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241231241231B001DW3GX2A2B5GTKLC7RJIDx100051305158400Dogs love 'em !My dogs love these treats, and they're much better than most treat you'll find in pet stores!
I had to stop carrying them in my pocket at the dog park because other dogs wouldn't leave my side! I guess they smell really good to dogs!
241232241232B001DW3GX2A3LPEHZ0YNKW5MDonna "DJW in San Diego"0051280534400Dogs Love 'EmMy dogs love them, they are small for quick treats, and full of wholesome ingredients. What more can I say?
241233241233B001DW3GX2A2WW2BUY38FIR8MargBully0041280102400Fruitabel dog treats smell great and dog lovesI love giving my dog healthy treats including natural fruit. Of the dog treats that she enjoys these actually smell good, and are a great way of moderating calorie intake for those dogs who may be prone to weight gain. The only con to this treat is that the cookies are hard enough that they are not easy to break up into pieces if you have a smaller dog, or want to further ration the treat (as a training treat). The variety in fruit flavors is also a plus, allowing you to make treat/training time less boring for your four legged friend.
241234241234B001DW3GX2A280QNJTCGSJKDbarbie "doggy mom"0051277683200Doggy tested Mother approved!My dogs loved these and they are good for them as well. They didnt cause loose stools like most treats (thank you for adding the pumpkin!) They are an excellent product and are very affordable as well.
241235241235B000XF0U3YAFNQXQBF55D3RNicholas Smith1151246147200The real dealWhen Americans drink hot tea, they usually drink orange pekoe tea, so most Americans can't understand why the English drink tea. English tea is black tea, and not the low quality of black tea generally available in the United States. I have tried many English teas and to me Yorkshire Red is the absolute best. I choose the tea bags with tabs because of convenience, but the same great flavour is available in the traditional tagless bags. Try this tea and teatime might become a tradition in your home too.
241236241236B000XF0U3YA2CSTZPWE99EZ5Tim Johnson0041266969600One of the best English TeasThis is one of the best English teas I've tried. Liked it better than Yorkshire Gold, which is also from Taylors of Harrogate. Strong rich flavor. Great straight or with a little sugar. Give it a try.
241237241237B000HZ9HW0ARFEQHYQ4MQQOAnne Waters "Anne Waters"0051277596800My Yorkee is crazy for Green Tea & Honey Dog BonesI have a Yorkee named Snoopy, his is just crazy over the Green Tea & Honey Bones. he is allergic to all meat products so when he couldnt have Greenes anymore it was very hard to find him any treats and this is the perfect all natural non meat product treat for any dog they will love them I know Snoopy does all you have to do is say the name and he is going in circles and up on two legs.
241238241238B000HIFB8QA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle7741234828800Satisfy your hunger and your desire to drop a few poundsThrough the work week, breakfast is perfunctory with oatmeal just another option among cereal bars and yogurt. We've stocked various brands of instant oatmeal but Quaker Oatmeal Express best balances our desires for tasty and healthy. Our sons - ages 6 and 4 - enjoy the different flavors. My wife likes the individual cups, which make clean-up a breeze.

Quaker Oatmeal Express is office-friendly, too. You can prepare the oatmeal with hot water or a microwave. Either way, you've got a no-mess breakfast in less than two minutes. Again, the individual cups are great for a portable option much healthier than anything you'll find on a fast food drive-thru menu.

We've purchased three Quaker Oatmeal Express flavors, Cinnamon Roll, Golden Brown Sugar and Baked Apple. All three are not overly sweet. My youngest son doesn't care for cinnamon, so he eats Baked Apple or Golden Brown Sugar. The Baked Apple flavor has a slight fiber edge (1 g) over the other flavors.

In summary, skip the sausage egg biscuit and pick up this healthier breakfast option instead. (Studies have found that oatmeal is more filling than dry cereal with the same calories and fiber content.) Quaker Oatmeal Express is healthy, portable and makes clean-up easy.

