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241471241471B0001E5CJOA1COW0UIB5HA9JJohn Lindsey "John"0041188172800Enjoyable Sci-fi horror shocker!Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard) is a lonely and misunderstood nerd at a Military school and is constantly picked on everyday by the local bullies. One day he is searching down in the cellar of the chapel and discovers some ancient material on dark magic and uses a personal computer for the powers of evil, he will soon get his revenge with the powers of hell.

Entertaining and gory Sci-fi horror thriller that plays as a cross between "War Games" and "The Omen" is a very interesting movie that combines genres together. It does have an original idea about technology and the occult and the acting isn't bad at all, there is R.G. Armstrong from "Children of the Corn" co-stars in it and there are scenes of graphic violence and gore especially all restored in this DVD version which was originally cut out to avoid an "X" rating. It's good bloody and devilish fun for anyone in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft.

This DVD has a very good transfer and nice sound with a few good extras like audio commentary by the writer producer and director and Clint Howard, theatrical trailer and poster-and-still gallery.

Also recommended: "Re-Animator", "Halloween III: Season of the Witch", "Event Horizon", "Prince of Darkness", "The Exorcist", "The Omen (1976)", "Videodrome", "Suspiria", "Sleepaway Camp", "Hellraiser 1 2 3 and 4", "Ichi The Killer", "Demons 1 & 2", "Phenomena (a.k.a. Creepers)", "Inferno (1980)", "End of Days", "Bride of Re-Animator", "Deadly Friend", "Making Contact (a.k.a. Joey)", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "The Shining (1980)", "The Toxic Avenger", "Scanners", "The AntiChrist", "Maniac (1980)", "Wargames", "Spawn (1997)", "Beyond Re-Animator", "Evil Dead 2", "A Nightmare on Elm Street Series", "Friday The 13th Series", "Freddy Vs. Jason", "City of the Living Dead (a.k.a. Gates of Hell)", "House By The Cemetery", "The Untold Story", "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend", "Street Trash", "The Beyond", "The Lost Boys", "Stephen King's IT", and "Christine".
241472241472B0001E5CJOA3A81ZZ4ANLZ8GThe Critic "Movie Maniac"0041175472000ABSOLUTELY GORIFFIC !!Around the four minute mark of "Evilspeak", I definitely realized this wasn't the tame television version I remember seeing as a teenager. This is the uncut, unrated and more graphic version with plenty of gore. Anchor Bay studios have remastered "Evilspeak" to it's original 1.77:1 aspect ratio with crisp and clean dolby 2.0 sound. The video transfer is really impressive and worth the money if you're a fan of this movie. After discovering a book of the occult, Stanley begins to translate the writings on his computer and he summons a powerful and evil force to help him get his revenge. Stanley's fellow classmates and teachers at the military academy have pushed him around for to long and now they'll pay the ultimate price.

This movie does have some slow spots, but horror fans will appreciate the gore and carnage left behind as Stanley exacts his revenge on his tormentors in gruesome fashion. In my opinion, the ending in "Carrie" has nothing on this movie. This movie contains graphic violence, nudity and gore and in my opinion it isn't suitable for children. Evilspeak is a bare bones DVD release but does contain commentary with director Eric Weston and Clint Howard, plus the original theatrical trailer. Clint Howard may not be in the same league as his famous brother Ron Howard as an actor, but he's great when it comes to playing a creepy weirdo.

