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241831241831B0081XPTBSA3FVDCQDYW2ZJ1thehultman32251243382400EARTH'S BEST Formula is the BEST!!!I have been using this product since my daughter was 4 months old and she LOVES it. We haven't had any issues with spitting up or irritating her stomach. We used it in addition to breastmilk and she was willing to take both!! We really felt strongly about giving our daughter the best in organic products and felt that a company that focuses only on organic would be the best choice for us. So far we have had nothing but success!! She is now also enjoying the rice cereal and solid food!!
241832241832B0081XPTBSA2B0FXJEJB0JTDRuth A. Shapovalov "Mom Shap"2251243382400Good quality formulaI did a lot of research prior to purchasing this formula, on auto-ship, for my grandson. It was the only one I found which had, as the first ingredient, organic whey. He has been drinking this formula for five months now, and is doing great. It pays to look closely at ingredients. Your child's nutrition is NOT something to risk on the "bargain" formula or food. Buy used clothing, but get the best formula you can find.
241833241833B0081XPTBSA1NSEMOMF4JNOYPeter V.2231238976000Great that it's organic but doesn't sit well with our infantI really wanted to like this formula because it claims to be organic and gets good reviews. We used it for several weeks while our baby had crying sessions after every feeding. We received a sample pack of Enfamil Lipil in the mail out of the blue and decided to try it, and our baby has had much better feedings ever since. So Lipil it is. Over the weekend we tried Similac Organic and it looks an awful lot like Earth's Best, and again our baby has had stomach problems and gas.
241834241834B0081XPTBSA2KRRVFXNC8FSFChamaeleon Mama2251238716800Excellent productWe began feeding my daughter formula at 9 mos. due to medical reasons. I did a lot of research prior to finding this product. It has been wonderful. It smells good, she had no aversion to the taste and made the change without incident. It caused no tummy upset. Amazon's Subscribe and Save program has been cost effective and easy to use. I am so glad we found this product!
241835241835B0081XPTBSAAWNWSZC4ACNFL. Gillespie2251237766400Best formulaI was told about this product and I love it. And knowing that my child gets the best for formula out there makes me happy. I like the fact that it does not have corn syrup solids in it like Simalac and all the rest. Its as natural as be for formula. I am so happy that they make organic formula that is not from a Pharmaceutical company.
241836241836B0081XPTBSA1BWQU33GS5TL0V. Kapoor2241232755200Better milk than other big brands....I bought this milk after reading few daughter had gas problems with similac, so we thought of trying this product.Actually, most of the parents don't know about this milk, but we anyway tried...We are lucky that this milk is better in digestion for my baby and she has lesser problems after drinking this formula..Will recommend this formula and will buy again!
241837241837B0081XPTBSAQWHB1NAQT2INSatyen Shah4541341187200Organic formulaWe've been giving this to our infant. He seems fine. It does take time to fully dissolve. Meanwhile I am skeptical about the ingredients change, and about the reduction in container size from 25oz to 23oz.


241838241838B0081XPTBSA3U029B8Z5WGI2Kat "kttykat16"4551231977600Organic formula that's great for my kids!Earth's Best Infant Formula is easily prepared, organic, and my kid drinks it. I like the formula because it's organic and has DHA and ARA included so I know my kid is getting the nutrients he needs. When I ordered, it was sold in a 4 pack(and shipping and tax are included!) so we had enough formula for the month. Highly recommended!
241839241839B0081XPTBSA6GJFKA2QLL30Jai6811333238400Can't trust anyone these days...Biotech company Martek is under fire for nondisclosure of non-organic manufacturing processes of their infant formula additives, DHA and ARA, which have made their way into numerous infant formulas, including some bearing the USDA Organic Seal. Martek's DHA and ARA products are synthetic attempts at omega-3 fats, chemically extracted from algae and fungi that have never before been part of the human diet. These infant formula additives, never USDA approved, have been heavily processed and chemically treated with solvents like hexane, and modified with the use of recombinant DNA techniques, all of which are supposed to be disallowed in organic products. There are hundreds of adverse reaction reports filed with the FDA about infants suffering severe gastrointestinal distress, vomiting, and diarrhea after consuming formula with these additives. Political shenanigans and powerful corporate lobbyists threaten the quality and safety of your products, including a recent increase in the tolerated level of pesticides in American product

