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241261241261B002IMS5WSAWDU2JPGHV6STT. Edwards2251259020800My cat love itMy adopted cats will be about 10 years old next year. I try to give them the best of the best, but they also have medical issues that complicate taste and smell. I ordered this and spritzed some very good, but older toys, along with a larger, soft floppy toy I purchased for one of my dogs, that she had no interest in. They both went beserk. They played and exercised and enjoyed themselves. I found Punkin sound asleep with her head on top of the soft rabbit dog toy.
241262241262B002IMS5WSA1YY0B9BBYSGI7Vicki G. Ralls "VR"0011271289600Cat completely uninterested.I used this on her favorite cat toy hoping that it would help respark some interested, but it had no effect. Smells nice enough to me, but then I"m not a cat. I wouldn't buy this again.
241263241263B001EQ4MZIA21SY1XMVRH3YQAsiancCharm "AC"3441285632000A pretty good, not outstanding collection of flavored tea.I luv tea, both Chinese and Western tea, as well as tea that blends both.

China, Japan, and Ceylon all have a long tradition of producing the best Green tea, and I must hasten to add that Green tea is really not a good oriental tea that can blend well with western tea such as Earl Grey, or with any fruit flavors.

Fortnum & Mason, a British tea company, has created some of the best flavored teas that blend Chinese black tea with fruit flavors like Peach, Strawberry, Mango, Apple, Cranberry, Lemon. I also tried their Green Tea that blends with fruit flavors and other tea. Except the Moroccan Mint Tea, I don't think they taste as good in general as the black tea blends!

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised when a student of mine gave me this gift pack of Bentley's tea, and found out that the Mango Green Tea was actually the best mango flavored tea that I ever tried. I also thought the other flavors were also quite good: Blueberry Green Tea, Red Rapsberry Green Tea, Minty Mint Green Tea, Earl Grey Green Tea, Vanilla Green Tea, and Pomegranate tea. The flavors that I didn't care for were: Orange Spice Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, and Oriental Treasure Green Tea.
241264241264B001EQ4MZIA3K3WS5J50JKOUJames2341292889600Bentley's TeaDON'T Drink the JASMINE TEA...Yuck! Prepare it and enjoy the smell...very nice. Tastes like drinking an air freshener though. The rest are great. They are individual bags but not individually wrapped as I expected. Overall-I Like.
241265241265B001EQ4MZIA4ABKFH279SAAmst0011326240000Worst tea I have ever tastedI made a mistake of buying this tea during Christmas time and did the ultimate mistake of gifting some of the the individual packs to others. Worst tea I have ever tasted. French vanilla and Key lime tea?? (Really??). Not that the other flavors were any good - for both white and green tea. And yes, as the other researcher mentioned, the jasmine tea is bad as well. overall, a total waste of money.
241266241266B001EQ4MZIAS1XMZY0LUXP4bevslamb0051295913600love it!I had never tried Bentley tea before, I'm totally sold. The flavors are so good because they are not overpowering or imitation tasting, very mellow, loved it!
241267241267B001EQ4MZIA274O9WNGWSHT1John Bacon0031251849600An ok variety, but nothing too fantasticPros:
- Gives you a lot of tea for the price
- Gives you a pretty good variety of teas

- Alot of the variety taste weird
- The packaging is pretty annoying to open/close and get to the bottom row of teas.

