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242100242100B005Q8IXXMA3U029B8Z5WGI2Kat "kttykat16"0031330732800Glorified Chocolate MilkSo many people have written the breakdown of reGen, but the real question is: "does this stuff work?". Well, for me, it wasn't too bad, but didn't make me work out any more or less than when I drink a Gatorade and eat gummy bears while working out. I tried drinking reGen when I was doing a run (treadmill) and I found it easy enough to run and drink at the same time (punctured the top with a straw - not included). Actually, reGen should consider adding a straw to the box, since the top has the "foil square" that you can rip off - this makes it easier for those who are on the go! The drink itself is a little more sweet that I'd like it, but it wasn't jarring. I found that my workouts didn't last any longer, but it didn't suffer either, so it was great for me. All in all, it's a pretty good drink while working out, but considering the cost, I probably will stick to my Gatorade.
242075242075B001R3BQC0A13XISH6C2F7L9R. Fairchild "The Tactical Computer Guy"0141313020800Ordered wrong pleasant surpriseWell dummy me I thought I was buying the energy drink, but instead ordered the tea and lemonade. I figured what the heck, I'll give it a try for the times I don't need to get my motor going... Got a shaker of ice and 18 oz water and did the tea and lemonade mix first. Well I'll be! No after taste like Crystal Lite, and this is really pleasant to the palate.

Okay so this was a well spent $12.50 with free PRIME shipping. I got 3 boxes of 24 (total 72 servings) for a 16 cents per serving cost... Cool! I did notice the price was jacked up to $38 today! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!???

One complaint was the packing. The boxes came a little crushed, and the seams were also broken on the box. The sleeves of powder are fine though.

Just ordered the Energy version for just under $12 for 72...
242076242076B000S15C0EA16KC5NYXPP8EMAlex Roper141441274140800Good price, delicious grainSo I'm biased because I love Amaranth and living in SoCal without a car means it's hard to get my hands on. I started googling around to buy online at one point and was amused to find Amazon sold grain but decided to go ahead. So I bought 20 lbs of quinoa and 10 lbs of amaranth from this seller about a year ago, give or take. The quality is fine (grain is grain), shipping was reasonable given it weights 30 lbs, and I've been eating it all year. Still have some left, but it'll be time for another order in a few months.

Amaranth is great as a replacement for malt-o-meal or cream-o-wheat for the nutrition conscious, as a replacement for rice in many dishes, and I've even used it to make risotto with some home-grown mushrooms and asparagus. Quinoa has a more rice-like and less hot cereal-like texture than amaranth, but I prefer amaranth's flavor. They're both good though.

For best results, dry toast in a cast-iron skillet (either grain) before cooking like rice. (I use 3:2 ratio water:grain for quinoa and 2:1 ratio for amaranth)

Get used to the taste people...these are two of the only complete proteins found in the plant world, and as our planet gets more and more overcrowded we're going to be eating this and tilapia instead of meat. I, for one, won't mind!

One word of warning: it comes in a non-resealable bag, so get some jars or old 2 liter soda bottles/milk cartons for storage. Should keep 1-2 years at room temperature or indefinitely frozen.
242077242077B000S15C0EA24PE97SWENG29Dew0031349740800Quinoa qualityThis product though looks same as what we have been buying so far in retail, is different in quality and when cooked appears and tastes a bit inferior.
242078242078B000S15C0EA2RUWWVPHBH9KZBeline0051344988800Just as Good as GritsAt first I cooked it the wrong way and it didn't taste good. I have been cooking it like I cook grits and it makes a big difference it taste pretty good. I have been cooking it with beans, vegetables, and other things and I love it now. I even got my family to start eating it. The shipment for this item was quick and the packaging was good, I can't complain.
242079242079B000S15C0EA2CSEGTL93IWPAdboosh0031344384000will be 'ranthing for a whilepurchased this 10lb bag because the local store (sprouts) stopped carrying it, and the alternatives on amazon are too pricey/lb.

i prefer amaranth in mornings as hot cereal with flax, dried fruits and nuts added. i also have a bag of puffed amaranth from mexico that's sparingly used as a baking additive. they use this with honey, etc to create the confection known as "alegria."

this shipped really fast and i still need to figure out where to store such a large quantity. as soon as i unpacked it i noticed an herbal smell, which is not like the amaranth i'm used to. i figured it was the packing, and maybe the bag picked up some other odors from a warehouse.

