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241291241291B0021LROBOAN9JQK4U8LKDOBlessedt one0031296864000First time tryingI bought this, because I know ginger is supposed to be good for you. It has a chewy texture and a little bit of a bite.
241292241292B000N3Q7LKAOODVAX8P5IRYHolly R. Salsman1151269216000These are the best seeds out there!My husband's favourite seeds stopped being made and since then he's been looking for a suitable replacement with no luck. We took a trip down to the States (we're from Canada) and came across David Sunflower seeds. He absolutely LOVED them, more than the ones he originally loved! They weren't sold here in Canada, so we were quite happy to come across them on Amazon, and ordered two boxes. This is something we'll be continuing to do.
241293241293B000N3Q7LKA3LZ3LT8H4X2Y5beausgirl0051344556800Theyre seeds lolokay so we got these for our baseball themed engagement party :) my mom made labels thanking people for coming they looked nice and I'm sure we used them all that day since we were playing softball :)
241294241294B0029NIX6EA3HL7LO1BVEI3FBuddy0051350086400Great product.Great product. Buddy likes all the Cesar flavors but the gourmet filets are his favorite. He licks the bowl clean!
241295241295B0029NIX6EA1TJYJ336K3PCTFlying Penguin "Lefty-ist"0021349654400Not for Picky DogsMy two Maltese dogs enjoy eating Cesar canned food products, but for some reason they really do not like to eat this style of filets in sauce. They would much rather eat the all mashed and ground up typical canned food style instead. Both products made by Cesar, but my dogs would much rather prefer I not buy the filet style anymore!
241296241296B0029NIX6EA2A5OQT2N7S5AXL. Shapiro0011335830400My dog hates itFour times I have put out this product for my dag and each time he smells it and then walks away. I just gave the unused food to my friends German Shepherd. Maybe my dog is just too finicky.
241297241297B0029NIX6EA3B2XELS2O1RMEileen0051331856000CarsonLove this product and the on line shopping. I buy more then this flavor because this is the only food our dogs will eat.
241298241298B0029NIX6EA1NMLNH40B9XM9Angie0041318291200Great for a Picky EaterMy mom's beautiful Sheltie was a very picky eater at the end of her life. For quite some time, the only thing we could get her to eat was Cesar Gourmet Filets. What a blessing it was to be able to buy it in bulk from Amazon!!
241299241299B0029NIX6EAC45KFWE74RRTeducyv0051315094400Just deliciousThe item is easy to open and serve. My dogs enjoy the food and are doing very well. I will be trying the chicken flavor next.
241300241300B0029NIX6EA2KWT6O18LED1AMaryooch0051313712000CesarGenuine Cesar dog food at a great price. They pack them great. They look fresh and you can't find them at a better price anywhere.
241301241301B0029NIX6EA38BKEVPEU4DF4Brenda Diehl0051282262400Cesar Canine Cuisine Gourmet Filets in Sauce Braised Chicken and Garden VegetablesMy dogs favorite flavor. No retail stores seem to carry it, anymore. She is so happy to have her favorite food delivered on a regular basis!
241304241304B0029NIX6EAO2Z6SCI5TDBJS. E. Fanning0051210291200My best frieds love Cesar!I have four small-to medium size best canine friends. They absolutely adore Cesar and turn their noses up at anything else. I am especially grateful to Cesar in one respect. A year ago, we rescued an elderly Pom who had been fed nothing but table scraps which meant her teeth were ruined. It took a while to get her to eat actual dog food. She licks the dish clean now, thanks to Cesar!
241305241305B0029NIX6EA1P6O51R22CJIOMarcia K. Nelson "Marce Nelson"0051178928000Great dog food and EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!!The Cesar Filet Mignon is a terrific dog food either by itself for small dogs or an extra added treat mixed in with food for the larger dog. My two Shih Tzus won't eat anything else and my two Silky Terriers loce it mixed in with their Pedigree Lean Liver and Beef. Cesar Filet Mignon is truly a GREAT dog food!!!
241306241306B003LPZT84A7QLUVAWPL0J9Lady Action Fan2241312243200Scoop Away Wins at ClumpingA few months ago, I decided to do my own independent testing of major clumping litters in search of one that would work best for my cats.

2 cats
4 litter boxes
1 month with daily scooping.

