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242101242101B005Q8IXXMA25KVM6GJBLISZJohn F. Wright0021330041600Sugar Laden Chocolate MilkI think this is a poor (unhealthy) product (and was very tempted to give it only a single star). It's basically like drinking chocolate milk with added sugar.

The marketing is based on the concept of the desirability of consuming a 3:1 carbs to protein ratio after working out. In my opinion that is bad science. Some doctors (the most public is Dr. Mercola) believe that if you consume (simple) carbs after working out then you have negated all the benefits of that workout.

* Contains a good amount of cocoa (12g) (but they don't mention how that cocoa may have been processed)
* 525 mg of Potassium
* 5 grams fiber
* Sugar is used as a sweetener instead of artificial sweeteners

* Milk Protein Isolate - thus casein (and casein is well known to be unhealthy) - I would far rather see whey protein used (the healthy protein in milk) but that would have increased cost significantly.
* 25 grams of Sugar
* Cost - at the time of writing this review it is $2.83 per 11 oz - coconut water would be a *much* better choice at only about $2 per 11 oz.

Don't be fooled by "science" which shows "benefit" by comparison with other unhealthy choices.

And as a final point, it's so thick that it doesn't taste good to me. It doesn't have good flavor.
242102242102B005Q8IXXMA13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0031329955200Good things and bad thingsThis drink is extremely tasty and goes down easy. It has more calories and sugar than I'd like, but that ties in with the stated 3:1 carbs to protein ratio that they're aiming for.

The manufacturer states that you should consume this product 60 minutes after your workout. I know some people who question that and believe that you should drink it sooner, but I'm not going to claim to be the expert.

I've used this product after working out with weights. I didn't really notice much difference, but maybe it's doing something or other with respect to increasing blood flow to the muscles and such.

I do find the cost to be too high. As of this writing, a single 11 ounce container costs you almost $3. Sure, I know that this stuff is expensive to ship, but I think the cost/benefit analysis is out of whack and it's simply too expensive for me.

As a side note, I'm trying to lose weight and have replaced a couple of meals with this. That's an off-label use, but I have dropped a couple of pounds for whatever that's worth.
242103242103B005Q8IXXMA63GSML234W5BJ. Al-hashimi0051329955200Tastes great nice composition of nutrients
242104242104B005Q8IXXMA25RTRAPQAJBDJTed0051329955200Great Flavor and 5g fiberI love this stuff. It tastes great. I needed extra calories and I only have short breaks at work. This is perfect. 11g protein is good. It's got vitamins and minerals comparable to milk. It has a lot of fiber = 5g. This is like the boost drink with fiber and less vitamins. Not a that good for a meal replacement, but extra protein, calories (200) and fiber. Perfect for my needs. It does have 25 carbs from sugar out of 35 total.
242105242105B005Q8IXXMA2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"0041329955200Tastes Like Hot Chocolate but coldFor those of you who are wondering:


Each serving is 11oz and has 11 grams of protein, 200 calories, total fat 4.5g, colest 5mg, sodium 320mg, carb 35g, and RDAs: 10% vit A, 20% calcuim, 10% vit D, 15% potassium, 6% iron, 10% vit E, and 25% magnesium.

Unsure why amazon doesn't require vendor to list this in the product description.

Taste-wise, imagine making a cup of hot cocoa and putting in the fridge. It tastes like that except it's thick and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Probably will be easy to get used to the aftertaste.

The package design is good with a large enough hole to allow the product to flow out smoothly.

After a workout, I really don't want to slup down 200 calories in a single gulp, so I'm dividing these into 2 portions as 100 calories is a better portion. Even though I lift weights and a recovery beverage is good, I have a difficult time drinking it directly after working out as recommended because it is so thick. I do better with water.