One caveat: if time is not a consideration, the best oatmeal you can buy on Amazon is McCANN'S Steel Cut Oatmeal. We purchase it through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. This is our Sunday-morning-family-breakfast oatmeal. We add frozen berries, or a tablespoon of brown sugar and an ounce of Drambuie to the cooking pot. The texture and nutty flavor of McCann's oatmeal sets it apart from anything else we've experienced.
241239241239B000HIFB8QANJ9WACDOZJMNCheryl2251296345600Love TheseI love these individual oatmeal cups. I found them years ago at Sam's and they quit selling them, then I sound them at Big Lots, they quit selling them, then found them at Target. Very expensive if you buy them individually. I'm trilled to get an entire case at a time. They can go anywhere, and you just need water, a microwave and a spoon. I don't know why Quaker doesn't have this flavor in packets.
241240241240B000HIFB8QA2IEKN8LYZO0PLSandi Smith2251260489600super yummy !I am so addicted to this oatmeal. :) The taste is awesome, not dull, not too sweet, and it has a lot of great oatmeal texture and isn't mushy like other oatmeals. I like my oatmeal thick so I don't put as much water in it as recommended, and it comes out fabulous. I have it as a snack, perhaps not the healthiest choice of snack food (because of the added sugar and salt) but better than a pack of cookies or a candy bar.

(I'm cracking up because I was going to make "yummy" a tag for this product, but someone already did!)
241241241241B000HIFB8QAZPOZ8A6KRI9AKarey J. Cline1151254182400Extremely Satisfied!I got hooked on these at work. I work 3a to 3p at a hospital and always get hungry for breakfast a few hours after getting there. I got tired of spending the money in the cafeteria, so I looked these up online. had the cheapest price. And now I'm set for the month. These are perfect for on-the-go. Just add water, microwave, and ENJOY!
241242241242B000HIFB8QAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"1141248480000Good alternative to cold cerealThis works well for a quick early AM breakfast. Brown sugar makes the oatmeal interesting and not bland. Well-liked but our team likes cold cereal better.
241243241243B000HIFB8QA2DB3FMGCIVJHKJeff Judge3451183334400Perfect if you're in a hurryYou can't go wrong with the oatmeal in a cup...I don't know why Quaker doesn't push this product harder. I ordered a couple cases of these for my office, and my team loves them.
241244241244B000HIFB8QA2IOLKYO3Z0FTGCarolyn Walker "Carwalker"4651179964800OatmealI take oatmeal to work for my breakfast most mornings. They sell yhis at work for $2.75 a cup. Can you imagine how much money I save.
241245241245B000HIFB8QA2P9NVV1FMMSX3Melanie J. Prell "mjray"0051350864000The Best OatmealI love the the brown sugar oatmeal! I wish that Target and Giant Eagle would stock it in their stores. It is a great breaksfast to take to work and micowave.
241246241246B000HIFB8QAR0YSILQA8WQ4Bosco50051350345600Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Golden Brown Sugar, 1.9-Ounce Cups (Pack of 24)AAA+++ I love the Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Golden Brown Sugar. I eat the MOST oatmeal in our family. I love different flavors. I have Oatmeal Cups a couple of times a week in the spring & fall usually every day in the winter.
241248241248B000HIFB8QA2FDGH7VB3RTMNTracy Cook "TBC2009"0041347408000QUAKER INSTANT OATMEALThe product is exactly as described. My son loves this oatmeal. I usually order it because he eats breakfast everyday and the cups are so convenient.
241249241249B000HIFB8QA1KJ9UAV1REVSGKaren Yoritsune0051345852800Best on the go OatmealThis product Quaker Oatmeal Express (golden brown sugar) is fantastic. It even tastes better than their regular instant oatmeal packet (maple and brown sugar). I recommend anyone to try this. I guarantee you will love this oatmeal.Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Golden Brown Sugar, 1.9-Ounce Cups (Pack of 24)
241250241250B000HIFB8QA3AZ2CG6A360JKbobbi0051339977600yum-yum breakfastthis is the only breakfast my husband eats routinely during the week/ on the weekend I will cook him a traditional sunday breakfast/ usually he will eat both because his dog will only eat her breakfast after he shares the oatmeal dreggs/ he only likes the oatmeal with brown sugar--sweet yet not too sweet and easy enough for him to just put into the microwave. The "instant brown sugar oatmeal in a cup"
241251241251B000HIFB8QA1TVJAD12IYVR8Emerald0051339372800Yum, Yummy for my Tummy!I love the Golden Brown Sugar (my favorite) of all the flavors. I stock up for home and office, my husband is now on the bandwagon with eating this for breakfast. The cups are convenient for home/office and anytime of the day! Thank you Quaker for making this such a treat!
241252241252B000HIFB8QA10Z584YY5QTK3dthorny "dthorny"0051334534400Great breakfast product that is hard to find.Quaker Instant oatmeal is hard to find in many stores out west. Typically, the single packaged cups are available and who wants to purchase one at a time? By buying them in bulk quantities, you can save a few shopping trips and the gasoline by having them shipped direct to your home. I bought a 24 pack for about a $1.00 a cup! A great deal.
A tasty oatmeal that's quick to make and tastes great. For those in a hurry to work or take with you on camping trips or whatever Quaker instant oatmeal is an excellent product.
241253241253B000HIFB8QAJN06SENUBCCFSukimaki0041318809600Yummy instant oatmealMy son uses this in college for quick meals when he doesnt have time for the dining hall. He mixes it with powdered milk and water and says its delicious. My only complaint is the price. Even buying in bulk does not lower the price as compared to purchasing the oatmeal in smaller quantities. My son eats 2 bowls at a time. It is cost prohibitive for the amount of oatmeal you get.
241254241254B000HIFB8QA3TIB3VFWCJUS4Steve D0051317081600Great DealI eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast. These cups are ideal for eating on the run in my car. Fast Delivery and really good price compared to the supermarkets. Convenient and tasty.
241255241255B000HIFB8QANFYFO84ABHKVKatherine Uber0051313539200Great taste, portable, and reasonably priced...These are great to take on the go for children and adults. They taste great and Amazon's price can't be beat! We subscribe and save and receive a shipment once a month.
241256241256B000HIFB8QAQKMURA69LWBJIma "Ima"0051308873600Fast and healthy startI keep these at work for days I rushed out the door late. They taste great and are so easy to make.
241257241257B000HIFB8QA18CUBWXQ9E396D. Shaneyfelt0111337990400Shorted on orderOnly recieved 23 or the 24 individual cups. Like the product but if this is the manner we are going to be recieving the product not worth ordering on line.
241258241258B000HIFB8QA1XXB8WV8XYNKOKumar1611323734400Loaded with sugar and sodiumIts very tasty but check the nutritional facts, its loaded with sodium and sugar. I would rather prefer an unflavored oatmeal with some fruit.
241259241259B0012N1ZTEA3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John0051259020800Gentlease has 1/5 the lactose of milk-based formulaA good way to start shopping for this product is to call Enfamil to see their current pricing, keeping in mind any differences in can size and number of cans in a case. I have purchased this product through Enfamil, Amazon and a few other places, always taking advantage of the best deals. I have purchased Gentlease in different size cans and cases and am still using it with my twins.