unfortunately, after opening and cooking, the smell was still there. it's kind of like a touch of fennel seed or anise. normally, i like the plain nuttiness of amaranth, but this batch has some backpacking smells i'm not used to. i'm going to try rinsing the seed before cooking to remove/lessen the extra scents, but would prefer a more neutral smelling amaranth.
242080242080B005Q8IXXMA2503LT8PZIHADScary Gertrude, the Bad Sheriff for Life "Li...2251335225600reGen-er-ate!One of the best things about reGen is it actually contains COCOA, not chocolate flavor. It is the third ingredient! Water, sugar, cocoa, milk protein... Yes, it does have 200 calories per 11 oz. That's a lot but in this case, it's worth it.

This had a funny taste to it at first - kind of like those plastic containers of children's chocolate milk that doesn't actually contain milk products -- but it was momentary. It tasted better the more I drank it.

This 3:1 formula is meant to accelerate recovery and it's exactly what I needed. I have only recently broken out of physical therapy again and been able to go to the gym to lift weights. The first thing I did was overdo it. The second thing I did was overdo it. That was also the third thing.

There's no way of knowing whether this is working, not really. It's a part of the entire picture of health. They have made a website regen2recover to explain about their theories about recovery.

The hardest part about incorporating recovery drinks into my workout routine has been their flavors. If you don't like the flavor, then you're not going to drink it. I've tried a bunch of protein and soy mixes but I don't like most of them pretty equally. They are chalky and dusty and take time to make. They may be lower in calories but then add one banana to the calorie count and it all changes.

This one is my favorite so far. It's so much my favorite that I keep them in a file drawer. Shhhhhh!
242081242081B005Q8IXXMA2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon1151332288000Workouts are less painful a day laterI am a big fan of hard workouts with weights and drinking chocolate milk afterwards does help ward off the pain you feel a day later. Cocoa is a great antioxidant and increases circulation while the 3:1 carb protein ratio promotes muscle recovery. This is a convenient way to have it on hand as most chocolate milk requires refrigeration this one can be stored in the pantry and used both cold or room temp so you can take it to the gym. The taste is great, rich, thick and very chocolaty. It is an 11 ounce serving container and when compared to an 8 ounce container of Organic Valley brand chocolate milk they are not too terribly different. Here is a side by side comparison although please note, the serving (container) sizes are different. Nothing particularly special or unusual about this product however, it does have 5 gr. fiber and less cholesterol. It does taste quite good and like any chocolate milk, it helps reduce muscle fatigue and pain from hard exertion. Good product.

"Organic Valley" chocolate milk serving 8 ounce / "ReGen" serving 11 ounce (NOTE: DIFFERENT SERVING SIZES)

calories from fat: 160............200
total fat: 2.5.............4.5
sat fat: 1.5.............1
cholesterol: 15..............5
sodium: 290............320
fiber: 1.................5
Sugar: 25...............25
protein: 9.................11
Vit A: 10%............10%
Cal. 30%............20%
iron: 4% ..............6%
Vit D: 25%............10%
242082242082B005Q8IXXMA1H1BPKUMGVIA8P. Bergbauer "Reading Raven"1131331683200reGen Chocolate Muscle Recovery BeverageReGen is a good product giving a 3:1 ratio of carbs (35g) to protein (11g), along with some natural cocoa. It is great for on-the-go consumption and you can drink it at room temperature or chilled (it will make you thirsty afterward, though). This is a great product for anyone who lifts weights, as it gives you perfect post-workout nutrition.

However, I think a glass of high-quality chocolate milk will to the same job for you. Studies show that chocolate milk aids the body in muscle recovery.

It is really important to refuel after a workout - especially within the first 15 minutes. This is where ReGen really shines as a product. As a bonus, it tastes great.

But, I'm going to stick with chocolate milk. It does the same exact thing for less money. If chocolate milk isn't an option for you (due refrigeration issues or some other reason), ReGen is a great replacement.
242083242083B005Q8IXXMAWPODHOB4GFWLMartin A Hogan "Marty From SF"1131330905600Good Product, But Pricey When ComparedI've used MUSCLE MILK for three years and like the taste and always felt that it gave me enough Protein (32 g) and Calories (640), but with 18 g of Fat.

