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241591241591B0081XPTBSA366HKC7QMSEKHrubylucille71021333152000Positive Reviewers Are Too Easily ImpressedThe only positive thing I have to say about this formula is that it has Organic Milk in it, and that's pretty sad because that part is a given. Here are the negatives:

- Dissolves horribly. I have to prepare bottles ahead of time, refrigerate them, then warm them to use it. My baby would take a bottle at room temperature, but if I did that there would be clumps of formula left behind.
- Has corn syrup in it (listed as Organic Glucose Syrup Solids). Ok, so it isn't GMO corn syrup, but who cares? There is no reason to include this except to save money. It is a cheaper carbohydrate source than lactose, so they can use less lactose (lactose being something that actually has nutrional value).
-Has Palm Olein Oil in it. Again, it is organic, but so what? Another cheap ingredient (this time a fat source). Palm Olein oil has been shown to block absorption of calcium in the body. Oh good, because the first year of life isn't a crucial time for bone development or anything. Even Similac won't use it. Here is a link to study by the American Acadamy of Pediatrics from 2002(!) showing infants fed formula with palm olein oil had lower bone density than those without, and yet Hain doesn't care enough to stop using it:
-Has Martec DHA/AHA in it. This is a genetically modified product and the fact that it has been allowed in organic food is just an example of how powerful lobbyists are. If they have to use chemical neurotoxins to get the DHA/AHA, I'd rather just do without, thanks. I know of no studies that show the level of DHA/AHA in baby formulas do anything positive for a baby's brain development. There have also been reports of babies experiencing stomach upset from DHA/AHA in formulas. It is hard to get this feedback though since almost every formula has Martec's DHA/AHA in them now.
-It smells like death and when my baby burps in my face I gag a little.

I never planned on even trying this formula, but Baby's Only constipated my baby like no tomorrow. Even with the arsenic ridiculousness, I'd still use Baby's Only if the Brown Rice Syrup didn't make him scream every time he had a bowel movement. And Similac Organic has no lactose and is filled with table sugar. Organic formula options in this country are horrible. (I am unable to exclusively breastfeed due to medication)
241592241592B0081XPTBSANNZOX4NXNLL5songbird1234566921338681600One pro, lots of cons...I have to say that I really wanted this formula to work for our son. My husband and I are big whole foods, organic people, and wanted that for our son as well when my milk supply never grew to be sufficient for him. This was clearly imperfect (only breast milk is perfect), but it was organic, and I didn't want my baby consuming chemicals.

Everything worked out fine for about 4 weeks. Our son would spit up to some extent after almost every feeding, but we attributed it to HIM having some issues, not the formula. As he started to better "communicate" with us, we realized that he would cry nonstop during his feedings, which didn't seem normal. He would continue to suck, but would sob through his eating. It was heartbreaking. We burped him incessantly, thinking it may be gas, but it wasn't. He wouldn't sleep because he was so fussy, and nothing would calm him. He had a dirty diaper only once a day (sometimes even less), and they would often be harder than we would have expected.

After doing extensive research, we started our little one on Gerber Good Start Protect. It contains only whey protein and not casein, which is known to create curds in baby's tummy (in ANYONE'S tummy, really). It also has probiotics (like breast milk). When we gave him his first bottle of the new stuff, he saw the bottle and started to pout, and once he started drinking, you could almost SEE the relief on his face. He did not fuss at all through his feedings, and he was instantly happier and calmer. My smiling, beautiful boy was back! After almost 9 days of naps of an hour or less, he got back to his regular 2-3 hour naps and better sleeping at night.

While I want my son to have the most wholesome ingredients possible, I believe sometimes the way those ingredients are mixed can be a negative, and I think that may be the case with this formula. We'll continue with our Gerber Good Start, and as much breast milk as possible.
241593241593B0081XPTBSAG6TEDWL71ZK3Beata Planeta4621307232000Includes corn syrupI decided to switch to 'Baby's only' after discovering that Earth's Best formula includes corn syrup (organic glucose). I don't want my baby to drink corn syrup... I'm quite disappointed with the brand.
241594241594B0081XPTBSA3L9ERRJRO6SPDV. Calderon2321341014400Constipated my infantWe switched my son from Enfamil Infant looking for an organic comparable. We decided to try Earth's Best and although my son would drink it within the next day he was constipated. We decided to keep trying the formula until we finished and supplement him with apple juice and apple and pear purees to help him digest. Four days later and he was still terribly constipated, and he struggled. We decided to change to Baby's One and within a a day he was having some normal looking bowel movements. I was really disappointed that this formula was so harsh for his stomach. I think the intentions were good but it obviously isn't a complete trade off and I have read that they extra fortify the milk-base formula with more lactose which makes it difficult for children to digest. My son is taking really well with Baby's only and we will continue with this formula since its better than non-organic.
241595241595B0081XPTBSA25SPTJVZ8DT1ZBboy360 "Image is Everything"2341338336000I guess this is the best oneThe DHA and ARA doesn't bother me, I think people are over-reacting to that.

