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241771241771B0081XPTBSA3DTF601FIUVLEK. Sitrick "ksitrick"1341271635200Earths Best Formula - 4 packThe formula seems to work for my baby, and the price is affordable with the 4 pack.
241772241772B0081XPTBSANK079EWCOSVKourosh Ghassemieh3731237334400Product great, shipping problemsThe formula is great. Our babies like it, it's organic, and the can isn't lined with plastic, so there's less chance of it containing BPA. Now, although the product is great, we've had problems with Amazon shipping it to us. They put 8 cans in an oversize box without enough padding so they were moving around and banging into each other. Of the 8 cans, 6 were dented. Of the 6 dented cans 3 had opened, exposing the formula to air and spilling some out. We've ordered this from another online retailer before and the packaging was great. Four cans to a box and 2 boxes to a larger shipping box. Amazon is a bit cheaper and they have the subscription service which makes it convenient, but that's only if you don't have to deal with several cans in each shipment being unusable. If they can improve the shipping, we highly recommend this product, especially the subscription service.
241773241773B0081XPTBSA2JKR0W0EQ6QQM0251334966400good formula!!this formula can help baby happy every day

we like it

my mother,my husband,my dad, like it too

After eating the milk after the babyThe normal stool.He likes to eat the milk
241782241782B0081XPTBSA369IQZ3J2ZSI7Rissarance253311294444800Hexane in organic formula!I am very mad at myself for not doing better research before selecting formula once my breast milk supply dwindled. Do your own search! The Obama Admin has said that organic formula should no longer be allowed to be marketed if it contains dha/ara made with hexane. Organic foods for adults are not allowed to be labeled as organic if they are made with hexane. There are several articles out there discussing possible side effects including autism and ADHD from hexane. I am switching to Baby's Only which is the only organic formula that contains Dha/ara not manufactured using hexane. It says it is a toddler formula which is why I didn't consider using it to begin with. Do your own research, supposedly they market it that way to support breastfeeding exclusively for the first year. It meets. The infant Formula requirements. I am hoping to return the box of Earth's Best hexane formula I paid so much for thinking I was doing something good for my son. Red the review here that copies the response from Baby's Only about it being suitable for infants Babys Only Organic Dairy Formula Case (6 cans).
241774241774B0081XPTBSAIUUKN22C0GASCb0221330300800Not so happyI have orderd this formula before and was extremely satisfied. However this experience was different. To start my order was cancelled. Okay no biggy, I reorder different shipper. My formula arrives with two of the four cans busted open. Not so happy :/
241775241775B0081XPTBSA3H176H2AAG4C0gingersunited0231326326400What is "Reduced Minerals Whey"?I have an issue with the ingredients. The very first ingredient is "Organic Reduced Minerals Whey". Um, what is that? According to Google, it is a by-product of cheese manufacturing. I can't find anything about the nutritional soundness of this stuff, just other moms going "what is this?". Most other baby formulas have milk as their first ingredient, or whey protein. I'm guessing reduced minerals whey is similar to whey protein but I just don't know enough about it for it to be the #1 product in my daughter's diet. To me, it sounds like a cost cutting measure.