REGEN has less than 1/3 of Calories (good), less than 1/4 of Fat (good), same amount of Potassium (good), three times the Carbohydrate (?), 1/3 the amount of Protein (bad) and the same amount of Calcium.

MUSCLE MILK (15 servings)
Calories 640
Total Fat 18 g
Potassium 600 mg
Total Carbohydrate 12 g
Protein 32 g

REGEN (24 servings)
Calories 200
Total Fat 4.5 g
Potassium 525 g
Total Carbohydrate 35 g
Protein 11 g

Regen doesn't taste bad and I like the fact that it has Cocoa (important anti-oxidant) and you don't have to mix it. But REGEN is about one dollar more expensive, serving to serving. Since I've never had an issue with Calories but wanted the Protein, REGEN falls way short on that. Compare these ingredients with the price and although REGEN is a good product; for the price, I am sticking with MUSCLE MILK.
242084242084B005Q8IXXMA3IMO49QD6OYKND. A. Ross1141330041600If Gatorade and MuscleMilk made sweet, sweet love ...Carb-fearing folks need not apply. Nor those who focus on low-intensity, non-metabolism boosting workouts. But for those who train hard, be it running, biking, swimming or lifting weights, reGen's new Chocolate Muscle Recovery is an excellent post-workout drink, offering a balanced 3:1 carb to protein ratio. For those uninitiated, a 3:1 carb to protein ratio has been established as a key balance for replenishing glycogen stores in the muscles, thus preventing catabolism (where your body breaks down muscle tissue as energy) and allowing for peak muscle/protein synthesis.

I'm in the gym 5 days per week, doing a variety of strength training and intense cardio, so I'm always looking for ways to cut my recovery time. There are so many drinks on the market, that it's often a chore trying to figure what works best, but reGen is definitely a new drink of choice. Why?

* Many post-recovery drinks don't offer the balanced 3:1 ratio of carbs/proteins
* the protein source is a quality protein isolate, which is more bioavailable to the body
* reGen has an ample dose of natural cocoa, which helps combat free radicals created during a workout, thus preventing cell damage
* lactose free (virtually, anyway), for those with dairy sensitivities
* excellent source of potassium and other electrolytes
* 5g of fiber?? This is awesome, as it brings the net carbs down to 30g, and gets 1/5 of your daily fiber into your body
* it tastes AMAZING

Here's a breakdown of the nutritional data:

Serving Size: 11 fl oz.
Calories: 200 Fat Calories: 40
Total Fat: 4.5g (7%)
Sat. Fat: 1g (5%)
Cholesterol: 5mg (2%)
Sodium: 320mg (13%)
Total Carb: 35g (12%)
Dietary Fiber: 5g (20%)
Sugars: 25g
Protein: 11g

Vitamin/Mineral Profile:

Vitamin A: 10%, Calcium: 20%, Iron: 6%, Vitamin D: 10%, Vitamin E 10%, Potassium: 15%, Magnesium: 25%

Water; Sugar; Cocoa; Milk Protein Isolate; Contains 2% or less of: Canola Oil; Maltodextrin; Rice Starch; Cellulose Gel; Dipotassium Phosphate; Salt; Natural and Artificial Flavor; Magnesium Phosphate; Carboxymethylcellulose; Tricaclium Phosphate; Carrageenan; Dextrose; Vitamin E Acetate; Vitamin A Palmitate; Vitamin D

Bottom line: if your workouts are intense and you're burning tons of calories, this is an ideal post-workout drink, containing elements your body absolutely needs in order to recover. Some may think it's a bit on the pricey side, each serving coming in at nearly $3.00, which is why I gave it only 4 starts instead of 5. But, sometimes you get what you pay for, and in this case, you're paying for a quality drink that will help elevate your workouts to the next level!
242085242085B005Q8IXXMA31YSTICHFYN7OCPR "xfilebuffyfan"1151329868800Well Made & Tasty - I'm SoldIn the past I haven't had much luck with premixed protein/recovery drinks. And of course, mixing your own can be annoying as well. I've been looking for a good recovery drink for about 3 years now as I train for half marathons and until now I didn't have much luck. I spent most of my time mixing powdered drinks in my blender - and rewashing my blender everyday. Everyone knows that protein drinks don't mix well and tend to clump, so using a blender is always the fastest way.

