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241872241872B005Y2J4HEA3U3OPFXKE9G4Zyukon sunrise0051335312000Great!I found these in a discount rack at the grocery store due to the date on them. I also picked up Udi's Chocolate chip cookies and something like Brownie bites (looked like mini chocolate muffins). Of the 3 items, these snickerdoodles were the best. Great flavor, soft but not mushy- really just all around good! The chocolate chip cookies were good but pretty sweet for our liking. The brownie bites had a weird taste in them that hung around; frankly we didn't like them. We love chocolate but i sure am glad i picked up some of these as they were the best of the 3 and the first to get eaten. very good.
241873241873B005Y2J4HEA3H8288VHL1607Nicole Brown0051327276800Udi's Snickerdoodles are an amazing gf treatSnickerdoodles are probably one of the harder types of cookies to make successfully in a guten free version. Luckily Udi's makes one that is top notch. The cookies are soft, moist and full of the cinnamon and sugar flavor a snickerdoodle is supposed to have. These must be kept frozen unless of course you or your family eats them quick enough; if kept out they do get dry pretty quickly but otherwise they are great!
241874241874B005Y2J4HEA14NCJIRXX4AB5L. Salinas0051325203200Best Snicker-doodles EVER!!!I received a package of the Udi's Gluten Free Snickerdoodles just before Christmas. I have not had any gluten free or even regular snickerdoodles in over 6 years. These are by far the very best snickerdoodles I've ever had both with and without gluten! They are soft, just the right thickness for a nice chewy bite, and the perfect amount of cinnamon. I shared them with other family members who are not gluten free and they were very surprised to find that they were gluten free and the best ever! If you haven't tried them, they are a must!
241875241875B004PHC5WAA200B02A3JTJCBKay0051346630400Great for my dogWe have a Cocker Spaniel with many allergies and skin issues and lots of tartar(plaque) on her teeth. After being on the Purina One Beyond Chicken and Whole oat Meal her skin has cleared up and her teeth have much less tartar.
We are very happy and so is her vet.
241876241876B001AHJ2FQA7D9GDW7TBZX0RouxJazz0051283126400Stale...Stale...Stale Chips (Issue Resolved!)I normally love these chips when I buy them from the grocery store, however you can never find them in the small bags. I was so excited to find them here on Amazon ... but these chips arrived very stale, I was so disappointed. My guess, they were just old!

***UPDATED Review*** Thank you Amazon for quickly handling this issue. The next batch of chips that I received were fresh and delicious! You guys get an A+ in customer service. :-)
241877241877B001AHJ2FQAYOBUR1SCOGH5jbugs0051279929600The best chips in the world!These chips are great tasting and better for you than any others I've found. You can see the flax seeds and they have a great grain taste and just the right amount of salt. Crunchy and stand up to dips and cheese, but i like them plain. Perfect.
241878241878B001AHJ2FQA16B1NU5AFKWQNBethany0051279670400Best chips ever!!These are the best tasting chips. They're are addicting; great taste, healthy ingredients, what else can one ask for?
241879241879B001AHJ2FQA3FQ5GFRWV1WY8Tina0051279411200Delightful surprise at the airport store!Was waiting for our airplane & wanted something healthy to snack on - to my delightful surprise, I found your product (Multigrain one), looked at all the numbers on the back of the package & was amazed how good they were; then was further amazed how good tasting they were. To my further delight, I have now found them in my local market (Vons in California)and want to try all flavors - then I shall order from you via the internet for more savings. Thank you so much for the people who developed this product!! Tina in CA
241861241861B0081XPTBSAZGQR5ZE1SH1QReviewer ACW1151329350400Great findI've tried other organics and found this to have great ingredients - actual lactose rather that brown rice sugar - and it mixes well. Others (namely Similac organic) have a gritty texture where this powder mixes to the consistency of actual milk.
241862241862B0081XPTBSA3DBEAFA56M355dschwalm1151328054400LOVE!My baby really responded well to this formula!! he does not experience any constipation but you may notice they have BM less frequently but in bigger doses (lol) He does smell like cheese after a few days from the formula coming through his pores but he really loves it and its a great value for such premium ingredients!
241863241863B0081XPTBSA384KMIDQM8385Ami1151327968000Breast is best...but, Earth's Best rocks!I have to admit, I have been a bit snotty when it comes to formula vs breast milk. An advocate for breastfeeding, I never thought I would need to resort to feeding my baby formula, but my view has changed dramatically over the "debate" when my 5 month old demanded more than my body could produce, leaving me to find another source of food for her. As a result, I now think formula (at least Earth's Best Organic!) is such a great innovation. As parents, I think we all strive to give our children the very best, and so in my search for an infant formula, I went to our local health food store (Mother's Market) and came across Earth's Best, read the high quality ingredients and decided that it was worth the extra money. Thankfully, our daughter responded very well to it and didn't have any lactose issues. I also like how it has iron, since BF babies lack the nutrient. Anyway, our daughter has been on Earth's Best Organic going on three months and couldn't be a happier baby.
241864241864B0081XPTBSA35MDIBPAX9X7Usassymom1151323993600Baby loved this formulaNothings gets passionate moms fired up for debate like formula! If you have decided to offer formula to baby, then I think an organic product is the way to go.