I would much prefer to give my daughter organic formula but all the organic formulas I've found have these reduced minerals as the first ingredient, except for Baby's Only, which is brown rice syrup, aka sugar. So until I find an organic formula with the primary ingredient being milk, we are going with non-organic. I just don't think it is worth compromising the quality of the ingredients for organic.
241783241783B0081XPTBSA1ND4QW5P0232JSyzygy4441347408000We are satisfied!I researched formulas for a long time before deciding to go with Earth's Best. I choose organic formula primarily because I find GMO foods to be creepy and insane. There's been a lot of discussion about the toxicity of hexane, used to process the life'sDHA supplement in this formula. Since the only life'sDHA-free alternative has its own problems (alleged traces of arsenic due to brown rice syrup), there doesn't seem to be one optimal formula to go with... at least from the perspective of a natural/organic mama who can't exclusively breastfeed. What it came down to was my son's preference. He can't digest Baby's Only very well, and just doesn't seem to like it. We have had zero problems with digestion using Earth's Best, and he eagerly drinks it down! So ultimately it was kind of a no-brainer for us to stick with Earth's Best, despite the hexane controversy. I personally have a hard time believing that the process used to make the life'sDHA supplement is a considerable threat to my baby's well being and health, even if it isn't the most ideal thing in the universe (same goes for the controversy surrounding Baby's Only). The modern world provides opportunities to be exposed to toxins around every corner, and I'd probably be more concerned about the lack of a viable alternative if this were something my kiddo had to eat for the rest of his life. But for the next half year, we're gonna do what we must to let this baby thrive!
241776241776B0081XPTBSA2GA3V548XWCDFPitLove "concerned mom"0231305331200gas & fussyThis formula gave my 4 month old daughter gas & she became very fussy while on it. We were using Baby's Only but stopped because it was making her constipated. I did not want to use Earth's Best because of the added DHA & ARA (if you don't know about how these products are made then look it up-once you read about it you will not want your child drinking it). This added DHA & ARA are not from an organic sorce. Last yeat the USDA has banned it from orgainc formulas but it could take years for it to be removed. I blame some of her fussiness & discomfort from this added DHA. I wanted to use an organic formula so we went back to Baby's Only. It seems to be the only option & we will deal with it binding her up. She is now eating oatmeal cereal with prunes mixed in & I also give her a probiotic supplement that Baby's Only makes once a day. These things seem to keep her constipation at bay. It's well worth it because I know she's on the best formula out there.
241784241784B0081XPTBSANDDEYNQTSUFGAD4451345939200Excellent FormulaI am a physician and very aware of the importance of breastfeeding. I breastfed exclusively until my son was 5 months old and then very reluctantly because of work and travel started him on formula. I did extensive research on all types of formula and decided on Earth's Best organic sensitivity formula because of a family history of lactose intolerance. I have to say I am very pleased with the product. My baby loves it and has not had any issues what so ever. To my profound dismay, he actually tolerates a lot better than my own milk. There is no spitting, no vomiting, no constipation or loose stools. I highly recommend this formula.
241785241785B0081XPTBSA1G4WLQKJW4M2Obstormpw4451337126400Good StuffIt is hard to mix with a spoon, but is no problem to mix with a wisk. The instructions say to use warm water. I prefer not to do that because I mix a larger batch in the morning to mix with my breastmilk for my son to have at daycare while I'm at work. If it's warm I think it can spoil faster. I use cold water filtered with a Brita. Again, even cold, it is no problem to mix with a wisk.

I chose this formula because the sugar is milk based versus cane based. I had my son on Organic Similac before, but then read about the sucrose and how it rots teeth quicker than any sugar. Similac also has plastic packaging. They may have switched to plastic without BPA, but I wasn't able to confirm that, and preferred the formulation of Earth's Best anyway. Earth's Best's can is cardboard with a plastic top.

Initially my son seemed gassier (and stinkier) than usual, but it went away, so I don't know if it was from the formula and he got used to it, or not.

Amazon has the best price online, and any store around me. It is even cheaper when you put it on subscription, which I did after trying two cans to make sure it worked out well for my baby.
241786241786B0081XPTBSA1OGBBOWZOPPWXLauren Allison4451247961600Tolerated just as well as breastmilkUnlike my previous three children, I was unable to BF our fourth child. But when I tried Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula, I knew I was giving my child the best formula I could buy. I was surprised to find that my son tolerates this formula every bit as well as my BF babies....maybe even a little better. No reflux causing spit up. No gas. We tried the leading national brand while on vacation b/c an obscure grocery didn't have any Earth's Best. He was so gaseous and uncomfortable all weekend. We couldn't wait to get back to Earth's Best. And you can't find a better deal than direct shipping, to boot!!
241787241787B0081XPTBSANRTUO6KDDQUXMichelle T.6741288915200Good, but clumpsWe love that this formula is organic! And the 31.75oz 4-pack on Amazon is the best deal around.

We switched from Enfamil and Similac formulas to this when my son was about a month old. He's been using this formula, along with breast milk, for about a month now. He seems to like it just fine.

