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241825241825B0081XPTBSA2ZGSN8Y9PI7B8Heather Renee Rekeweg2251290729600Our girl is happy with it.This formula is all we have used for our nine month old baby since she was born. It mixes well even with the water from our filtered tap. She has grown well and is healthy overall.
241826241826B0081XPTBSA1OAAUECLEBUSFS. Kase "antiques"2251290470400Made my daughter gassy and fussy until 8 weeks old!I love using organic milk, but this made our baby girl very gassy, fussy and she spit it up.
Since switching her to Enfamil Gentlease she has been fine. I wish they'd make a gentler organic milk formula too.
At 8 weeks we have gone back and tried this formula again b/c we had 2 big cans of this left in the cupboard. She has no problems now with this formula at all. So we will now use this from now on since organic milk is important to us.
241827241827B0081XPTBSARJ6S4NC2USL8Epochx2251261872000This is the only formula we use!!!When we started shopping for formulas for our DD to supplement, we reviewed and researched all possible options out there. After a considerable review and research we decided that this is the best one we could find in the market for now.

There are several reasons why we picked this over the others..

- This is organic (so a lot friendly to the baby as well as the environment).
- Pesticide / Chemicals / Hormone Free
- This was very very close to breast milk and our DD did have any problems switching back and forth between breast milk and the formula.
- The bowl movements were regulated and resembled very close how it would look if she were only breast fed.
- Less Gas / Less Iritations
- AMAZON's amazing price offer (on Subscription).
241828241828B0081XPTBSAQ44F940WVKJHDad of Three2221244419200A bit too roughOur baby started on Similac Organic at the hospital then we transitioned him to Earth's Best. He became constipated. We tried Enfamil, no improvement. Good Start has worked best for him.
241829241829B0081XPTBSA2DIGHS2VYKRLNWarren Peterson2251244073600We Love this FormulaWe love this Formula for a few reasons. One it is pestiside free another it is usda cert organic not all the organic formula's are. The best reason our son is moving his bowels once a day. All the other formula we tried gave him bad painful gas and spit up and he wouldn't go to the bathroom but every three or four days. The formula doesn't make me want to vomit every time I make him a bottle every formula smells awful except this one it's the closest thing to breast milk for our son.
241830241830B0081XPTBSA39C7JNVB39YL0E. Wilmer "Ella & Will's Momma"2251243468800Great & Green! And it un-constipated our Baby Boy!Our son was on Similac Organic from birth. At about 3 weeks, he became very fussy and we suspected colic as he would cry for hours. At about 4 weeks, he had a horrible day--he cried the WHOLE day. We tried everything but nothing could completely calm him. The next day, he pooped a very hard poop...and was finally calm. So the poor guy had been constipated. We went out and got some prune juice--gave him 1 teaspoon in every other bottle. And then we decided to switch formulas....

Thank goodness we did! We wanted to stay organic, if we could, so we tried Earth's Best Organic. It was great--less gassy, burps smelled better (as did the formula itself)--and, most importantly, his poops are normal again! It did take about 1 week for him to get back to normal (during this time, we kept doing the prune juice & Earth's Best)--his little system sure was messed up!