We choose Earth's Best because we trust the company and were scared by the many frightenig reports about imported, non-organic formula.

We tried all the natural and organic brands and this was the one that baby accepted easily and stayed with. I love that its organic and available in stores, so I can always buy extra if we fall behind in orders. Subscribe & Save also offers this at a very reasonable price and ensures that the cupboard is always full.

Some reviewers have commented that it clumps-- I didn't notice any difference in clumping between this brand and others. Shake vigorously and problem should be solved.
241865241865B0081XPTBSA1YOQDSP040JOTchagpl1151321747200ExcellentI am very happy with Earth's Best Formula and so is my baby. Although he is primarily breastfed I wanted to use formula at night.
After much research and trial and error I am glad to have found Earth's Best. With no sugar my baby does not get tummy problems or painful gas.
With Amazon subscribe and save it is really affordable too.
241866241866B0081XPTBSA34ZL8XZ9JAFAZBubba Jo1141319068800A good formula for supplementingMy 2-month-old son didn't gain enough weight in the first two weeks of being exclusively breastfed, so we knew we'd have to supplement with formula, especially considering that human milk banks charge between $3 and $4 an ounce. Of course, we wanted to use something organic, considering that we're trying to avoid chemical exposure as much as possible (glass bottles, cloth diapering, natural detergents, etc.).