Baby's Only - I don't like brown rice syrup, their website only lists amount of un-natural arsenic, but doesn't count the total level of arsenic that the brown rice will give naturally.

Similac - Don't like the amount of sugar in it. And still lists Organic sugar instead of Lactose.

Earth's Best- I couldn't find anything that bad about it besides a few ingredients. Uses Lactose instead of organic sugar. This is why I picked this over Similac.

Holle formula from Germany - This might be the best one. I don't think they add DHA or ARA, but is that really needed? It can be ordered from sites like [...] , but can I trust this company and what if there is a recall? I wouldn't hear about it.
241596241596B0081XPTBSA28P8HNRRP3LKRGhosted "cw amaz"2311332806400Tastes fishy, like so many othersWhile I know it is good for my baby, I cannot stand the awful looks of disgust when my baby eats this formula. Organic is important to my family, but I decided to do a taste test of several different brands to try and find a non-fishy tasting formula. This brand has the most pungent flavor of fishiness, yuck! Similac is a bit better, and Enfamil also is better but still fishy. The only brand I found that doesn't taste fishy is Baby's Only Formula. I believe it is because it does not have the DHA, which I know is good for brain development, but my son gets this in his vitamin.
241597241597B0081XPTBSA31VASSS5HXPHXHeidi J Rayala2311327795200Poor taste, Poor mixingWe have now gone through 4 formulas, and here are our conclusions.

Similac (non-organic): They use cows which have been given growth hormones. Seriously, even most non-organic milks in grocery stores do not use growth hormones. Our baby spent his first four months off the growth-charts until it finally dawned on me to check into this.

Similac Organic: Our baby liked this one, but then a NYT article revealed that this formula has a significant amount of cane sugar added - no wonder he liked it.

Earth's Best: We really struggled with the transition from Similac to Earth's Best. We went through a 2 week transition of 3/4 Similac, 1/4 Earth's Best...with a slow increase in the Earth's Best. Even to our adult taste senses, it had a fishy odor and taste (likely the DHA, which is supposedly taken from seaweed for this brand). And it NEVER WENT INTO SOLUTION. We would constantly have to interrupt his feeds to check and see whether the nipple was clogged - being a baby, he would suck and suck -- even when no milk was coming out. Our baby developed eczema - I am not convinced the formula caused the problem. Babies get eczema. But after trying everything else (detergents, lotions, soaps, etc) and reading some reviews questioning whether Earth's Best caused eczema, we decided to try one more formula switch.

