.

We asked, "Is that a complex form or does it just organically resonate mellifluously?"

Not all questions can be answered while distracted by the pleasant confluence of her eyes, the falling leaves and the coffee candy. All blended into a gentle sweetness: to see, to smell, to taste.

Now, three months later, I find the wrapper in my satchel, and the stream rushes just as hard. The gulls are gone, but the poetry remains. May your bag of United Coffee Candy reach as deeply, taste as complex, and remind you of poems read on a bank.

241219241219B0016BU7HIA1SJH0E7IZ4O1XLeslie Davis1151283040000YummyI love these quick and easy dessert lime bars. Unfortunately all of the grocery stores in my area stopped selling these and only sell the lemon flavor. So glad I found them on Amazon!
241220241220B0016BU7HIA2W5L85XCCV02KDanel W. Bachman0051338336000Key Lime BarsI love the key lime pie recipe on the side of this box. It was the exact pie we had in a restaurant which charged $6/slice.
241221241221B0016BU7HIA3PI16CK9R4XWSAlaskamama0041336003200Yummy!We added whipping cream to make these bars into a delicious and quick key lime pie! We love key limes, but having no access to the actual fruit, this mix was a tasty substitute! Loved by the whole family!
241222241222B0016BU7HIA1FCLC6F7T7X90Word2TheWize0021313366400StrangeI had a lemon bar for the first time last year and I was hooked. Had always seen them but never tried them thinking it would be too much lemon for my taste. I was SO wrong and kick myself for the years I deprived myself of that sweet lemony goodness. Mmmm. I also tried key lime pie for the first time last year (crazy right? I'm so deprived lol ). Again I was hooked. So when I saw these key lime bars I thought I would be so in love with them. Always saw lemon bars never key lime bars. Awesomeness! I thought. Boy was I wrong. Made a box and they seemed "off". Just didn't taste right. Figured I did something wrong. So I made another box. Can't put my finger on it but something just isn't right. Not only that but as someone said while they were cooling in the fridge...'What is THAT? Looks like some weird science experiment" And honestly it does. lol So sad they did not end up being as good as I had hoped. Now I have 10 boxes left.I guess I can try to doctor them up, maybe into a cheesecake? *shrugs* We'll see how that goes. Anyway I really wouldn't recommend this one. Maybe I got a batch batch?
241223241223B0016BU7HIA4CE0KWRSBM9Queenrakle0111312848000So grossThis is one of the grossest things I've ever eaten. I took one bite and threw the entire thing away. Don't waste your money! The entire thing tasted like melted plastic.
241224241224B001DW3GX2A1Y1L56592H2ZXKimmy in Valencia5551251936000Yum Yum and I can understand the ingredients!!!I just ordered this after seeing it in my specialty pet food store. It's a tad expensive but I can understand why. I can totally read and understand all the ingredients! And my picky dogs both LOVE it. I also like that they tell you the calories per treat (8.8 if you're wondering) so I can better keep track of my dogs daily caloric intake.

The fact that it comes in small pouches also is great so you don't open an big pouch and let it go stale.

Both my dogs (including my 5lb Maltese) LOVE it!!

My only criticism of this product would be how much the label recommends for small dogs. I would never give my dog 16 treats per day!!! That's almost half of one of my dog's entire day's needs and almost 2/3 of my smaller Maltese's needs!!!

Oh, and a 2nd criticism: although it's called the "pumpkin and blueberries" treat, if you look at the ingredient list, blueberries are second to last on the list...which means very little blueberries. Slightly misleading in my opinion. It would be more correct to say "pumpkin and oatmeal" or "pumpkin and molasses" or anything else besides blueberries.

