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241628241628B0081XPTBSA11ZFMJEONRXU9M. Warde0051328227200Never had a problem with this formulaI've been giving my daughter this formula since she was 5 months and never had a problem. She is 1 now.
241629241629B0081XPTBSA3QC3B0AGY52XVabgn0051328054400Best Organic Infant Formula for a great priceBefore I decided to purchase this product I looked around who has the best price and the winner was here. None of the other stores online and physical once had this Infant Formula for an affordable price. This Formula is my son's favorite
241630241630B0081XPTBSA3Q767RRXX84BRkellyepa0051327968000this formula is the besti changed from enfamil gentlease to earth's best. My daughter has less gas fussy and spitting up problems and she just loves it so much!
Thank you Earth's best!
241631241631B0081XPTBSA29C9A79DFHF2OHeather A. Mullholland0051327622400Great value!I was only able to nurse my daughter for about 10 months. So, for the last few months of her first year we had to resort to formula. Of course, I went with a name I knew I could trust. Earth's Best is the top of the line when it comes to organic formula. At our local co-op, it is about $6 more than from Amazon, including shipping and tax!
241632241632B0081XPTBSA3IMFBFX5L85S9Ashima Gupta0021326844800My son screamed in discomfort every time I gave it to himI bought this formula thinking I'm buying the best for my 8 month old. Even though this wasn't available in the smaller 8oz size which I would have prefered to ensure that my son liked it, I went ahead and bought it since he's not a fussy baby and easily took Similac and Enfamil earlier.

I used formula only to supplement breastfeeding and gave about 2-4oz of this daily to my son for 4-5 days. During this time, we noticed that he was very cranky and didn't slepe well, would scream even in his sleep and keep curling up and rolling in bed, sort of banging his face and head on the mattress. I attributed this to teething or constipation. But when over the weekend I did not supplement at all, he was completely fine. Then to test, I gave it to him again after he had been fine for a couple of days and had also pooped well. Even after just 2 oz in the afternoon, he started doing the same thing...screaming, rolling in bed, unable to sleep well.

I also read that there is an issue with the way the DHA is obtained, using some toxic chemical, when researching this formula to find if other mom's had seen the same issue with their children. I give it a 2 rating as I don't know if it just didn't suit my child or if there is something not good in the formula.
241633241633B0081XPTBSA3EIRGUSEPZ2MZjoy0051326499200Great Amazon baby subscription service & great productOur daughter loved this formula. We used this formula for the 6 months or so. Baby growth (percentile height & weight) has been good during this time.

Amazon baby subscription service is great: saved trips to stores many times (with automatic free delivery & discount). Also, flexible Amazon return policy is great .. had great customer service experience
241634241634B0081XPTBSA321GFVMF8K6PJohn Sikking "sikkingj"0051325980800Baby likes itOur baby eats the stuff. It is a bit pricey, but at least I feel better about it being organic. My wife uses warm water in the bottle to ease mixing of the powder. I use cold water and shake - I've not noticed any difficulties.

I'm no scientist, so I have to believe the label. It advertises that they are only using Organic stuff and nothing bad for the baby. It costs more, but it allows me to sleep better and believe I have done something "good" for the child's health. That said, if money was tight Enfamil woudl serve just as well.
241635241635B0081XPTBSA24B4CP03WMU8QRavenwings0051325894400The Good StuffGreat formula, great price. I used to use Vermont Organics, which is also a great formula, but I switched to EB because it's more economical. The only organic formula that I've found that is cheaper is Parent's Choice, but I refuse to give my money to WalMart, so I'll stick with Earth's Best. They have great cereal and snacks, too.
241621241621B0081XPTBSA2P5P683X7LXVDMac230051342569600Love!My son is 3 months now and loves his food. He's taken formula now for 2 months and scarfs it down. I think Earths Best takes pride in its products and provide quality organic options. I used all the baby foods with my first child who was breast feed and he also loved them.
241622241622B0081XPTBSA3UX45BN8J57B6Lauren0051341964800Happy baby, happy mamaI was really hesitant to switch my baby from BM to formula, and originally started with Similac because I had a free tub from the doctor. As soon as I started Earth's Best, my baby loved it... plus, if you've ever tasted the formula, it's sweeter & tastier than others I've tried :) She's doing great!
241623241623B0081XPTBSA1FFKI6JV5C8VJen0041336521600For fussy gaseous babyEarth's Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, DHA & ARA, 23.2 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)

My baby was gaseous n fussy with similac n enfamil products. We tried all types of formulas
Which resulted in him being colicky from midnite to 4am ie wailing etc. to this day my husband
Says it wasnt colic. Anyways we tried many different formulas n this one stopped the
"colic". So i am happy with this product. We are now getting sleep n baby is doing well on it.
241624241624B0081XPTBSAYIBOA7GDN2XRshopper1,000 "123done"0051336348800best this you could do for them AFTER BREAST MILK of courselove this baby formula and the product ships quickly and arrived undamaged which is not what i can say with some of the things i order from here. Started this after winging my loved one off breast milk at 8 months. Took to it with no problems organic is the way to go this is your child... do it for them!
241625241625B0081XPTBSA8XQ93TIERBRCdenise0041334275200check the ingredientsthe ingredient list in earth's best trumps some conventional formulas for just slightly more. both my son and I am pleased with this product.
241626241626B0081XPTBSA2DPIF50YL6BXCDan0031329350400Son didn't like the tasteMy son didn't like the taste of this. It doesn't smell as nice as other formulas... and according to a friend who volunteered to taste test our formulas, it tastes the worst out of all of them.