Products tested (avg 20lbs per litter box):
Tidy Cats Power Blend
Tidy Cats Instant Action
Arm and Hammer Super Scoop, Fresh Clean Scent
Scoop Away Fresh Scent

Scoop Away won hands down at clumping even after a month. Where the others would eventually start to break apart into small pieces, Scoop Away, as the box describes, "clumps tight" and rarely did so. However, it loses a point for being dusty out of the box and its obnoxious perfumey smell. I could always tell when one of my cats had been to the little box. The perfume would waft behind them. Though, I suppose that was better than the alternative.

Tidy Cats, my staple for years, had the least obtrusive odor and was the least dusty from the start. However it, never clumped as tightly as the others. After about a week and a half, the resulting clumps broke apart easily. The Power Blend (aka Premium Scoop) was a huge disappointment. It didn't perform anywhere near as well as the Instant Action (aka plain old Scoop). Its clumps started to break apart within days. Although not a part of this test, I've noticed in the past that Tidy Cats Small Spaces, another "Premium Scoop" also never performed as well the regular scoop.

Arm & Hammer clumped well, but was perfumey and very dusty the entire time.

Cats' opinion:
None. They didn't seem to favor one over the other.
241307241307B003LPZT84A1RMUKHUTO1DIKChip Green0011327968000Hernia Inducing Cat LitterI used Fresh Step and Scoop Away cat litters for many years and was quick to tell any of my cat owner friends that they were the best "bang for the buck" litters. They clumped hard, making the chore of cleaning the cat box a relatively easy one. Sometime around 6 months ago, that all changed. Now, they form a sludge in the cat box that is nearly impossible to scrape out. The amount of effort necessary to clean the box could easily induce a muscle strain or hernia for those unfortunate enough to purchase one of these litters. Both products are made by the Clorox Pet products Co. Consider yourself warned!
241308241308B001Q54R7KA1OW4C0GAT77JPAvrum "Goatherd"0021326326400Nicky Beans Kona Coffee Muai Coffee RoastersI seldom enjoy Kona coffee because it is so expensive. But it is outstanding coffee. I prefer whole beans that I grind myself just before brewing, using a burr grinder set on coarse. Then I carefully brew it using a French press with hot water between 180 and 200 deg. F. Then, after four minutes brewing, I pour a cup, add a touch of fresh cream, and I am set!

This Christmas while visiting Hawaii, my sister-in-law bought a pound to give to me. What a nice surprise! But when I ground the coffee I got a tremendous amount of chaff. It made a mess in our kitchen, blowing all over the counter and floor! Having roasted my own coffee beans at times, it appeared to me that either the chaff was not removed during roasting and processing, or the beans were not roasted properly. The taste of the Kona coffee was flat and disappointing. Buyer beware; make sure you can get it returned or replaced if you are not satisfied.
241309241309B004M5YINYAEZEAIEOUE4T2T. Dunlap0111302220800Misleading priceWARNING One one canister of tea. I buy this product all the time for about $25. I saw that the price had dropped a little to 19.99 so I quickly ordered it. I was very surprised to see that I only ordered one canister when my package arrived. My usual $25 order comes with 6 canisters in one package! My fault for being hasty, but lesson learned.
241310241310B003P9WU7EA1A90G8C2NZ74Mjlw5551305158400My doxie on Royal CaninThis is the best ever dog food. It has no chemicals, fillers, bad fats, or artificial flavors, etc. It is totally natural and healthy. It smells so good when I open the bag, I want to eat it myself. My miniature dachshund is 5.5 years old and my very close companion. Whenever I am out with him, people fall in love with him. Consequently, he has many ardent admirers so he is a happy, healthy, well adjusted hound. Everyone tells me how shiny his red coat is, how calm and well behaved he is, and how well I take care of him. He is the best spokesperson and living testimonial for Royal Canin specially formulated dog food for dachshunds.

Recently, the store was out of his Royal Canin so I bought another leading brand of dog food. For one month, that is what he ate. He showed me over and over that he didn't like it as well, but the real proof of how good the Royal Canin diet was for him became evident in that month when he didn't eat it. He became a bit dejected rather than his usual, full of life and upbeat self. Even more evident was that during this time of being off the Royal Canin, his coat and ears became dry and dull. His back coat was coarse when I stroked him. He became a little less interested in life.