But overall, I will be using these instead of baking my own.
241225241225B001DW3GX2A28ZGHHZB69XPIKathryn B. Jones "Truman's Mom"1151241740800Superb treat!My dog Truman LOVES your Fruitables crunchy treats! We've tried the Pumpkin/Blueberry...the crunch helps keep his teeth clean and the ingredients help keep his breath fresh! Best of all, he can have them more often as they are so low calorie! Thanks for making such a great (and organic) dog treat!
241226241226B001DW3GX2A1S76IDFHEQ26Clongtime dogownwer2311260057600Misleading nameI was really disappointed in this product. The name says blueberry but this is almost the LAST ingredient, before vanilla and after inferior stuff like potatoes and oil. Save your money and DONT buy these.
241227241227B001DW3GX2A2XE9FR5RA9YENTriCel0041348099200Dog really likes, but shipped incorrectlyRomeo really enjoys these treats and I recommend them, but I was shipped 1 package, not 6. When I called to have this fixed, I was shipped 1 package, twice again. I ended up just having them refund the remaining 3 packs. Maybe I'll just order the larger 7 oz package next time.
241228241228B001DW3GX2A35LTSLXUBMUOODee0051323648000FruitablesGreat - my dog really likes this product and it is really healthy for everyone's pets. It comes in many different flavors.
241229241229B001DW3GX2AKEARL55M4V9SJWVetMed0051320019200Great Treats!My Boston Terrier loves these treats! She has a very sensitive stomach and a wheat allergy and sometimes it's hard to find affordable treats. I've purchased these in a few pet stores before for at a much higher price. This is a good deal!
241230241230B001DW3GX2A2FHJOZCTL7CGIKatieLax210051314230400Lab loves them!!Our 75 lb yellow lab loves all flavors of these treats! They are small...around the size of a quarter but they work well as training treats or as an added bonus with his dog food. He loves fresh blueberries and apples more but these do the trick when we don't have them in the house.
241201241201B005DQGKIWA1I8Q536TW4QNBBig Daddy "Big Daddy"0051306281600Bought as a gift!My girl loves Booberry and didn't know you could get it year round! She had a blueberry/Booberry Valentine's Day!
241202241202B005DQGKIWA2BD0ZAM1FP98FBridget0051300320000Boo Berry CerealI purchased Boo Berry cereal from Hometown Favorites. It is of good quality. This is my favorite cereal ever. I recommend the seller and the cereal. 5 stars.
241203241203B005DQGKIWA2POJ3B9I8KZIUdedazzled3511282953600Not the same...I was SO excited to receive the cereal I loved as a child. I didn't get it all the time back then, but often enough that now, 25 years later, I could close my eyes and ALMOST taste it. When I saw it for sale, I'd nearly forgotten it existed and was thrilled to order. As soon as I opened the box, I realized this was not going to be the same experience. The cereal has completely changed, in both appearance and taste. It's very similar to Cap 'n Crunch Crunchberries now -- only not half as flavorful. I wouldn't at all encourage lovers of the original to give this a try. You will be sorely disappointed. :(
241204241204B005DQGKIWAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0131318636800Wanted to love itBut only liked it, and only when mixed with Frankenberry. Tastes much like all similar cereals from GM & others, with the addition of some artificial blueberry flavor & some sparse 'mallow action. Not a terrible guilty pleasure, but not something I'd go for again, even w/ S&S.
Ultimately: Berry Kix with 'mallows.
241205241205B005JEBUOWA1O6G2LMC103WDvruggio2351348185600Over pricedThis "Brachs Assorted Halloween Melocream Candy
is available at Big M Stores for $1.19 per 11oz bag!
I get them every year as a tradition.
they have Chocolet Bats, Maple Jugs & Corn Stalks, Banana Half Moons & Corn Ears as well as traditional Candy Corn flavored Pumpkins.
241206241206B002WWBT4KA1PRFHJV6L2CAMAnonymous6651276387200true coffee flavorWhile most coffee candy tastes vaguely of coffee, this candy has a strong and rich coffee flavor. Delicious and satisfying.
241207241207B002WWBT4KA39A6C2L082P2UEllie Morrin6651259539200Best Coffee Candy I've HadI'm a coffee holic. It's rather strong candy - if you're looking for sweet sugary candy with a bit of coffee flavor, look elsewhere! Real compressed coffee with a bit of sweetness, I like it for mornings when you're too late to grab a cup or for road trips when you need the pick-me-up but need to keep your hands on the wheel. Very reasonable price!
241208241208B002WWBT4KA3L8B7WPB39EKJMike Sublett "pawdad"3341329696000one of the top coffee hard candiesUnited Coffee Candy is a very different breed of coffee candy. It's list of ingredients number only 4. That's right, only 4. And percentages are listed by each ingredient. 5% of the ingredients is coffee powder. WOW! It is a very dark brown, almost black, rectangular, hard candy. It isn't overly sweet. Coffee is the first flavor that you taste, a nice strong coffee flavor that is consistent throughout the whole candy. Definitely one of the better coffee candies. 8 out of 10
FYI- United, Kopiko and Coffee Rio were the top finishing coffee candies in my taste test.
God bless. Mike
241209241209B002WWBT4KA3QC0PB3XGEFLHBrian Grzymkowski "Brian Grzymkowski"1151335744000Perfect for the dedicated coffee drinker!These were sitting in a small bowl on the counter at a local sushi place. I tried one while I waited for my order and was so taken aback by how much I liked them that I ordered them from Amazon on the spot. My regular order at Dunkin Donuts, or any other coffee shop is little cream, little sugar. I would say these candies fall somewhere in that general taste range. If you like your coffee sweet and light, these might not be for you. If you like your coffee black, you might be comfortable with these. I wouldn't call them overly bitter, but they are still a far cry from sweet. They taste very much like coffee and think it's a safe bet that you will find nothing closer than these. Great thing to have around if you just genuinely love the taste of coffee!

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