It's not to say it's not a good formula, just didn't suit our little guys taste.
241627241627B0081XPTBSA3E0GN7NLNMKHWSam E. Littell "Sammy LiL"0041328659200My son loves it, i'm pretty sure I do too..I order this from Amazon and a hugely discounted price. In my area it is $29.99 for a 23.2l one can, which is nuts. When I first subscribed I was only paying $74.97 for 4 cans. That's around 45 dollars in savings, I got 3 shipments at that discounted price, and that's $135 in savings. Now I pay around $86 which is still a lot cheaper than going to the store. Plus only Toy r' us sells it where we live, and that's not exactly close to me. So that's why this product gets 4 stars.

I would have given it only 3 but the savings are great. To start off my son does love this formula over any other. We ran out once before the next shipment, and Toys r' us was closed so we had to get another brand, my son wouldn't even drink it. Now some of you are gonna say that's because it's not what he is used to. Well we actually started him off on Enfamil, but due to corn syrup being the first ingredient in the formula we switched (not because it's corn syrup, but because I don't want my son's primary diet to be based off of any sugar). Well when we switched that time he didn't even care. Also this kid eats a lot. He is a big boy, lol... The doctor says he is a healthy weight so whatevsky.

The reasons I don't care for the formula. First of all it seems like his bowel movements aren't as regular. Also as soon as we switched his BM's turned more solid and smell inhuman. His stomach does get really tight and it seems like he has a hard time pushing his poopies out because it's so solid. Before his stomach would get really tight but then it would just gush out, oh the joys of parenthood. After talking to the doctor there apparently is nothing to concern ourselves about. Secondly I wish they would offer this in a 6 pack, as 4 will not last the entire month anymore. We end up having to buy 1 can locally towards the end of the month which at 86 dollars a shipment basically means the money we saved just goes towards 1 can. Other than that I think this formula is fine, and our son loves it very much. He would rate it a 5 and write "MMM" 20 times in the review. :)
241636241636B0081XPTBSAIHBRDFHIM2ITMay10041325894400Smells horrible but baby likes itSmells (and tastes) awful to me, but baby seems to like it! We like this brand for baby prunes as well, as the formula has iron that constipates baby.
241637241637B0081XPTBSA26K3DT1324HILSeattleMama0051324944000my baby loves it, so do IMy baby likes it. She actually started preferring it over breastmilk (beware). But she likes it, it doesn't upset her tummy, and I like that it's organic and one of the best formulas out there that are readily available and "reasonably" priced - especially with Amazon's Subscribe & Save. Enough said.
241638241638B0081XPTBSAMNPBJZDDRLEBBrianna0051324857600Great productMy daughter has been on this formula since she was born. She has had no issues with it whatsoever and lights up every time she sees the bottle. I feel better knowing she is getting an all organic formula. And I love that Amazon sells this 4 pack at the best price I've seen anywhere.
241639241639B0081XPTBSA22SLOCNWIZA9JPeytonFamily0021324339200If there was a better option for the price, I'd take it.I should start by saying I only give my baby 4-8 oz of formula a day, otherwise she's breastfed, so the issues I have with this product minimally effect us.

It is important to me to give my baby organic food whenever possible, so that is the main reason I picked this product to begin with, also when I purchased the price was better than other organic formulas and it doesn't have corn syrup in it.

The downsides:

It is difficult to mix, you must use warm/hot water in order to get the lumps out. And it gets ridiculously frothy when shaken up, like the entire bottle is foam. What I do now is make a bottle at least a few hours ahead of time and stick it in the fridge, by the time I need to use it, the air bubbles are gone.

My baby is not a picky eater at all, so I can't comment on the taste of it.