DVD Features:
* Widescreen presentation (1.77:1) enhanced for 16 x 9 TVs
* Audio commentary with writer, producer, director Eric Weston and star Clint Howard
* Theatrical trailer
* Poster and still gallery
241473241473B0001E5CJOARYPK3ZRXTGWBJ. Na "Fat Loser"0051107648000Near and dear to my heart,...EvilSpeak, what can I say, I feel like this film was made specifically for me. It takes place in the 80's. Its about an out of shape, nerdy, military school cadet who gets picked on mercilessly. With the help of a cheesy old Apple computer and an ancient demonic tome, he exacts gruesome, bloody revenge on his tormentors. Wow, this film should be the bible for all nerds who have ever been bullied. I, myself, was brutally harrassed in school during the early 80's and would have loved to have seen this movie for inspiration. Unfortunately, it was never available in the video stores near me. What a treat for it to be finally out on DVD, restored and uncut, with commentary by the great Mr. CLINT HOWARD!!! Clint Howard is a brilliant and talented actor who is sadly underrated. His scenes of vengeance are perfect. I mean twisted spinal columns, flesh-eating pigs, projectiles to the head, decapitations, disembowlings and nekkid women!! This is the perfect movie for dorks like me to cuddle up to on a Friday night, with an endless supply of soda and snacks. So for all you hopeless nerds like me, get this DVD, call all your comic book and action figure collecting friends and spend an unlonely weekend for once watching this movie and discussing it over popcorn, potato chips, beef jerky, ice cream and pizza. By the way, Clint Howard mentions in the commentary that he would be interested in making a sequel to EvilSpeak. We should write the studios and demand that a sequel be made. This movie is crying out for a second installment!!!
241474241474B0001E5CJOA1NZAAFZU00Z1SH. Babenko3551089936000awesome, its about time!!pretty good transfer, but its totally uncut.. wow.. the ending uncut is soley the reason to get this cool early 80's gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
241475241475B0001E5CJOA3PYT23DX4QK1TP. M. Payes1341105401600Sarge says.."Watch this film you little Co*#suckers"My God....if you call yourself a horror genre afficiado then you MUST own this.Keep it in it's proper place....early 80's with corresponding special effects and must be impressed.

And if all else fails..."I'll show you a I change a little boy into a little girl"....
241476241476B0001E5CJOA2WFYO2J3K623ZCredit examiner26111481696001 star for this release 5 for the movieThe UK version is a 2-disc set which has this exact dvd (in PAL of course) and it has a second disc with a longer version (roughly 5 minutes) its definetly a better buy
241477241477B0001E5CJOAF3ROUDTHFLXZK. M. Parham "marstunes"0331169510400evilspeak....wowI saw this movie opening day long long glad to have it on DVD for my collection..its worth 9.95 with shipping..!!
241478241478B0001E5CJOA1VZSMDKG6M3VXpriopasm "priopasm"1651101168000COOPERDICK!!!!What can I say, I just blew my wad with the title for my review.
It's been ssssoooo many years....
241479241479B0001E5CJOA3KZ5XRURPTK8AScooze61711109116800Are You Kidding Me??I just finished watching this train wreck and I had to warn anyone who's considering buying this to stay far far away. I read every review just like you're doing now, looking for something different and was fooled into thinking this film would be something special. After viewing this I was left disappointed and frustrated. I have one question for all the glowing reviewers...What the hell were you watching?? It's not quality moviemaking! The script was weak, the plot was dragged out way too long, it took 52 minutes before anyone was killed. Factor in a poor musical score and sound transfer, topped off by sub-par to mediocre acting and you have an amatuer film. As far as special effects go, just fast forward to the last 15 minutes for what little this movie this has offer. This movie reminds me of a college student film gone wrong. To put it bluntly, if this film scared you, you're a P@$$Y! If Amazon offered this for free and just charged you shipping, you paid too much. Go check out something else.
241480241480B0001E5CJOA5OD2CTWK2EBAJ. Kramer "Carpenter L..U 45"110211107584002 stars for the acting, Movie was DUMBthe acting was not bad, the very very end was pretty good , but, the rest of the movie sucked and was pretty boring. How these people rated it 4/5 stars i wont ever understand. This is another movie i brought and sold with in days. The idea of the story is not bad but this kid is talking to the devil through a computer. I dont know the movie just sucked , IMO atleast. What i would advise anyone to do is rent it b4 you buy it or find it used for like 6$ so if you dont like it atleast you only spent $6 instead of 15 or 20 $.
241481241481B0017T1JXKA2OTUWUSH49XINDale Ketcham "We Board Labs, Inc."0051344643200So cute and summeryI got a box of these to give out as a going away gift, a sort of party favor, after a labrador retriever boards with me and owner picks it up at end of its stay here. They come in four different colors and are so summery and perfec to hand out this time of year, August.
241482241482B003AY9D38A1MNRH0ESVNIM8Steven L. Katz "H.S Katz"0131268265600Truffle OilI enjoyed seeing the overall selection but I think it would be helpful to know the country of origin and the features that make this Truffle Oil so expensive. I would also like thoughts on where I could use truffle oil to enhance recipes and the presentation of meals.