241840241840B0081XPTBSANBJNY2KUWGT3Sparky6821323907200CONTAINS GMOsMy daughter is almost a year old and still breastfeeding. However, I had to have emergency breast surgery when she was 3 months old and she had to take some formula off and on during that time. I chose the Earth's Best brand because I like all of their other products. She seemed to tolerate it fine and we had no issues. Imagine my shock reading the Organic Consumers' email newsletter just now informing me that Earth's Best formula was found to have genetically engineered neutraceuticals (in the DHA). Apparently, Horizon Organic milk does too, which is very angering....if you ask me, if a component of a product has to be GENETICALLY ENGINEERED, that product is clearly not 'organic' and shouldn't carry the organic labeling.

The only thing I will say is that the Earth's Best brand is a good brand, and I'm sure this product is still much better than all the conventional brands.....I would still pick this over regular infant formula any day....however, the organic label is misleading in a product that apparently contains GMOs. I don't want GMOs anywhere near my developing child, and until law passes that all GMO food be labeled, I guess you can't even trust organic food now. Buyer beware.
241841241841B0081XPTBSA2MUCQUAUSMVS0Val9955142011296864000Changed the formula-added sugarWe fed our son only Earth's Best formula from the day he was born. We have used this product for 7 months. My last purchase I looked on the ingredient list and to my surprise the formula had changed. It now has "organic glucose syrup solids"...added sugar. Why change a great product by adding sugar? I now will be changing to another product and possibly no longer use organic because I feel the added sugar is more harmful. Thank you Earth's Best for 7 months of a good product. Now the doctors thank you for adding to the obesity epidemic and the increase in type 2 diabetics in the US. You have lost a customer.
241842241842B0081XPTBSA3OQ40N5PAFIBQMrs. Deming1111349222400Made My Son SickI started my 3 month old son (who is partially breastfed) on the regular Earth's Best formula, because I wanted something with organic ingredients that closely matched the Weston A Price Foundation's recipe for homemade formula. My son did really well on this formula, but was a little gassy, so I decided to give the Sensitive formula a try & ordered 2 cans. Within just 2 days of him drinking this stuff, he was projectile-vomiting EVERY formula meal, but not the breast milk. It didn't take long to connect the dots & figure out that somehow it was the formula messing with his stomach. I did more research & bought the Target brand Advantage formula, and supplemented with infant probiotics. He's been fine ever since.
241843241843B0081XPTBSA30S2XWHFQZ8X0Reviewer1151344902400I feel good about this formulaThat pretty much sums it up. I mostly breastfed my kids, but when we were ready to switch to formula, I felt good about this one. Didn't smell or taste chemically, and it was organic. My second baby had a milk protein sensitivity so when he was younger and I first had to supplement with formula, we had to use Nutramigen and could not use this formula. I hated the fact that there were no organic options for milk sensitivity (I wish Earth's Best had an option... they have a Lactose Free option but that is not the same thing). Luckily when he got closer to 1 year he outgrew his sensitivity and we were able to switch him to this formula. Much happier with this product.
241844241844B0081XPTBSA3CP9JMK5ZK5FBtmalia231151344902400If you've got to use formula, use this oneOur baby likes this formula and we like that it's organic. We use one bottle a day at bedtime to give her a boost of iron and DHA/ARA.
241845241845B0081XPTBSA104I8GSX4XO1OMaureyBell1151344297600If u have to use formula this is the best one By far!!!!!!!!I tried & tried & tried to breast feed & after hiring a lactation nurse, taking drugs from here & Canada ... Pumping every 2-3 hours with what looked like a car battery. I finally read in my studies & research that women with bad thyroids sometimes can not breast feed. So there you have it. Then I turned my research to formula & this one is by far the superior formula. My baby bear lives it. He actually likes it room temp.
241846241846B0081XPTBSA2V27NDS13P9DUNikki1151343433600No organic brown rice syrup!I wanted to nurse my daughter for a full year, but I had supply problems from the start. I managed to keep at it for 7 months, but I had no choice but to go to formula. Earth's Best made it easier for me to make the transition to formula feeding. I was so grateful that it didn't have brown rice syrup in it (which was found to have high levels of arsenic), and it didn't upset my baby's tummy. I guess it tasted fine, because she took right to it.