Now that he is back on the Royal Canin he is better than ever. It's like he appreciates the food I give him even more. Each morning he jumps straight up high in the air in anticipation of my bringing his dish of Royal Canin to him. His red coat has returned to its rich luster and his ears are satiny soft once more. I will never feed him any other kind of dog food again.
241311241311B003P9WU7EA1WUPB03GMB7QPCrowe3351317427200Take care of your best friends!My two dachshunds have been on Iams, Blue Buffalo, and now Royal Canin. I recommend Royal Canin above all. They absolutely love this food. I buy the 10 pound bag every two months, and order with the free shipping. They ate the Iams, but I can say they really look forward to this food. Blue Buffalo gave them very runny stool, and it made my boy dachshund itch like crazy! It's $30 and it lasts me two months feeding two dachshunds. I definitely spend more money than that on food for myself, and we should take care of our friends with a high quality dog food. They're worth it!
241312241312B003P9WU7EA3PX3OAJLF9FOAN. Lehr2251330214400Good ValueI am trying to cut corners where I can and this purchase saved me about $9 overall. Those of us with pets know how hard it is to find pet food for our "babies' so when we do discover a food that is nutrious and our pet loves it we hesitate to change. Dog food has gone up in price (as everything has)so when I found my brand at Amazon I decided to give it a try. The food was fresh, arrived in two days with Prime shipping and I couldn't be happier. Saved a few dollars on the cost, no tax, and no driving. I will purchase this again.
241313241313B003P9WU7EA3756PRIE96H7JS. Jordan1151322784000Our three wieners love itWe were using the Costco house brand, as it assays well and our dogs liked it. But they were putting on pounds. A friend's vet had recommended the Royal Canin to her, and her dachshie was the shiniest, glossiest dog I've ever seen. We switched, and our dogs are now similarly shiny and beautiful. They love the food, too-- although they like the Costco stuff even more, just like teenagers like junk food.

I'd rank the Costco stuff a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10, meaning not-terrible but not great either (but a good value). The Royal Canin, by comparison, is a solid 10, if a bit pricey. Worth it, though... our dogs mean a lot to us.
241314241314B003P9WU7EA2978UNVY3VY9EB-Dawg's Dad1151314144000Best.Dog food.EverI had always fed my dachshund high quality food, but if I didn't buy the weight-control formula, he would pack on pounds, which was not good since he has had back problems. When the pet store was out of my normal food, I bought this thinking "hey, if it's more expensive it must be good." He had never been a huge eater, but he attacked this food. Loves it. And the weight dropped off him and he looks great. My vet verified that this was very good food (if I wanted to pay for it). He (and my new dachshund) have been on the food for months, and have never been healthier. I completely trust this food, and it's all I will buy them now. Amazon has the best price I've seen and with free shipping saves me a monthly trip to the pet store.
241315241315B003P9WU7EA2LJNSBUICNL4YG. Vaughan1151298246400Fantastic dog foodMy dachshund is a rescue who was beaten and neglected by a puppy mill for 5-6 years. He's got a huge scar on his head where they burned him and when I got him, he had an issue in his blood work that indicated he had some liver issues that were minor. Also, his coat was rather rough in that his fur was not soft at all. Within 2 months of feeding him this food, his fur cleared up. Now after 3 years of feeding him this food, his liver indications in blood work are gone. It's by far the best dog food out there for dachshunds.
241316241316B003P9WU7EA1HFMURXNI6MCNjljewell0051350518400Best for the bestMy "royal" minature dachshund deserves the best but it gets expensive. Now I can not only give her what she deserves, your pricing and free shipping make it so easy.
241317241317B003P9WU7EA328BQ8KMC3AOYenglishcream0051347753600Did you say "FREE" delivery? itI have healthy dachshunds and I save a little too. Royal Canin and amazon have been good to me and my two mini longhairs.
241318241318B003P9WU7EA28PCZZT16GJHJDriven "Ernest Martel"0051346630400Dog loves it and is thriving...Good for the dog and he likes it. Fit and trim and happy at 12 years old.
Good convenience working with Amazon. Will keep buying.
241319241319B003P9WU7EA1BXHBG13FS3UPbuyerroy0031346371200Kaiser"s foodMy dog loves the food, but the amount you prescibed has caused him to gain extra weigth.
So as a result, I am feeding him only a third of what you list for age and size.
Do you have any thoughts that might help me?
241320241320B003P9WU7EA18TPPUY3UY777CCNYC0051346025600Doxies love this!My 2 year old dachshund loves this food! Normally a little fussy with dry food, he actually begs for more of this and cleans his dish! I feel good knowing that lots of dachshund health concerns are being addressed with this food( joint care, weight gain etc.) and the fact that he looks forward to his meal everyday is a great added bonus! Very happy with this product :)

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