241483241483B0018CG288A3FXDCQETR5UKOJim0051320105600Best food for good skin, energyWe feed this food to our 2 year-old border collie and 7 year-old lab. Both have improved skin and hair. They shine. They love the kibbles as treats for training, too. The only thing I'd advise is to watch the serving size. I didn't realize the potential for extra weight gained by feeding meals of this more nutritional food compared to famous so-called premium foods. You should give this a try for any active dogs that spend lots of time outdoors.
241484241484B0018CG288A3A4LY2JH5129EReal Crime Reader0051315267200best dog food for sensitive stomach and anxiety in dog!We rescued our lab at 15 months. He had major anxiety from being in several homes and no one with him all day long, as well as a super sensitive stomach. We tried at least 10 different dog foods over a number of months, easing into each one and giving it at least 10-14 days. This is the only one that works with his sensitive digestive issues!
241485241485B000BVPV5WA23163WKSGIV0MM. Jones2251171238400Pretzel TwistsThese are really good! I've used them on my diet program, and they're great--the high protein content really helps to satisfy, and they're very tasty. The serving size is just right--enough to give me a snack without overdoing it. I plan to continue using these going forward just to have on hand--they're great "calorie buys"!
241486241486B000BVPV5WA3VZCY6QRC6WENNancy Peppin "Nancy P"1151167782400delicious pretzel twistsThese little pretzels are really tasty and I think they are quite good for one....with the soy and all. I will buy them again.
241487241487B000BVPV5WAD7JJMONU8JW5Rachel A. Craig0011252195200Blah!!!If you like the taste of cardboard, you'll love these!!! Fortunately the company allowed me to exchange 11 of the 12 bags for another product.
241488241488B000EMQF94A2BQ8KGXYJ809LHomecooking and convenience food0131329264000Not worth the price!You might as well use brown gravy and add the noodles and chives or whatever spices that was in it.
241489241489B001PE1DOCAU1SCCFLJ71BSEstee "estee"192411294012800don't get itI was expecting this to be very tall and it came out to be tiiiiiiiinnny. The lids a a nuisance and keep falling off. The image was very very misleading and should have been next to a person. Would've returned it if it wasn't a gift to someone.
241490241490B001PE1DOCA1JX2Y4RVSBVHCandrear5511324598400m&m candy dispenseri have to say i was not pleased with the product apon arrival... it was not even in any type of box.. just wrapped in a bag.. the product itself had scratches on the plastic and seemed like cheap plastic... im surely not pleased with the price i payed for it
241491241491B001PE1DOCA22ODKZ09O8NRIKaren Meister4411329350400Too small for peanut m&m'sThis dispenser is too small for peanut m&m's. Even the peanut butter m&m's won't come out. There also is not enough room to fit your hand between the dispenser and the tray, so you have to scoop them out of the tray.
241492241492B001PE1DOCA1C30R73RN83UCKevin Atwell0151335916800aawesomeIf only I could keep the kids out of it for 1 sec... The item was a little smaller than I expected...
241493241493B001B2SRF6A11XAIFA10G7TSHolly K "Book addict"0051322870400Great tea, not too mintyI enjoy a pot of tea, especially during the colder fall and winter months. I usually make a pot in the evening after dinner and as I have gotten older, it is becoming more and more important that the tea is decaffinated. With this red tea, I don't have to worry about staying awake all night and the taste is wonderful. I like red teas but most of the ones I have come across are mixed with things other than mint. Since I also enjoy mint tea, the combination is a nice alternative for me. I like the taste a lot -- just ordered another tin of it.

The product description touts this for digestive health which is only an added bonus since I am primarily drinking it for the flavor and the lack of caffeine.

