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241411241411B006CGZTVGA3VRFX0KSE2CH4billmelater "billmelater"0051325980800Sweet and crispOrdered this at an Italian restaurant to go with some chicken spiedini Oscar (seafood and alfredo). I love a good Riesling, but it is sometimes hard to find at a restaurant. This wine was crisp and slightly sweet, a great companion to the shrimp and scallops that topped my chicken. Served nicely chilled, I feel this wine would go nicely with many light to medium dishes. I highly recommend, and will be purchasing a case for my own wine cellar.
241412241412B004HFRM6OA1HTAKN4TZ8HAPpink.peroxide3351338854400My cat LOVES this product!My cat eats 2.75 ounces of this food every night as part of her weight loss plan. (In the morning, she eats 1/3 cup of this same brand and type but in the dry formula.) She loves this food, and she has been losing half a pound a month while eating it! She's also staying hydrated, which is the main reason why she was switched over to a half dry/half wet diet. I am super pleased with this product. I just hope Amazon can keep it in stock because it's not very easy for me to find it where I live, and I'm not even in a small town.
241413241413B004HFRM6OA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva1151348358400Cats doing very well on this foodMy cats have eaten Natural Balance dry since they've been kittens and of all the foods I've tried, this is the food they enjoy the most and their health has been perfect. Shiny coats, clear eyes, no allergy problems or health problems of any kind. My only vet bills have been for annual exams and vaccinations. I've recently added Natural Balance canned to their diet and I'm happy I did. They both love the food and seem a little more satisfied than with only feeding the dry food. I feel good about feeding them a food with high quality ingredients and the reduced calorie formula is great for my cats since they're strictly indoor and one of them tends to put on a little weight on regular calorie food. I'd recommend this food to anyone who wants to give their cats the best food for their health.
241414241414B004HFRM6OA358SPI9FRKT7GThe "Cruzarina"1151337040000My cats love this cat food!!I took my two cats to the vet and the vet told me they both had to go on a diet. I looked for diet canned cat food at Petco but they did not have any. I found natural balance on amazon and decided to buy it. My cats love it!! I am so thrilled. Since I shop on amazon all the time I can buy this low calorie, nutritious food for my kitties with my points!! It doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!!!
241415241415B004HFRM6OAV41E7QROHM94wendiful3451314662400great!My cats love this food and it has the benefit of being lower calorie. It is all natural which is great and high quality. Pets have such short lives and they deserve the best. I now feed my cats only Natural Balence products. There is one time that a friend brought over some extra canned food she had. It was friskies and my cats would not touch it. They would have liked it before but even cats know the difference between high and low quality foods.
241416241416B004HFRM6OA1Q8GYCJ71223KChrisK0051347580800High quality and great tasting low calorie cat foodThis is a wonderful reduced calorie canned cat food. It is made with the highest quality natural ingredients and is especially good for cats who have sensitive stomachs, like my cat. Even though this is low calorie, my cat gobbles it up and loves it! I am not sure if he has lost any weight yet, though.
241417241417B00126GCJOA2NWB878GUICRJAlden0051327622400Great steaksWe found the steaks to be great grilled over oak. Would recommend as a gift to those that enjoy a good steak.
241418241418B005LURBFQA2R8FGAGAL1Y0TBrad & Lynn H.2251338076800Best Peach Tea on the MarketLove this stuff...been buying it for years. The only peach tea mix that I have found with such great flavor but is sugar free and 98% caffeine free. It's the only thing I drink!
241419241419B000PDFS8QA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"1151203724800these are great!has a super taste to be a microwave product! these are high on my family list!
241420241420B000PDFS8QA2L52Q6EZT6CBUB. WADDEL "avid reader"0331198800000TastyIreally am enjoying these. A great size for a quick snack late at night.
241421241421B0018CG13YAFNCXMCX7VZWHJared Jongeling161631288569600Good food, but marginal qualityIf you are a farmer with lots of farm cats, this is the perfect food - and because it is primarily sold at most farm and fleet stores I think that it is meant for farm cats. The ingredient list is marginal quality though, which can be expected. Most of it is corn and grain products, with a few meat by-products here and there. Better than Iams but not by much.

I've been feeding my cat on Diamond Maintenance for 2 years without a problem but I will be switching to something with more substance soon. If you're looking for a cheap option for lots of cats, this is a good product to buy in bulk; but if you have a domestic cat you wish to keep around for awhile, I'd suggest something else.

