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241541241541B001G8W7YCA14DWCKSPK52CQAnthony Sclafani "scla0002"01011294358400Contains Splenda/SucraloseI don't use artificial sweeteners because of the free google documentary "Aspartame: Sweet Misery A Poisoned World." This product has sugar and Splenda/Sucralose for some reason. The documentary had enough scientific evidence to convince me never to use artificial sweeteners. Donald Rumsfeld - yes that Donald Rumsfeld - was the head of the company that hid the horrifyingly negative studies concerning artificial sweeteners when artificial sweeteners were approved by the FDA. The FDA officer in charge of the case later went on to work for the law firm used by Donald Rumsfeld's company and the head of the FDA at the time went on to work directly for Donald Rumsfeld's company, I believe. See the documentary. It's free. Just google it and make sure it's the 90 minute version.
241542241542B001G8W7YCA1CALKZFD2BW2DBrenda L. Hewitt32011265673600I'm ticked offMy husband loves this gum and I'd like to order it but for some unknown reason, Amazon thinks it is a grocery item that cannot be shipped to Alaska, the 49th state of the US. What could possibly be considered too fragile about gum to send? I don't think it can get bruised or frozen. Matter of fact it is warmer here than 40% of the US right now. I'm not happy.
241543241543B001G8W7YCA23G4NG8C3QIYPVictor Tanny22111246147200How many pieces of gum?How many INDIVIDUAL PIECES of gum do you get in this order of Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum, Spearmint, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)? This listing does not tell you exactly how much of the product you are buying.
241544241544B004OW5G0EA165NJ2V0W7NTKVictoria Harvey0041330300800great sour picklesThese pickles are like the sour pickles I ate 50 years ago but can no longer find in stores. Everything is now pickled in vinegar and seasoned with dill. The label on these pickles say they have vinegar in them but they taste like acetic acid which means they are likely "krauted" in brine, the old way. The only negative is that they come in a can and need to be transferred to another container for the refrigerator. Also, a few pickles at the top of the can were a little mushy. If you like real sour pickles without dill, you will like these.
241531241531B001G8W7YCA2IGZFJN7N5NH9T. L. Hoopes0051325980800Gotta have my Jolt!I'm not a coffee guy or a fan or energy drinks. So, Jolt gum is perfect for me. I'm a long distance runner and workout 4 - 6 day a week. When I'm feeling tired after work, 2 pieces of Jolt gum get me going with out any type of 'rush' or after effects. It's also great on long drives, or at work, when I start to get that 'run down' feeling.' I am very happy with the product, its price and quick delivery to my home.
241532241532B001G8W7YCA3MVKPAWAVSNJUpeaches0051320451200Energy GumJolt is my favorite gum. It gives me that little kick I seem to need about mid morning or early afternoon. It tastes really good. Amazon did a great job as usual in delivering, and my product was packed very well. Thanks Amazon.
241545241545B000YPMKY0A2KCD2PFUDXPPXSuseshopper0031305072000Not tasty like other whole grain blendsThis is undoubtedly a nutritious rice. No matter how I "doctor" this rice, I really don't care for the taste. I bought it because I really enjoy the other whole grain blends. I like most other Rice a Roni brands. Please check out the ingredients before you purchase. It is an odd mixture for my taste buds. It is not a "classical" test at all.Nor is it representative of any chicken and herb I have tried.
241546241546B000YPMKY0AKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena0051254182400The beginning of a great meal...Rica A Roni Whole Grain Blends are budget-friendly and have the potential for turning leftovers into a dining experience! I use it as a side dish, but I especially like to use it as a base for a great stir-fry, adding in browned onion, mixed vegetables, water chestnuts, sliced almonds, diced cooked chicken, or whatever seems appetizing at the moment.

It's really great stuff, and you can't go wrong adding some extra whole grain to your diet! You've got to try it.
241533241533B001G8W7YCA2WQW7BD2HTSRMExample: Mark Twain0051310256000You should buy this gumThanks to Bloom for tracking down the 40 mg caffeine per piece!