Baby's Only Organic: "Now here is something I can add to my coffee when we run out of milk," says my husband. It has a wonderful smell of oatmeal. No transition needed, our baby finished an entire 8oz in one sitting. It goes into solution better than both the Similac and the Earth's Best. No GI distress or constipation when we made the switch. I agree with other reviewers that it is annoying that the canisters are small, but scoop for scoop, it is less expensive than Earth's Best. Just waiting for Amazon to have a "subscription" discount. I highly recommend Baby's Only!
241598241598B0081XPTBSA1ABYWMY2VTXJKElla2311296086400Doesn't disolve wellSome of my friends were using Earth's Best formula and were raving about it so we decided to switch from Enfamil Infant Premium to the Earth's Best organic infant formula since it was available on Amazon subscription and was a little cheaper. I have to say that I was very disappointed with this product. It does not disolve well at all and leaves chunks of formula in the bottle regardless how well you mix it and whether you use warm or cold water to dilute it with. The baby does not seem to like it any more or less, so we will be going back to Enfamil Infant Premium, which has all the same vitamns and completely disolves within seconds.
After mentioning about the chunks to a friend, I was told that it is a common problem with this brand of formula.
241599241599B0081XPTBSA2V3XJ7XTNPY34happymom2321286323200not as pleased as expectedThis is a great food brand, and I also like their diapers, but this formula does NOT dissolve well, and my 2 month old baby does not like it!! He is mostly breastfed, but I supplement with Similac Organic with good results (no fussiness). I gave Earth's Best a try, and my 10 week old baby cried and cried, and was having obvious gas pain, until I switched back to Similac. I would much prefer to use this brand, so I tried again a few weeks later, and I got the same reaction from my baby. I would definitely us caution when choosing this formula, although I realize all babies are different. I will continue to use Earth's Best's other products, but not this formula.
241600241600B0081XPTBSA1KG2FZQW58S2FJulianna Grubbs0041351123200It's not Mother's milk, but it's great formula!After going back to work full-time, I really struggled with keeping up with nursing my baby full-time. I just could not meet the quota that baby wanted to consume through pumping, no matter how often I pumped, what supplements I took, what diet I had, etc. I started using the Enfamil samples they sent me in the mail before I had my baby. First of all, I was kinda disgusted with how yucky it smelled. Baby didn't seem to like it either and spit up most of it after drinking it. We went to try their formula for babies who are gassy and as I was waiting for it to warm up I read the ingredient label and was shocked to see that the very first ingredient was corn syrup solids. Really??? In infant formula? I know it needs to contain sugar but come on!
So that started me on a research binge and I found that all formulas have to have some sort of sugar in them, but the kind of sugar is what matters. Moms make lactose and glucose (although in smaller amounts than lactose) and there is also fructose and sucrose. Fructose is what they make from corn (AKA HFCS), and sucrose is what they use in artificial sweeteners. I voted primarily for lactose and glucose, but found that a lot of formulas focused on fructose and sucrose, and if they had glucose it was from brown rice (this was during the scare that rice had arsenic in it).
FINALLY I found Earth's Best. I was impressed that not only did it have lactose and glucose but glucose was the 4TH ingredient instead of the first or second. This was the most important point to me in purchasing, but even more important -was baby going to like it? When I mixed it the first time it didn't have a sour odor to it, and it smelled like milk (granted, as all formula, it smells after it sits for a while). It even looked like milk (hooray) AND baby gobbled it right up. ALL OF IT. She loves the stuff! Best part is there are no problems with transitioning from breast to bottle, so now she is supplemented with the formula after her fill of breast-milk when I'm home. She even gets excited to drink it!
I think there's something everyone needs to keep in mind. We don't live in a `clean' society any more. Everything has toxins and chemicals, you have to choose the lesser of two evils. Everything is bad in excess: sunshine can give you cancer, tap water can give you cavities and diseases and raw fruits and veggies can give you pesticides. Even air is bad for you, depending on where you live. So I say, do the best with what you have and don't let yourself get too carried away with all the hype about harmful stuff. In the end, I feel I made the right choice for my baby and chose the next best thing to breast-milk that I could find that was relatively affordable and easy to obtain.
241601241601B0081XPTBSAJ0SAH9OZX2KICatherine0051351036800Love it!Really love Earth's Best products and try to only feed my kids organics. Overall very happy with this product. Wish that the sweetener was sugar however.
241602241602B0081XPTBSA2EPMSW66VIM9RVanessa Williams0011351036800Received a can with a broken seal and can't get a replacementEarth's Best Formula we love! However I received a damaged item and cannot seem to get a hold of anyone to get it replaced. I tried emailing someone from the "Contact Us" button on the returns page and no one has responded. I will not feed my baby a can that has been dented with a broken seal, this is dangerous. The can cost me $24 if I don't get a replacement the savings I get for ordering from Amazon sets me back a few months. I love ordering many items from Amazon and having my formula and diapers shipped on a regular basis but the damaged goods policy needs to be revised when it comes to food items.
241603241603B0081XPTBSAK0DQ8TB57C6Igarfield0051350777600earth's best organic infant formulaearth's best organic infant formula with Iron, DHA & ARA is bset selection & its nutritions are excellent!
and my lovely baby very likes a Earth's Best products.
241604241604B0081XPTBSA2VC7WXPIF6JAPSBMingus0051350777600best of its kindsure, i would love to make my own formula from scratch. when there is no time for that, we have breast fed both babies and then used earth's best formula. both kids liked it and had no problems digesting it.