And hey, if you're looking for a good alternative, get Chicken Soup For The Adult Cat formula. Great stuff, doesn't cost a lot, and is much better than the regular Diamond food.
241422241422B0018CG13YA22IE6H9EIFVA1Donna G. Gardner "Professional Mom"5551323302400Thankful for finding this cat food!We switched over to this cat food a couple of months ago and my cats are very happy and healthy. We have 2 indoor cats, 1 indoor/outdoor cat and feed 2 outdoor neighborhood cats, and they are all getting this cat food. We were spending twice this amount on our indoor cats and feeding the outdoor neighborhood cats meow mix (we also have racoons dipping into the supply) but at this price we can eliminate storing 2 separate large bags of cat food and feed them all the same.

The indoor cats love this food, plus they have stopped vomiting on the floor. The cat box does not have a foul smell, either. Our cats range from 8 lbs. to 25 lbs., and they all seem to be thriving. Our extra small, elderly female has no problem with the kibble size and neither does our 25 lb extra large, slightly handicapped male (he had trauma to his head as a kitten - causing him to loose an eye, partial sinus and has had some mouth repair. We do not know what happened to him, he had been operated on prior to our adopting him from our local animal rescue.)

So, in my opinion, this food covers the entire scope of kitties' and their needs. We are very thankful for finding this food :)
241423241423B0018CG13YA1124UI45H6SFCrussianbluecat5541289088000Good food, but...I thought this is a pretty good food, and a great value for the money. As the previous review stated, it contains a bit too much grains and byproducts.
I was really surprised by the kibble size. It's too big! I thought first I received dog food by mistake; re-read the label - no, that's cat food. Wow, way too large for my cats' little mouths. They seem to have fun with it, though - crunching on the pieces (good teeth cleaner at the same time?).

However, as two of my cats can be considered seniors, I will have to switch to a different food, something with smaller bits, to make it easier for them.
241424241424B0018CG13YA2YOUUP81OIG6UAmy Wunsh3341323475200Great buy!This is the best cat food for my feral cats! The 40 lb size is a great buy, and the cat food is good for them! you really can't beat the price for decent food for feeding a lot of cats!
241425241425B0018CG13YA1OXZQV8KLZRYQtruckerdan3321307836800disappointingThere's an old saying that a bargain is not a bargain if there is no use for the item. While the price of this made it seem a very attractive
241426241426B0018CG13YA3XAQ8QCOOYDYSnowbell3311290902400Cat's UnhappyI bought this cat food at Tractor Supply. My cats hate this food. They won't eat it.
It is so hard my cat's have a hard time trying to eat it. My cats are very unhappy with this food. I would not buy again.
241427241427B0018CG13YA239IN9RW930IAkristixs2241332806400Mid-Grade Cat Food Product for a Great PriceThis product has better grade materials used to create it than other "general feed" brands such as Fri$kies, Me0w M!x, Pur1na, etc because they are essentially just a bunch of fillers, this has at least some chicken meal as the main ingredient setting it far above them in quality. At a price of 30 for 40LB its less than a dollar pound, and the cheapest food prices i have seen are around 60 - 75 cents per lb so its a great price considering its quality. You can use this as a filler mixed in with better brands if your cats dont get snobby and refuse to eat the cheaper stuff when better food is in the bowl with it. Diamond makes another version, Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Cats, Active Cat Chicken and Rice Formula, 18 Pound Bag which is a premium type and much healthier. This mixes well 60/40 with it so i dont spend a fortune and they get very healthy meals. My cats like this just as much as the premium. I have a public wish list of other brands of healthy premium food here on amazon at good prices (around 1.50 - 2.00 lb)if anyone is interested. Hope this helps all your kitties!
241428241428B0018CG13YA1I3GV9U0YYSNONoah Roads2251320796800ExcellentI have 4 cats and was spending an amazing amount of money shopping for them at Petsmarts and Petcos locally. I wish I would have discovered this food earlier. This 40lb bag lasts us nearly 2 months! If you order it new from Amazon you don't even have to worry about the shipping, it's free (and for something that weighs 40lbs that's a good thing!)

The ingredients aren't that great but at least it's not Corn or grains as the first it's passable. I mix the dry food with higher quality canned food to give them that extra boost of protein and flavor since my cats tend to get bored of the same food over and over. I find if I mix it with different flavors of canned food they NEVER get tired of it (it can even be a small can, nothing fancy if you can't afford the high quality stuff).