A wonderful, great-tasting tea which as become a staple in my kitchen.
241494241494B001B2SRF6AE8QCP85EQST2SaltBagel "Courtney"0051302480000This tea is delicious!!!I cannot comment yet on how much relief this tea gives an off system BUT I can attest that it is delicious and the flavors work together well! I will update when more than flavor is put to the test, but if you are looking for a caffeine free tea with such flavors as mint and anise, this one is fantastic!
241495241495B000KEJMRIA393F381MA82AYMacro chef212451220313600as expectedThis works great if you soak the pearls in whatever liquid you are planning to cook them with. Don't drain, just cook after soaking for about a 1/2 hour. I've only made vegan tapioca pudding and it always turns out great. I use variations of a recipe from Sweet and Natural, by McCarty, which is a great cookbook without refined sugar/refined flour and vegan.
241496241496B000KEJMRIA3IE2YYKQSG4JOJulie Wright131451293840000great stuff!I know tapioca is sooo old fashioned, but when made with the real pearl kind, and much less sugar than suggested in any recipe...and maybe some coconut flakes & vanilla & almond flavoring - really good. Or make it & pour (preferably homemade)caramel on the top before will come out something like Flan.
241497241497B000KEJMRIAIZKHI4FS7RKSChris G111251257033600Fantastic product, excellent price!This is a fantastic product
241498241498B000KEJMRIA3O944H738AORVMichael P. Hughes "brotherbruno"7751315612800WOW, BUY THIS!!!!!I have never cooked tapioca, never in my life. I have never made a merangue. But I was tired of paying almost $5 for a small tub of pre-made, store bought tapioca so I thought I would try this because of the reviews from others.

I cannot properly explain how this product has changed my life. Instead of buying the tapioca in the store (the pre-made stuff - tasted okay, or so I thought before I cooked Bob's Red Mill Tapioca from scratch! At first I wasn't thrilled at having to buy eggs, 2% milk, and vanilla extract in order to make this. And when I tried to make the meringue that this recipe calls for I messed up the first batch because I tried making it in an old plastic bowl. So I went online and learned the proper way of making a merangue (since I don't have a metal or glass mixing bowl, I ended up using a 2 quart non-stick pan - it worked great!). Once I mastered the technique of whipping up the egg whites and making a merangue, I was set!

I have made 4 batches of this tapioca so far and just cannot tell you how GREAT it is. So light and fluffy and it is made fresh, out of good, healthy, natural ingredients. I am absolutely thrilled with this product. I was so proud of myself learning how to do this that I left a large bowl of it for some friends from church - they love it, too!!!!

I ordered this through the "subscribe and save" option. This lowered the price and I get free shipping! This makes the cost of tapioca almost free compared to the stuff I bought at the store. Like I said before, I have made 4 batches of this so far and I seems as though the bag is still as full as when I opened it - this stuff is going to last forever! I like it so much I am going to order a bunch of this to give as Christmas presents and I can't wait to try variations on the basic recipe.

If you like tapioca pudding, I HIGHLY recommend buying this product. After you make a batch or two is becomes really easy, even if you have no experience cooking like this - like me (I actually enjoy whipping the eggs whites by hand to make the merangue - who knew?!). Get this product and order it through the 'subscribe and save" option, you can't go wrong!!!
241499241499B000KEJMRIA2EBTHOPLWJA5BKatydid8951269129600Great to be able to buy it!This product is hard to find in the local stores. I cook it according to the directions on the back of the bag and it cooks up perfectly every time. It requires 30 minutes to pre-soak. It comes in four non-resealable bags inside a sturdy "display" type box.
241500241500B000KEJMRIA126OUVX3EXAJWD. P. Swindler121551255996800Small pearl tapioca is getting really hard to find in the stores!I've loved tapioca pudding since childhood, and really don't understand folks who turn their noses up to it! This is the deal I got at Amazon. It takes $25 to get free shipping. If I had ordered only 1 case it would have cost $20, with shipping. I bought 2 cases for $26 total, because of the free shipping! Granted, that's a bunch of tapioca, but you have to refrigerate or freeze it anyway, so I stuck it in the freezer, safe and sound. I'll also share a few packs with family & friends, of course. I searched several grocery stores around town, and could only find that nasty 'minute' tapioca. Get the real deal.

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