I almost went with Similac Organic because of name recognition, but then I read about them using organic cane juice, which makes it sweeter than other formulas. Forget that! I'm glad I looked into what was going into the formula.
241847241847B0081XPTBSA3PHTUS4T1HZO1Baloueyes1151341446400A formula I can trustMy husband and I did a lot of research when I was unable to continue breast feeding our 6-month-old. When we settled on Earth's Best we saw all our worries about formula fade away. Our little one eats it well and has not had any issues with it, and we feel confident we are feeding her the best option for an organic formula.
241848241848B0081XPTBSA1AKKOIRMO21H5Ashley1151340496000Great product and price with ship and save!I wanted to stick with organic formula and tried similac organic but that seemed to give my daughter stomach problems. She really reacted much better to Earth's Best and it also seemed to be not as thick and foamy as the similac (more like the consistency of breast milk). This product does go for $35-$45 where I live so doing the ship and save through amazon is by FAR the best price! I had been getting it shipped for about 4 months now (daughter is 7 months old now) and price has only fluctuated maybe $4-$5 for the pack of 4 containers. This still at the most breaks down to $23/container- can't beat it! Easy to mix, occasionally gets little chunks but can be mixed with a quick shake. Highly recommend for value and quality of the product.
241849241849B0081XPTBSA2FLS4R98UTQ4FM. White1151336348800The only formula I trustMy baby just loves this one. The other brands just didnt work for us. I also conducted some research and this one seem more safer than others. Whould definitely recommend. My child has been using this one for 6 months now and for the next 3 months as well :)
241850241850B0081XPTBSA180ZA415OYRINPen Name1151335225600Great formula.I read about many formulas and the one I like the best has been Earth Best. I reccomend this formula to all the moms that are looking for a great product.
241851241851B0081XPTBSA7G9HB8LOYQIOChristopher Cutlip1141334448000good as far as we can tellafter reading the most useful negative review on here, a few times, i can only comment on the things i know.

here's what i know.

we had to start supplementing with formula around 8 months because my wife's breast milk supply started to decrease. my daughter took to this formula without any problems. she did not have any negative reactions to the formula.

we have been happy with the purchase and continue to purchase the 4 pack with subscribe and save at around a 27% discount to purchasing retail at Babies R Us.

i would recommend this to others.
241852241852B0081XPTBSA9YE56CCJN8UOLharp1151333670400Great formulaMy infant loves this formula and he has not had any tummy or constipation issues. He didn't like the gerber good start formula we were using before.
241853241853B0081XPTBSA3S67S3WUGF6L1carpenterlady1151332806400Organic Baby FormulaWhen my great granddaughter was born, 9 mos. ago, I determined that I would make sure she had organic formula instead of conventional, and organic food, as well. I want her to have the best nutritional start possible for general health and brain development. I was thrilled to be able to purchase Earth's Best in the 31.75 oz. cans through Amazon. The order arrived at my home in a very timely manner, and I am relieved that she has what I consider to be the best possible formula (since she is now on formula) going into her rapidly growing little body.
241854241854B0081XPTBSA1C90M3Z4IGPR1fourwades1151332374400has been consistently good for babyOur baby has been on this formula for the past several months and has never had a moment's problem with it at all. A couple days on a traditional formula (emergency situation) had her doubled over in pain, but as soon as she had Earth's Best again, all was well.