Update: My baby is now 7 months and takes about 16-18 oz of formula a day. We noticed that she had been spitting up a lot since increasing her feedings, she would spit up without fail after a feeding, not matter how well she was burped and she would spit up again, sometimes 3 more times in the next hour. When I happened to run out of this brand and had to use some similac, the spitting up nearly disappeared. If I had to guess it's due to all the foam in the bottle, but perhaps it's one of the ingredients? As I mentioned in the above review, the amount of shaking that has to be done to dissolve the formula is ridiculous. Even with very warm water and a lot of shaking we'll have lumps of undissolved formula in the bottom of the bottle. I am very disappointed because the price is right and it's one of only 2 options of organic formula that isn't full of arsenic. Unfortunately a new shipment of 4 of these canisters arrived after realizing this, so we're stuck with it. But I think I will mix it with another formula to minimize the spitting up.
241640241640B0081XPTBSAOTDIQ7F3HRGZbrown bag mama0041323907200mostly good, wondering about DHAMy milk production is low so I supplement. Glad to have an organic option, but I wonder about the source of the DHA & ARA - it does not seem like a very organic process. However there are not a lot of choices, so this seems the best out there. Plus baby seems to like it and tolerates it well.
Lately I'm having a harder time getting the product to dissolve when I mix it up in the bottle. Not sure if this is due to weather changes? It seemed to dissolve better in the summer.
241641241641B0081XPTBSA8GPGEC3V5DHEAmber C. Granger "Amber"0011323820800Bad gas and constipationThis formula gave my baby constant gas and constipation. As soon as we switched brands he started having regular bms that were not hard nuggets anymore and much less gas.
241642241642B0081XPTBSA13KWOE56MELK1Psotka790041323302400No more spit ups!I have tried 2 other formulas before EB and this is the only one that didn't make my baby throw up or spit up. Doesn't mix well in cold water and not perfectly in warm ether but I will defenetly keep using it for my son now and for any other kids that I may have in the future.
241643241643B0081XPTBSA19JUNI9VK7P3XPrakash "rstlss"0051323216000Great PriceGreat value for an Organic Infant formula. We have the subscription model which gets the price lower. Comparable canisters cost at least $28 a canister. Our baby loved the product from day one.
241644241644B0081XPTBSA1YA65TH0G1NMJohana0051322179200Great deal!If you get this formula at the store you would be paying $29.99 per can plus tax, through this seller if you by the 4 pack its pretty much like getting 1 for free. They also ship very fast and you get free shipping. Great deal!!! Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, DHA & ARA, 23.2 Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)
241645241645B0081XPTBSAEJAYE2ZMLJWMvicki0041322179200giod feeding organic but clumpsI feel good that I am giving my daughter formula that is organic and she seems to like it. It however does not disolve like gerber or similac. It clumps up a lot with both warm and cool water and clogs the stage two nipples. My daughter does get ftustrated however I will keep buyng for the organic factor.
241646241646B0081XPTBSA2Y62HVUJNCNE7JVR Mom0051321833600Love it.... No IssuesMy 10 month old daughter loves this mixing issues, tummy issues, doesnt seem to stain, very happy with product. Wish Amazon had the 20% bonus container.
241647241647B0081XPTBSA2M7B3LR8MYI8Joneaustin "oneaustin"0051321315200Organic nutrition at a reasonable priceFirst, after trying all the mainstream formulas for my infant who spit up a lot about an hour after every feeding, we decided to give this a shot. She has nearly quit spitting up now. She has put back on weight and is doing very well.
Second, With amazon subscribe and save, this is actually cheaper than the mainstream brands.
241648241648B0081XPTBSA2SV57NLKETLPHZerina1000051320192000Baby LovesMy little guy love this stuff, and I love that its MILK based (vs. oil) and organic. Its easy to digest, even with his very sensitive stomach. He transitioned to this after 6 months of breastfeeding and we had NO issues.
241649241649B0081XPTBSA12VNUIP749T26sjejpj0051318896000We love it and so does our babyWe started our 7 month old on the samples we were given by the pediatrician, the standard Enfamil Infant or Newborn formula, but once we realized supplementing would be an every day occurrence and that we needed to buy, we wanted to go organic and we tried this first. It smells better than the other stuff, she adjusted to it just fine when mixed with breastmilk, and her gassiness disappeared. It is sometimes hard to get it all to dissolve easily, but room temp water and very vigorous shaking seems to remedy that. Now that she is full time on the formula, the 4-pack on subscribe and save can't be beat!

While we initially had the same powder explosion problem another reviewer commented on, we learned that because we live where it's hot and the package either sits on a hot truck and/or on our hot porch until we get it, if you just let it sit until it's down to room temp, it won't explode on you!
241650241650B0081XPTBSA1J3ZW02PF1SEMommy Dawn0041318032000great formula for my kidsI have been using this formula for my kids and they absolutely love it. My baby boy does get constipated sometimes from this, but I don't know if that's the formula or the solid foods or just his system because it works great for my daughter. I have tried Similac Organic prior to this and that was VERY constipating! This is much better and not as grainy as Similac. The cheapest way to buy this is through Amazon on their subscribe and save program. I have been addicted to Going the Amazon route for all my baby supplies. Of course conventional formula is cheaper, but I don't want to compromise my infant's health by giving her formula that can have pestisides, hormones, and genetically modified ingredients! I would definitely recommend this product for anyone using formula.

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