So we highly recommend Earth's Best Organic, esp if you want to go organic and you want an un-constipated baby!
241801241801B0081XPTBSA3IDT9839HY6Y0Just Me33241236902400Even the best formula is still imitationIt's good that there is an organic infant formula available.
Keep in mind that ALL formula is imitation human milk. The very best is human milk, so if breastfeeding is not contraindicated for a unique situation, that's the very BEST!
241802241802B0081XPTBSAZAIAVG0J46XJM.Johnson3351338940800Good formula-especially for reflux babies!After being on Alimentum for 8 months, we finally swtiched over to regular formula and this was a smooth transition. This formula smells like real milk which a lot of them don't and my baby seems to love it. It mixes well with no clumps just shaking it. We use a Brita countertop filter for water and this. The four pack is a great deal too.
241803241803B0081XPTBSA1WDHRQ8VMX6XWGranolachick3351338249600Great formula, Great price on sub & saveI supplement breast feeding with this formula. I struggle to pump enough at work, so supplementing was required once I returned when he was four months. My son is 25 lbs and 27 inches at six months, so obviously he likes it. (lol) As for the whole DHA extraction controversy, do you your own research - I did and I am comfortable with my choice in organic baby formula. It mixes well, which I like a lot. It retails for 29.99 at the grocery store and every where else I have seen it in stores - i think i have gotten it as cheap as 20 a can here with the subscribe and save... Bottom line: I always educate myself on things like this and I am a big fan of Earth's Best, but more importantly, my very large peanut loves it too! :)
241804241804B0081XPTBSA19EM79OHJM55UL. M. MCLENNAN3351336780800Much less smelly than non-organic it!When we first started using Earth's Best Organic formula in the fall of 2011 it was VERY bubbly when shaken up in a bottle. I don't know if they've since changed the formulation or what, but the past couple of months the formula has been much less bubbly when shaken up so our only complaint about it has now been resolved. We especially love this formula because it is just so much less smelly than non-organic formulas. We used regular Similac with our first son and it was so stinky when he burped or when you smelled the bottle. This organic formula is somehow almost odor-free! When my younger son burps we can hardly even smell it. We love Earth's Best and are happy to be feeding our babe completely organically through his first year.
241805241805B0081XPTBSA15DJHT9VECM95K. Murdock "shoppingAddict"3351290297600great!we exclusively breastfed for 4 months, and then introduced formula. he gets maybe 1 bottle a day of formula, or if i leave him for a few hours he will have it then. it's great stuff and my son loves it. i tried enfamil and good start first and he hated the way they tasted. they even smelled bad. this one is awesome and he loves it!!
241806241806B0081XPTBSA2DPBT5AU1YKYHAmy B.3351254787200Great on sensitive tummiesMy son was a very ineffective nurser, and lost too much weight in the beginning, so we ended up having to supplement with formula. At the hospital, they gave us some ready to eat similac, and it was terrible. He threw up almost every time we fed it to him, and the stuff looked and smelled terrible -- thick, dark, sticky, and overly sweet. We try to go as organic as possible, so as soon as we found out we had to give our son formula, we searched for a good organic.

This seems to be great. It doesn't have that overly sweet smell to it that the similac had. In fact, my husband being the curious creature that he is has tasted both, and says that the Earth's Best is much better. It just looks and smells much more like something that you should give a baby. WE also have very few problems with him spitting up with this formula. He is now strictly a formula baby, and gaining weight above and beyond what his doctor had hoped to see.

I order the formula through Amazon Subscribe and Save. It saves a bunch of money (which is pretty nice at $30 a can!) and it's automatically shipped to me every month (I get 4 cans a month, but plan on upping that as his appetite increases), and don't have to worry about running out and having to make those late-night emergency runs to the store. I love Amazon!
241807241807B0081XPTBSA1TX298NLUKXJYSuad Diglisic3341245801600Great product, but need better support and informationThis Formula is great product overall.We used it for 11 months now and ever since we switched from Similac, our baby haven't had stomach cramps.
Company had couple things happened in the past, like their product just disappeared from shelves in stores , and no information from company had been issued for a while ( which is scary for consumers, it happens after melanin contamination hit news media ). Also they had contamination of some of their baby food jars as well. They are also very slow and expensive to ship products from their site, which was the reason I used Amazon.I think company should provide better information to consumers and better supply to local stores as well.
241808241808B0081XPTBSA107W3PSC48JBKatanya3351242604800Great Formula, with great ingredientsAll infant formulas have the same ratios of nutrients - that's mandated by the government. However, the ingredients used to source those nutrients, that's what's important. Earth's Best is organic, and made with wholesome organic ingredients that you would actually want to put into your infant's body.

My son was breast fed, but I couldn't make enough to meet his requirements when I went back to work. I tried Infamil once, and he threw it up. Earth's Best, he actually looked forward to drinking.

Do you know that formula manufacturers used to remove Omega 3's from formula? Because it decreases shelf life. So be prepared to use the can within a month of opening it.

Also, if your infant is allergic to soy, this product is not soy-free (It has soy oil).
241809241809B0081XPTBSA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"3351236988800Earths Best is the BEST !!Because the Earths Best Formula saved me tons of sleep I rate it a 5 stars !! Our baby was fussy, trouble being regular and sleeping thru
the night.. Our Doctor recomended we change to Earth Best and WOW
it has been great. I feel good feeding Organic. The best part is the
price...This is the Monster size can ! I looked at other web sights
and has the best price and so much cheaper than stores.