Amazon's price beats the local stores and the auto-ship feature is convenient, They delivered right when they said they would.
241855241855B0081XPTBSA2256865IXHUPXJason H1151332201600Our Triplets Love It! Very Affordable.My wife and I are parents to 9 month old spontaneous triplets. We originally were buying another brand of organic formula (major brand at Target with green lid) prior to giving this brand a try. Our babies had no reaction to switching and enjoy this formula just as they did the other brand. We feel good about providing them an organic formula during the 1st year of their lives and this brand is the cheapest all organic formula we could find that was readily available. Couple that with the 15% subscribe and save discount and you've got yourself a great deal...

Since we need to feed 3 babies (now 9 months old) and not just one, saving any amount of money makes a big difference to us. Thanks Earth's Best & Amazon for making our lives a tiny bit easier!!
241856241856B0081XPTBSA33ASPY3MUM222daaangolicious1151332201600LOVE IT!!You just never know what's in the products you purchase anymore... so it was exciting to find out that they offered an organic baby formula!! I felt awful when my breast milk production suddenly came to an end, as I really wanted to avoid formula for as long as we could. But my son started on this formula at about 2 months and he loves it. I tried one canister of Similac (only b/c I hadn't discovered Earths Best yet) and he seemed to spit up a lot after each feeding. At 4 months old (tomorrow) he's a healthy 18 pound boy. We are very pleased and look forward to trying the baby food that Earths Best offers for when he's old enough for solids.
241857241857B0081XPTBSAWRXZJWL3CGKQLaura Marie1151330560000Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula Review - Price?I love this formula! I started using it when I weaned my son off of breastfeeding around 9 months. I would have liked to continue breastfeeding to be honest, as it is better for baby in my opinion, as well as MUCH cheaper, however, I promised myself I would listen to my gut, trust my instincts as a mom and follow his cues, and that just seemed the time to wean so I did. I do love this formula, even with some of these reviews about the toxic stuff and syrup solids - people must realize that NO formula is perfect. A woman has breasts for a reason and no formula will ever compare, in my personal opinion. Not good or bad, just as mother nature intended it. Debating or reviewing the product itself is not the main reason I decided to write this review, however.

My main reason for writing this review is the fluctuation of the PRICE. I was going to order last week, however it was almost $100 (with the S&S discount), where I had originally saw it for around $85. I logged back in today and saw it was $84.15 and decided I was going to order it today. A few hours later, when I went to place the actual order, it was $87 something. Now, this really isn't as big of a deal as it is annoying. I would still be paying $29.99 plus tax at Babies 'R Us per can, which is just shy of $130 for four cans, so you still save a considerable amount of money. The way I look at it, I buy 3 and get the 4th can for free ordering them on Amazon. However, what gives, Amazon???? Why does the price seem to change by the hour/day? That's obnoxious. Just a heads up to buyers really...order it when it is priced LOW and it's a phenomenal deal (although you do save money no matter what)!
241858241858B0081XPTBSAFCIC5AWGBYAISrijani Yeshamaina "siri"1151330387200Best productAs the name itself says "Earth's Best" it is best. My baby accepted it and she is enjoying. when baby is happy is happy
241859241859B0081XPTBSA2AKQ66CE8CSSNChevas N Stancliff "Chevas"1151330041600Great price for organic formulaMy daughter does great on this formula, plus I love it since it organic. She was on a very gentle formula for her stomach prior to this and she has adjusted fine. Plus ordering on amazon it is priced right.
241860241860B0081XPTBSA1K7A38V48VEJVTucson twins1151329523200LOVE this formula!My first priority in choosing a formula was that it was organic. I tried 2 others before buying this - they both had a funky smell and tasted awful (my little one agreed!). This mixes wonderfully, has a very pleasant smell and actually tastes nice (I figure if I can't stand it - no way my baby will enjoy it multiple times a day!). The subscribe and save price is better than purchasing through any retail stores. Highly recommend!

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