I need my morning caffeine, but coffee upsets my stomach and tea requires drinking too much volume. So I wanted to try energy gum, did a little market survey of energy gums and picked this one based on low cost. As an added bonus, it tastes fairly good.

After completely making the switch away from coffee, I've discovered an added benefit. Once you get calibrated as to how many pieces of gum you need every morning, it takes only ten seconds to pop them in your mouth and go about your morning routine while you chew. This made me realize how much time I wasted every morning preparing and drinking coffee or tea. After fifteen minutes of chewing, the gum is done and you can spit it out.

I got an Amazon "subscription" so that they send me one shipment (2 boxes with 144 pieces each) per month. That's very slightly more than I chew, which is perfect. If energy gum is something that you're going to consume on a daily basis then price becomes important in selecting the brand and vendor.
241547241547B001MKGOQ6A1K0C5V9J91G7Yoafssister0051340150400Husband loved them!My husband grew up on these licorice rolls but we have been unable to find them in any of the "old fashioned" candy stores. I found these on Amazon and gifted them to him on Father's Day. I was worried - BUT - he loves them. He says they are fresh and flavorful and exactly as he remembers. He is equally glad they are individually wrapped so each one will be as fresh as the first one.
241548241548B000LR0VTWA2D7PWKNB7A85OPetur O. Jonsson2241171065600Good but overpricedThis butter is very good. Better than any American butter that I have tasted. Even so, I have had a few side-by-side taste comparisons of this butter and Danish Lurpak and I must say that I find the less expensive Lurpak even better than this one. Accordingly, I am giving this butter 4 rather than 5 stars.
241534241534B001G8W7YCAAJL02783FB7ZAndrew Wortham0041277596800Jolt gumThe price is reasonable and shippimg was very fast. The product has a good flavor and works as advertized
241549241549B005I2C364A1RUQYOVBRPJWVDavid A. Summers0051343260800Yummy!I can't say I've sampled every "animal" cookie on the market, but I've tried several, and this one stands out. If you like a cookie that tends toward the shortbread style, I think you'll love these. I've also tried the plain vanilla variety from this company, and it's very, very good as well.
241535241535B001G8W7YCAX7U39XU3WSUPStefan "the Govna"0041242000000Gum with functionAs mere gum, this isn't the best in the world. It loses flavor faster than I'd like. However, as a delivery mechanism for caffeine, this is good stuff.
241550241550B002M55OF2A21IAP9QIL7PI7Tracy Mach0041329868800Fun - and tasty too!The rocks were a little larger than pictured which was a little bit of a challenge as I was using them in shower favors. The chocolate was very tasty, very fresh. Be cautious if you're using in small favor tins - but I would highly recommend as these were very well received by our guests.
241536241536B001G8W7YCA9MRX2R3072NJFrog1211347062400BadTerrible. Flavor was bad. Tasted like chemicals. I will not purchase again. I purchased the wintergreen flavor. Also,I did not get any energy.
241537241537B001G8W7YCA2JPJPR47C46WDTim1241261699200don't buy in bulkGreat product, good concentration. However, this made me hate caffeine and now I have too much of this. Order a small package first and see how you handle it.
241551241551B000PJF7BSA2TXJF7AR8OHAEferretguy750051336435200great gumGood long lasting flavorful gum at a great price.Hard to find in my neck of the woods(Long Island).Won't kill ur teeth too!
241538241538B001G8W7YCA2ILEFMS2AIITRAustin Guy 20051221257120000Works... but not as well as energy drinks by any means!I must say I'm kinda disappointed in this gum as I was expecting the same energy spurt that the Monster drinks gave me (as it has the same amount of caffeine, allegedly). I tried to chew 4 pieces (2 supposedly gives you the same amount of caffeine as in an energy drink) and that didn't give me near the amount of energy that a monster does. You do feel a little tingle after chewing 4 pieces but it's more like the feeling you get when you eat a candy bar or drink hot chocolate. I'm guessing that the claims for containing the amount of caffeine is true, but my body isn't absorbing it optimally (If I caffeine pill it - generic caffeine pills from walmart - then I get close to the energy drink energy burst)
241552241552B000PJF7BSA957KWSFWGCRBDeborah0051310256000Trident FusionExcellent, exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. Completely satisfied with the transaction from
the delivery to the quality of the product. It was a great buying experience and I will use you in
the future. Sincerely, Deborah Pearce
241539241539B001G8W7YCA1368SY5CA0LM9Man In The Arena "Plus ça change..."0151339632000Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum ~ SpearmintAloha!
"Stay Alert" ~ 100 milligrams of caffeine: the typical amount of caffeine in two standard 'cokes'
"Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum" ~ 45 milligrams of caffeine: the typical amount in one standard 'coke'
PLUS South American Guarana and Ginseng.

