Amazon Fine Food Reviews

242041242041B001AHJ2FQA1G5VT1IQI0WNQValerie0051322438400Great Chips!I love the taste of these chips! If you are looking for a healthy snacking alternative, this one definitely fits the bill!
242042242042B001AHJ2FQAM664EF0JYMT0Laurie "icupip6"0051322438400unbeleivable!Whoever thought of putting Chocolate with these chips is a guinus! The perfect amount of chocolate, not over flavored. Awesome tasting chip!
242043242043B001AHJ2FQA3F6Y22G5MS9M0Calliopia0051319587200Excellent Chips.These are excellent chips. I have enjoyed them in larger bags and was happy to find these affordable smaller bags, as they are so good that I can easily eat the whole bag if I buy a big bag! They arrived fast and very fresh. I also love that they are gluten free, so I was able to recommend them to my nephew.
242044242044B001AHJ2FQA3287L089CZCDQJ. Malinn "MAGNUM"0051314835200Jalapeno HeavenThe Jalapeno tortilla chips have a great taste, not too salty, and a pretty good nutritional profile. Since they come in 6 oz bags, they are great to enjoy while watching sporting events, etc. while not worrying about over indulging.
242045242045B001AHJ2FQA3IFP5TDI34G5CSHIRLEY SMITH0051312848000FoodShouldTasteGood Multigrain Tortilla Chips, 1.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24These chips are great. I carry one or two bags around with me during the day so I can munch on them when I feel a little hungry and it's not the right time to have a meal. I found out about these chips from a vending machine in a waiting room when I felt a little hungry. What impressed me was that they are made with real ingredients, flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds to mention a few. Since you can find almost anything on, I went online and found that I can order them and receive them every month on auto-ship. I highly recommend them.
242046242046B001AHJ2FQA1OT5GNKX296T2A. Rasmusson0051303689600So delicious!I love these chips. They're crunchy, slightly sweet & salty, and really delicious. I love that they're gluten free (because I wouldn't eat them otherwise) and free of a lot of other things too. They have a great flavor!
242047242047B001AHJ2FQA2R1HUYHXV7H18Kristi G., mom of Sage0051300492800REALLY GOODThese are really good- they aren't too salty but just salty enough.
They aren't strongly olive flavored, it's very subtle with the corn chip coming through and just a hint of the multigrain as well. They aren't too thick- they are crispy and really, just right.
My husband can eat a big bag in one sitting, I have to watch him with a new big bag, or he doesn't leave any for the rest of us.
242048242048B001AHJ2FQA2DZ7NEAGOXIPDJ.M. "jzig217"0051292630400DeliciousI like all of the Food Should Taste Good varieties that I have tried (Multigrain, Jalapeno, Sweet Potato, and Olive). They are delicious, but also low sodium, all natural, and vegan. They are great with hummus and on their own. Unfortunately, I love them so much that I usually pig out and eat an entire bag. Local stores do not offer the single serving bags, so I decided to order them. They have the same great taste and quality as the larger bags, but I don't have to worry about going overboard.
242049242049B001AHJ2FQA4IHCZ7QSUEJFjtmomof30051291420800Best chips ever!Foodshould taste good chips are the best ever. This price here is incredible. I love that every ingredient is something I know and can pronounce.
242050242050B001AHJ2FQA2SLPWNVXLZDAVBev Scott0051288396800THIS food does taste good!These are very addicting tortilla chips! So good, in fact, that we get them automatically every three months now. Yummy. Good with just about anything or nothing.
242051242051B001AHJ2FQAFZLTNAZRI9Y9Hope Hankin0051286582400great chipsI love these chips and they are expensive in the grocery store. This was a great buy.
242052242052B001AHJ2FQA2P3BQNIAGDS8VCTJodi0051286236800Excellent taste!First, the chips arrived in perfect condition having been double-boxed by Amazon, with the outer box very sturdy. I have share the chips with friends, and we all love them! Very unique taste. Highly recommend.