241605241605B0081XPTBSA1BXMG2CG9SROMIdentifying Flaws - even in the things I love0041350691200More milk than sugar + Organic + Subscribe & Save = SatisfiedAll formulas put in a sweetener. I've seen some where corn syrup is the first ingredient. Earth's Best is not only organic but the first two ingredients are whey (from milk) and milk, followed by lactose (from milk - it's a low-level sweetener) and then coming in at ingredient #4 is glucose (sugar).
Baby likes it and we haven't noticed any gas issues
But, of course, organic isn't cheap - so I buy it via subscribe & save. At $22 it's still more expensive than non-organic but within a reasonable range. We now get 5 canisters automatically at the beginning of each month. We use it to supplement breast milk (otherwise we'd need more canisters) and, more recently, breast milk and solid foods.
241606241606B0081XPTBSA3NDBZKI71U0U3Diana0051350604800Amazing formula!!!This was the best formula for my colic baby!! It made miracles! I tried so many others and nothing would work. As soon as i gave her this formula i was able to sleep night time and the crying for hours stopped! would definitely reccomend it!
241607241607B0081XPTBSAPMICRKCKJEF0M5310021350345600Not thrilledI thought Organic would be a great choice. We were doing OK on Gentlease, but I like to cut out the garbage where and when I can. Between the ingredients on the can and the baby's reaction, we didn't go very far with this. The Earth's Best rice cereal is a hit. I guess it's a matter of baby preference. Seems like he threw up more than usual while we tried to transition. Pay close attention to the ingredients also.
241608241608B0081XPTBSAPZ4HIURI5NJ1imfrlss00413503456002nd favorite formulaAfter a year of breastfeeding I began having difficulties with supply. I started supplementing with this product without reading the label too closely. I liked that it was a trusted brand and organic. I don't notice for a while that it was both soy and dairy based. Had I noticed that it had soy I wouldn't have chosen it for my baby. (do your own research) We have since switched to Baby's Only Toddler formula.
241609241609B0081XPTBSA2G1FRXQOW627MJ. Howard0051350345600My baby loves itI choose organic foods for my baby and have used this formula brand with my other two kids as well. The cost for this formula is double in the stores here. I love Amazon for its prices, service and super saver shipping!
241610241610B0081XPTBSA3I9HUIBW5I29BGloria B. Tucker0051349740800The Best FormulaEarth's Best formula is organic and contains elements of mothers' natural milk. I feel this is the best formula, absent mother's milk, that anyone can give an infant. My granddaughter had a problem with fussiness and gas on other brands, but after switching her to Earth's Best Sensitivity she has become a happy baby.
241611241611B0081XPTBSA269W2UNUMEYCRolivia l.crawford0051349308800super goodTHis formula was one of the best i have ever fed to my grandchildren for a while now. They look healty, and robust, act happy and satisfied after each feeding. I will be ordering more of the same in the near future. Thanks Sincerely.
241612241612B0081XPTBSA2QVS0S0KA0B7Cbeauti0051348790400We love it.My daughter does so well with this formula. Its organic which gives us a bit of piece of mind since she cant breastfeed anymore. We love it and wont be changing!
241613241613B0081XPTBSA2VTZC1P3EUVGZSandra M0051346630400Great Formula!I have used this formula for both of my boys and it is great. I love the fact that it's organic and both of my picky boys have loved the taste. I highly recommend.
241614241614B0081XPTBSA3JG3374T6DGWRBK0041346284800Happy with product and price but shipping packaging sucksBeen using this product for many months and quite happy with it. Amazon subscription price is far lower than I can get anywhere else. But the packaging it arrives in drives me nuts! A nice little compact box that fits the four canisters tightly is nestled inside a great big cardboard box almost twice the size and padded in there with a bunch of plastic air pockets. It's totally, uselessly, unnecessarily wasteful! Why not just ship the little bitty box on its own? Amazon should do better, considering how much, stuff it ships out.
241615241615B0081XPTBSA35R50N6PJGRENYuri K0051346112000Great organic formula!Our son liked this formula since his infancy. He is overly 13 months old and at night he still wakes up for a bottle of Earth's Best at night. It is a great product and it is the only formula that we have used. The little one never had a diarrhea when consumed this formula.
Amazon has been great with deliveries and we really enjoyed the scheduled shipments.
I would highly recommend this formula to anyone!
241616241616B0081XPTBSA2WODSH5PEO8SBBobbyBoy0051345593600Great priceThis formula has been THE BEST for our baby. He has not had one problem with this formula. The price you cannot beat, usually one can is $29, with Subscribe & Save it comes out to about $21/can.
241617241617B0081XPTBSA2N40TMKB7CUTYamckichan0051345248000Easy on stomach- dissolves wellThis formula is very easy on my bavy's stomach. Also, it dissolves very quickly in water, which is especially nice during nighttime feedings or when traveling.
241618241618B0081XPTBSA620HSUUE9ENEMiraclebaby0051344729600My son love itMy son loves this formula. He is 12 mnths old. Wish earth best had toddlers formula.we are trying to move him to whole milk.
241619241619B0081XPTBSA2ERSN8UZUGVENmcs5280051343001600Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula, Love it!!Great formula, I think it's worth it to get organic formula, I really like this brand. Have never had any problems with it with baby. Ive tried other brands, Similac, Enfamil, safeway momtomom, Kirkland from Costco. All of them were good except for the kirkland brand, baby hated that one, and was super fussy on it. The fact that this is organic though, I will pay the extra for that.
241620241620B0081XPTBSA1KM6EJ9NEFKTIFujihide Mukawa0051342742400Best Choice.It is said that Earth's Best contains less sugar than other brand. And of course, ORGANIC. Great choice for my baby, and my wife is also happy with it.

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