With the reGen drink, at first I was skeptical. I thought I would have to shake the drink immensely and then of course still have clumps, but I did not. The drink is smooth and, to me, tastes like Double Fudge Yoo-Hoo. It's a chocolate milk like taste, but slightly thicker and more chocolately. And of course, the drink does not need to be intensely shaken. In fact I forgot to shake one and really didn't notice much difference. The consistency seems evenly flavored.

The protein level in this drink is perfect for runners & bikers, but seem a little low for weight lifters. It has 11 grams per container. I personally drink one for a 3-5 mile run and if I run 6-8+ miles I might have two.

One thing I like is that they travel easy. Even though they are basically like milk, they are easier than milk for my needs. I often throw one in my backpack and take it with me to the gym. After running at the gym, I drink it on the way home. I usually stop to get a cup of ice at a convenience store to drink it with. I think they taste best ice cold, but they do not have to be refrigerated unless already opened. This makes it easy for someone to put in travel pack while hiking, running, biking, etc - unlike milk these will not sour in mild temperatures, but I would not subject them to 80+ degree temp for very long.

Overall I highly recommend this product. If you are looking for something easy & tastes normal - this is it.
242086242086B005Q8IXXMA2V5R832QCSOMXLeanne1141329696000Convenient and especially tasty when chilledExperts recommend that within sixty minutes of completing a weight workout, you drink or eat a mixture that provides a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein to add in muscle repair and recovery. While making a shake with protein powder, milk, and a banana or other piece of fruit is usually how I go this route, this reGen drink makes a convenient way to help your body with recovery.

Here is the nutritional breakdown for this product:

200 calories
4.5 grams total fat (7%)
1 gram sat fat (5%)
320 mg sodium
5 grams fiber (20%)
25 grams sugar
11 grams protein

The high sugar content is where the carbs come in, and is comprised of maltodextrin and rice starch. The protein portion comes from milk protein, which is more easily assimilated by the body than other forms of protein like soy.

The cocoa taste is also delicious, and these are especially good if you keep them stored in the fridge. If you're familiar with Muscle Milk Lite (which is the recovery drink I usually purchase), I think that the reGen has a richer taste.

While it's true, as the previous reviewer noted, that drinking some regular ol' chocolate milk will aid in recovery, this has the added fiber and is also pretty convenient. I could see easily tossing one of these into a gym bag so that it's handy to drink right after completing a workout.

There are certainly more cost-effective ways to get a recovery beverage, but this is a fast, convenient, and easy way to re-fuel after a grueling workout.
242087242087B005Q8IXXMA16GBXDS51J019A. Neilll0031340236800Tastes good...I haven't noticed any special recovery benefits, but maybe I haven't worked out hard enough to notice the difference between this and anything else.

However, the kids do leave it alone for me to use, whereas they tear into the sports drinks, as well as the regular chocolate milk with wild abandon, so it does have that going for it, as well as the decent taste.
242088242088B005Q8IXXMA1VS1LL905P5L5hyytekk0031340064000A positive addition to your workout routine, with a footnoteThere are countless supplements and sports drink products available with their manufacturer"s marketing departments often making extravagant claims about their benefits. In making purchasing choices, logic and common sense, of course, should be the deciding factors. During any exercise or sports routine our bodies call on a fuel stored in the muscles and more so in the liver called glycogen. Glycogen releases glucose, yes sugar, that metabolizes to power our activity. After strenuous exercise the muscles need to recuperate and glycogen levels raised as well as electrolytes, potassium and sodium, reintroduced into our system.

ReGen's four primary ingredients are in order of percentage: water, sugar, cocoa, milk protein. The knee jerk reaction is to recoil that sugar is the primary ingredient after water. But sugar does need to be replenished. Cocoa is being touted more and more as a kind of superfood, in moderation, containing more antioxidants than any other food. It is said to have a plethora of health benefits. It's inclusion is more understandable when it is noted that it is manufactured by Apure Foods which is a subsidiary of Hershey Chocolate Co. If you're asking yourself, what makes this product different than just drinking a glass of chocolate milk, you have a valid point, especially when comparing the cost, costing somewhere about 6 times as much as chocolate milk. No doubt there is a higher concentration of cocoa in reGen , also it is lactose free, if you are intolerant as most adults are to some extent.

