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242017242017B001AHJ2FQA1HGG2IMGAZQFDiana Lovejoy "word hound"1151237248000Real chocolate and sweet/salty addictivenessHow could a chip get better than the Food Should Taste Good chips? I love the distinct, natural flavor that's built into the chip, balanced with the perfect amount of sea salt sprinkled on the outside.
These are whole-grain, high-quality, no-junk, full-o'-flavor...and the bag looks stylish, besides.

Highly recommended! Easy to eat the whole bag - but you actually feel OK even if you do (woops). (I had no sugar rush, only a very slight chocolate rush, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

Seal of approval from Lovejoy Fitness --
242011242011B001AHJ2FQA2XWQ5BTADG7R0JMT Cairn1151255305600Great chips!I have to say I am NOT particularly a fan of sweet potatoes but I love these chips. These chips are unique and a great, healthier alternative to "standard" chips. I will pack them in the kids lunches and take them to work as a snack. So glad I took a chance and tried them.
242012242012B001AHJ2FQAA1PG8JCWEXLBFirmin1151252454400Really goodThese are great--a mix of corn and sweet potato, really addictive, and gluten-free. A great product.
242013242013B001AHJ2FQA2Z75T77Q31H9XD. M. Bean1151250553600Amazing flavorful chip!I saw these on display at my supermarket and tried them on a whim. Boy am I glad I did! They are spicy and flavorful. I would describe them as a medium hot; the heat kicks in after you've eaten a few, but it's not too hot. They are so excellent with just plain sour cream -- it's hard to stop! They are also sturdy enough and big enough to use as a cracker if you want to top them with cheese slices or relishes.

Buying a case on Amazon saved me $1.00 per bag compared to the grocery store. And, thank you Amazon for placing the case inside of another box before shipping. They arrived in perfect condition -- no crumbs! I think I'll go have some more...
242014242014B001AHJ2FQA26Q1RPWNQYGV8J. R. Turner1151250035200These are the BEST!I just tried the Olive chips and they are AWESOME! I highly recommend them and I plan to order different flavors. Don't hesitate ordering a carton of 12,you won't be sorry.
242018242018B001AHJ2FQA2IR7IIYUCBLT2WV Granny1151234396800Outstanding chipsThese chips are great. Finding them here on Amazon resolves the only problem I ever had with them....finding them.
242015242015B001AHJ2FQA2344608CT2821Rae1121241827200Only flavor I did not like at allI like all of the flavors to a degree, except this one. It's really salty and the combination of flavors isn't good.
242019242019B001AHJ2FQA2UR2L4PFTKUSASeattle Hobbit1151223337600Delicious! If you like olives and like corn chips, you must try them!AMAZING chips. I picked them up at Whole Paycheck, and as soon as I'd had a few, I ran to Amazon to see if I could buy them by the carton!

I believe I have never tasted a better chip of any sort.

They're lighter and crisper than the usual kinds of tortilla chips that come in brown paper bags, and they have the taste of olive oil, black pepper, salt and olives.

I ate them right out of the bag, but I could see them working well with some kinds of pate or hummus, too.

The main down side: one 6oz bag contains 840 calories, and they're quite addicting.
242016242016B001AHJ2FQA1MFG9E45RX5OWdolphins1121240531200OKWe LOVE the multigrain chips, but find the chocolate to be just so-so. Heating them slightly helps and my son & husband will eat them. But they're not the best. The other flavors are definitely worth trying, though.
242020242020B001AHJ2FQA3L6MXFVGLIUS9workoutfan1151222128000So good...and good for you!I love these chips. They are bursting with flavor. You can dip them if you like, but they can easily stand alone. I like several of the FoodShouldTasteGood chips, but these are my favorite. They have just the right amount of heat. Yummy!
242021242021B001AHJ2FQA10LIGIT9EGCM9cocopupu1141221696000Tasty and Healthy SnackThese are tasty and healty for a snack food. Low fat content but still satisfying and crisp. Would pair well with cheese and dips for parties.
242022242022B001AHJ2FQACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"1151221696000SesameFlavor in a Healthy ChipThese multi-grain all natural tortilla chips have a subtle but distinct sesame seed taste.

They go great with a slice of cheese or dip. I love them with a thin slice of Colby.

Last but not least these healthy chips contain flax, Sunflower,oat fiber and brown rice. One small one ounce package contains 11% od dietary fiber.

