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241351241351B000MNWYZEA1EXF80Z6PQFKOI buy on www lots "Chicago Suburbs"5541257120000Love the Mini-Mooos, but...Truth is, the LoL Mini-Moo's are everything they are promised. I can't take my coffee w/o cream, that being real cream half-and-half. That flavored liquid stuff and powered stuf just doesn't cut it... so these are the PERFECT ticket when you don't hav a place to refrigerate the store-bought stuff. The only reason it didn't get more stars is the indicated "Shelf-life" date. It's like 2 months after purchase. With the UHT method and no refrige-needed, I cannot understand why this isn't more shelf-stable longer?? I plan on keeping it in a sporadically used kitchenette, an ofice setting is perfect, so I hope it lasts longer than the 2 months. I wish Lo'L would include some printed information regarding why the short life in the package, but alas, nothing.
Otherwise, good stuff!
241352241352B000MNWYZEA1QEWRLLVZVJHJBrian Skinn "Dr. Skinn"2251237334400Great option for cup-a-day coffee drinkersIf you like brewing your own coffee & adding cream, but drink little enough that those pints of half & half go bad in the fridge well before you've used them up, this is a great alternative. They do a fine job creaming coffee, are real dairy (with only a couple relatively innocuous additives), and keep well for a few months.
241353241353B000MNWYZEA2Q1LD3KQJGKECE. Englestein2251235865600excellent productvery easy to use, tastes good in coffee, and nice that doesn't need
241354241354B000MNWYZEA12F2Y4MOWB2SFdvdmom "dvdmom"1151329696000Great Seller! Great product--fresh, handy and top qualityThe creamers arrived perfectly packaged, with an expiration date well into the future to allow for long-term usage of these very handy individual creamers!! I recommend purchasing from this seller; other sellers I've experienced via Amazon selling these creamers were not as responsive as this seller and had a short-fuse expiration so I ended up throwing away most of what I ordered. I intend to order this product again from the same seller!!! Recommend this seller and product highly!
241355241355B000MNWYZEA1HB4ODUKD8GYSBabs1151303257600Land O' Lakes Half n Half CreamersThese creamers are the perfect solution to have at work in your desk so you don't have to use that horrible powdered stuff that the office provides.
241356241356B000MNWYZEA4NDPLD8IONRKcoffeedrinker1151296950400No refrigeration neededGlad I purchased this creamer. I have a coffee station in my bedroom, but no refrigerator. This product does not need to be refrigerated so it works for me.
241357241357B000MNWYZEAOKLZTBM44VDHVishal1151288656000Love it!I think the product is great and I use it everyday. The packaging and the ease of use is amazing. I use to get the big packages from grocery stores but always wasted it as it expired within a week of opening, If you are a big coffee drinker then this probably isnt good economically but I am once a day coffee drinker and it works for me perfectly.
241358241358B000MNWYZEA3T5YAZB06FE9IJean M. Bennett1151288310400UsefulGreat to have on my pantry shelf through the winter. In the event of snow or inclement winter weather when I get out to get milk, I still have cream for my coffee!
241359241359B000MNWYZEA3S9MENGH21PNLBarbara Hay3411316044800Mini MoosThe product arrived several days after the date I had been told it would arrive. The outer packing box was damaged. The inner box, the Mini Moos box looked as though it had been opened and taped back shut with clear packing tape. When looking in the box, it was obvious that several of the Mini Moos has had been opened, or broke in transit as the inside of the box was sticky and rather messy. The count on the box read 188 but in reality there were only 160 and that was including the empty containers. While checking it out, we also discovered the sell by date was more than three months ago.he inner box with the product looked as though it had been opened, the sell by date had already passed and many of the Mini Moos had either been opened or broke open in transit and spilled all over the box. Although we like Land-o-Lakes products this was a disappointing mess.
241360241360B000MNWYZEA373DEIH9BXSNZFernando0031341187200NiceJust be careful because it's a heavy box! I bought it as a gift and had to travel by plane with it.
241361241361B000MNWYZEA59VMPY3X9T1Kszymandr0031334275200Not .5 oz container / Product Description is misleadingI purchased this product from this specific supplier thinking that based upon the product description "Mini Moo's Half and Half, .5 oz, 192/Carton" they were the larger creamer containers, hence better value. Turns out they are the standard 9/32 fluid oz containers and not a larger .5 oz container, so while the product is fine the description is wrong and misleading.
241362241362B000MNWYZEA1DIQAZ1TQFFK1Sando E. Cosenza1711313280000WhenI have not received this item -- it has been some time since it was ordered
and PAID FOR -- I will expect to have my money returned and if it is not,
the Better Business Bureau will receive a letter from me.
Also, remove my name from your list.
A very unhappy customer.
Sando Cosenza
241363241363B0044WPDPWA3V61EC8HD02KLGrace6181121290038400Ok pancakes, but not very "pumpkiny"I was excited to find pumpkin pancake mix online, and promptly ordered this four pack from Village Mixes. For pancakes, they're fine, not too different than your standard Bisquik pancakes. The chocolate chips are present in the perfect quantity, not too few, not too many, and they taste good. However, the mix is really lacking in the pumpkin flavor its advertised as. In fact, if the box didn't have a sticker on it that said pumpkin, I would have figured it was just plain. Also, there is no nutritional information for the pumpkin blend on the box (just for other types, like plain, blueberry, etc.). In all honesty, I will stick with Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix from now on. Its cheaper, and actually has pumpkin flavor. If you're looking for just regular pancakes (not pumpkin flavor), go ahead and order this.
241364241364B0044WPDPWA3VLIV4077NT53Maryelizabeth Ennis0051322611200mmm, mmm, goodI sent this in a "care package" to my daughters overseas. They LOVED it! Nice being able to send a little bit of home to loved ones far away.
241365241365B0044WPDPWA1PT9RXIBII5NEJennifer0051290556800Nancy makes a great pancake!Nancy sure makes a good pancake mix. They are a great way to start the day and they make a perfect hostess gift as well.
241366241366B0044WPDPWA40Q3V3R807WLMike0051290470400DeliciousI was introduced to the village mixes brand a few years ago. A friend brought some brownies to a party and everyone went crazy over them. The Pancakes and Apple Crisp mixes are great too.
241367241367B0044WPDPWAS40IKNJHA8O2monty0051289952000Village Mixes are the bestI've been buying Village Mixes for years. They are the best ....easy and delicious. It's great we can now buy them on Amazon.
241368241368B00286736IAS22W0IFMHT0PDiane Ireland "Diane"1151312156800I can't believe they discontinued this!!!!This muffin mix was a miracle maker - it made ME into a baker. My teenage sons raved about them (they were amazing!) Now I can't find the mix anywhere. BJ's says Betty Crocker has discontiued them. I'm SO DISTRESSED!!!!
241369241369B00286736IAXD0B4TNY0RKVsonseekers7771151306281600CINNABON HOMEMADEAMAZING! I am a baker and am always looking for easy ways to please the family with something sweet. We love the big honking cinnamon buns with tons of goo in the mall which can get a little messy when you are dressed up. These buns from the mix are like having all the sweet goodness but from the comfort of home in your jammies! So easy and so very delicious!!!
241370241370B00286736IA2XK9AXQWINZ4QLeanna Smith1151276387200finally found themI love these. My grandchildren love them. I can't find them anymore. I'm so very happy to have them again.
241371241371B001IZM5UYA35F0AG65N41TMJane1151272844800It's perfect for chicken!We bake a lot and use different spices. This combination is perfect for baked chicken. Once we tried, we were hooked. It definetly helps that it's organic and contains sea salt.
241372241372B001IZM5UYA338QXPD9Q64RWGeorge S. Pabis0051318032000Excellent with fish.Nothing like it on the market. The taste is superb. The best herbs at an affordable price. This brand has never disappointed us.
241373241373B000S690A2A3LART1Q4VFC2Fgellerfan "gell3334"6851233187200healthy eatsOsem Israeli Couscous is a wonderful, large grain couscous and makes a delicious accompaniment to any meal, as an alternative to pastas and potatoes; easy to make (8-10 min.) one box is suitable for 4 servings and buying online in bulk offers quite a savings for this (often) difficult to find grocery item (less than $2.00/box vs $2.39 at most stores)
a definite score via Amazon!
241374241374B000S690A2A1LKYO6EITYX5ADavid Rosenberg4651217980800Very very goodThe next time you are in Whole Foods, go to the salad bar and taste it. It is awesome
241375241375B000S690A2A1BKDNWI9L6NK8Elizabeth Boyens3551254873600Love this stuff!!I had Israeli Coucous for the first time at a restaurant and thought it was the bomb! It is not a grain, but a tiny pasta ball. It just slides in your mouth delightfully! I can't eat rice, so this is a perfect side dish for me.
I bought a package at the store, (it can also be called toasted coucous) but I didnt like the way it came out, the box called for the pasta to be browned first.
I found this brand on Amazon, and it's great. I usually cook it in chicken broth. It very inexpensive here as well.
Try it, you'll be addicted too!
241376241376B000S690A2A2LJU4I0FGVFYNInsert Pseudonym1251286496000Love this stuffI only recently started making couscous when I discovered this Israeli type. I love this stuff, it looks quite similar to acini di pepe, but has a lovely bite and texture quite different from your regular small pasta.