Matt Gearhart of GumRunners, the makers of "Jolt Gum" said he knows U.S. troops are chewing Jolt Gum
as opposed to "Stay Alert" because of the feedback he receives from them.
While Stay Alert by Wrigley boasts a higher caffeine content, Jolt Gum has a dedicated following.
Sales of Jolt Gum topped 221,000 packs in the Army and Air Force Exchange System shops worldwide,
according to figures provided by AAFES. The gum was most popular at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan,
where nearly 4,100 packs were sold. In fact, combat exchanges accounted for eight of the 10 best-selling
locations for Jolt Gum; more than 64,000 packs were sold in war zones in one year. That's still a far cry
from sales of the preferred combat zone pick-me-up, Red Bull energy drink, which easily moves more
than 30,000 cans at contingency exchanges every week!

In war the Tiger never goes away:
In the combat zones, our enlisted soldiers live in a state of near-constant arousal with high levels of
physical, mental and emotional stress. With an Average Stress Score of 84.61 for a paltry Income of $35,580 living in
dangerous conditions with the physical risks and the ever-present threat of death
our enlisted soldiers have the dubious 'honour' of having the most stressful job of all.

The 'jolt' in "Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum" comes from three sources:
Caffeine, Ginseng and Guarana.

Panax Ginseng* is an ancient adaptogen from China with a warming effect, and is
most commonly used by middle-aged and elderly Chinese, especially in winter, for its warming boost.
But Ginseng's main health benefit is as a Qi ~ Vital Energy tonic useful in combatting weakness like
fatigue, shortness of breath and a low resistance to infections. Ginseng is also an appetite suppressant, a
potent natural stimulant, minus the jittery side effects of caffeine, and it enhances
memory and cognitive functions.

Guarana is a South American Herb that stimulates
the brain with slow-release power (but once Guarana kicks in, it works better than caffeine.).
Also Guarana doesn't interfere with the sleep process (it actually gives you
a better quality sleep over the long haul). Guarana is also non-addictive, relieves stress and
anxiety, and increases concentration. Another benefit of Guarana is that it is a diuretic,
which can help alleviate fluid retention.

Fact: "Jolt Caffeine Energy Gum" not only tastes better, it is better for you,
and believe me, it beats chewing bitter-tasting freeze-dried coffee!
Personal experience:
Awesome results for the overnight deadlines rush!
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241553241553B000PJF7BSA8NDG1AFMC8WEL. Sarich0051261180800Happy HubbyMy husband was delighted when I found his favorite gum on We only live an hour out of NYC and for some reason it is only carried in one store in our area and not on a regular basis. So we are very pleased that we can now order in bulk on Amazon.
241540241540B001G8W7YCA3BTEVWC51DT3BDennis, IL0121317686400Got the jolt, but horrible taste llingers too long.I don't normally use caffeinated products, but I read using them can increase gains at the gym. I got the jolt of energy, but the taste of the gum is bitter and artificial (as in, it tastes like your eating a chemistry set). I might have given it a higher rating had the taste not lasted so long. I had to eat a peice of cinnamon gum just to get rid of it.