We saved an extra 15% by getting it auto shipped. I would also highly
recomend the Eaths Best baby food jars on amazon also. We get a couple of the variey packs shipped on subscribe and save.. that has saved me more than one late night trip to the stores

A happy baby and happy wife....mean a very rested and happy Dad !!
241810241810B0081XPTBSAOXN6NCPJDCW5J. Atchison121611271808000Formula is fine, but I'm not so sure I'd call it "Earth's Best"...... in fact it might just be the exact same formula as your closest local/national grocery store brand but with the added bonus of costing about 30% more. We had recently been using this formula until we ran out and I had to make an emergency run to the local grocery store for a quick replacement. The closest thing they had was their organic store brand. Funny thing is, when I got home to compare the two I noticed the ingredients are EXACTLY the same as well as some of the machine writing on the bottom of the cans where you can find the sell by date. From what I can gather after doing a bit of research the formula ingredients used to be different but have recently changed without letting customers know. Virtually all store brand organic formulas come from one manufacturing plant whether you buy it at store X or Y and it seems that Earth's Best is now being produced in this same facility but charging a premium price. I suggest checking this out for yourself, you might be able to save some money.
241811241811B0081XPTBSA3NDUDW3PFMH1RKT "Organic Researching Mom"2211348963200So disappointed...I used Earth's Best 3 years ago for our 1st son. We have a new baby, and I was shocked to find that they had changed lactose to glucose solids (SUGAR). In Europe the practice of adding corn syrup and glucose to infant formula has been banned. All organic formulas in the US have now switched from lactose to a syrup solid or glucose. We are switching to HIPP organic from the UK which is available on Amazon and a british store website. Plus Earth's Best practice of how they get the DHA/ARA is very questionable. #FAIL
241812241812B0081XPTBSA2MUS9C8E32GBVHappyMommy2251344816000greatWe just transitioned our baby from breastfeeding to formula and he took to this formula just fine! I was nervous that he wouldn't like the taste or smell of formula after having pure breastmilk for 7 months and he had no problem with this formula. It's also so reassuring to know that this is organic and high quality. It's only a couple more dollars than the non-organic stuff! It's wonderful and we are VERY pleased!
241813241813B0081XPTBSA1GBNR7OXV8PLZsouzamama2221343692800Corn Syrup Solids in Disguise.This product gets 2 stars for being organic and having no GEI's. However, when I checked out the ingredient list and saw "glucose syrup", I was suspicious. I contacted customer service and asked them what the glucose was derived from. This is the answer that I got:

"The glucose syrup is from corn syrup solids. It is a source of carbohydrates and is included to meet the label's nutrition claim for carbohydrate."

Very disappointing, as I really try to keep our diet free from corn syrup and other unhealthy fillers. I don't want my baby to drink this.
241814241814B0081XPTBSA14S8QOW04PJP7Jeffmguida2251342742400If you're forced to use formula...My wife and I were avid and determined to breast feed as long as our daughter needed. At 8 months my wife got sick and her supply was shot so we had to supplement. I did countless hours of grudging research and while I believe there is no true replacement for breast milk this was the product we felt best giving. Daughter had no reactions and drinks it fine, milestones are well hit and growth is still on curve. Seems like a decent replacement if you choose or are forced to one.
241815241815B0081XPTBSAW1WRED70S93CMommyChan2251340150400Seems healthy, and my baby prefers itMy baby seems to prefer this formula mixture over the other bigger brands. If you buy it "Subscribe and Save" it's a lot cheaper, which is nice. I breastfed for 9 months until my baby stopped gaining weight so we had to start giving her formula. She's been growing steadily ever since!
241816241816B0081XPTBSA3MFAUTG7PPLTJJonica2251339113600Great FormulaWe started using this one after a month of reseach on organic formulas. The bad thing is that when we run out of this we have to go to a store too far from us to get it as our baby will not drink any other formula and we love that the company is so responsive to our questions. Now if more mainstream stores carried this I would be a very happy mom! My 6 month old loves this the foods (she refuses to eat any other brand) and we are just now trying out the diapers from Earths best due to the fact that the pampers and some huggies have caused her to break out in rashes.
241817241817B0081XPTBSA50G6ZIYJ6K3XD. Austin2251339113600Favorite baby formula!I have been trying to find a good formula when my daughter-in-law could no longer nurse because of work. When we bought it, I tasted the formula powder against the formula that we had and was surprised at the difference! The other formula had a bitter, metallic aftertaste. Earth's Best tasted sweet, like powdered milk. Much better product and the baby responded favorably!!
241818241818B0081XPTBSA36VP44ML5AAPTS. E. Zeek2251339027200Best option.After I was physically unable to breast feed my daughter this formula was suggested by my midwives. Earth's Best is excellent and my daughter is growing strong and healthy.
241819241819B0081XPTBSA1E144FVWISXM7Victoria "shippi"2251336780800It's perfect for our daughterOfcourse it may not work for all babies....for us its perfect....we were on another formula (gentlease) first ....and I really wanted to get our daughter on a formula that's organic....she loves it! Of course not as good as mommys milk :( but its organic at least I feel a little better....
241820241820B0081XPTBSA4NP25498SWOJZoe B.2251329609600Happy baby with Earth's Best formulaWe tried different types of formula before deciding on this brand. Our 6 month old baby daughter was too sensitive to all other formulas out there. One would make her gassy and fussy, others would give her either diarrhea, or constipation. I was getting really discouraged and thought I'd have to breastfeed till she's 1. Luckily after the first bottle of Earth's Best she was fine. Now she's a healthy 11 month old and even though I am excited that we can soon stop giving her formula, I am a little sad because I am so used to relying on just this one product on her complete nutrition. I definitely recommend this product to others especially if they can take advantage of the "Subscribe&Save" option.
241821241821B0081XPTBSA1XM3DCXC6HM99L. Woods2241327881600The best option out thereI didn't use organic for my older kids, as it wasn't really available then. With # 3, it was a must. After researching formulas, we started with Similac organic since it is easiest to find in stores. We were supplementing with formula, so I wasn't overly concerned about the sugar. After a few weeks, we noticed that our baby was regularly constipated, and it took about a week (and reading reviews on amazon) to put it together. I moved over to Earth's best and within days, she was back to normal. I couldn't believe it!