This stuff would probably be optimal for large guys who need a lot of calories and don't mind a thick drink after a work out.
242106242106B005Q8IXXMA3RFNCMOL3FSE8MRo0041329868800Pros and ConsAs a personal trainer and long time weight lifter, I have used my share of protein drinks. So when I saw this offered as a test product for Vine Review program I did not hesitate. The first thing I did when I received this, was read the label. Although the product page lists the ingredients, the amounts in grams were not listed. After reading the label and trying the product, here are my Pros and Cons:

1. No Artificial Sweeteners, just pure natural sugar. This is a biggie for me, as I stay away from Aspartame (also known as Nutrasweet or Equal) and I stay away from Sucralose (also known as Splenda). I could write a chapter just on these two sweeteners, but that's not the point of my review. So if you are curious about those I highly recommend googling them.
2. Decent ingredients, including Pure Cocoa which is very healthy and full of antioxidants. Also, the protein source is Milk protein Isolate, better than Concentrates, or protein from other sources such as soy. (If you want to do soy protein, get fermented soy.) There are some vitamins and minerals in this drink, not many, but decent.
3. Fiber: There are 5 grams of fiber in each serving. This is not enough for your daily needs, but very respectable for a protein drink.
4. Taste: This actually tastes good when going down. There is a little aftertaste, but compared to other drinks I've tried it's not bad at all.

Cons: I guess my main con can best be described in the following way.... The marketing of this drink is geared to those who are looking for muscle recovery. Another reviewer mentioned that one could just drink chocolate milk instead. Well he makes a very good point and is essentially correct. This drink is touted basically for it's sugar and it's chocolate, both are ingredients in chocolate milk. The cocoa contains theobromine, as well as small amounts of caffeine. Because they are slightly stimulatory, they promote blood flow which helps to deliver the sugar in this drink into the muscles for recovery. Simple. But you can get that in much more inexpensive ways than through this product (Like the chocolate milk).
Another con is that this product has no additional ingredients, such as glutamine, creatine, or any other extra amino acids that are known to help with athletic recovery. Furthermore, the protein that is included in this drink is only 11 grams per serving. Granted, this is not marketed as a protein drink, but a muscle recovery drink. Basically, it's just an expensive, but convenient way to get sugar into the muscles after a workout.
My final con is that the label does list artificial flavor as an ingredient. I would like to know more about that, but that info is not clarified.

All in all, I'm having trouble deciding how many stars to give this product. If I often found myself in a mood where I really wanted something quick and convenient, I might be more generous. But more often than not I'd rather stick with my good old Isolated Whey Protein powder (chocolate) with a banana in a blender. That gives me my sugar, my chocolate, and a heck of a lot of protein. And I can easily add some fiber to the mix if I want that also.
So for me, I can only see one benefit to this product really; Convenience. If the product was of great quality, I'd give it five stars. The quality of this isn't the worst but if it was, I'd give it one star. This is somewhere in the middle. Since convenience is a big factor in today's lifstyles, I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars. Since the product is marketed as muscle recovery, and not as protein, AND since there are no artificial sweeteners I'll be generous and give four stars. But it's a really iffy four stars!
242107242107B005Q8IXXMA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0031329868800Apparently not gluten-freeThis tastes like grown-up YooHoo, which if you like that--you're golden. I was hoping for a more balanced protein beverage, though what I got was more like straight sugar. The flavor is OK--not bad but not great. It's very cocoa-y, thus a bit chalky no matter how well it's shaken. It's also quite thin and not creamy--hence the YooHoo comparison.

I would be willing to mix it with a protein powder to balance it out more, however it lists unsourced maltodextrin that I'm not comfortable with. The product does not specifically say that the maltodextrin is not gluten-free, which leaves me having to believe that it is derived from gluten. That said, I only consumed a few sips.

Not for me, and from what I know of building muscle, way too high in poor carbs to aid much with that. Round it out with a good protein powder and you may be on to something.
242108242108B005Q8IXXMA3UA3EW8ON431JRichard G. Ewell2431328400000Might as well just drink chocolate milk!I bought this product because I was looking for the following:
- a good source of good protein.
- something that tastes good.
- not too expensive
- otherwise healthy (not too much sugar or fats)

This product meets some of those needs nicely, but fails in other ways:

First the Good:
- The protein is from milk products, so good source of protein (as opposed to soy based or vegetable based protein).
- Tastes Great! They use Real Cocoa which tastes good, and has anti-oxidants...