However, it isn't terribly nutritious having no appreciable amounts of calcium or iron, it's basically just pure carbs. But it is a good base to build a dish on. I usually end up with celery, garlic, onion/shallot/leek, fresh parsley, broccoli/cauliflower, zucchini and chicken/pork. I've even used pak choi. Pretty much any fresh veg you add will pair up great. Funnily enough, I've never actually made it plain as a side dish.

I highly recommend trying it out if you're in a rut with your regular starchy side dishes.
241377241377B000S690A2A1DE88I72JICXNPhil1251285027200The best couscousMost couscous available in grocery stores is the small grain kind that is difficult to cook - tends to lump together. This is a larger grain, easier to cook - does not clump as much, and has a great texture.
241378241378B000S690A2A1OWN5PMYESM1Lrothreview0151301443200Delicious!If you have never tried Israeli Couscous, you're in for a treat. Not really couscous, but small grains of pasta, this has a great bite to it. We use it for both chilled pasta salads, as well as a hot bed for dishes such as pot roast. If serving it warm, toast the couscous in a little olive oil--it makes all the difference. Enjoy!

So 12 boxes is a "healthy supply," but you will not find this product cheaper anywhere else.
241379241379B000S690A2A30Y6933LWCQTHDragon Slayer1421286755200Wheat GlutenIt's basically small, sticky balls of wheat gluten. Tasteless. There are much better couscous available.
241380241380B000S690A2A1A48BDQJXZA6PBarb Dwyer41211289260800Buy this and support the Israeli occupation of Palestine? No, Thanks!I bought this product at Fred Meyer some months ago because it looked interesting. It was not. I was really disappointed in the cooked result. Worse than that, I now find out that the company that makes it is directly benefiting from the Occupation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli armed forces and radical fundamentalists. So for at least 2 reasons, I won't buy it again.

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