I would probably not buy this gift set again.
241268241268B005LK2IBSA14DXI8FYAIJV1R. K. Jones "artdoer"1141325894400Great cinnamon twistsI love cinnamon twists and Kenny's are excellent! I have ordered them before and I will continue to order them from Kenny's.
241269241269B005LK2IBSA20XRZQH45XBZAgijoehollis0011348012800Don't buy if you want cinnamon taste!!This candy has hardly any cinnamon taste at all. If you look closely at the product discription it states cinnamon twist with cherry flavor. Very misleading. I would not buy again.
241270241270B001TM3XHUA1FUF81GI1TZWEdatSplat ""0051346025600Two paws way upBoth of our picky-eater pugs responded very enthusiastically (I may have to come back and post a video review)! Ordering three more cases today! Love that you can actually identify everything that's in the can. The pop tops are another huge bonus, especially for people like us who travel frequently (don't even need a utensil to get the food into a bowl; it just pours out). Another bonus is because of the consistency (kind of a thick fish soup), our dogs don't feel the need to take it out of their bowls to eat. It's more expensive than I'd like, but can also understand that the ingredients aren't cheap.
241271241271B001TM3XHUA2GFIE2Y5QUN6DLeona Sohn0041342483200Cirque de la MerCirque de la Mer is a sea food stew. A mix of fish and vegetables. This food is not all ground up like some processed dogs foods. You can actually see the chunks of fish, carrots, peas, etc.
241272241272B000LQNBCMABBJZKMEN7EAZSpiderbaby Fastwolf "art fiend culture lover"1151201219200crisp sweet and lightI picked these up for my mom in the london airport and she's totally hooked. (Happily, they're readily available in the us.)
Sweet white chocolate and coconut coating over a crisp wafer exterior, leading to a creamy white chocolate and almond filling.
Delightful and shockingly easy to eat the whole box.
241273241273B000LQNBCMA1LFOEOXJM4PD4Kris A. Nauman0151169769600GREAT!!I tried this candy in Kyiv ,Ukraine...Absolutely fantastic. It has the perfect blend of flavor..Not too sweet...just right
241274241274B000F52FHGA39I663XD96FI_<1511292889600Worst gum ever
241275241275B001CDVCBUA3TEC61DBAPVMIcaliboy "theatregoer"101051223510400Going through a "bitters" period.Regan's Orange Bitters #6 is just as advertised. Intense and very potent, it will give your Manhattan or Old Fashioned a real kick in the pants. I want to experiment using it with Crepes Suzette or Grand Marnier cakes - it should intensify and enhance quite well. In addition: If you have not tried Fee Brother's Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters or Peychaud's Aromatic Cocktail Bitters - then you have not experienced what bitters can do for your cocktails - or vanilla ice cream - for that matter! I am afraid that the old stand-by Angostura just doesn't compare - and I like Angostura very much!
241276241276B001CDVCBUASPSDW6CTOY8OJean-sebastien Girou9951280880000AromaticTo compare with other orange bitters: these are more aromatic-tasting and have more of a "real" orange zest flavor than Fee's orange, which are more of a "candy" orange flavor, though they differ from Angostura orange, which taste more like Angostura aromatic bitters mixed with Fee's orange bitters. This is not to say that it is better; different cocktails work better with the other two. I find that a dash of these ones turns an otherwise decent sidecar into an incredible one.
241277241277B001CDVCBUA5Z4QFVI3T27KascNYC111251238112000Your Secret IngredientBitters are making a resurgence these days and I know many bars (at least here in NYC) are bringing back a properly made cocktail. Looking at old cocktail books from the 20s, 30s, and 40s I found that bitters were a key ingredient in many classic cocktails. After doing extensive research I learned that Regan's made some of the best, if not the best, orange bitters (go to their website and read the story behind this product). Your other choices are Fee Brothers and Angostura. Regan's however gets, and in my opinion, deserves top billing when it comes to orange bitters. These bitters are great in a variety of drinks and I usually put two dashes in my Old Raj martinis. Although you don't get a strong orange flavor per se you do notice that these bitters subtly enhance the complexity of the drink. Try these and you won't be disappointed. Go to Regan's website to find literally hundreds of drink recipes that use their bitters. You'll be inspired to make something more than a boring vodka tonic or gin martini.
241278241278B001CDVCBUA258ND1BA10WNDBeverly Potts7851218758400better bittersRegan's Orange Bitters No.6 is not only a wonderful flavor for mixed drinks but makes water, yep plain ol' water, taste fabulous!
Purchased 3 bottles knowing that at least 2 of them will make wonderful stocking stuffers.
241279241279B001CDVCBUA3CYY14PL0PCO8Thoughtful Reader2251293235200Best orange bitters on the marketWell balanced, aromatic, just spicy enough without being overpowering. Highly recommended for your next manhattan, and a lovely stocking stuffer.
241280241280B001CDVCBUA15PUBCS4N4G60buckeyede061141316476800Very Tasty! Great in a ManhattanI love any drink with Scotch or whiskey and a Manhattan with this bitters is something legendary! I tried this after reading an article on the best bitters and this bitters came to the top of list. It is a little weak so double up when it only calls for a dash. Other than that this is a great bitter!
241281241281B001CDVCBUAD1FUQ71Y2MIDSonoma County0051341446400Great BitterRegan's bitters make an excellent Manhattan. I wish I could find a greater selection of bitters local to Santa Rosa.
241282241282B001CDVCBUA36L9WIM7WM5IGRichard Sutton "Indian Trader, Musician, Gran...0051329955200Sazerac Requisite!This is the real deal. It was originally mixed up in a drug store near Bourbon Street in old New Orleans. If you want to mix an authentic, complex Sazerac, the official drink of NOLA, then you will need these bitters. Nothing else has ever worked better, or even as well!
241283241283B001CDVCBUA3ADT618ZSI2ALSacurai1251279670400Great with MartinisI had been searching for Orange Bitters since 1999 when I had the best martini ever in the Utsunomiya Tobu Grande Hotel bar. Just a small splash of Regan's Orange Bitters,truly enhances the flavor profile of a martini. I recommend this product highly.
241284241284B001CDVCBUAI3RZMXY3DEWKBraddockbob "Braddockbob"0151260835200Outstanding bittersRegan's orange bitters No 6 is an excellent product which adds a delightful twist to cocktails.
241285241285B001CDVCBUA155ZYAPRNPD69W. Reynolds2541262044800I like it better than the Fee Bro'sI got this and the West Indian Fee Bros Orange, I think this is a bit more tart. Goes better IMO with Ri 1 which is my whiskey mixer of choice. Mileage may vary with other whiskey's.
241286241286B001CDVCBUAB78HX8DIEUBDTamar0251278201600Great ProductGreat product. Orange bitters were originally used in cocktails before the invention of the aromatic type we are all so familiar with today. This is impossible to find in the commonwealth of PA where I live so I was happy to find it on Amazon. I recommend it.
241287241287B001CDVCBUA3Q9HB5RNI81LWPeter S. Shenkin1531280102400When all is said and done, I prefer AngosgoraThe title says it. However, I've to to say that the store was great -- fabulous service, packaging, fast delivery. I just wanted to try something different, and now I have.
241288241288B001CDVCBUAU54V57YOEXTVDavid F. John "DFJ"31131300060800WHO REALLY NEEDS IT?Orange bitters are an essential ingredient in the Sazerac cocktail -- "Official Cocktail of the City of New Orleans" -- which carries a history as complex as does the Crescent City.