The areas where the company could improve:
- only 11 grams of protein, but 25 grams of sugar! (maybe that's why it tastes so good!)
- pretty expensive.

Here is the Bottom line (for me anyway):
- If you are looking for More protein, don't go with this product. You might as well just drink chocolate milk! I drink Rockview Farms 1 percent that I get at Trader Joes (milk without all the hormones and stuff), and it tastes pretty much the same, and is cheaper. (but it needs to be refrigerated and only lasts for so long). You would get the same benefits from drinking chocolate milk.
- If you are looking for a "post workout recovery drink" that this product claims to be, You might as well just drink Chocolate milk!

- this product is good if you want something that you don't have to refrigerate.

- the company could improve their product by doubling or tripling the amount of protein per serving. and if they put other good things in their product like creatine, more vitamins and minerals, etc.
242109242109B005Q8IXXMA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter0131330732800ReGen Chocolate muscle recoveryI could not drink this as it has to much sugar 25 grams. So had my husband review it for me. He likes the taste and gives him energy after a workout. It only has 15 grams of protien wich I think is low for the amount of sugar per drink. We both drink whey protien that has way less sugar 1-2 grams per serving and 25 grams of protien. I would not purchase this for these reasons.
242110242110B0017OFHQKAXB71BWGYSWYWSasha8 "and Sam"1151303344000Really great sour blue raspberry flavorThese candies are really great tasting. Hard to find in stores, but cheaper at even if I had found it in a store. I bought these for my son and he really loves blue raspberry flavor. Amazon came through again!
242111242111B0017OFHQKA3U4YRXX8L2T60J. Giannone0051314403200BEST Sour patch flavor on the market!I used to love buying these sour patch years ago back when they had the dark blue packaging.. these ones are pretty much the same except their not quite as sour as the original kind. I still enjoy them very much and also love buying them from amazon because they do not sell this specific kind of sour patch in stores that are near me. The most you ever see is the original yellow colored bag of mixed sour patch. This flavor is very rare in my opinion because not many stores around the country even order them to sell to their customers.
242112242112B003LPW8VUA14HGE71UV1TK4S. M. Patrick "Product Investigator"1151312934400BEST CAT LITTER ON THE MARKET!!!I have tried many different "scoopable" cat litters in my years. I had tried this litter (Fresh Step), but had decided on Tidy Cat for many, many years because it was cheaper than Fresh Step. Recently Tidy Cat started not clumping the way it should. It was breaking up the urine clumps and the broken particals of urine were than in the cat litter box until I did my big cleaning (taking out all the litter, and starting with fresh). After seeing that Tidy Cat started cheapening their product I thought of Fresh Step. I immediately changed my whole cat litter box and used FRESH STEP.... finally a cat litter that actually clumped!!!! I am now returning all of my extra Tidy Cat litter in exchange for FRESH STEP. Oh and I also found that if you by FRESH STEP in the larger quantities.... it is the same price as the lesser litter I was using!!! I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS CAT LITTER!
242113242113B003LPW8VUA1MF10ZZDL36SELisa1151311638400Awesome!Cheaper than at the store, and being delivered right to my door saves me from having to carry cat litter from my car to my upstairs apartment. Win win!
242114242114B003LPW8VUA38JZKJL3D4RZPCanonFavorite1151307577600Can't go wrong!Best cat litter I ever used. I have two cats and I change the box twice a week and I don't have any problems of odor at all! Even if I get busy during the week, after a week it still does not give me any problems! Great product!!
242115242115B003LPW8VUA1X57SGEWS4OU4athena0051317945600Nice to have delivered!I love getting this kind of stuff delivered so that I don't have to lug it around the store. I use an entire box (one of the three) in the cat pan (I have a clever cat) so it lasts a couple of weeks. There is never an odor from the one cat that uses it right (the other one just poops on top and leaves it).
242116242116B003LPW8VUA1RMUKHUTO1DIKChip Green0111327968000Hernia Inducing Cat LitterI used Fresh Step cat litter for many years and was quick to tell any of my cat owner friends that it was the best "bang for the buck" litter. It clumped hard, making the chore of cleaning the cat box a relatively easy one. Sometime around 6 months ago, that all changed. Now, it forms a sludge in the cat box that is nearly impossible to scrape out. The amount of effort necessary to clean the box could easily induce a muscle strain or hernia for those unfortunate enough to purchase this litter. Interestingly, after having this experience (twice, because I thought maybe I just got a bad batch the first time) I turned to Scoop Away which I always considered to be a similarly good product, only to find the exact same thing. What the heck? Turns out both products are made by the Clorox Pet products Co. Consider yourself warned!
242117242117B0017JHCNQA1IN9LVY9QL620J B W "jweakman"2251242345600Great for sensitive digestion!I adopted a cat about 8 months ago from the Humane Society, and discovered pretty quickly that he did great on canned foods, but dry foods would always give him loose stools if not diarrhea. I'm fine with feeding wet only for the most part; after all cats do need a wet diet and dry foods are mainly just a convenience product. But that being said, sometimes I'd like to have a getaway for 24-48 hours without having to arrange a pet sitter for such a short time. Any longer than that and of course I'd have someone come to look after him, or take him with me. I tried several brands of dry foods which were supposed to be premium, including Eagle pack Ocean fish flavor, Innova EVO, California Natural with Chicken and Rice (also made by Innova), and Blue Buffalo. He couldn't digest any of them and I ended up donating all of them back to the Humane Society. I finally quit experimenting and did what I should have done to begin with, called the vet. They suggested I come in for some free samples of food, and I was given Eagle Pack chicken and rice, which the vet recommends for diarrhea-prone cats (and canine formula for dogs). I literally cringed when I put a small handfull of it on top of his wet food for the first time. Even the Eagle Pack ocean fish formula hadn't worked for my boy, but I've since learned that too much fish doesn't sit well with him. I was so sure the Chicken formula would result in horrible, watery diarrhea too, but it did not! His stools are really solid with this food, and I can tell he's feeling good too, by the way he cuddles and plays--he's older and the least playful cat I've ever seen, so for him to attack my leg is actually a big deal. I don't understand why this food works for him when the Innova chicken/rice formula didn't, but I do have faith in Eagle Pack. It's good quality, locally produced (at least for me), reasonably priced at my small local food store, and the ingredients all come from the USA instead of China.
242118242118B0025UC5VAA163JWXJRKA9G2Bob's Your Uncle2251307923200Orange & YummyWe can't get orange cake in our area, so I bought this six pack of orange goodness for my wife because she REALLY likes cake. Needless to say we will not be getting divorced anytime soon!
242119242119B002WKP6UUAAC1CKXRAS5PZJustin A.3341318636800Quality Food at a Good PriceFirst off, every cat is different -- so if you suspect your cat is a picky eater, get a little bag before you try and save out on a giant one. All cats are different and it is absurd to rate a product low simply because your cat didn't particularly care for it. Second, of course it has some smell, the primary ingredient is fish meal. Almost any quality cat food will have SOME smell. If it doesn't it's probably not fresh or most of the ingredients are grains (not great for cats) and don't smell.