As for taste, I found it to be quite good with a deep chocolatey taste as would be expected. Its packaging is compact and so easily fits into a gym bag. As for results, that's something very difficult to determine. You need to replenish fluids and fuel and water alone is not sufficient; though water and a small snack, like an orange or even a dark chocolate bar with milk are advisable alternatives though less convenient. In all, it may be a moot point since at least one web site purporting to be from Apure Foods, said the product has been discontinued though it remains in some inventories until supplies are all sold.
242089242089B005Q8IXXMA1SP366J07MNUAdebisi A. Ilori "beecee"0041335312000Great Taste, good job!I am a casual jogger. i spend at least an hour every other day in intense jogging some times more. I needed something to aid the recovery of leg and calve muscles. I have been into a little bit of weight lifting too. Usually, after jogging for an hour i have muscle aches that last till the next morning which means at times i only jog once or twice in a week. Since using this, i have found out that the aches no longer last till night. I sleep well and have been able to increase my jogging to almost a daily affair. I also need to mention that this is a great tasting drink. I had to hide it from my children who wanted to always take one. Unfortunately, i see it is no longer available on Amazon, will definitely order more when they become available
242090242090B005Q8IXXMA2240J73FTPR21Robert C.0041332288000Unsure of the muscle recovery benefits. Positive it tastes great though!While I cannot speak of the "muscle recovery" effect of this product or any measureable way to decide if it actually helps or not, I can say for certain that it tastes very good, especially if you are a chocolate lover. Normally, I would prefer a drink much higher in protein content and lower in calories after a workout. Unfortunately, that often means artificial sweeteners and other relatively unsavory ingredients (imo). reGen is sweetened with good old sugar. The protein source is isolated milk protein (whey), not soy, and that's good because I wouldn't touch soy with a ten foot pole. The rich chocolate flavor comes from real cocoa of all things, and it really makes reGen taste GREAT! Additionally, reGen is 99.9% lactose free if lactose is a problem for you. Shake it up and drink this stuff cold out of the fridge and it tastes just like a rich chocolate milk, only better. What a treat after a workout or mowing the lawn!
242091242091B005Q8IXXMA3NO9NOCWLFAAJSusan "Bubbasu"0021332288000No changesThis has a nice taste but I think a glass of chocolate milk would work just as well!! I did not notice any difference with my muscles after exercising. For the cost I think you could get by with the chocolate milk! I'm not an exercise fanatic. I was looking for something to help make my muscles recover faster from the stress of exercise.
242092242092B005Q8IXXMA1L7R2764ED46YG. Hembrough0041331769600Taste great however...ReGen has a great flavor (it tastes like chocolate milk if one opts for the chocolate flavor) however, it contains too much sugar in my opinion. Some of the top of the line recovery drinks contain less than the sugar content Regen has. Overall good product but beware if you are watching your sugar intake.
242093242093B005Q8IXXMA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"0021331769600ickReally didn't like the taste of this as it was quite chalky. Sort of hard to get down. I felt like I was drinking a Boost or Ensure. Sort of thick. There are better ones out there.
242094242094B005Q8IXXMA37RIRXE3WECZApril Blake0041331769600reGen Chocolate Muscle Recovery BeverageI like this muscle recovery beverage after the end of a workout (I do an hour-plus 6 days a week, cardio and weight training), because after working out, I find I have kind of a panicky feeling, because I'm hungry. I don't really know how much someone like me needs a fancy muscle recovery beverage, but the reGen beverage definitely helps get rid of that so-hungry-I'm-panicking feeling. The taste is pretty good for this kind of beverage. It reminds me of a Hunt's Snack-Pack Chocolate Pudding, just thinned a little. And I really mean a little You want to shake this stuff up good, because it's thick. I'm a little conflicted on the 200 calories per serving, though. I've read that if you drink some chocolate milk made with skim milk, that's a good post-workout drink, too, costing less calories than this one does. But this is shelf-stable, easily portable, and for this kind of beverage, tasty. If you're in the market for this kind of beverage, this one's a good pick!
242095242095B005Q8IXXMA24O15MYDNLZBELori Smart "Amazon Queen"0021331769600Don't See The PurposeI'm not a body builder, but I am very into nutrition science. Personally, I feel that this product is a waste of money. If you are serious about getting fit, you would use real foods to NOURISH your body. This stuff is all sugar. A little planning ahead and stocking up on real fruits and vegetables will do the trick for a lot less money, and save your health in the long run. It actually didn't even taste good. Do some research, too, before buying anything like this. You'd be better off following Crossfit protocol and sticking to protein,fats, and minimal starches while avoiding simple sugars.
242096242096B005Q8IXXMA1ZNCMFIECPTVTT. Ruth "Onlyloveisreal"0041331769600tastes great not sure I need this over chocolate milkLove the great chocolate taste. I put it in the fridge so it's cold. Not sure it's worth the price over chocolate milk. It's made for the taking right after a work out and I haven't noticed a difference. I gave it four stars for the taste.
242097242097B005Q8IXXMA2R80172BBNSTAJ. Miller "multi-user"0051331769600Lunch ReplacementI do work out some and was expecting to drink this only before my work outs for muscle regeneration. Surprise, the taste is extremely good and I because of the high protein and low calorie nature of the reGen, I find that in the last two weeks replacing lunch with one 11 ounce beverage satisfies my hunger and has helped me to lose almost 5 pounds with no other change in my routine. Will surely keep this stocked in the fridge both at home and at work.
242098242098B005Q8IXXMA3KGLXW3EYDTUHck "moonshadow"0041331769600Shelf-Stable SustenanceThe manufacturer provides thorough details about the composition of this product, so my focus is on my response to it thus far. After exercise, my usual priority is hydration, especially because I live in a humid climate, which just adds to the sweating (sorry, I've been struggling with a more delicate way of putting this!).