We've noticed that you have to shake this formula vigorously or else there are little clumps. It's best to shake it with a solid top on the bottle, then put a nipple on if you can. Otherwise, every once in a while, those little clumps get into the nipple and prevent it from coming out. When this happens we just have to flick the nipple with our finger to get the clump loose. Also, from the vigorous shaking it gets pretty foamy, so we make it ahead of time and let it set for 10-15 minutes before feeding if we can.
241788241788B0081XPTBSA3MB95ZAZ3BTQHU. Salim3351233360000Great formula, mixes well and organic is a plus!I switched from enfamil to this. Baby seems to like this much better. The formula is expensive but i have found the best deal on amazon. They had a price mistake so they were giving it for $27 for 4 cans... which got fixed later. But now they had other deals and with subscribe and save it is about $17.15, best price i have found... specially when it retails for $30 +tax.

Overall a good organic formula. And if the baby is happy i am happy :)
241789241789B0081XPTBSA24E01BFFPXZUSSteven1411302652800I found some foreign objectI don't write a review but I think I have to as a parent. I found some grey stuff (0.2cm) when I opened the can. I'll never recommned this product to anybody again.
241790241790B0081XPTBSAR4XH9FQ49IOXI. Patrick1411268697600Not Earth's BestMy baby does best on regular Similac. Even 2 oz of Earth Best (milk based) formula 1-2 times a day make him spit up a lot (almost womit), and caused him constipation. Also cried after eating the formula. Next day after introducing the formula, he was refusing to eat it.
241791241791B0081XPTBSA1L8BZ73WNF02HJohn Doe3811254441600worst customer serviceThis company also sells the Spectrum brand and several other brands has the worst customer service. We were not happy with this baby formula and they were not willing to return the product. Also the woman at customer service was just simply not nice on the phone.
241792241792B0081XPTBSAXF5SUWW9JKEClynch mob0311315872000Rip OffI ordered this on Amazon once before and they are ripping you off. You can get 4 can's (20% more size) at Whole Foods for $29.99 a can and if you buy 4 you get a 10% discount. That's only $112 dollars. You do the math. Oh...for my review...the formula is awesome.
241793241793B0081XPTBSACSFK4QMI7UMPBeatrice03113106016003 of 5 cans of formula arrived ruinedThree out of five cans of formula arrived at my home completely dented and leaking powdered formula. The packaging was completely inadequate. Whom ever did the packaging only stuck one sheet of broken bubble wrap and there is no way that they could have believed that it would have worked. Now i have to figure out the return process.
241794241794B0081XPTBSA2079DF48OXZH3Jola0311308182400My child doesn't like the taste.My child is 2mts old; she is breastfeed and we use some formula (Similac Sensitive and Enfamil Infant). We tried this product today and she hated it! I've never seen her so unhappy! I tried it (I wanted to check why she didn't like it) and is just not and sweet as formula or human milk.
I gave this product one star although I understand that it is only my child opinion, and in general this product is probably really good.
241777241777B0081XPTBSA1P6KS6PDIO743J. Hanson0211300233600Doesn't taste greatI can't recommend this formula. Prior to trying it, my baby had been consuming breast milk and enfamil formula, each from a bottle, and had always seemed to enjoy both. When I fed him Earth's Best, he made a sad, surprised face immediately, but soldiered on with the feeding, only to throw it almost all up at the end of the feeding. I've never felt like I had so failed my baby. After that, I taste tested Earth's Best, Enfamil and my own breast milk (too much information?). The latter two were tasty, and quite similar to each other (with a sweetness to them). When it came to Earth's Best, I had to agree with my baby--it tasted bad, with almost a metallic flavor to it. I'll never subject him to it again.
241795241795B0081XPTBSAZ602C5IZWWPMRichard2711305590400SpidersI found 2 spiders in my babies formula and was disgusted so I had to write this review. Now I am stuck with three giant cans of this formula and am not going to chance my babies health by trying it again.
241778241778B0081XPTBSA15W7PAYJTWK67Marina Kravets "Marina"0211295740800VERY BAD and NOT RELIABLE Amazon serviceThe product is good, but buying it at Amazon has been a BAD experience.
When you buy baby formula, you need reliability of supply. Amazon subscribe&save is NOT RELIABLE!
First shipment was lost because "the driver left the package at the wrong doo". OK, at least they replaced it (well, I had to run to supermarket to buy formula though as my baby would not wait for a week without food).
Then a couple of months later another bad experience. My order is scheduled to be shipped in 18th of every month. Obviously, I run out of supplies and have to rely on this schedule.
But in June my order was still "not yet shipped" on 23rd! So I e-mailed Amazon - no response! On 25th - still not shipped, so I rush to supermarket again to buy 1 jar of formula as my baby needs food! On 27th - still not shipped. I was trying to find a phone number to call at amazon web site, but it simply does not have such option. "Contact us" does not work either - you have to enter a reason of why you want to contact them and manu option does not work.
Is the best thing I can do is cancel shipment and find a more reliable vendor?
Very BAD experience, frustrating as I am buying necessary food for baby, not some items that can wait!
241796241796B0081XPTBSA2YEQY9MH0DTNBAmber L. Griffith0431288656000daughter loves it but shipping took foreverwe just switched to this formula for our ten month old daughter from goats milk that was causing severe constipation, and she loves it. it is easy to mix up and doesn't have the repulsive smell that some formulas have. my only complaint is with amazon and how long the shipping took.
241797241797B0081XPTBSAGLO4WJJ7DWXKV. Rothman "vica"2811254009600did not work for us waste of moneyi thought organic formula is the best what you can give
you child(except breastmilk) but it did not work for us...
my daughter was constipating and screaming all day after
trying this product,so we switched back to Enfamil.
Do not waste your money
241798241798B0081XPTBSAPK8JVW7SDCBCShawn0511328054400really bad!the taste is bad, my baby reject to eat that item!!!!! hope ppl do not buy this one anymore. i throw that item away...even the dog do not eat it
241779241779B0081XPTBSA2QTS64O1HA2DYMarisa Giuliani "mimi"111351239321600The ONLY formula to use!No one had told me about this product because I am breastfeeding, but when I realized I was going to supplement at night I wanted to find a formula that would work well with breastfeeding. I tried everything on the market and all of them had added sugars and made my baby boy extra gassy and some even gave him a rash. I started reading reviews and found out about Earth's Best. It is amazing! It smells good, it lessened his gassiness and he absolutely loves the taste. I predominatey breastfeed, but the two bottles he gets a day are always Earth's won't be disapointed. (Too much sugar and carbs in the others).