He likes this formula, and with the Amazon subscribe and save discount, it's much more affordable than buying it in a retail store. It is, however, the first formula we tried. We haven't used anything else, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, other than the expressed breastmilk that my son still gets.
241867241867B0081XPTBSA2XX2LYU21B4J1Colleen T. Gish "Colleen"1151317686400Best Baby Formula!I had to stop nursing and chose to use Earth's Best formula partially for the convenience and price on Amazon. After using the product, I never switched. My baby rarely spit up and never had any GI problems.
241880241880B001AHJ2FQA1OUQU7BBA9GR7F. Butler "stable secretary"0021279152000Too saltyBuffalo Chips from FoodShouldTasteGood are crispy and spicy, but they're too salty for me. I wouldn't have ordered them if the description had included their salt content.
241881241881B001AHJ2FQA37G6YK98GPCLThe JuneBug "junebug"0051278028800LOVE THEM! NATURAL!!! HEALTHY!!!!Want a quick snack that is healthy? I have tried the multigrain, lime and chocolate chips. EXCELLENT-E. Why on earth do the grocery stores not sell these? EXCELLENT.
241882241882B001AHJ2FQA1BVXU3QPVWY3Ravgpretty0051277510400Don't be fooledOh my gosh! Who knew a "chocolate" chip would taste so good. The only bad part is I ate much more ice cream so I could dip them then before.
241883241883B001AHJ2FQAI4MII2CX1EQMMrs. M0051274832000Best Chips EVER!...and they're GOOD for you!We found these at Costco and fell in love with them. They're SO GOOD...and they're actually good for you. Since I couldn't find them at Costco the past couple of times I went there, I searched online and found them on Amazon. Funny...after I ordered them I now see them at my local grocery store chain (Ralph's)...and even on the flight I took across the country last month (United Airlines). However, I'm still glad I ordered a big box of them because we go through them pretty fast. :)
241884241884B001AHJ2FQAZRJH4JFB59VCLynwood E. Hines0051274313600Really enjoyed these!These tortilla chips are delicious! And they don't contain any bad oils or artificial ingredients. I am following the Perfect 10 diet (with good success) and these fit on the diet nicely (in moderation of course... it is a starch). Only way this could be better would be if ingredients were all organic.
241885241885B001AHJ2FQA10T0506VKU7O8Ardita0051273449600Great snack!!Love these chips. They taste great and I love knowing I'm getting in my grains while eating something that tastes good.
241886241886B001AHJ2FQA3R8GMMQBX0OADMa Princesse0051272067200Best Snack Ever!!I love these chips! This is the best snack ever! And on top of that, it's healthy. What a combo.
241868241868B0081XPTBSA200JVRYLHIITUMary A. "IRDA"1151315526400Good formulaThis formula is one of the few out in the market that is Organic! My husband and I really wanted to feed our newborn nothing but Organic & when we found this one we were really excited & we hoped that she will be able to tolerate it especially after being nursed for 6 months. Luckily she took this formula in well and rather enjoyed it! I know they also have a soy one but we never needed to try it out. I buy this one all the time now, & the best deal is to go subscribe & save!!
241887241887B001AHJ2FQA2JNTWFB5S7PYVJane Talesnick0041270944000crunchy & delicious!These are one of the most delicious & healthy chips I have purchased.
241888241888B001AHJ2FQA1RCFUB6PR7GXGH. Welles0051265673600Great Multigrain ChipsIt is nice to find good tasting snacks that are not loaded with salt and fat. The multigrain are the only kind I eat regularly, but taste is a personal thing. The price from Amazon is guite a bit lower than the grocery store too.
241889241889B001AHJ2FQA2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"0051262822400OMG!!!! Solves that craving!!Oh, YUMMM!!
These are THE best chips I have tasted in years. I am allergic to lactose, gluten, soy, mint and grapes, which has made it hard to go through these past several years craving soda crackers or something akin to them, and even trying (unsuccessfully) to come up with a workable recipe I can make for myself. Now I have found them! These are my newest comfort food. Wonderful with a chilled glass of Diamond Almond Milk, and I am that little kid back in the kitchen sitting with my milk and crackers. The texture and tender-crisp "bite-factor" (to me) is so close to that of good, old fashioned crackers - - and the flavor is just deeply satisfying. I will be up in the middle of the night snacking on these for sure. I cannot rave enough about them, but I see that others agree with me in the quality and "yummy-ness" quotient of these wonderful chips! To me they taste closer to crackers than tortilla chips and that is SOOOO yummy!
Thank you AMZ for putting these on S&S!!! Come next payday I will need to be getting a whole case, maybe 2!! (Can't be running out of them.)

FoodShouldTasteGood Tortilla Chips, Olive, An All Natural Recipe, 6-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
Olive Tortilla Chips
241890241890B001AHJ2FQA32RBPR18NJUOER. Robinson0051262822400The Best Chips Ever!I stumbled on the Multigrain chips at the little store where I work. I love them and buy them by the box from Amazon now! The ingredients are all words you would expect and no long chemical names you can't pronounce. The Sweet Potato is very good too, but I did not like the Olive flavor.
241869241869B0081XPTBSA38FOAE358FBFNKMatthews1151306886400Great option for our house!We did a lot of research on formula for our son - and switched him from the Similac Advanced that we supplemented with for the first few months, after reading the list of ingredients on the side of the container.

Switching my son to EB was a breeze - we had absolutely no problems with gas or fussiness. It's a great option for those that can't breast-feed.

Regarding the clumping: I typically filter water for my son's bottles in the morning and again in the afternoon, and set the bottles out at room temperature in between. This is how my son prefers his bottles, and I've found that either room-temperature or warmed water helps to break the clumps up and then it's very easy to mix up.
241870241870B0081XPTBSA2ZOBF48JDYVW5Happy Baby...Happy Mom1151297209600Life SaverMy son has an acid reflux issue since 10 weeks old and this is the only formula that he can keep down. There has been a dramatic difference in his personality since we started him on Earths Best. He is a much happier baby. Each one of these cans cost $30 at the stores but if you order through Amazon and join there super saver program you can save tons of money. Thank you Amazon for making this formula affordable for our son.
241871241871B0081XPTBSASKV4YHN33YFORobert S Raposa1151296950400It's FormulaNo complaints. I did see this product later for $29 at whole foods (versus the $25 per can paid here). Whole foods was actually selling this product side by side with the can without the bonus 20% for the same $29. Strange.

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