They are delicious and very satisfying and I recommend them highly.
242023242023B001AHJ2FQATN4J5VS8Q0YMAnna Hope1141221696000YUM, Chips...!Not optimistic about the taste of healthy chips I was expecting these to taste roughly like chewing a cardboard box. Boy was I surprised and delighted! These chips taste like a cross between a salty Frito and Sun Chips. With no trans fat, no cholesterol, no crazy preservatives to make them look good after months on the shelf. And even though they taste so yummily salty there's only 80 mg of sodium. Compare that to your average chip! I'd definitly eat these again.
242024242024B001AHJ2FQA1QVFHPY8418HCmonkuboy1151220832000Tasty SnackI am munching on these chips as I type, trying to keep the salt off my fingers and from going on the keys. I like the way they taste. The flavors are mainly of stone-ground corn, but you can tell there are other ingredients, as well. There's a nice nutty aftertaste. I like texture, too. Just the right amount of crunch. These chips aren't overly salty, either, another plus.

Nutrition-wise, these chips rank among the more healthy versions. There are only 140 calories in a one ounce serving, a lot less than the normal 200+ I see on similar products, and the amount of fat and sodium is a lot lower, too. It's got 3g of fiber = 11% of an average daily requirement. There are no trans fats cholesterol, preservatives, etc. It seems that the FoodShouldTasteGood company made a sincere effort to produce as healthy a product as was possible given the ingredients and requirement to make something that tastes good.

One reviewer said the chips were too hard and tasted stale. My own experience was that the chips tasted fresh and were crunchy but by no means any harder or crunchier than a regular tortilla chip. The expiration date on the bag is in November. With no preservatives, it seems odd that the bag the other reviewer tried had an expiration date more than a year away.

My only hesitation would be the price. Currently these chips aren't in stock on Amazon and there is no pricing given so I would say you'd have to evaluate whether or not you wanted to pay that much for chips, even though they seem better for your health than other brands and they taste good, as well.
242025242025B001AHJ2FQA1OZA52DFY3SHDGaz Rendar1141220745600Interesting chip, but maybe not the best for salsaThese tortilla chips have an "all-natural" feel to them, and a somewhat unique taste, which is both good and bad.

First off, I'll just comment on the packaging. The singular bag is made of a relatively thick foil-like material and is air puffed tightly. The result is freshly crisp, unbroken chips in the bag. A nice bonus and much better than standard lunch-sized chip bags you find from most common companies.

As for the taste of the chips, they're pretty good. I liked the olive and garlic flavor when I was eating them by themselves. However, when I paired them with some salsa, the olive taste didn't match up that well. They might go better with a french onion chip dip instead (though I didn't try that).

So if you want fresh, never-broken tortilla chips to eat just by themselves with no dip, these do rather well. If you're looking for a chip to go with your bowl of salsa, you may want go elsewhere.
242026242026B001AHJ2FQA3OO4WIO4SKD55I'm hungry. feed me1131220572800No Olive flavorWhile these chips taste good, there was no olive flavor in them whatsoever. You can even see the real olives in each piece, but the added olive did not add anything to the flavor. All I could taste were plain tortilla chips that didn't taste much different than Tostitos. I just think if it's olive flavored, it should taste like olives.
242027242027B001AHJ2FQA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"1151220486400Vegan Natural Kosher Gluten-Free ChoiceVegan. Natural. Kosher. Has "Certified Gluten-Free" label on package. Bite-sized rounds in a portion-controlled 1oz (28g) package. Prominent garlic powder flavor note with subtle olive flavor overtones. Nice natural choice for those who liked garlic and flavored chips and crackers. 140 calories, 2g protein, 7g fat, and 80mg sodium per package. Made with stone ground white corn, sunflower oil, black olives, green olives, sugarcance fiber, garlic powder, and sea salt. [Received one 1oz package of this product at no cost through the Vine program.] Also really like FoodShouldTasteGood Multigrain, 1 Ounce Bags (Pack of 24) in the Multigrain variety. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
242028242028B001AHJ2FQA43WCF8W3GM8ZK. Kurpiel1141219881600Very nice chip, even better ingredients.A good chip, though some folks might be put off. The olive flavor comes from real olives put into the mix. So this means some chips are -Olive- flavor, and some are just a hint of olive flavor.

Personally, this was a sizable plus. Not a every tidbit crunched is the same kind of flavor chip. If you need something more standardized in the way of flavor you're going to want to look elsewhere. I liked these better than the multigrain to be sure. Still only 4-stars because it didn't -wow- me the way I want a 5-star product to reflect in my reviews. The smaller chip size should not fool you because it's still sold by weight.

It arrived nicely packaged from Amazon, I did not have a bag of crumbs but intact chips. Something of a plus with products like this.

To sum up. Wonderful flavor overall, but don't expect every chip to taste the same.
242029242029B001AHJ2FQA3GX6U4H2CRY71Ann Lee1151219881600Almost TOO good to be healthyI had planned to try these crackers with several different toppings, but I had eaten most of the bag before I stopped long enough to try some with Mozzarella cheese. (A great combination!)