The most famous orange bitters were compounded by Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a Haitian apothecary who moved to New Orleans in the early 1800s. He dispensed a proprietary mix of aromatic bitters from an old family recipe to relieve the ails of his clients, and became famous for a toddy he made for his friends: French brandy, bitters, a splash of water and a bit of sugar.

The drink was soon served in bars throughout the city. Sewell Taylor, proprietor of one such "coffeehouse," began importing and serving Sazerac-du-Forge et fils brandy, leading to the renaming of the "Sazerac Coffee House" with its 12 bartenders mixing "Sazeracs" for their patrons.

Around 1870, the primary ingredient of the Sazerac was changed from cognac to rye whiskey due to popular American tastes and the difficulty of obtaining cognac. Somewhere along the line a dash of absinthe was added to coat the glass, later changed to "Herbsaint" -- et voilà! -- the modern Sazerac cocktail.

Orange bitters may also be used in other drinks where bitters are called for, as a matter of taste. I took a liking to an alternative Sazerac recipe including both Angostura bitters and orange bitters. Because I could not be assured that Peychaud's bitters would be sufficiently 'orange' or just a close cousin to Angostura, I tried Regan's Orange Bitters. They are distinctive and offer another flavor to the alcoholic spice cabinet, but I cannot say whether they are better than Peychaud's -- the original New Orleans concoction.

Unless you are really a cocktail purist and have access to an extensively stocked bar, keeping all the "authentic" Sazerac ingredients -- Rye, Herbsaint, and one or two varieties of bitters -- is probably unreasonable. And when making exotic cocktails, of course we must value Reason above all else.
241289241289B001W9L2GEA2AUA0LHP10Z7OJared Mevissen1151282694400Awesome stuff but price may be a bit highThis stuff is awesome however the price may be a bit high however compared to say pam this stuff is extremely inexpensive each can lasts a really long time, I am going to try another brand that is the same amount of ounces at half the price and I'm hoping it will work as well, but if it doesn't I will be coming back to this.

Update 9/1/2012 so far this is the best most inexpensive cooking spray I have found, a can lasts forever it works great, what more is there to ask for.
241290241290B0021LROBOAOGH6L4I13VRTSam1151239580800unexpectedBought a bag to try at my Qi Gong class and was hooked. They are like gummy bears with a little zing. Everyone in the class is hooked.

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