242053242053B001AHJ2FQA2U563ZJL3HF87Barbara V. Carrara "Addicted to Books & Jigsa...0051285113600Best Tasting Chips ever & healthy too...Excellent price, too.They are so YUMMY that my family is on their third case order of the multigrain chips. (FIFTH case total) They are wonderful alone or with guacamole or salsa or other dips. They are lower in salt content than most other commerical chips and have 3 g of fiber. The multigrain is our favorite but we also like the sweet potato chips. As the local grocery stores sell them for $3.79 a bag...$2.36 a bag is a steal....and if you use the current coupon GOODFOOD it is a $1.83 a bag. WOW!
242054242054B004WLO7U2AFFXD011I6F4QGeorgette M Naqui8851229385600Wonderful tea! Tasty, many health benefits and naturally caffeine free.I l0ve Tulsi tea! This is the very same brand I used when we lived in India, which is where it is imported from. I am SO happy to find it here in the States!! Tulsi, also known as "holy basil" is a delicious herb, related to the basil plant, but tastes more along the lines of mint. It is an antioxidant, and a powerful tea to detox, or just to relax. Plus it tastes great. No caffeine, so drink it day or night.
242055242055B004WLO7U2A3QFVEQNX2FQ8PDeja Vu "Angela"6651236470400Delicious Organic Tea!I tried this tea for the first time three days ago and have used 2/3 of the box already. It is a delicious tea to drink any time of the day. My daughter and I are very pleased we discovered this product and will be drinking it regularly from now on. It has a very pleasant taste with a very subtle hint of mint. I do not care for mint tea; however, I love this tea! This tea is great for reducing stress and energizing. I wish Amazon sold it with free shipping. 5+ stars!
242056242056B004WLO7U2A2X8Q7MUPQAO9PI am a Goddess4451236729600one of the best - from a tea connoisseurI'm an avid tea fan, and I like a good solid black tea. I'll drink an occasional herb tea, and I'm aware of all the healthy reasons why one should drink herbal tissanes, but I still enjoy my black tea. That's where this tea comes in. It's a nice hearty breakfast black, but as is their signature, it also contains holy basil, with all it's wonderful health benefits. Now it doesn't taste overly herbal at all. It's a nice blend, and it handles sweetener (honey is my choice) and milk or creamer well (I use a good soy creamer...). And it's organic! I'll take that everywhere I can. And the tea is harvested consciously! YAY! This is a feel good all around tea!
242057242057B004WLO7U2A1PADEED9OG547Tax Lady0051343174400Delicious option to regular tea, caffeine freeFor many years I have been a "dyed in the wool" tea drinker, not herbal, not flavored (like Earl Grey), just good ole black or oolong tea. But I read reviews of tulsi and thought I would try this. Well what a shock to me that I actually LOVED IT! I thought I didn't like any herbal tea, but now I'm a believer in tulsi, and I drink this tea on a daily basis.
242058242058B004WLO7U2A3522P0DTTPMN6snowflake0051325548800Fantastic FlavorMy son came home with a box of this tea because he knows how I love Licorice . I could not find this tea anywhere and found it on Amazon. I ordered 4 boxes.My neighbor loved it also and I gave her one of my boxes. She problably will be ordering this tea for herself. If you are a fan of licorice as I am, you will love this tea.
242059242059B004WLO7U2A1I0XJDGDISQX8Jeri A Bettis Rohus0051318809600Dad loves it!Dad loves it! I bought it because I saw it on Dr. Oz and he was talking about the benefits for dementia or alzheimer's patients!!!
242060242060B004WLO7U2A2Y6ISJ6BLY95IShriDevi0051310947200YUM!Best chai tea in bag form ever! Love that it has Tulsi in it... aka holy basil, great for relaxation. The taste is great.
242061242061B004WLO7U2A29M7DWYC0AB75Hank Kingsley "Hey Now!"0031307059200good tea, bad quality controlthe tea is very fresh but the bags are too cheap and often tear. and i don't know why they bother with the string. in the box i purchased, EVERY string fell off before i could even put the bag in the cup.