Next... The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until six months of age. But here in the U.S. after your 3 months maternity leave, are you able to pump enough and store in a refrigerator at work? And you might need formula anyway as we do. I mention this because some imply their formula is as good as human breast milk.

We're blessed with twins. They started out colicky and we found that Nutramigen worked at that time. They got through that phase and we've been using Gentlease and solids. After they're a year old it will be all solids. Our pediatrician recommended Gentlease. It has 1/5 the lactose of milk-based formula.

I really researched formulas. There are even organizations promoting the sale of human breast milk and there are organizations wanting to stop the sale of human breast milk for fear of health hazards that the FDA cannot control. No matter, those offering breast milk do so at prohibitively high prices - nothing charitable about it.

All the brands that I've seen have DHA and ARA, nutrients found in breast milk that promote brain and eye development, iron which is necessary for growth and many more ingredients. The government requires them to have certain ingredients. The major brands do not seem highly differentiated to me except for their specialy models. Gentlease is one of those.

Gentlease is one of the special formulas because it has a much lower amount of lactose as well as broken down proteins to make it easier to digest.

The prices vary and so do the size of the cans and the number of cans in a case. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Gentlease in big cans at the big box stores. One can also check at the local pharmacy or grocery store for comparison purposes. Keep an eye out for coupons too. You've got to keep constant watch for the best price, and there have been times when the Amazon price prevails.
241260241260B0012N1ZTEA2SJFE7E81KX3BS. J. Gallardo0051232755200Greatly reduces gasMy baby was born with excess gas in her digestive system (discovered in the NICU and further x-rays). At her first pediatric appointment I mentioned this to the doctor and he recommened this formula. We have used it ever since then and she's 6 months old now. She doesn't gas or burp that much, especially when compared to my first child who was given the regular Enfamil Lipil formula with the yellow label.
This formula in combination with a vented bottle such as Playtex Ventaire Advanced worked wonders to relieve and/or prevent gas discomfort.

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