The only downside of this cat food is that it does have some grain content, if you're a cat food purist this will probably deter you from buying this brand -- but you're also likely to spend a bit more (sometimes quite a bit more) on a grain free formula. Otherwise, the product is great. The fish is ethoxiquin free (ethoxiquin is a preservative that has been linked to cancer in high dosages), the chicken is free range/organic, and the 3 of the first 5 ingredients are named meat products (with no by-product). This is a high quality food at a great price. Will your cats survive on cheaper food? Sure. On the other hand, better food will improve their quality of life and can certainly reduce some potential health problems later in their lives.
242120242120B002WKP6UUA30Z9AG6PG8Q4SL. Hill2251305072000Fantastic Pet Food!I purchased Dancing Cat after speaking with a friend who had been using their Laughing Dog Brave Dog Formula for her dog. My rescue cat had experienced several bouts of weight loss and lethargy and the vet could not determine what was causing it. I wanted to do everything I could to boost her immune system so I started thinking about how I approached my own health concerns. A healthy diet and eliminating "junk food" became a top priority! I am pleased to say that after 3 months on this product my cat is doing wonderful!! She has the most beautiful shiny coat (omega 3s?) and her energy level has returned to that of a kitten! thank you Laughing Dog Pet Products!!
242121242121B002WKP6UUAGQNLQ0SN86WYJennifer Piano "Jen"0051287360000my cat has been dancingmy cat loves this food and I love that it's organic and fresh plus the people are amazing and there to answer all your questions and concerns about your pets diet
242122242122B002WKP6UUA2E2B55NFACUC5Betty N1311308009600i realize all cats are differentour one year old seal point siamese smelled this cat food. turned up her nose and walked away. I left in down for one day. She would not even touch it.
Donated this cat food to local rescure shelter for animals.
242123242123B002WKP6UUA2YQ9TAWNCS7MDSensual Satine0231316649600It's stinkyI have 3 cats... they are rather "non-finicky" when it comes to dry food. They eat it like any other food, but lawd, this food gives all 3 ATROCIOUS gas. I'm hoping (& praying) their digestive system will adapt & it will pass...quickly.