242062242062B003GEIFBSAE6KNBCR1YCNBLuke Fowler1131311897600Liked Tuscan and Southwest. Dislike BBQ flavor.I enjoyed and quickly ate the Tuscan Almond and Southwest Cashew flavors of these nuts. The flavor is quite strong, but good. Lots of "flavor powder" coating every almond or cashew. There was something about the Barbecue flavor that I don't care for, so those packages are still sitting around. I'd give the Tuscan and Southwest flavors 5 stars... the Barbecue 2 stars. (I do generally like Barbecue flavored products).
242063242063B003GEIFBSA34AKYERWHKPWZJim A0031342828800Good flavor but way too sweetI enjoyed all three varieties with the BBQ flavor being my favorite and the cashews being my least favorite. I do find them to be a bit on the sweet side though and can't eat more then a few at a time because of this. Cane sugar is the second ingredient in 2 out of the 3 of the flavors. I'd buy them again, but probably not in bulk.
242064242064B003GEIFBSAU9C0VOTA11B1Sarah S. "Lilac"0051338336000Love TheseThese are great! Tons of flavor. Personally I like the flavors with almonds the best. A great price- definitely worth giving them a try to see if you like them.
242065242065B003GEIFBSA3HDSXYKN4T4RQphamster0011328572800GROSS!I WAS SO EXCITED BUYING THIS ENTIRE LINE OF NUTS!!!! I LOOOVE THE CASHEW POMEGRANATE NUT ONE and i thought i would find another awesome nut flavor among their variety packs. WAS I SO WRONG. THEY WERE ALL GROSS. EVEN PPL AT WORK WOULDNT EAT THEM AND THEY WERE FREE. im only buying the cashew vanilla pomegranate from now on. if i had to choose a second it would be the almond sea salt one but i'd definitely never go for it over the cashew/pom.
242066242066B003GEIFBSADU6LGFXOO4XFAnnamarie Lubow "Anna"0051307318400Tasty and Gluten Free!!Absolutely the best savory nut snacks ever. I get tired of sweet all the time and these are spicy and good. Now that their entire facility is gluten free I plan to buy a lot more!
242067242067B001R3BQC0A3TH4DTP2OXUWXMary Siedschlag1151304985600Good teaThis was a brand I had not seen before, so I bought it based on description, and price. All the flavors met my expectations, and then some. I love the convenience of individual packs, and multiple flavors in one box is an added plus. I would definitely buy this product again.
242068242068B001R3BQC0A7K545P84DSYHStephen L. Hatfield "KnowUNIX"0051322524800For those of us who don't like plain ol' water . . .I've always kept powdered drink mix on hand for when I run out of my favorite bottled drink, juice or tea until the day I ran across these Totally Light 2go at a friend's house. I filled my green tea bottle with cold water and added the pre-measured, pre-sweetened packet and the tap water instantly became an enjoyable, satisfying beverage!

With an abundance of flavors, I actually look forward to having these drinks; they are that good!

242069242069B001R3BQC0A165S6NPL5O86XElizabeth A. Pressler "lizzi"0051308268800Great Alternative to Crystal Light!I try to avoid having too much nutrisweet/aspartame, the sweetener in most diet drinks, because it can make me feel crappy after a while. But I've always loved the little crystal light powders similar to these, so I finally went on the hunt for an alternative and decided to order "Totally Light."


They're just as good at Crystal Light and theyr'e sweetened with Splenda/sucralose, which I MUCH prefer. The variety packs, like this one, also appear to be a better price than if you order all one flavor. Yet another win!
242070242070B001R3BQC0A1ULRXA92FLDLUS. E. Regan0051306540800Great priceI was first introduced to these little gems at Sam's Club, but they no longer carry them, so I turned to Amazon and found a great price on a product I hope to keep using for years. It is the first (and only) individual serving drink mix diet tea I have found that is sweetened with Splenda - I don't do aspartame. Delicious, too!

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