The kibble is large in size but I actually prefer it that way..when the cats come in from a long day outside they are ravenous and the large size of the kibble helps them slow down and actually break it apart..I have never seen them throw up a hairball from this food like they used to from other dry foods and that is saying A LOT! I got so used to wet messes on the floor and now there are none! Add in the the wet food from time and time (not daily) and the kibble becomes easier to eat for them. It keeps their teeth very clean in it's pure form though.

All in all I have ordered this bag 3 times now this year since I discovered it and it's saved me a lot of money and a lot of time and my cats are not overweight or lacking in any way. No allergies, shiny coats and full of energy..I simply can't find a reason to complain.
241429241429B0018CG13YA2VUNJQ13I4YR2Katie Bee "Katie Bee"1131307404800MediocreThis cat food is adequate and nothing more. It will feed your cat. My cat does not like it and I am stuck with a big bag. This is a bargain brand, and gets the job done.
241430241430B0018CG13YA1NE6UH14FP26AN. Perez1151239840000Good cat food and very inexpensive!!This is good cat food, and it came out even less expensive than Iams with the shipping included.
241431241431B0018CG13YA22J92A80WI059curl girl0041343865600Basic StuffMy cats have eaten this for the last year without incident. Their most recent visit to the vet reaffirmed that my 2-year olds are doing fine on this.
241432241432B0018CG13YA3INCTNTF66OLVchris0051335744000Good cat food for a good priceThis cat food isn't the highest quality, but it is definitely not the worst. It's far better than any of the Purina cat chows available, all of which are offered at a similar price per pound. For the price, this is the best cat food on the market, and you can't beat free shipping!
241433241433B0018CG13YA32GVQ5IDGDUOXMorgeanna "M"0051330905600Happy catsMy 3 cats like the small kibble size and must enjoy the flavor as they pick aroun their old food mixed in to get to this one. I've noticed their fur seems shinier and softer.
241434241434B0018CG13YA1XPEERXNUFOFMKaren Russell0051329004800Great Value!I had been using this cat food for several months. I had rescued a cat looking awfully skinny and dehydrated and as she began to fatten a little she quickly showed signs of pregnancy. She gave birth a few weeks late to 6 kittens and I still have them all. They have been fed nothing but Diamond once weaned and have beautiful coats and are very healthy and bouncy. So thankful for Diamond.
241435241435B0018CG13YAJHMWZKXEVVMCP. Keosheyan "Live to Read"0051327622400Good Product for Special Diet CatsWith a cat that had to have a special diet housed with 3 other cats that did not, this product worked out perfectly. They all like it so I could keep feeding free choice as I had done before. All showed improvement as well but especially the cat that required it. Excellent size for my feeding demands. I am getting ready to order again.
241436241436B0018CG13YA8INT3NMHRUS4Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom"0051311120000Upgraded from the smaller sized bagI tried this out with I believe the six pound bag (or close to that size) and my cats loved it. Upgraded to the 20lb bag and still very satisfied. Gave my kitties meow mix in between purchases and they snubbed it. Better keep stocked up on this!
241437241437B0018CG13YA3BHSK3S3FS88DKaren0051299888000cat foodgreat bargain, cats love it, ad do well on it and normally I have problems with them upchucking after eating, they have not with this, yet. the kibble is a bit large but I soak it in water anyhow, so it is just fine. K Campbell
241438241438B000W5P0E4A126O8KD5XZTLRL. Stallings "Stallings"0041199836800Mostly great food!I have a Westie and she is very fussy about her food. The Instinct products have been the only food that she will consistently eat. My only negative comment about the duck and turkey dry food is that it is made of larger pellets than the dry chicken formula and for some reason it tends to constipate her. She has never had any problems with the chicken variety. I feed her the dry food in the morning and the canned version of chicken or duck at night. She really enjoys having the freeze-dried chicken and turkey sprinkled over her food. This is especially helpful to entice her to eat, but it is expensive.
241439241439B00126GCJEA2NWB878GUICRJAlden0051327622400Great steaksWe found the steaks to be great grilled over oak. Would recommend as a gift to those that enjoy a good steak.
241440241440B0011BJHZQAEL8SXIP0GNYUScott2251253577600Excellent on Tuna and ShrimpThis is my favorite of the Love With Rub spices. Spritz some shrimp with a little olive oil, sprinkle with this rub, a few minutes on the grill and . . . awesome! Also makes great seared tuna.

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