Since I try to keep my diet on the healthy side, I have to curtail occasional urges to buy potato chips, which I love. This product is the first I've found that I enjoy as much as chips. Was particularly happy they are not high sodium and have no six syllable ingredients.
242030242030B001AHJ2FQAWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"1151219881600Great snackThese taste great and are good for you. I will put them in my kids school lunches for a treat.
242031242031B001AHJ2FQA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff1131219795200multigrain taste and not too salty too bad they are fried and not baked
242032242032B001AHJ2FQA2XXTGHE0YVZSZNiya1151219795200good-tasting snackThe texture of this chip is firm, solid, substantial, and minimally crispy. The taste is rich with favors of different seeds and grains. It seems that the inclusion of sesame seeds, in particular, makes this chip especially aromatic and pleasing to the taste.
242033242033B001AHJ2FQA216NSW58Q3SCJccincalif "ccincalif"1151219622400Great taste and healthy too-my kind of snack!I absolutely loved this snack! If you like olives, you will too. The taste of olives is just right, not to strong and not too subtle. The reason I don't just like this snack, but love it, is because I'm a label reader and don't buy products with lots of ingredients that I can't pronounce. These cracker/chips have no trans fat and only a handful of ingredients that you'd have in your kitchen. My kids tried them, they weren't too excited about them-but I'd buy these just for my husband and me-they are just yummy!
242035242035B001AHJ2FQA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"2351220486400Vegan Natural Kosher Gluten-Free ChoiceVegan. Natural. Kosher. Has "Certified Gluten-Free" label on package. Bite-sized flavorful crackers in a portion-controlled 1oz (28g) package. Multigrain goodness. Yummy whole flax seeds sprinkled throughout. Crunchy. Big rich flavor. Very satisfying. Ideal for lunches or for those craving a quick snack of premium tortilla chips or healthy crackers, but don't want to open a big bag. 140 calories, 3g protein, 7g fat, and 80mg sodium per package. Made with stone ground yellow corn, sunflower oil, brown rice flour, flax seeds, turbinado cane sugar, oat fiber, sesame seeds, quinoa, soy flour, and sea salt. [Received one 1oz package of this product at no cost through the Vine program.] This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
242036242036B001AHJ2FQA3JY5JLQ1ENMHXCamy Tang2341219795200TastyI have to say, I really like this chip.

It's a bit thinner than the flaxseed tortilla chips I normally buy at Trader Joe's, and the flavor is nuttier.

The small package size is very nice for diet-conscious snackers, although I will say that I wish it were a little bit easier to open. But maybe the thickness of the packaging and the tight seal at the top is to keep in the freshness better.

The price point isn't bad, although I can get chips cheaper in larger bags at local grocery stores.

Overall, a very good snack product in a very convenient size.

Ingredients: Stone ground yellow corn, high oleic sunflower oil, brown rice flower, flax seeds, turbinado can sugar, oat fiber, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, soy flour, sea salt.

One serving: 1 oz. (one package), 140 calories.
242037242037B001AHJ2FQAG4U11RFDY7LUVirginia Campbell0051337558400so doggone salty-goodOh, my gosh, these things are almost too good. I love olives, and these Olive Tortilla chips from Food Should Taste good are salty, taste-texturey, and full of three kinds of olive flavor. Unique and utimate salty snack satisfaction. You could dress them up with a creamy or savory dip, but I think they are best in all their naked salty glory. Yum!
242038242038B001AHJ2FQAPJFQN4KTXUHRMr230041330214400Decent chip for GF folksThis chip is one of our family favorites to dig into chili, guac, or other hearty (meaning thicker) foods.
Unfortunately Amazon has taken it off the subscribe-n-save, so off to the local grocery store during sales...
242039242039B001AHJ2FQA1J347HEYHAO08rennie0051329868800ADDICTING!These chips are the BEST out there. Period. Love, love, love them. I haven't tried a flavor I don't like. Excellent with salsa, hummus, taco salads, or just plain. THe multi-grain is great, and I also like the blue corn. This weekend I just tried a couple of new flavors I found in a store, Sweet Potato BBQ and Sweet Potato with salt and pepper. Oh my gosh good. My husband likes the Jalapeno kind. I generally don't care for spicy things and was hesitant to try that flavor, but it wasn't bad spicy, and just had an all around great flavor like all the others. Add in the fact that they are gluten free, all natural, AND non-GMO.....goodness, if they were only organic I think I'd pass out!
242040242040B001AHJ2FQA3NKR9XZ5SXHS3Donna Holman0051329177600These are GREAT!Food SHOULD taste good and these chips live up to their name. But the best part is, they have a lot of healthy ingredients, including high oleic oils that may increase good cholesterol. The only problem is how to stop eating them once you start!

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