I have been using other "natural" cat food - can't recall brands bc I put it in a plastic bin & toss packaging. No other dry foods have produced this "response".

The food has a strong smell & packaging was challenging to open. I recommend using scissors instead of trying to pull it apart - difficult & food went flying.
242124242124B0000VM9GCA1GBDH2HSP724VJ. Hayes "war torn"0051172534400coolHey, these things actually work! And they don't run dry after minimal use! Highly recommended.
242125242125B000LEC37SA2UT45GP4PU5K7Cael "cael"3351243209600Great Product but...The quality is excellent but the strips are long and very thick. Your dog may not care for that size. My 115# lab mix didn't. If your dog likes that sort of treat, go for these without hesitation. If they had them in a less thick size I'd grab them in a minute.
242126242126B000LEC37SA38VNQ91R1ZM9Jclothing horse "fashion lover"1151229040000major dog lover have too many to entertainbad weather or distractions i need something extra to keep my pals entertained. they love these..more then most other types for whatever reason it works.
not too many thin chips in pack..thick and major chewy.
my hyper pals stay busy for a few mins giving me time to get my problems solved..
good buy. recommend
242127242127B000LEC37SAH79STLJHFQRTBeyondBlueBooks0031322956800Some of these chips are too small for a large dogI have a large dog who makes short work of these chips and I had high hopes that these would be just the thing after reading the reviews. However, I was disappointed to find a number of tiny chips in this bag that my dog could swallow in one gulp. Will not be buying again.
242128242128B000LEC37SA2ACGQ0VDBNZVME. Flanagan "Ms Ellen"0031279065600Thin like potato chipsI noticed that these rawhide chips are very thinm almost like potato chips, so there are more chips per bag than other brands. The dog still loves them although she finishes a chip in a few short minutes and then asks for more. I previously purchased other rawhide chips from Amazon that were thicker (from PetTime) and kept the dog happy for an hour. I think I'll switch back to the other rawhide chips.
242129242129B0048IH8ICA2Z108OUD0AMRVJon D. Jaramillo "Jon Jaramillo"0021348704000This is just like any corn nuts you can buy at the local store.I was terribly disappointed to receive this corn thinking that i was going to get the traditional "Maiz Tostado" from Peru and Ecuador Andes region. This is Hominy Corn....and it's not the more delicious Cancha Corn. Buyer beware of what you are getting. These are not as hard as the corn nuts typically sold in the US, but they still are hard to chew. I wouldn't recommend this product to my friends.
242130242130B0048IH8ICAN1ANF3IJTIWNJ. Pilewski "Big Swimmer"0051346889600Fast shipping, great productI have purchased this product many times, my wife and i found out about it through a web promotion, but the prices here on amazon are awesome and delivered very fast. Salty, low cal ->Nutritious and delicious

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