That said, I do have a one small problem with this formula. Because of the source of the DHA, the formula has a faint fishy smell. We had one horrible can recently that smelled disgusting. I figured that I got a bad batch and called the company. The formula rep called me back and explained that the formula was fine, but the smell can sometimes be unpleasant. My baby wouldn't drink it! They were very nice to deal with and refunded my money. I also looked online and read that Earth's best was pulled from the shelves in 2007 for the same problem. From what I learned, cans that sit on shelves too long can get that smell. I had to go to 4 stores to find another can, since the local Target only had cans from the lot with the funny smell.

All in all, I am happy with Earth's best and will continue to use it.
241822241822B0081XPTBSA1SB41VQDRDJ8LGalileo3112251320278400My Daughter loves this formula!We tired so many formulas before Earth's Best--all the Enfamils, all the Gerber Easy Starts, and finally our pediatrician told us to try Earth's Best--my daughter loved it from the start. First, I tasted the other formulas, and they definitely were not as 'tasty' as this. Second, it's organic, what beats that?! Third, our doctor swore by it. The only complaint is it made my daughter constipated. Despite this, our doctor still encouraged us to stick with the Earth's Best, and once a day we feed her a bottle of 3oz water, 1 oz prune and that does the trick. No fussing, no cramps and no gas. The best part is my daughter is not only off the charts developmentally but also has gone through the cold season with only 2 days worth of the sniffles. :-)
241823241823B0081XPTBSA27B04G5GY41DFAnia2251318291200The best formula on the marketI started to use Similac when my Baby was first born. I couldn't stand the smell of it and my daughter was getting lots of gas and spit up. I decided to change to Earth's Best and it was the best choice ever! This formula doesn't not smell, looks more like breast milk and my Baby doesn't have any tummy problems or painful gas. It's truly a wonderful product. It is a little expensive, but it's definitely worth the higher price.
241824241824B0081XPTBSANWMYTKVZT45RNorth Shore Mama2251297814400Best for "spitty" and "gassy" babies!This formula is the the best formula! I switched to Earth's Best when the formula I was using had been recalled. Another reason is that my baby was spitting up a lot with the former formula and was extremely gassy but the pediatrician and I thought she was just a "spitty" and "gassy" baby. Her tummy could not tolerate other formulas either so I was very hesitant about trying Earth's Best at first but I didn't have many other options. It supposedly has real lactose and is less sweet than some of the other formulas and it has generally good reviews on web sites I researched. Since we switched to this formula a few months ago, my baby doesn't spit up anymore and she is less gassy. The formula must be a lot easier to digest for sensitive babies. As the company's name indicates, it really is the best!!! I order this formula repeatedly from Amazon b/c you can't beat their price anywhere!

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