Yea! Now I have a couple hundred pieces to see if my muscles notice a difference!

Stick with coffee.
241554241554B000PJF7BSA33LUVJZ98CMNKElle "jadesong86"1221257984000Overly sweet, and flavor doesn't lastThe point of this gum is to take one of the sours and one of the sweets and mix them together. Unfortunately, the sour strawberry tastes much better than the sweet, so although putting them together creates a decent flavor, I always end up throwing away the sweet pieces when chewing them one by one. Also, the flavor doesn't really last very long, and I find I can finish one box in one sitting.
241555241555B000PJF7BSA2RL79J7WD28LBPatricia Y. Webster1211218499200Expired ProductI ordered this product (4 boxes of 12) in late July of this year. When I received the items, they all had a expiration date of June 2008. How so uncaring.Trident Strawberry Fusion Gum (12 count)
241556241556B000NME7QSA2LICW01FN768KA. Wolff5551215302400Ice Breakers GumI used to be able to buy this gum in bulk at the wholesale warehouses. Since they no longer carry it, I was very glad to be able to find it on line. I love and only chew Ice Breakers brand gum. It arrived in timely manner and I was very pleased and will order from this seller again.
241557241557B000NME7QSA38RMU1Y5TDP9Bob Tobias "Robert Tobias"0051345507200A little pricy but the best gum around... nowThis is the best gum I've found since Hersey discontinued their Koolerz brand several years ago. (This stuff is also made by Hersey).

Both the Spearmint and Peppermint flavors have a nicely combined minty sweetness that lingers for quite a while. The texture stays "chewably soft" for even longer. Another thing I really like about this gum, unlink others I've tried, is it doesn't stick to my fillings or crowns and I don't wind up with little pieces between my teeth.

The only problem is the investment to get your first sample. If you can find it in a store, it's not everywhere, individual packs can be expensive. It can be less, per piece, here but multiple packs is a bit if a gamble if you've never tried it.

It's great gum and you will probably like it if you like gum. I was lucky and sat next to a guy in a plane who offered me some. And, if you should run into me, ask for some because I'll be having some on hand from now on.

Please feel free to let Amazon and me know whether this was helpful to you or not, since it helps me improve my reviews.
241558241558B000NME7QSA31Q7NE0NP3IH4Richard "The Lion Heart"3551220054400Great Gum, less in than half of price in elsewhere.One of better gum i try, it has unique design and actually chew better in result, is softer and better tasted. Cotsco selling %4.99 for 8 pack so is less than 60% than here and not included shipping.
241559241559B0000TL6B8AQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141301702400Tasty fingerling potatoesFingerling potatoes have become a nice part of our family diet. One local grocery store carried them, and I purchased them at that store as needed. Regrettably, a short time ago, they discontinued carrying the item, and I can't find the fingerlings at any other nearby store.

So, I checked and found Melissa's fingerling potatoes. They arrived in good order, with no delay. There are several varieties and colors of potatoes here, all small. One dish that we use them for is a quinoa potato dish. Boil quinoa and potatoes for a bit. Then put them in the oven in a roasting pan and cover with shredded cheddar cheese, roast for a bit, and then eat the dish. Believe it or not, a tasty quinoa dish!

The potatoes, of course, can be eaten any other way one would wish. The one issue that I had was that the black potatoes had little sprouts beginning to emerge (not a great thing), but it was not a real problem.

I am a satisfied customer and as long as the local grocery stores don't stock the mixed fingerlings, I'll continue to purchase Melissa's.
241560241560B0000TL6B8A3OGSZ7H9AC7ERTracy Brownlow1151168300800Hot Potatoes!Buttery and gorgeous potatoes! My banquet was a hit because of these potatoes! Thanks!

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