I guess people did not understand my reference to carbs, strangely. I am speaking about the carbs in the vast majority of baby formulas on the market. They are not complex carbs and they are processeds with loads of white sugar and synthetic starches that are made in labs in china. My point was that although Earth's Best is more expensive than the other formulas on the market, it is a valuable investment. Breast milk first and foremost, but Earth's Best in my opinion is the next best thing because of its quality production. I am sorry if this was not clear.
241799241799B0081XPTBSANAHR3GIB1VBFShan Fam31311332115200High levels of ArsenicThere are high levels of Arsenic in this formula from the organic brown rice they use. My pediatrician told me to stop using it because it has high levels of arsenic in it which is a poison! This happens because the organic brown rice used to make the formula soaks up the arsenic from the soil when it's growing and then when they use it, it contaminates the milk. I'm not sure how Earths Best will fix this issue but until they fix it, I am not using this formula.
241780241780B0081XPTBSA35JVJVRFVWGH3usafpilotmama8911311811200exactly, down the molecule, the same formula as Wal-Mart's Organic baby formulaBuyers beware of this rip off--the Earth's Best infant formula (and Vermont Organic) is produced by exactly the same manufacturer and are the same to the microgram. Literally THE EXACT SAME STUFF just re-packaged and marked up 40-60%, depending upon where you are buying it. Go with the Wal Mart Organic brand if you want this formula, because you're throwing your money away otherwise. I was glad I'd only bought one can of the Earth's Best before I realized this!
241800241800B0081XPTBSA3NFL2TQCQ040VMiguel Knochel1911319241600Boycott palm oil.I recommend boycotting all products containing palm oil. This is not a healthy oil. Also, palm plantations are responsible for the destruction of orangutan habitats. Yes, even organic palm oil contributes to this. The most important thing you can do to help protect orangutans from extinction is to boycott all products which contain palm oil.
241781241781B0081XPTBSA2N70OB3DJM9QGLucy L.5541234483200good formulaMy baby is formula fed. She is only 2 months old. We used to feed her Similac but that gave her constipation problem. Then we switched to Enfamil, no better. We decided to give earth's best a try after reading someone's review. We are so glad that we made this decision, since she poops at least once a day now.

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