In those moments, my mouth and stomach prefer water; electrolyte or thicker beverages just don't appeal. I also wondered about the taste and stomach feel of something others had described as similar to chocolate milk. Would reGen taste or feel chalky or gritty? Would it sit heavily in my stomach? I read through the list of ingredients and the reasons for their inclusion and put my game face on, reassured in part by the product being lactose-free (more on this later).

After several days, I was surprised to find that I wasn't dutifully sipping a carton of reGen to the bottom, I was actually enjoying the taste. No off-putting chalkiness, no subsequent stomach heaviness or discomfort, even on hot, humid weekend afternoons. Although the product provides a bolus of calories, the number fits within my daily intake.

This product seems thoughtfully designed. It is 99.9 percent lactose free (a concern for many, and probably part of the reason it doesn't sit heavy in my stomach). The carton is simple to open and drink from. And while it tastes good cold, it also tastes all right at room temperature.
242099242099B005Q8IXXMA2SSV6KM3W1VFDA. Zerkle "Loves Great Kitchen Gear"0041331424000This product is different.This product is different. I am thinking carefully as I write this to explain why. It tastes great. The real cocoa in it makes a real difference in flavor on the positive side. I plan to use this for making great healthy milkshakes in the hot desert this summer. I will buy this again but to be honest Im not sure if its really great for muscle recovery or not. Tried it after running with my dogs and hard several times and didn't feel much difference. However it is tasty, I believe it provides nutriants and is not a waste of money. I will buy this again. Something I liked about it is it is lighter then a product like Ensure so for me was easier to get down when not truely hungry. Have a happy painfree healthy day *smile
242071242071B001R3BQC0A2AXCG4MDR37Y4C.G.0051305936000Tasty and refreshingMy wife and I really like this drink. We don't like our drinks too sweet, se we used about half of the mix to water that is recommended. It taste great and beats drinking soda.
242072242072B001R3BQC0AV72VS6NMTOKDaxa50050041301616000goodUnfortunately I really dislike drinking water so this is a good way to "get my water intake" in... i guess haha. I drink a lot since purchasing these. I have noticed a weird aftertaste with some of the flavors but it`s not too strong to the point I can't drink it. I`d buy it again but I`d probably stick with the lemon flavor.
242073242073B001R3BQC0A2IPJL42361NMUTeresa0051288051200Splenda Ice Tea Mix Ins!!!Most powdered drink mixes are made with aspertame (Nutraweet), and I avoid that like the plague!!! These are a great alternative, and are made with sucralose/Splenda. The Red Tea Peach is my favorite. The Raspberry Tea tastes more like tea than raspberry, but it is still good. The green tea honey has a nice mild flavor. And the lemon one is good too.
242074242074B001R3BQC0A3AHW4SQEQM769M. Humphrey "Matt."0121314057600Be careful Image is deceivingThere is no Raspberry! I ordered this product expecting it to be similar to the image above. Unfortunately, they are deceiving; the flavoring in the photo are not what you get.

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